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Does father of married minor have to pay child support?

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No, when married the minor becomes emancipated.
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If you fathered a child when you were a minor do you still have to pay child support?

  In most cases in the US, a minor is not liable for paying child support until he or she reaches the legal age of majority. The rare exception is if the underage person h

Do the parents of a minor father have to pay child support?

If the minor father has no means of paying child support, then yeshis parents could be responsible for that. Answer2: Sadly the parents could be on the hook especially if the

If father paying child support gets married does his child support go down?

The purpose of child support is to support your child. Whatever else you do in your life has nothing to do with your responsibility to your child. If you have children with yo
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Can a mother take fathers rights to a minor child if he is paying child support?

If you're the father, and the mother is attempting to deny you visitation rights, you need to get a lawyer and take it to court. If you're the mother, and you'd like to deny