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Cephalopods are members of the mollusk family. They have large heads, tentacles, and the ability to squirt ink.


Yes, colossal squids do squirt black ink when attacked.
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Yes. They are poisonous. When their prey tried to go away, theywould open their eight arms and shoot out two long hangs to catchthem. Then cuttlefish will feed them their poison and then eat it. ©
A Squid's mouth is located between all of its tenticles.
The giant Pacific octopus is the largest octopus species. Typical weights for a full-grown giant Pacific octopus range from 70 to 110 pounds. Most are less than 16 feet across from arm tip to arm tip. Yesyes!
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Blue ringed octopuses can be found in the temperate waters aroundAustralia: in the South for one species, found in shallow 0-50munder water, and from Northern Australia to Japan for anotherspecies, in 0-20m under water.
It would have to be hand-powered. Machines don't have dexteritylike that.
There are only two types of squid that live in Antarctica: theColossal Squid and the Giant Squid. I believe they, like whales orseals, have an extra layer of blubber/fat that can protect themfrom the freezing water temperatures. Any other squid brought intoAntarctica would die in minutes, if not...
Apart from sharks, monkfish and swordfish, the cuttlefish hasanother huge predator - the human. Cuttlefish are used in foodpreparations, aquariums, and also bred for their ink andcuttlebone.
If it gets in your eyes of into your body it will sting. If it hitsyour skin it will also sting but not as long.
I have been a marine hobbyist for 25 + years. In the extra large public aquarium, it is a known fact that a Moray of similar size to any breed of shark will kill that shark. In fact, I believe the count is something like 120 to O. In favor of the Moray Eel. As for the wild though, I have witnessed...
Cuttlefish eat small molluscs, crabs, shrimp, fish, octopodes,worms, and other cuttlefish.
Squids and octopuses propel themselves by expelling water. Theydo this by keeping water in a cavity and then suddenly contractingthe cavity to force out the water through an opening.
Cuttlefish eat: small fish, mollusks, crabs, octopus, worms,shrimp, snails, clams, and other cuttlefish.
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Squids live all over the world, in oceans and in lakes.
Honestly I have no idea how. One good answer would be just like howany animal takes a dump. I know in dogs and several animals that atthe end of the large intestine is the rectum where waste isexcreted out. But if you were to really look into that questionthen I would say that (from looking online...
The world's smallest known octopus is the Octopus Wolfi. It wasdiscovered and officially classified in 1913. . The Octopus Wolfi measures only 1.5 cm in length! . These tiny octopuses are found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean . A full grown Octopus Wolfi weighs less than a gram. . There is still a lot...
Squids reproduce by mating in large groups,and attach their egg capsules to the ocean floor or to seaweed.They live in all types of areas e.g. at a jetty, bay, lake and evendeep sea. And they live between 18 and 24 months.
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No. Because there are 14 known species of DUMBO octopus
The octopus has a closed circulatory system,which means that all their blood is confined to vessels.
The giant pacific octopus lives in cold water.
On the whole, squid are not endangered. There has been discussion that the Giant squid is endangered, but that is only in some areas. Populations are quite healthy.
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They can reproduce sexually and asexually.
Not really. It does have a hydro-skeleton where it uses pneumatic pressure to move along.
The state fish (Texas Squid) is known to exist some say number in the hundreds of thousands though one has not been spotted in years. They live near oil rigs which is a natural safe habitat for the animal which produces ink for quick getaways. The Texas Squid is possibly on the endangered species...
It confuses their predators and sometimes blinds them.
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L.A. (Los Angeles) is along the coast of California. L.A. is nearand under Glendale. If you don't know what the coast is..... it isthe part of California that is aligned by the ocean (aka thePacific Ocean).
No they have bilaterial symetry.
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for camoflauge so the squid can change color to better blend into its surroundings.
The size of octopus range between few centimeters to many feets. Californian Lilliput octopus range between 1-2 cm whereas the giant pacific octopus are as large as 14 feet and above.
squids reproduce sexually. by the male fertilizing the eggs with it sperm.
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The adaptations of a squid are that its ability to chance color helps it hide and sneak up on its prey oops im thinking of a suid There are many adadtations of a squid icluding its ability to give out light.Another great adaptation of a squid is that it has 2 tenicles to grasp its food and 2 or 3...
It has no mass and doesn't take up space. It is fictitious. The "Pacific tree octopus" (pseudo-classification Octopus paxarboria ) was a 1998 internet hoax that was intended as a parody of actual ecological awareness groups. Occasionally young or gullible individuals will mistake the site as one...
Head-footed mollusks
Loligo duvaucelii
You have to click "adopt a baby squid" when one of your friends posts it up for adoption.
An octopus has one central brain located just above its mouth andin between its eyes. Octopi also have a series of gangliadistributed throughout their arms, which enable them to carry outcertain autonomous functions.
A squid is not a devilfish. In Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell it says Rontu watches the devilfish's black cloud. ( ink ).
They interact in many different way. For example if they were frightened they would squirt ink there face and hurry and swim away. If they were getting food they would attach there little suckers there preys face and stuff them down there mouth. And sometimes they don't do single thing.
in the deep ocean
\n. \nfrom: Rundas as big as a dinner plate or the diameter equal to the length of an adult human head.
it is in the Atlantic,Pacific,and the indian ocean. The like to live in shallow salty waters. If they live in warm waters for a long time they change color.
Yes! When an octopus is in danger, the octopus would squirt ink out and swim away.
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A giant squid can live up to five years. Female giant squid diesoon after releasing her eggs. Male squids can mate through outtheir lives.
A Deep Sea Current is a ocean current formed by density.
Yes, I think so.
No, an octopus is a mollusk, more specifically a cephalopod
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Where can I find a Giant Squid??. Can you answer to this question as quick as you can?
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They have 9 brains... or more precisely a central hub of 180 million neurons in the head linked to 8 other neuron groupings at the base of each arm. This brain configuration has nothing in common with anything we know, yet it habors a intelligence nearly identical to our own.
The octopus is important because it is cool and fills the oceanwith coolness
they are only a couple of inches long
shrimp and worms... i found it here http://www.medmicro.wisc.edu/labs/mcfall_ruby_papers/pdf/2008/McFall-Ngai_2008_CurrBiol.pdf
Blue Ringed octopus, Day octopus, and Giant octopus. Blue ringed octopuses are small sized, but have deadly toxic that can kill a fully-grown man. Day octopuses are large and can float to attack divers. Giant octopuses are the largest species that can kill a human with a beak bite.
Sharks, eels, and dolphins
-- Since there is air outside the cup, the pressure forcing it onto the surface is 14.6 lb/in 2 . -- Since there is no air inside the cup, the pressure forcing it off of the surface is zero. -- The sum of the forces on the cup is (14.6 lb/in 2 onto) + (zero off of) = 14.6 lb/in 2 ...
An octopus has bilateral symmetry.
Like most fish, Moray Eels don't have eyelids, so they can't close their eyes (as with humans and animals) to go to sleep. However, eels (as with most fish), do enter a 'resting state' and do seem to stop moving while they sleep, but certain fish cannot afford to stop moving, as they must stay in...
The squid will change color if it is rubbed!!!! so that way it can't be seen by its predators!!
Cephalization is a tendency in the evolution of organisms to concentrate the sensory and neural organs in an anterior head. Basically, the organism has a brain.
They adapt by their tentacles because they have gills that help them survive under water.
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Krakens are mythological creatures, now proved as a real animal called a Giant Squid . In ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and many other empires would have ships sent out through the Mediterranean Sea to trade, fight, and explore other places. Some were attacked by krakens, or giant...
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All mollusks have a foot, an organ. In a squid the foot is the tentacles it has.
Cuttlefish ARE nekton because they are aquatic, motile (self-propelled) living organisms.