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Punchline Math

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Punchline Math is a series of books, worksheets and interactive DVDs created by Steve and Janis Marcy. The books introduce self-correcting puzzles to students, who must figure out how to solve the problems or complete the puzzles to get the punchline.
1.)x>4 1/3   2.)x is less than or equal to -2   3.)x is less than or equal to -2 1/2   4.)x>13   5.)x<-4   6.)x is greater than or equal to 58   7.)x is greater than or equal to 5   8.)t>-6 1/5   9.)t is less than or equal to 25   10.)t>-1 3/4   11.)t<...
Is the bartender here (no spaces)
Tennisball (factoryreject)
What are the answers to E-33 on topic 2-1
the answer to the riddle was "piano tuna"
answer: mabey one reason people who work in the pentigon never seem to agree on anything is that there are five sides to every story
It was a love eight relationship
1. a. 34 b. 80 c. 32%2. $4053. $200,0004. $109.395. 78%6. 110.6m7. 36.4in8. 1,644 students9. 30%10. a. 128 b. 92811. 44%after letters above correct answer are crossed off you are left witha word that is bad forward and good backwardsSTRESSED bad andDESSERTS very good...yummy
the riddle is supposed to answer with these letteres WHA-CKA-KEY. It confused me at first but most of the problems are dividing.
The Rookie Football Player Who Kept Asking His Coach To Flood The Football field With Water So He Could Go In As A Sub.
'ASitCalm' 2-a 6-s 4-I 8-t 1-c 5-a 7-l 3-m
"The wedding was dull but the reception was great."
What happens when cupid shoots an arrow
I just want an answer to my math homework you faggots.
If angle 6=29,then what is m angle 5=
The answer is allstars that's what everybody else  keeps saying
They Made The Perfect Pear. Actually its They Made A Perfect Pear not the
Answer to c-64 is...   im falling in love with fractions
Prime is counting 5 times (adding)
This is homework. Wiki will not help you cheat. You need to find the answer.
You need to do this question.We don't do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.
Mr.Lumen replaced a square window with a rectangular one. the new window is 3ft wider and 2ft higher that the square one. it has an area of 30ft2 . How long was aside of the original square window?
1. Condense: A DUMB CRIMINAC 2. Program: IN FAVOR OF THE METRIC SYSTEMIt was so hard but I still did it.There is no space in both 1. and 2. answers I just wrote it to separate the words.
the awnsers is 82 for all quisteins
This is not a website where people just give you answers to your homework. However, many people would be happy to help you understand a problem that you might be having. If you have a specific algebra question, you may get a more positive response.
1. He sees a poodle eat 2. She jumps over it
I got monster who ate lightbulbs because he thought they have less calories than regular blood .... Not sure though
The answer to your question is the phrase,"A small bee in a big  hive."
lazy butcher: meatloafer (meat loafer) rubber raft: playbuoy (play buoy) corn salesman: stalkbroker (stalk broker)
Math with Pizzazz Worksheet D-36 Answers: (There aren't any spaces on the worksheet) Warehouse: What you say when lost Explain: Not Scrambled Or Fried
It's "Maybe one reason people who work in the pentagon never seem  to agree on anything is that there are 5 sides to every story"
Boy Scout Tent After A Snowstorm (with no spaces) Hope this helps! I had it too :/
Romantic- anitalianinsectAmerican- ahappycontainer
"You are having Disney spells"..... Your welcome:) math sucks...I KNOW
If it is the one that you have to do simple math (where the first question is -6.98+0.475) and then shade in the boxes that contain the right answer, then the answer is: Volunteers are good for nothing.
The answer to the riddle "How can you avoid getting a flat tire" is  to 'Look out for the fork in the road.'
You don't I just finished this a few minutes ago and while asking wiki about random anwers I found this be smart Im a 6th grader I can do it
What else can she give but her milk
He has a right ear a left ear and a final frontier
he has a r h s a e t fearaa da final frontier
Did you hear about the mathematician who wanted to make a fruit  salad so he bought some apples and oranges...and ordered pears.
The guy who woke up from his brain transplant