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Disco Music

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Disco is a genre of psychedelic dance music originating from the 1970's. It was first heard of in Afro-American and gay, lesbian & transgender clubs in New York city and Philadelphia. It was also a "counter-attack" against rock music dominating the musical genres at that time and an "anti-stigmatic weapon" against racism and homophobia. Its popularity spread and now disco is played in virtually every club on the globe.
Uh...I suggest seeing a doctor. Or Lady Gaga, since she's an expert when it comes to disco sticks! That sounds like something you should worry about. You could try to sew it back on with a sewing machine, but I don't see that working too well. Just look at what happened when Lindsey Lohan tried to...
Without being a Moshi Member it's not possible to play the dancing game in the Underground Disco.
I can only think of the word "Frisco".
The code is located on a card in the original user manual that came with it. If you do not have that you WILL need to bring it to the dealer with the VIN # and they can look it up for you.
Before the concert, you can go to the Meet & Greet.. Anyone can go and they can get autographs, ask questions, and get a picture with the band without a backstage pass.
'une compétition de [danse] disco'
Because it was the kind of music they played at discos in the 1970s. The word disco (short for discotheque) means a dance club where music is played by a DJ instead of a live band. So, the style of music that was played at 1970s discotheques came to be called "disco music." Probably because of its...
If you are male then you can wear tarzan type dress as normal or you can wear military pants with lot of pockets and sleeveless T-shirt bold boots and cow boy type hat. if u r a Female than you can wear frock which is leopard patterned.
Yes:) They're a pop-rock band from Texas.
Bob Lewis who played guitar for Luther Vandross and acted as his band leader untill his death, played guitar with barry White on tour and did all his guitar work in the studio. Bob Lewis has retired to Saint Petersburg Fl, and has started a band with Jimmy Cournoyer another well known guitar player...
Da dun! Yea dude!da dun! Sure i can disco bt u cant!
They have color filters. A red filter, for example, transmits only red light that is emitted from the white light bulb. (White light is a combination of all colors of light) A green disco light has a green screen/filter that only lets through the green light photons form the white light. So, your...
Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, the Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, Diana Ross.
He wasn't buried. He was cremated and had his ashes scattered at sea.
Nope. It is simply a ball with a lot of shiny, smooth surfaces. A light projecter would be placed on top to project light while the ball reflects it.
Cluedo Colonel Mustard... with the Statuette... in the Dining Room
The video stages a carnival like wedding where the groom catches his bride cheating on him. The video has general alternative/punk themes, displayed by Panic at the Disco's creative make up and quirky use of carnival scenery and characters.
simple process.. 1st press and hold buttons 1 and 3 till the light blinks rapidly. this clears out any old codes already stored.. 2nd press and hold which ever button you want the remote stored to. while pressing the button on your discovery press and hold your garge door remote. and place it as...
Only do it if you want to don't let anybody force you into doing it u may regret it and don't cave into peer presure good luck:)
Only if you don't want your baby to be born a hippie. Alcohol is dangerous to a fetus, and alcohol tends to be served in bars, so I can see some danger. It is unlikely that the disco dancing would be so energetic as to be dangerous.
Party away! If you feel bad go home. Partying only hurts you if you drink alcohol or don't sleep enough.
The reject shop or any 2 dollar shop
The disco ball was in use as early as 1897: "The 1897, article of the "Electrical Worker" discusses the Third Annual Ball held on on January 6, 1897, at Roughaus Hall, Charlestown, and of the spectacular lighting display, which could be seen for miles around Boston. The letters N.B.E.W. were done...
i would wear a short dress or some jeans and a t shirt
you can get the track disco heaven on her album = the fame !
Its about as long as your arm.
type /join party and since you can't click on him to battle press 1 to do auto attack which will start the battle
No, but there is a 70's theme which includes disco balls stuff
Disco Miniature Golfing Queen Stepping on the greens In her designer jeans She's the disco miniature golfing queen Wearing plaid and sequins She can make the scene She's a disco miniature golfing queen Like a vision from a disco golf magazine With a putter she's a hole-in-one Machine She can dance...
This is a commonly mis-heard lyric in this particular disco song (so don't feel embarrassed). The actual line is "Do The Hustle" The song is "The Hustle " by Van McCoy. If you are actually hearing "Do the Hot Dog" you might try "Lord Only Knows" by Beck.
The instruments used in disco music are bass guitar, keyboards, horns, strings and drums....X
Death Disco Radio is a radio station that operates in Chicago and Minneapolis, broadcasting on 93.1 FM and 92.9 FM. Death Disco Radio has single handedly resurrected the Italo Disco movement and continues to be an innovator of the electronic sound from such exotic locales as Berlin, Paris, Rome,...
You get the Night Vision Goggles in the Spy catalog. It is secret, so you have to click on the sunglasses to be able to get them. They cost 1,000 coins.
The deceiving shape would suggest that convex mirrors are used but actually concave mirrors are used, this allows the light to 'bounce' off of it. The incident rays are made to converge this virtual image... very sneaky! :D Hope this helps!
In your Freestyle disco solo you can pretty much do anything from legkicks to megs high jumps but this is only in your solo in which you dance around the room you are not aloud to add any walkovers ( Forward or back ) and you are not aloud to do any sort of flip. If you are a champ ( Premier) Then...
Rent the movie Saturday Night Fever to see the clothes and some awesome moves!
go to ooo la lane and there is a metal plate on the floor and there is music coming out of it click there and you will find it. BUT YOU NEED TO BE MOSHI MEMBER.
mmm..delicious . jello jigglers , taco roll ups (take a tortilla shell, spread a mixture of taco seasoning, cream cheese, black olives, cheese, lettuce and any other veggies you like very thinly on it, roll it up, wrap it in saran wrap, stick two toothpicks in it to hold it together, put it in...
www.google.com. pones download ares. despues que bajes ese programa. por el mismo bajas coros pentecostales. que Dios te bendiga espero que te aya sido de ayuda. a mi me funciona de maravilla esto y ahora puedo glorificar a Cristo. con coros pentecostales nuevos.
Depending on what you want .... Lights, DJ, Stage, Sound Equipment ,...... This could reach on average 1000-1500 all the way up to 2500 ! For a basic set up and DJ ! If you just want the equipment you could rent it for one night for around 600+
Absolutely...Blues has a history of over 60 years ...where as Disco came and went very quickly (less than 10 years). Blues music is still very popular today, but do you really know anyone who still listens to Disco ?
As loud as you want it to be!!!
It was cool and the gang.
silver/ gold shoes would be great. if u want to really make a statement go with red shoes black heels would be perfect no matter what your style.
midnight and I'm dancing with the devilshe whispers thoughts of pure evili see a vision of an angelgunshot and my heart goesJumpstart my heartburn on through the darkpoison in my bloodi will come undonemidnight and I'm dancing with the devilshe whispers thoughts of pure evili see a vision of an...
Stars tend to change from one colour to another, as you put it, like a disco ball. This is because the heat inside the star is changing as the stars goes through different growth stages, eventually exploding.
He married his high school http://wiki.answers.com/topic/sweetheart , Betty Smith, fathered four children, and got divorced, all before the age of 21. He dropped out of high school in his senior year and supported his family mainly on low-wage jobs and welfare checks. His marriage failed under the...
All relative to disco music era (rythm, dress, sounds, etc) but onyears after the 80's
Nobody knows! Everyone is trying to make it! Hint: Sometimes, just sometimes, deluxe members can get it with the monthly package.
yes! if you want a very kind and nice teacher and you live in brighton,worthing,southwick or hove then vist http://www.premierdanceacademy.co.uk/for more information
you click on the igloo catalog and then hold the left arrow while clicking on the floor
To get to the underground disco, you have to be a member of moshi monsters.
isaac and devon
"Flying saucer" is an English equivalent of " Disco volante. " The masculine noun " disco " literally means "disk." Its singular definite article is " il " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " un , uno " ("a, one"). The adjective " volante ," from the masculine/feminine singular form...
"Flying saucer" is an English equivalent of " disco voador ." The Portuguese word " disco " is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is " o " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " um " ("a, one"). The masculine " voador " means "flier." Together, the pronunciation is "DJEE-skoo...
You can wear anything you want. As long as you don't go naked. Boys: - shirt - skinny leg jeans - board shorts they don't dress up. Girls: - Dresses - short shorts - singlet - crop top - bra and underwear - large baggy shirts (singlets, flanos, anything that's over sized.) ...
casual not classic or step dancing just relax and dance how you see fit
The best "Disco Stick" I have found is this one! I bought one and they are really great and the absolute closest to Gaga's! LINK: http://cgi.ebay.com/LADY-GAGA-DISCO-STICK-GREAT-HALLOWEEN-/130444712118?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e5f1c58b6
Answer . Lyrics are copyright 1974, 1975, Larry Lee & Steve Cash Jackie Blue?
It means to dial.
" Hard disk drive " is an English equivalent of " disco rigido ." The masculine noun " disco " means "record, disk." Its singular definite article is " il " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " un , uno " ("a, one"). The masculine adjective " rigido " means "hard, rigid." Together,...
Two songs are played during the scene in which Michael Caine's character, Lawrence dances with Glenne Headley's Janet. The first song has a peppy, techno beat without lyrics. The second song is a slow song with French lyrics called, "Celui qui s'en va" and is performed by Marie Myriam.
Dancing Queen Voulez-Vous Summer Night City Does Your Mother Know Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) Lay All Your Love On Me
I was searching for the same thing when I saw your question. The lyrics are: "The kids are disco dancing, they're tired of rock and roll, I tried to tell them, hey that drum machine they got no soul, but they don't want to listen, no, they think they've heard it all, they trade those guitars in for...
John Travolta is probably the most famous disco dancer, thanks to his starring role in the film "Saturday Night Fever". Other notables include Chris Penaro & Manu Dibango.
Disco is the same in Italian and in English. Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun when it means "disc, record." But it is a feminine noun when it is a shortened form of the feminine noun discoteca , which means "discotheque." The respective pronunciation is "DEE-skoh" and "DEE-skoh...