Does Windows 7 loader work with Parallels on a Mac?

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No, and using windows 7 is not legal
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Will a Mac DVD work with windows?

As long as the format is DVD, it should work in windows also. However, if the format is native to mac, you will need to convert it so it can be read by windows.

Does mabinogi work on Windows Vista or mac?

Mabinogi will work with windows XP and up (that includes vista, and 7 when it comes out). As for the mac, the only known way is to use bootcamp to run windows on your mac.

Do windows fonts work with Macs?

Yes, but you have to download them from a site in a Mac format. Apple and Windows are very different when it comes to file types, it's all messed up.\n. \n | |

What is Windows 7 loader?

windows7 loader is a program that will make a non-genuine copyof Windows 7 activated permanently. Windows 7 RTM UltimateActivation with OEM Information This activator works only for RTM ULTIMATE (Retail and OEM Edition) It does NOT work on Ultimate 'E' (European) Edition. Tested and working on both (MORE)

If your DVD works on windows do you have to convert it to avi for it to work on a mac?

The Media File Answer Yes you have to convert it to an AVI or MOV file. I use the program Prism. It also converts many other types of formats. Since I have a Mac, I come across these problems often. Prism is the best software, and the easiest to use. It comes with a free trial version so you can (MORE)

Is windows 7 better than mac?

No, Macs are better than windows for many reasons. First of all macs have a much better interface. They have the most advanced operating system in the world You can run windows 7 on your mac ( but you will have to pay either parallels or bootcamp which is from apple) I use a mac and would (MORE)

Does safari work on Windows 7?

Yes. . Any PC running Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 . 500-MHz Pentium-class processor or better . 256MB of RAM . Top Sites and Cover Flow require a compatible DirectX 9.0 video card with 64MB of video RAM. More details.

Does Windows XP work on Windows 7?

If you mean will XP work on a 7 compatible computer, the answer is most often yes. If you mean can a XP program run on Windows 7, then mostly but occasionally not. In this case you can run in compatibility mode. If this doesn't work then you could dual boot XP on your computer. If you mean somet (MORE)

If you install Windows 7 on mac with bootcamp can you transfer your mac files to windows if so how?

Yes you can. I am currently using a 2010 iMac, and on my bootcamp partition I have windows 7. When you are logged in the mac partition you can see the bootcamp partition and copy and paste files. I m not sure if you need to install NTFS-3G on mac. Anyway it's free and I suggest you to install it. (MORE)

Does fiesta work on Windows 7?

I play it just fine on win 7. It works just fine for me, I don't even have to run it in compatibility mode or anything. Though the website says to run it in xp service pack 3.

How do you get cabal to work with Windows 7?

If a program or a game like Cabal Online doesn't work on Windows 7you can always try to : 1. Run the game as administrator. (right click on the "exe" or iconof the game and the "Run as administrator) 2. Right click on the "exe" or icon of the game and click"Properties" Then go to the "Compatibilit (MORE)

Can Windows XP work with Windows 7?

In what regard? I assume you mean in a network? At home we have a Vista 64bit, XP SP2 and brand new Windows 7 system running on one wireless network. No issues with sharing of files, LAN gaming, ... everything runs smoothly. However, we noticed that you achieve the best results when setting up the (MORE)

Do apple mac book have Windows 7?

No the latest Apple operating system to ship with new Macbooks is OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. You can install Windows 7 on a partition of your Macbook using the built in Boot Camp software included in Snow Leopard. You will have to buy a copy of Windows 7 seperately however.

Will flatout 2 for windows work for mac?

Games written for the Windows operating system require the Windows operating system to work. If the Mac has Windows installed on it then it will work otherwise it will not work.

How can I work on more then 1 window on your mac?

New windows can be opened (usually) from the File menu or with a Command N shortcut. If screen was meant instead of window then it will depend upon the Mac. Recent Macs will usually have a mini DVI output which may require an adapter to connect to an older monitor/screen.

Does a mac keyboard work on a window desktop?

Yes but there won't be a windows key instead it'll be a Command Key. If you have a Mac already I would recommend downloading and installing Bootcamp drivers to make the compatibility better.

What windows files work on a Mac?

All windows files can play on a Mac if you run boot camp (which is bascially installing windows on your mac) if you want to run windows files on a native AMc operating system you must have the program installed for the mac version. For example, if you have Micrsoft Word for Mac then you can view fil (MORE)

Does mac computers use Windows 7?

Mac computers are supplied with MacOS; it is possible to install Windows 7 on a Mac using a system called boot camp, but you would have to buy the Windows 7 separately.

How well does mac run Windows 7?

From personal experience, I know that Mac runs Windows 7, but definitely not as fast as if Windows 7 was your core OS. Macs just run a virtual machine, which is basically a program running Windows.

How do you get to window 7 on the Mac?

The cheapest for Mac is Windows 7 Home Premium Full (not upgrade) Snow leopard and leopard both have boot camp. Insert your windows cd, launch boot camp, and fallow instructions

Is there a way to get Windows 7 for mac free?

Um...Windows is an Operating system...not a program. you'd have to install Windows separate from Mac on a separate partition or hard drive. It is also illegal to get it free, it's a paid program. Piracy is stealing. Hope this helps

Does a Mac book have Windows 7?

Macs do not come windows ,only PC's come windows so no a macbook does not have windows 7. However, I heard that Macs can run Windows as smoothly as a PC so you could probably buy windows for it.

Is mountain lion os x better than Windows 7 for gaming can you make a Windows 7 computer work as well as a mac for gaming would it be cheaper to buy a mac with mountain lion and intel hdgraphic4000?

You're very backwards with your questions. Windows 7 is currently the best gaming system, OSX is probably one of the least gaming-oriented operating systems, and buying a Mac for gaming is neither cheap or practical. If you want to play the latest and greatest building your own gaming PC running W (MORE)

How is Mac OS2 connected to Windows 7?

It is not connected to Windows 7 in any way. Mac OS2 introducedmultiple folders, a "Shut Down" command and Screenshots. That isthe only similarities to Windows 7.

Does mac software work in windows?

Generally software designed for mac will not work in windows. But we should distinguish the difference between mac software and other software. Mac is an operating system which requires software that is compatible with mac, just as Windows requires its own compatibility. If software is made by mac, (MORE)