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New France

New France is the area colonized by France between 1534 and 1763, covering large swathes of nowadays Canada and USA, down to Louisiana.
Let us first clarify that the "Northwest Territory" refers to theregion that roughly corresponds with the US Midwest, namely some orall of the land in the states of: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. This does not refer to theCanadian Province called the "Northwest...
because the climate was cold,and it was hard to farm in the wheather
New france was colonized by France in 1608
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He obtained his office by the king of France which he was appointedto. He was to govern the colonies of New France
I know that the Jesuit priest's role in new France was to convert the "savages" or the natives to Christianity. but don't know about the priest's in general
The British had more troop (8000 of them!) and better, more advanced weapons at that time. The leader of the troops was General Wolfe. He was a famous leader back then. Leading them to victory.
New France was created/founded in 1608, by Samuel De Champlain
New France (French : Nouvelle-France ) was the area colonized by France in North America during a period extending from the exploration of the Saint Lawrence River, by Jacques Cartier in 1534, to the cession of New France to Spain and Britain in 1763. Four Jesuit priests came to Quebec in 1625...
A Canadian colony
The colony of New France was used to export goods like fish, furs, and sugar. It was also used to establish forts.
New France was the term describing the French possessions in North America: Louisiana, Québec and Acadia. New France was ceded to Britain after the Seven Years War (a.k.a. the French and Indian War) by the Treaty of Paris (1763).
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because they heard there was better farming conditions and wanted a better life and they wanted to experience something new, other then their peasent ways back in France, they also wanted more land which they would eventually give to their children, but the land was huge. one seigneur had a lot of...
The free time in new frsnce is when you do not have somthing to do
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Answer . \nEngland, France's ancestral enemy, was settling colonies in the New World and getting rich from it, trading cotton, tobacco, & much else with the rest of the world. France wanted a piece of the pie. Everybody who was anybody was out grabbing everything they could to increase the...
they came France to 'New France' or Quebec
what was Filles Du Rois conteributation to new france
They were sent to New France to wed men in new France and in returnthe king gave them a dowry. As they were mostly married topeasants, they shared their farmworks.
he was the king of new France
The main motivation was to accumulate more wealth because of the problems with England and how they were making a lot of money of of tobacco,sugar, coffee and manufactured goods.
The filles du roi got to New France by boat. It had took them nearly 3 and 1/2 months
It was settled because in the early 1600's the French claimed this area. Since it was cold not many settlers lived here accept the men and boys that were trading furs at fur trading posts like Quebec. Missionaries were also throughout New France .
The Filles du Roi had to learn how to use local vegetables, to skingame and fish, to mend clothes, to grow crops and to take care ofthe family's health. Many of them had to learn that after theirarrival, as they were mainly orphans who had lived in cities(Paris, Rouen, La Rochelle) and had no...
Canada, Acadia, Hudson Bay, Newfoundland (Plaisance), and Louisiana.
During the 1600's the King Louis XIV payed women money (part of their dowry) to go over to Canada and marry the settlers there. The women were called filles de roi or women of the king.
They built forts for protection when they were fighting the British troops.
To trade for furs and to bring Christianity to the Indians
they would make alot more clothes and shoes and even businesses that would help them and us today!
New France is what the first french people called Canada a long time ago, probably in the 1700's
the food is like the food in any bit of ffrance ! the delicacy is mainly frogs legs and snails, but the also like crossandts and different typs of bread. They also like fish and salad .
Madeleine de Verchères was important to New France because of her heroic act the 27th October 1692. The castle which she lived in was called "Fort de Verchères" which was always attacked by the Iroquois. That day they ambushed the people outside working by hiding in the bushes. One of them...
King Louis XIV ruled New France from 1633 - 1700
new France is located along the great lakes, missions were built, settled by fur traders and explorers, quebec grew slowly, and had a small population. new netherland was located along the Hudson river, settled by farmers, new Amsterdam grew quickly, and settlers from many countries and religious...
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food in new France was usually grown in a farm by a habitante or farmer. only the rich could buy meat and vegetables. Some berries that were gathered by a habitante include: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, blackberries and plums.i beat my son
new France social structior was there religion they were catolic and catholisism was the biggest role in the expanding colony shyloedinger
They established the nation of quebec.
It was fairly bad. They had harsh winters and barely any crops grew.
The people of New-France enjoyed a variety of foods. In the early years their menu was only BREAD and maybe a FEW BERRIES , but as time went on they got more and more creative adding things such as DEER, MOOSE, RABBIT, FISH, PUDDING, and almost anything made from WHEAT. If you check out this...
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some of the diseases were, scurvy, small pox, tuberculosis :)
Few French settlers were in New France because they couldn't own land, it was too cold for farming, they had to follow Roman Catholic religion, and few people were allowed to trap legally.
The French claimed New Franc, hoping they could make a colony. They also wanted more fur for business.
no it's not in Canada
New France was the widespread area colonized by France in North America beginning in the 1500s. The territory of New France extended from Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains and from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. It included the Mississippi Valley and the St. Lawrence valley. The area was...
They came because: . government controlled by britain . missionaries and soldiers were sent . some people deceided to buy land or work in the fur trade
they go into disscussion groups and made it happen
The reason New France was is such a difficult military position is because the British could cut off New France's supplies. Also New France was surrounded by the British (who was in the North) and New England (who was in the south). So New France wanted more land so they went to war with the British...
The "new world" - it included far more than present day Quebec
the courier de bois was what they did
im not sure about all of it but i know tht they have very cold and long winters
oh did they ever the nuns and brothers (clergy members and church) taught the children because there was really no school there was but it was the church the school but int he sense that teachers did not teach there was no princeable or any of that it was all done by the nuns (fun fact the nun also...
the St Lawrence River flows through Quebec and Ontario which was once called NewFrance and Upper Canada.
Canada at the time of the development of New France was actuallythe St. Lawrence Valley. That's why when you look up this questionyou get conflicting answers. According to Alan Taylor (pg 99-100)in The American Colonies: 1. It was a safe distance from Spain. 2. It was colder there and therefore the...
I do know that they came over from France to new France to build schools convents and hostpital. They also ran a school for young girls to learn how to become nuns and also the basic living needs.
( The Answer Is A. The Darker Shade of Blue Up In The Canadian Regions.) :)
For the French in New France they were saviours. They were sent to fight against the first nations, but not a single native American was found shot by them - in fact they did not meet a single one, as the tribes that had fought against the white invaders of their land by that point in history had...
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In 1608 Samuel de Champlain founded New France in this area, which remained in French control until the British captured it during a half-hour battle on September 13, 1759.
there were many battles, four major wars were ensued because of it,it affected them because new netherlands was more prosperous thannew france.
Because of a series of colonial conflicts began between France and Britain, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of the French Colonies.
The French wanted to explore for profit and the glory of France.
New France, currently the State of Quebec in Canada, was founded by French settlers as the first French colony in Northern America in the late 16th century following its discovery by Cartier who had been send by King Francis I of France in order to map the and later colonize the western part of...
WELL, for being so late I would like to apologies! They wanted to control because.. They can build their own trading posts an reach new lands. SO basically, they want to reach new lands and build their own trading posts.
The population in New France grew slowly because . If you are in France and you want to go to New France you have to be French and be in Roman Catholic. . Plus the mild and cold winters there not very much people would want to go there. . Since there are not very much women there to reproduce to...
At first he wanted a trading colony because there was a huge amount of fur in New France. Because of that France started to become wealthier than the other European countries for example the UK,Spain and Germany. Because of that the other countries wanted the fur in New France. If King Louis XIV did...
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Settlers, language, culture and early government.
He was appointed to govern the colonies of New France , which included Canada , Acadia and Louisiana . The governor also hadresponsibilities over both military and civil affairs in thecolonies. Also his very main duty was to eat DONUTS ANDFRIES AND COWS LIVER, LUNG, KIDNEYS AND STUFF LIKE THT
To set up a colony and claim it for France
In 1682, Robert de la Salle journeyed to the Gulf of Mexico, and named the region Louisiana in honour of the French king, Louis XIV. This was now part of New France. To keep Spain and England out, the French built forts along the Mississippi. One fort was named New Orleans. ---
King Louis XIV convinced the Intendant Jean Talon New France needed a population growth. To achieve this the king offered to pay a dowry to each healthy, young woman who came to New France. This method worked and in 10 years the population increased by almost 10,000 people.
To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.
New France was very dependent on the fur trade because it was a major source of income.
European settlers come to New France because of beaver populations.
No, what was New France is currently known as the Province of Quebec (in Canada), its former name of New France was given when the French first settled there in the sixteenth century.