Does the military accept diplomas from private high schools... I got my diploma from American academy of Pinecrest ...and i was wondering if the military accepts these kind of diplomas?

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Yes, they do.
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If someone has a high school diploma from Cornerstone Correspondence School will the police academy accept it?

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not an accredited school, it does not meet government standards and the diploma will not be accepted by any state colleges , un

Is the 'American School of Correspondence' high school diploma accepted at colleges?

YES They are accepted by most state schools, however, good luck getting the school to cooperate. Their student services department is rude, they grade tests through the mai

Will the military accept a high school diploma from ashworth college?

Well that is kinda iffy because the military only accept about 5-10 percent of online High School Graduates each year no matter what accredited High School you go to because t

Do any schools accept diplomas from ellenwood academy in Georgia?

Ellenwood Academy is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI). ACI is a non-governmental accrediting body therefore in many cases it may not be

Who accepts national high school diplomas?

If you mean the one in Atlanta, pretty much everybody. I had a couple of bad moments trying to track the information down independently from that provided on their own websi
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Does the army accept high school diploma from Britain academy in thomasville nc?

It depends on what accreditation the army accepts. My guess would be that they would not accept their diploma since most state and national colleges do not recognize Brittain