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EX:Login page In login page you have to give values for user name, password and then click on ok button to login and cancel button to close the login window user name:Alphanumerics with 4-16characters long password:lowercase letters with 4-8 chars long OK :Next window CANCEL :Close the window Prepare Test Scenarios Test Scenario Template --------------------------- Test scenario1:Verify user name value Test Scenario2:verify pass word value Test Scenario3:verify OK button operation to login Test Scenario4:verify cancel button operation to close the window Ts1:Verify user name value a)Boundary value analysis (on Size) min=4characters maximum=16 characters more than max or less than min are not allowed b)Equivalence class partitions(on type) A-Z or a-z or 0-9 are valid types to be entered special symbols or blank fields are in valid Test Scenario2:verify pass word value SAME AS USER NAME Test Scenario3:verify OK button operation to login Decision table user name ------pass word-----expected outcome after click on "OK" valid valid next window valid invalid error message invalid valid error message blank value error message value blank error message Test Scenario4:verify cancel button operation to close the Decision table user name ------pass word-----expected outcome blank blank close the window value blank close the window blank value close the window value value close the window Like the above example we will write test scenarios for all the Functional Specifications.
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What is scenario testing in software testing?

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