Does the England flag represent England?

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The English flag (St George's Cross) represents England. The Union Flag (sometimes called the Union Jack) represents all of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and is an amalgamation of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (St George, St Andrew and St Patrick).
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When did England adopt its flag?

England adopted its flag (the Cross of St. George) in 1545 although it was used as an emblem in the Welsh Wars in the 13th Century.

History of England flag?

At the time of the first crusade, the Knights Templar used the blood red cross of Jesus on their white tunics, shields and banners, but in later crusades the shape of the cross changed. On the St.George flag of England today, the red cross is horizontal and the two red lines are middle-crossing, but (MORE)

Why does England have 2 flags?

England has one flag, the St. George Cross. The Union Jack is the British flag, of which England is only one country. See the links below.

What is the flag of England?

St. George's Cross is the flag of England. It is a large red crossplaced over a white background. It was named and created in honorof St. George, who was a patron saint in England.

What represents England?

Big ben, tea, the London eye, the gherkin (the building not the food :p), the beatles, red buses

Who designed englands flag?

When Queen Elizabeth I was dying, she named King James IV ofScotland as the successor to the throne. In 1606, King Jamescreated a flag which looked almost like the flag of Britain lookstoday. It was in 1800 when England and Ireland unified and formedthe United Kingdom that the flag as it looks today (MORE)

What colour is the England flag?

The English flag is white with a red cross across it. Note that the English flag is different than the Union Jack, which is red, white, and blue.

What is the color in the flag of England?

purple with a red cross (the cross of saint George). England's flag, (the cross of St George) has a white background and a red 'addition' cross on it. There is no purple on it.

What does the colours on the England flag represent?

The England flag (St George): Red and White, represents St George killing the Dragon. The white is purity and red is blood.. The central red cross on a white background is the symbol of St George, the patron saint of England. .

Where did the England flag originate?

The flag of England came from the Catholic church, it has been around for nearly 2000 years, in 1066 William of Normandy went to the Pope and said he would fight for the sake of Christianity and therefore took the Catholic flag into battle and it became the flag of England from this point.

What do the colours mean on the england flag?

The England flag is the flag of St George which is a red 'addition' cross on a white background. If you mean the British flag, known as the Union Flag and sometimes incorrectly as the Union Jack, it is an amalgamation of the English, Scottish and Northern Ireland flags and the colours are of no part (MORE)

Why does England have two flags?

\nEngland's flag represents the 'State' of England as St. Georges flag. The Union Flag, or Jack is the flag of Britain (UK) and is the country comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each State within the UK have their own flag but the Union Jack is the national flag

How many flags did England have?

The flag of England (St. George's Cross) has been the country'sflag since around 1245. Prior to that there were a number of royalstandards, depending on who was ruling at the time.

Whose flag is from England?

The Cross of St George, is regarded as the flag specifically for England.. This has been merged with the flags of other parts of the UK, to form the Union Jack..

What do the colors on the flag of England stand for?

The current UK flag, called the Union Flag, is a combination of three national flags: . The cross of St George (for England), a red upright cross (+) on a white background; . The cross of St Andrew (for Scotland), a white diagonal cross (x) on a blue background; and . The cross of St Patrick (fo (MORE)

What England flag?

The flag of England is the St George's Cross, a centred red cross on a white background. In the Union Flag (the flag of the United Kingdom), the St George's Cross is used to represent both England and Wales, which were unified in 1542.

What is the original flag of England?

The cross of St George, not the Union Jack, is the flag of England. It is a red cross on a white field. The official proportions for the national flag of England is 3:5, with the cross being 1/5 of the height of the flag wide. When King James VI of Scotland ascended to the English throne, thereby be (MORE)

Why does England have same flag as the UK?

England and the United Kingdom flag are not the same. The flag ofEngland is white with a red cross. The flag of the United Kingdomis the union flag, which includes England's flag as part of itsdesign. See the links below.

Why was the England flag desinged that way?

Well it has its origins in Medieval heraldry. Most likely it dates to the Crusades ( Saint George, Patron Saint of England also from this time ) The cross symbolises the Christianity of England ( at the time it would have symbolised the Christian crusade of England ), the red symbolises the blood of (MORE)

Was the flag of England always the same?

The Flag of England is as it has alway's been, a white background with a red cross. People get mixed up with the Union Flag, sometimes called the Union Jack (when at sea), which consists of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Yes

What colour of the flags in England?

The English Flag is Red and White. The St George Cross [See related link] The Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom. [See related link] red white and blue but ina different design

Does the England flag have a pledge?

No, however, they do have an anthem called: "God Save the Queen": (tune of the American "My Country, 'Tis of Thee") God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen God Save the Queen, Send her victorious! Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God Save the Queen! O Lord our (MORE)

What does the England flag satnd for?

The England flag is white with a red 'plus' cross and is known as the St Georges Flag. If you mean the Union Flag, sometimes erroneously referred to as the Union Jack, it is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What is the flag descripton of England?

A red cross on a white background: composed of one horizontal stripe running across the centre of the background and one vertical stripe running across the centre of the background (not to be confused with the Scottish flag, which is a red cross composed of two diagonal stripes, one going from top l (MORE)

What does the flag of englands patterns represent?

The St Georges Cross, which is a red addition cross on a white background, If you mean the Union Flag of the United Kingdom, it is a combination of the St Georges Cross of England, the St Andrews Cross of Scotland and the flag of Northern Ireland.

Why are there two flags for England?

There is only one flag for England which is the cross of St George - a red cross on a white background - which has been used since the time of the Crusades when the Pope requested knights from different countries identify where they came from. However, there is also the Union Flag representing the (MORE)

What does the flag of England represnent?

The flag of England is the St Georges Cross which is a red 'plus' cross on a white background. If you mean the Union Flag, it is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Why does Hawaii have Englands flag on the hawaiian flag?

Hawaii was once a British protectorate, and had been visited by British people many times in the past, so it's no surprise the British Union Flag was incorporated into their own flag. They very briefly adopted the (44 Star) flag of the USA, but decided to go back to the Union Flag variant in 1894 an (MORE)

Why does fc brcelona have an England flag?

because it was founded by a group of Dutch, English and Spanish men, so there you go. You can learn this stuff from playing fifa 12. ^ This persons answer is very wrong. It isn't an England flag it is the Saint Georges cross (Sant Jordi in Catalan) Saint George is a patron saint of Catalonia the s (MORE)

What are the combined flags of England?

England itself has only one national flag, the St. George's Cross which is a red cross on a white background (although in the Middle Ages, the colours were reversed). The English county of Cornwall has a flag of it's own called the St. Piran's Cross, which is white on a black background (although Co (MORE)

What does England have on their flag?

\n \nThe England flag (the St George Cross) is a red 'plus sign' on a white background. The Union Flag is an amalgam of the English, Scottish and Northern Ireland flags.

What is the history of the flag of England?

The current flag of the U.K. is a mash up of Scotland, England and Irish National flags. The flag that was a combination of Scotland and England was created in 1606 and was flown till 1801 when Northern Ireland joined the United Kingdom.

How the England flag looks like?

white background with a big Red Cross in the middle that covers a lot of the flag. It is the Flag of St George and Geargia have a similar flag too.