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Police Dogs (K-9 Units)

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Police dogs are specially trained to assist an officer in their job. Some of a K-9's specialties could include detecting arson, finding cadavers, detecting explosives, searching out fugitives, or locating drugs.
Most of us working in the overseas contractor biz will come into  contact with a working dog team occasionally. You might work with a  Narcotics Detection Dog (NDD) or an Explosives Detection Dog (EDD).  You may also run across a Cadaver Dog, a.k.a Human Remains Dog  (HRD).
  == polices are allowed to train their dogs in anytime. I know that because i am a police man who trains a dog.policemen usually in Indonisia train dogs in 11am on the morning on the weekend. ==
Mounted police dogs are used privately in their investigations.
Yes any trace of drugs even a phaint sent they can track it 
the dogs do not actually perform crime, but they help the officers in apprehention of criminal and smelling out drugs of people. shepards are excellet at it all.
I believe you can be promoted in the way that they will take you tomore dangerous places to do more dangerous things with your dog.
Only the police officers who work with the K-9 unit. So 1 out ofevery 30.
Usually police will have a kaynin to help them with searching but  usually it'll be a German Shepard.
The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is to begin training dogsto help blind or partially-sighted people under the current limitof 16.
Well, if the dog seems especially interested and sniffs something out, the police will check him, and if they find anything, he/she will most likely go to jail.
They all help help people. K9 dogs: find injured people and getthem out alive. Guide dogs: help people understand theirsurroundings to keep them alive. And Guard dogs: Keep people awayfrom dangerous things therefore keeping them alive and well.
 Tracking of persons  Wildlife detection  Evidence recovery  Officer protection  Criminal apprehension  
German Shepards are mostly police dogs it determines how aggressive they are and how trained they are
One reason is that they sniff out people and bark at a criminal;
The most common guide and police dog breeds are the German Shepard and Labrador retriever.
Not much,But Many Police Orginizations Use K-9's To Track TheVillian/Robber.
Police use dogs which have both extreme loyalty to their owners and obedience to every command. Many herding dogs are loyal to a fault but are used to doing what they want. They may defend their owner but they won't be trained how to beg. Much less find drugs! German Shepherds are often seen because...
They can only smell what they are trained to smell bomb dogs only smell for explosives. Drug dogs only smell for what drugs they where trained to smell and a missing persons dogs is trained to pick up different humans by command of the officer. U can train your dog to smell out what ever u want take...
Normal Names... in fact they spend most of their lives just as a normal K9 would. With their handlers, families etc. They just have specialized training.   yes they do
There are many breeder's, just type it in and you'll get results.
I believe the modified version of the German Shepard
$21,740 in United States.
People are safe and those dogs are trained to sniff drugs, bombsand stuff like that. From time to time our department gets a call from an outside agencyand the conversation typically goes something like this: "We werethinking of starting a K-9 unit. We have a German Shepherd and acar; what else do...
Well, a German Shepherd is a specific breed which most police use... But a German Police Dog can be a Springer, Lab, Rottweiler or Dobermanns are popular. There are many others but not really that popular. actually- you are correct, but let me improve the answer if i may: a gsd is a breed which...
If the drugs are in a concealed bag/envelope on the Suspect, then  it is safe, But if, Lets say you raid a drug-house and cocaine are  sitting on a table uncovered by anything, and the K-9 starts  sniffing it, then we wouldn't know, because scientists never did  drug testing on any domestic...
Dogs and handlers usually work standard shifts. They are normally assigned regular patrol duties.
They are treated fairly, but on duty they are locked in cages in  the back of the SUV, Mainly for the Protection of them and the  Suspect, sometimes they bark intensely because of the suspect. They  are loved by the officer and citizens who are walking by, by the  end of the day, they are given...
Yes wolves are a lot larger and have more natural muscle
They possess some 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses,compared to about six million in humans. And the part of a dog'sbrain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionallyspeaking, some 40 times greater than ours making them able to pickup trace smells many time fainter than ours...
Yes, there certainly are medical plans. Also, in England (and in a  few places in the U.S.) there are pension plans that will ensure  continuing medical help once their work is done.  There are groups trying to get these pension plans enforced over  the whole United States.
Dogs have a STRONG sense of smell, that is their ability, POLICE  decided to use them for drugs and many other police matters, they  keep us safe, For EXAMPLE, if a raid goes wrong and the suspect is  running on foot and hiding in YOUR neighbor hood, You would be  scared out of your life, right?...
There is no standard answer to this question. It all depends on the size training staff of the agency and how many dog-handlers they have.
They patrol the streets, apprehend criminals, and handle  their dogs as they perform tasks humans can't, such as detecting  explosives, drugs and other illegal substances.
First, they are adopted by the police when they are puppies, then  as they grow, they will undergo TRAINING, they will get used to  sniffing out drugs, like officers give K-9s different substances of  drugs for they to memorize, later they will hide a conceal SAME  substance in a Car, if the dog...
Yes, they do use them but not often. Unlike the Shepherd wit his excellent sense of smell the Dobermann does not and so isn't used as often. They prefer to stay near an owner unlike the Shepherd and Rottweiler that will tackle the problem head on.
They need to memorize the substances of different drugs, and trustme, there are a LOT. They also undergo different type of traininglike missing persons, tracking, attacking and defending skills fortheir officer, and many other type. If you want to learn more aboutpolice dog training i think their is...
Most of the police departments have the dogs but they are notalways German Shepard, they just have to be trained right, normallythey have at least a little German Shepard in them though
There are no specific salary statistics for police dog trainerwages; however, according to a February 2011 PayScale.com report,the middle salary range for police dog handlers was$34,709-$50,956. Salaries depend on your experience andgeographical location, as well as what kinds of...
If you were threatening or acting in a manner that the dog believed was threatening. You should contact a local attorney for the best information..answer 2 In most jurisdictions, Police are allowed special powers forbidden to the ordinary citizens. The power of arrest for example.In the particular...
It depends on what they are used for.. A tracking dog - bloodhound. Detection dog - Labrador. patrol (bite dog) - Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, or German Shepherd. Usually, it's not a particular breed, but bloodlines of a breed that are the best. Police dogs are usually bred specifically for the...
  There are too many police organizations in the world using police dogs to make any sort of accurate estimate of the total number of police dogs working in the world.
Yes, but they choose the dog based on the personality of it, not the breed. Most police dogs are German Shepherds and lab mixes though.
K9 units team a specially trained dog with a specially trained officer. K9 units work in many different tasks. Suspect tracking, victim location, drug and/or explosive detection are some of the duties.
Yes but they probably wouldn't be employed in riot control. Probably they'd go in for drug detection or be an assistant type - like belle in F B eyes. . probably not Yes, the Golden Retriever breed is a police dog in some cases, it is not just German Shepherds.
They would probably get in trouble for attacking a civilian if they didn't do anything and didn't have anything illegal. Or attacking an officer (who had nothing bad with him).
Police dogs are helpful to sniff out things and to comfort thosehurt and in need.
Mostly, i have heard of German shepherds, i have never seen any  different dogs used on their force, OH! Except for Grey hounds. So  yeah two, Hope This Helps :)
No offense to your dog but if you mean an attack police dog then no because of their short and chubby legs they cannot run fast. For a tracking dog then you have a chance as long as your dog is a puppy because it will take a lot of training. If you are really determined then you can try to train...
They search for suspects that ran, search for drugs guns and human remains and protect their human partner while on duty
jumping on criminals and biting them bite
Because they have the correct temperament and abilities
Yes, women can work on the K-9 unit. I have never heard of a department that will not allow that. Many people are unaware of this, but the K-9 unit requires any candidates to pass a very difficult physical test. The reason being that as a K-9 officer, you will be in control of a large German shep...
by the smell of the explosive
They get the Handler a new police dog
They are most often given to their handler to live out the remainder of their life. some stay with the k-9 officer and some are given to adoption places so public can adopt them it does nothin it becomes a house pet
I looked it up and they are still police these are working dogs they must have a purpose even if it`s running sheep etc they say that their great for police work
It really depends on what specific field they are trained in :/
No. Huskies are bred to pull sleds, not as a loyal companion to go after criminals and sniff out drugs. Dogs that are bred to be guard dogs, like German Shepherds, are the best for this job.
Police dogs are well trained to smell or find anything which are not good for the society. They are very helpful to the policemen by finding thieves or detecting bombs. Police dogs have now become very helpful to the society because there are very less chances of robbery when a police dog is around....
The wolf might win the dog, but the officer will kill it with its pistol. Answer 2: The wolf would win because it is stronger, has stronger teeth, and has bigger jaws.
Himachal Pradesh between Indar Singh and Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh of Bhadri
The first dog squad of any Government agency was for the Railway protection Force which was set up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was even before the Tamil Nadu police dog squad, which claims itself to be the first of its kind in India.
Answer . My dear, you certainly don't know about large dogs because many of them can be 'crotch sniffers' for no reason whatsoever, so yes, I am pretty sure they will find the drugs, and, if they should just be crotch sniffing out of a nasty habit the drug squad knows every orifice of the body...
Assuming it's properly trained, quite a lot I'd think.
Most likely because they love dogs and want to be part of the police force i guess
retired police dogs will be protective of their owner, but it really depends on how old they are
yes any dog can be a police dog but it takes lots of training.
Easy get the training stuff from the store and then get the treats so you can treat your dog when it is good
He bites the police officer after smelling illegal substances on the officer's person.
There are many different kinds of dogs used in police work. They may be trained in tactics or detection. Tactics dogs protect their human police partners and may be trained to track and/or apprehend suspects. They may be trained to search buildings for suspects. They may work in corrections...
Yes due to its odor
Police Dogs bark because when you start to annoy them then they will bark at you!
Honest answer: I wouldn't advise it. The canine's handler is very likely to view it that way. As a legal matter the perpetrator would be charged with the "Destruction of Government Property."
a police horse can be ridden and carry heavy amounts whereas a dog cannot. a dog also has a keener sense of smell :)
German Shepherds are the most famous police dogs. They have a great personality, and also they have sharp teeth to attack their victims. They also have a good sense of smelling to see who did the crime, also they are really good at guarding. That's why today they are called watch dogs. Mostly you...
when they're off duty, they are pretty much just like any other dog
By the smell of the explosive
yes! definentaly needed to be trained to go on command and what to do in different situations
Depends on what drug that school is having a problem with or what the dog is trained for, sometimes they search for all drugs or do it by random
Yes, they are. Dogs are well known to sacrifice their lives to help a human in distress.
Yes they do! The dogs wear the badge around their neck
they dont use pitbulls anymore they use german shepards
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Cats can't be police dogs. . Cats can't be police cats either. . Cats haven't got anywhere near the desire to please that makesdogs possible to train.