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No, but pareve is a part of kashrut.

Within the laws of kashrut, foods fall into one of three categories: dairy, meat, pareve.

Pareve refers to neutral foods that do not contain any meat or dairy, this includes: vegetables, fruits, all edible plants, eggs, and fish.
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What does keeping kosher mean?

"Keeping kosher" means to adhere to the dietary laws of Judaism  (see Deuteronomy ch.14).    * Meat must be from those land animals which have split hooves and  chew th

Does treif mean not kosher?

The word, usually spelled "treif" (but sometimes spelled trayf, traif, etc.), is a transliteration from a Yiddish word that is used colloquially to refer to any non-kosher foo

What does kosher in kosher dill mean?

Though any dill pickle can be Kosher, in the world of pickles, "Kosher Dill" means garlic has been added to the brine. They're more robust than regular dill pickles, and are o

What does 'Kosher dill' mean?

it means that there is more dill and/or garlic added. by saying "kosher dill pickles" doesn't necessarily mean its kosher, you still need to make sure it was supervised by a

What is the difference between kosher and pareve?

  Kosher means the food is allowed to be consumed by a Jewsihperson, Pareve simply means it's neither milk nor meat the most common examples are fish, eggs, and produce.

What does it mean if food is kosher?

The literal meaning of the word 'kosher' is 'fit'. When food is kosher, the food in question was prepared, served, and consumed in accordance with the laws of kashrut (Jewish

What is pareve margarine?

kosher margarine, parve means neutral, containing no meat or milk (or their derivatives) and thus eatable with both meat and dairy dishes according to the dietary laws of Juda

What is the difference between kosher and pareve items?

Kosher literally means 'fit'. When food is kosher it means that the food was prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). (meat- animals that chew their cud an

What is the exact meaning of kosher?

    Kosher means right or correct according to Jewish dietary law. In non-Hebrew-speaking countries, it usually refers to food that is kosher, meaning all food but la

What does kosher certified mean exactly?

It means the food was inspected by an authorized Orthodox rabbi and given his seal of approval. _______ Kosher food preparation doesn't require the presence of a rabbi. An

Does kosher mean dairy free?

No, kosher means that food is suitable for religiously observant Jews. Within the laws of kashrut is a category called 'pareve' though. Pareve refers to food that does not con
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What does koshering mean?

  Judaism has special rules regarding food and eating utensils.   We may only eat certain types of food and many of them have to be prepared in a specific way. This is