Does WalMart hire 16 year olds?

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Yes They do hire 16 year olds in most states but you would have to check with them. Well technically it depends on the states child labor laws because walmart the company does recongnize 16 years as being able to work.
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How can a 16 year old make some extra cash your looking for a job but no one will hire you?

I am currently doing paid online surveys at my computer at night. This particular one (can't speak for the rest) is not a scam. I checked it out extensively online before I joined. There is no fee what-so-ever from you. It is free to sign up and you take surveys that you select. Some pay very little (MORE)

What places are hiring 16 year olds?

In Arkansas, most fast food establishments will hire 16 year olds. Some grocery stores as well. Their hours to work are limited to only after school hours until about 9:00 pm on weekdays. The only way a school age person can work weekdays if they are in high school and in a school work program in wh (MORE)

Would Whole Foods hire A 16 year old?

I believe they would but it all depends on your maturity and the way you carry yourself when you enter the place to ask them for an application or even for your interview.

Who hires 16 year olds?

Some grocery/supermarket stores hire 16 year olds. Often there are child appropriate stores in malls that look for younger hires to be kid friendly. Check at Claire's for example.

Does Target hire 16 year olds?

Yes, you are able to apply for a job at most Target stores around the USA. If you are 16 and wish to be hired at Target, your best time to apply is from summer to roughly October. That is when they are looking for seasonal extra help.

Where hires 17-year- olds?

Many places hire 17 year old teens to work for them. Among them arefast food restaurants, grocery stores and clothing stores aimed atyoung people.

Will Walmart hire a 17 year old?

wal mart will hire you part time, 20 hours a week as a cashier or cart pusher, and you can get more hours when you turn 18. both of those jobs are easy, I was a cart pusher for a year and now I'm a cashier, I'm 18 now, was 16 when i was hired

Places in Tampa that hire 16 years old?

\nWhen You Turn 14 You can work in an:\n. \noffice, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.\n. \nYou generally may not work in:\n. \ncommunications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor ve (MORE)

Where is the website that hires 16 year old teens for online jobs?

You'll need to understand first that there are a lot of obstacles discouraging employers from hiring teens. Additionally many online sites wont accept your application if you are under 18. It may be difficult for you to find a job, but its not impossible, if you treat the job search like a job in it (MORE)

Where can a 14 year old get hired?

Depending on where you live, you may try private owned businesses, like waitress. US law is strict about child labor, and you're not likely to find a job until 16.

Does Starbucks hire 16 year olds?

Yes, but most likely you won't be working at the registers or making the food and drinks until you are 18. Teens at the age of 16 are usually cleaning the tables or bathrooms.

Where will they hire a 15 year old?

No. Child labor laws prevents an employer from hiring under 16 years old. COMPLETELY INCORRECT Try a food court at a mall, they hire 15 year old. (sources) my mall does it.

Where do they hire 13 year olds?

Summer camps may hire 13 year olds. 13 year olds can also starttheir own business by washing cars or baby sitting for people intheir neighborhood.

What jobs hire 15 and 16 year olds in Cincinnati?

You might have a hard time getting hired, but most restaurants might hire you as a bus boy, or most fast food places would hire you too. Those types of jobs would probably be the easiest to get.

What jobs hire 16 year olds?

Teenagers older than 16 can often find jobs in the hospitalityservices. Waiters, hosts, cashiers, and baby-sitters are examplesof this type of job.

Who in Jackson tn hires at 16 years old?

Anyone can technically hire you, but your chances of actually being hired for a good full time job probably aren't that great since you haven't been to college. You can try a grocery store cashier/bagger or work at a fast food restaurant.

Can a 10 year old get a job at walmart?

No. You have to have a "work permit" in most states but work permits can only be administered for 14 years and up to 17, I believe. 10 is a little young to be working at such a large industry, anyway.

Will anyone hire you if you are only 16 years old?

Yes, there are many places that hire teens at the age of 16. Go around your community and put applications in at some businesses. Some places you should try are: grocery stores, retail shops, and other places like that.

Who hires 12 year olds?

i don't think anyone will just do odd jobs for people around the neighborhood i was able to make $350 dollars in a week and a half.

Who is hiring a 13 year old?

mcdonalds....not being rude or anything but no way would they hirea 13 year old....too young...inexperienced...your better of lookingin a pub where you can earn eight pounds an easy too :)

How do you get hired at Walmart?

filled out an application if you pass the test they going to call you if you are lucky. If you saw you passed the test keep called them every day until you get the job that's the beat ways.

What kind of job can you get in walmart if you are 16 years old?

You can work at fast-food resturants such as: Starbucks, burger king, Mcdondals, Subway, Pizza hut (depends on what state you live in), family bussiness (maybe, depends), odd jobs such as (Newspaper, mowing lawns, babysitting, at a planting company etc), and sometimes hotels or motels.

Does walmart hire people with old misdemeanor charge for dishonored check?

It depends on the manager, and if they believe you would be a good employe. A few years ago I was conducting interviews for a job opening - one guy who applied was an ex convict and I was worried that I was holding his past against him - while speaking with the head office, I shared my concern. The (MORE)

Where will hire at 13 years old?

Nowhere. I'm pretty sure that child labor laws would not allow it. And even if they did, you wouldn't be working that much so you would get payed very little. It wouldn't be worth it at all.

Why does walmart hire old people?

To give them something to do because old people get bored. When old people get bored, they get annoying. When they get annoying, their family suffers. When their family suffers, they get angry. When they get angry, they want to take it out on something. When they want to take it out on something, th (MORE)

Are there any places that hire 16 year olds excluding food?

Unfortunately, food places are the easiest places for 16 year olds to get a job, but you could try locally owned stores and businesses, KMart, Target, Walmart, Clothing stores, Best Buy if you have knowledge in computers or electronics, etc. If you have special interests or talents in an area, you c (MORE)