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Stamp Collecting (Philately)

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Questions about the hobby of postage stamp collecting and those little pieces of paper that fascinate everyone from the young school child to presidents and monarchs.
For a long time the Postmaster General decided what should go on  stamps. However, when Congress began passing legislation requiring  certain subjects be honored, in 1957 the Postmaster General created  a committee to review the ideas of the entire public. The committee  includes stamp...
Amateur geology (known as rockhounding in the  United States and  Canada) is the recreational study and hobby of  collecting  rocks and  mineral specimens from their natural environment. The first  amateur geologists were  prospectors looking for valuable minerals and  gemstones for...
2¢ - Scott #707 The likeness of Washington by Gilbert Stuart from a  painting made at Germantown, Pa., in 1796, known as the Atheneum  portrait, the original of which is now in the Boston Museum of Fine  Arts. (4,222,198,300 issued)   The bicentennial stamps were first placed on sale January...
Assuming that it's the XI Olympic Winter Games - Sapporo 1972 -  Bobsledding stamp, it would be worth $0.35 in mint condition, $0.20  used. Those are buy prices, not sell prices, which are much lower.  In other words, you aren't likely to find a dealer willing to pay  you for a single stamp, it...
If you are in California, at the current time they are $43.75 for a book of 100 stamps, which is cheaper than the post office by .25.
as much as someone is prepared to pay for it.
6 different Victoria and George stamps were issued. The prices vary depending on which stamp you have and whether it's mint or used. The price varies from .20 cents to $4.50
Not much I'm afraid. You can purchase them from a dealer or on eBay for about $2 per cover or even less. They have almost no real gold, such a thin layer that it would take thousands of them to get a measurable amount.
You can get a full page of Boys Town Nebraska stamps on Ebay for 8.00
  The post office letter box was invented around 1815 by the Cheif postal clerk Thomas Brown, soon to be Governor of Florida 1849-1853.
Back when the stamp was produced it was only $2.00, but now the  most expensive is about $30.00.
  This a modern German stamp. It probably has value only to a stamp collector who might like to add it to his collection. If you find such a person you can negotiate, but he pays more than 10 cents, you are probably exploiting his ignorance, unless it is mint , in which you might rightly ask...
These are still very common. You should be able to buy one for 25 cents or less from a stamp dealer.
Forever. Check out the USPS website for more info.
No, a postmark is a marking on a letter or package indicating thedate and time that the item was delivered into the care of thepostal service.This is put on after the stamp.
Jefferson nickels tend to tone a copper-gold color and adds nothing to the face value of 5 cents.
The 1940 10-cent stamp is worth $5.00 in mint condition and $1.65 used. (as of Jan. 2011)
You can obtain information on the plywood's specifications. The stamps will indicate what type of adhesive was used to make it so that you know whether it can be used outside. It will also indicate the quality of the wood facing..
Postage stamps were not available in 1775. The first US stamps came out in the 1840's. It initially cost 5 cents to mail a half ounce letter.
1958 United States of America Mackinac Bridge Commemoration 3c turquoise - Mackinac Bridge (vertical) Mint UnHinged = 0.15 GBP each Fine Used = 0.10 GBP each Source = Stanley Gibbons Catalogue
what is the value of 1984 united states olympic postage stamps?
0.44 cents for a regular first class stamp (letter up to 3.5 ounces)Up to about $4.00 for a package weighing up to 13 ounces (the max for first class)
If you are a president, as soon as you die you can get your face on a US stamp, otherwise, even Elvis had to wait 10 years.There is a shortcut though.For a fee, a "dunes" country will put you on a stamp.
  The simplest way is to turn the stamp face down on a black surface. The watermark should be visible. A drop or two of watermark fluid can help make it clearer. There are other ways, including using colored filters to remove the ink color from making it hard to see. There are also impression...
  "Deutschland" is Germany, in German. The country called itself the "Reich" (sort of like kingdom) under the Kaisers and under Hitler, but the term was abolished after the war. That means your stamp was issued before 1946. You'll need to post a new question with a more detailed description so...
Nothing. The Lira is no longer used in Italy it has been replaced with Euro.
The stamp is not from 1917. The Electric auto pictured on the stamp is from 1917. This is part of the Transportation set and you can pick up a used copy for about 20 cents.
Will need more information including the country of origin. You can consult a stamp catalogue at yourlocal library to identify the year and condition of the item with anestimated value for it.
  The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp of a public postal system. It was issued by Great Britain and Ireland on 1 May 1840, for use from 6 May of that year.
yes, all krogers sell stamps.
There is only one Forever Stamp, it pictures the US Liberty Bell and says First Class Postage. It is good only for the first ounce of a letter, anything more in weight requires additional postage. There are many other non-denominated stamps that may say First Class Postage, but they are not Forever...
Currently in the US a Forever stamp costs 44 cents and I will assume that this the type you are referring to, so a book of twenty stamps would cost you $8.80.
Golden replica stamps by Postal Commemorative Society have no value... there's not even 5 cents worth of gold in them... the gold is not even goldleaf... it's a spray over 3 layers of adhesive bound paper, then polished.PCS scammed thousands of people into buying these... avoid buying more at all...
Yes, they have value. Some of them can be very valuable, depending on the type of markings it has, what the dates are and what locations are involved. Stampless covers are pretty challenging area to evaluate, it would be best to consult a dealer or knowledgable collector in your area.
Looks like a one cent stamp, says one cent on it and yes you can still use them
It's called a collection.
0.29/0.25=1.16 =116% of 0.25 or 16% increase from 0.25
Provincial notes are very difficult to value. You need an expert and one of the experts on UK banknotes is Pam West - see related links.
  An Australian Mint UnHinged (MUH) 60 cent Royal Wedding of Prince CHarles and Lady Diana Spencer stamp released on 29-Jul-1981, might be worth up to $3 AUD.
Some examples of global issues are global warming, human population, health issues...
Yes you just have to add 11 cents onto it with side stamps.
You want a stamp honoring a muslim, leave the U.S.A. permanently and find one in the mid-east where you belong
For network devices, it's a MAC address. MAC stands for 'media  access control' and it's a unique identifier that's present in all  hardware that interfaces with a traditional computer network. The  device that manages DHCP (or assigning IP addresses to devices)  often asks the devices for their...
There not worth much, theres about 12 out there in the world. There not that vauluble trust me, if you don't. Would you believe theres a guy in his basement in his underwear, writing this???
Even mint, in the best condition, almost nothing. If you were buying from a dealer, you might have to pay as high as US $0.50. Selling it, it's worth around its postage value (2 cents), or you might get as high as 10 cents if you find the right person.
You will need to consult the catalogs. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World and some of them also have a specialized catalog for FDCs. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting task, but most of the...
They are still valid for postage in the US. The total stamp value must equal the current First Class rate. You would have to add 7 cents to each of them to total the correct amount for a letter. Used together they would cover two ounces of First Class mail.
Cost of a postage stamp was dependent on the face value of the stamp and the country . The most common rate stamp is for First Class Mail. In October of 2004 in the US it was 37 cents for the first ounce.
A first class letter stamp (small envelope, under 100g) is currently 39p. (Feb 2010).
About 3/4 of a dollar worth of stuff.
Will need more information including the country of origin, I'm guessing Monaco. You can consult a stamp catalogue at your local library to identify the year and condition of the item with an estimated value for it. Post cards are listed as 'back of the book' items in the country of origin.A set of...
Not legally! It is a Federal crime in the US to reuse postage. It is also difficult because the wavy edges of the stamp mean that when you try to take it of it will rip of the edges. There is also sometimes two cuts in the middle that will also make the stamp tear if you try to remove it.
The U.S. Mint has never produced a circulating $2 coin. The closest thing to the $2 coin is the $2.50 Gold "Quarter Eagle" coins which were produced between 1796 and 1929. View the source link below to view the types of coins, pictures and statistics of every $2.50 US Gold coin minted in US history...
Consult a postage stamp catalog to identify the stamp. It will alsoprovide a general value for the item.
community savings stamps were given as premiums to many shoppers in nebraska from the '50's to the 80's.. the 'denominations' came in '1' stamp ora larger stamp that was '10' stamps ... backed by the owners of Miller & Paines in Nebraska and/or related to Community Development Corporation.. the...
That is Scott number US 1906. It has a value of 75 cents mint and  minimal 15 cent used.
  This stamps is listed in the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog as number 928. The catalog value is 20c used or unused. This is the minimum value assigned to any stamp. It is not uncommon to to see stamp dealers and stamp collectors use this on their mail. Jim Forte http://wwww.postalhistory.com
They have a limited value. Every person in the US had one, so millions were issued. I've seen them go for about $5 a book in excellent condition.
There were no stamps in 1801. The first postage stamps were issued in Great Britain in 1840. It was several years after that that German issued postage stamps..
Yes, Stamp collecting is profitable. Collecting stamps is seldom profitable. Most collectors are severely disappointed in the amount of money they get when they go to sell their collections. You will be lucky to get half the cost of what you paid for the collection.
yes we are charged vat on most things in this country, of course stamps are one of them.
Queen Isabella of Spain appeared on a series of commemorative stamps issued in 1893. The first stamp to specifically honor a woman was issued in 1902 and featured Martha Washington.
Just collect them and put them in some sort of binder or folder. There is no correct way to have a hobby like collecting stamps. Collecting is just a matter of accumulating. Within stamp collecting there are many aspects to be considered when trying to maximize value and to be able to communicate...
Since Queen Elizabeth II has been pictured in some form on every stamp Great Britain has issued for the past 50 years, you will have to get more specific! I would suggest taking a look at the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog for Great Britain. Your local library will have a copy that you can use in the...
Foreign Stamps . Well, certainly you can SEND them from Canada, but if you mean can you USE them as postage on letters mailed in Canada then No. No. The Universal Postal Union agreements requires you to use the stamps of the country of origin.
are they collector items? if so you can sell them to a collector shop if not i suggest you just use them, put 6 stamps on a letter and that comes close enough to the cost of a stamp now-a-days.
The Columbian stamps were a specific issue, but they have been reissued more recently. You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research to determine exactly which edition you have. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to...
The cost of a stamp in the USA in 2006 was $0.39.
The amount is so small that it is not measurable. In other words almost nothing.
This is a common US regular issue If you want to buy just one it will probably cost you from 10 to 25 cents at a stamp store for a copy, mint or used. If you want to order it by mail, you would have to pay postage and handling in addition. Dealers get them as part of larger lots for almost...
  Don't know without a lot more information. You can go to the post office and buy a 4 cent stamps for 4 cents today. There are some 4 cent stamps that are a hundred years old and could be worth some money.
There have been 98 cent stamps for a while. That is the current rate to send a letter to most foreign countries from the US. It was also the airmail rate for a full ounce..
That would be Scott number 1488. You can buy a mint copy for 40cents or used copy for 15 cents.
You would have to be more specific because there are many 1c Washington stamps. Look up the stamp you want to find out about in Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog (usually available at your local library) but be forewarned there is often a lot of studing and testing that needs to be done to determine the...
This is a common US regular issue, but the high denomination makes it more valuable. If you want to buy just one it will probably cost you from 10 to 25 cents at a stamp store for a used one-- around $2.00 cents for a mint copy If you want to order it by mail, you would have to pay postage and...
Forever stamps (if it says forever on the stamp) are whatever the current rate is. 1 stamp on a regular sized letter of 1 oz or less will get it anywhere in the US If you have 3 pages or less, one forever stamp will work. 1 oz = 44 cents = 1 stamp (44 cents) = 3 pages 2 oz = 61 cents 3 oz = 78...
Very little. These replicas have a layer of gold on the foil that is an atom or two thick. It is not really measurable and it would take thousands of them to make an amount worth anything. You might be able to get a $1 or two per cover, but most serious stamp collectors are not interested in them.
cachet Most collectors would consider it a defacement and reduction in value.
This gold stamp has 1.18 ounces of actual pure 24 carat gold and based on the value of gold on 17th August 2011, the scrap value of the gold is approximately £1275