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Citizenship and Marriage

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Marriage to a citizen is one way for an alien to obtain citizenship in some countries. Questions about the requirements and processes of marrying and obtaining citizenship are welcome here.


Only if the mother can prove repeatedly that the father is not responsible.   Our custody case is in FL and our lawyer told us that when my husband deploys with the military that his children can remain in our home and do not have to relocate to the mother's home for the 6 months he will not …
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I think that an immigrant has the right to get custody of his or her child just like an American citizen.As long as they are fit and respondsible parents.
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%DETAILS% No, an alien or immigrant, legal or otherwise, does not become a citizen automatically upon marriage to a citizen. There is a process of applying, processing and (hopefully) eventual approval by the Federal government. First is Permanent Residency status ("Green card"). Then there's a w…
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illegals can get married anywhere to whoever they want, is no big deal. As the ability to get married is a State-level jurisdiction, and immigration status is a Federal-level jurisdiction, the two are NOT related. I am not aware of any state that requires a person to be a legal immigrant to be mar…
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This might not be soo hard! I don't know what country you are living in or what the requirements are in order for you to marry an American. All I can say is that if the two of you love one another and are ready for this then there is a process you both need to go through in order to make this happen…
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WEll, if your lover is over 16, then it would be odd if they do not have a DL let alone a DMV ID card. You need it for just about everything. And, as you probably know, you have to be a US citisen.   You do not have to be a citizen to get a driver's license or a state identification card, a l…
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That person can go to the consulate or embassy of her/his home country and see about obtaining a photo I.D. If that person is from Mexico, s/he can obtain a Matricula Consular. Nevada is the best place to get married. A social security number is not necessary. I married my illegal alien husband ther…
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You file for amnesty or asylum if your country is that bad. You must have some sort of proof.
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It is a long process. Please come to immigrate2us.net. There are a lot of nice people there who know a lot about it.
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You need to be at least 18 yrs of age to get married to a US citizen. Some countries have a higher or lower age limit slab. 18 yrs is the time when an individual is said to be mentally mature to take on the responsibilities of life. The same age if you were a citizen. It varies from state to sta…
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Yes, it's possible, as long as the people are not currently married and meet the age requirements of the state in which they plan to marry. It will not make the "illegal" person "legal," however. The process of getting the person "legalized" will take many many years.  yes it is all they need …
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Bigamy in the United States has been illegal since the mid-1800s (both in federal and all state/territory laws). There are NO possible ways to be considered legally married to more than one spouse while being a resident (or citizen) of the USA, under US law. US citizens may NEVER marry more than one…
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In order for a foreign citizen to become and American citizen, they must first obtain a visa that gives them permanent residency status (the fabled "Green Card", which is neither green nor a card, and is not the only visa conferring permanent residency). To get a permanent visa, one must first apply…
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His only recourse due to the stricter immigration laws is to try the compassionate route. It used to be fairly simple to receive asylum under the reasoning that your life would be jeopardized by being deported back to your native country. Then one could apply for citizenship. Illegal aliens are fair…
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He doesn't know what he wants and he never deserved you   i am very sorry. you will need to get a lawyer as soon as you possibly can and begin the process. If you cannot do that you will have to go back or stay here illegally (the latter of which i do not condone.)
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You can marry an illegal alien in any state, but he or she must have valid identification. Marriage to a U.S. citizen does not automatically confer nor guarantee permanent resident or citizenship status. Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website for information concerning …
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I am not familiar with the immigration laws of the UK. In the United States, it depends on how the person came to the country and how long they've been "illegal." If the person snuck across the border, s/he cannot get a greencard without first going home, even if s/he marries a US citizen. If s/he c…
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Divorce and ImmigrationIf the immigrant has became a US permanent resident under PR1 then they retain that status after divorce. If the immigrant is under CR status (conditional resident status) They need to file adjustment of status to impermanent residence before the date of their immigration card…
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If she came in legally, you can file for her greencard. If she came in illegally, she will not be able to get her greencard without leaving the country.   I am assuming that your wife entered the US illegally otherwise she should have I-94. A person who marries a legal foreigner can definitel…
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Yes, if he came illegally, then he will be deported, since he is a criminal and will retain that criminal record forever. Every country in the whole world does this for its own protection, because he was violating their national laws and borders when he went there illegally, without applying and id…
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Yes, she can marry him. This will not directly result in him getting his green card, however. That is a very long, riskly process that will take years. Marrying someone for a green card will result in the alien being deported and the citizen being put in jail for fraud. Not worth it if you aren't in…
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It is most likely "unilateral marriage fraud." That means that the fraud was committed completely on the part of the alien while your sister was married in good will. Yes, this is illegal. Could he have his citizenship revoked for this? Yes, because he obtained it through fraud. What is the likeliho…
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It is possible to get him a greencard, but not without him first leaving the country. Once he leaves he will trigger the 10 year bar, meaning he will be barred from coming back for 10 years. In order to get a waiver for that bar, the citizen wife has to prove that it would be an extreme hardship for…
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No, it would not be easier. Since he was illegaly present in the USA, he will still have the 10 year bar against him when went back to Mexico. The US citizen would still have to file for a waiver of the bar. It would probably be very difficult, if not impossible to fool immigration authorities into …
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Marrying just to get a green card is not only immoral, it is illegal. If you commit marriage fraud, you could be caught and barred from the US for life. Getting a greencard through marriage is difficult if you are not really married for love. You have to go to a series of interviews where they could…
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That person doesn't receive anything automatically. If the citizen applies for the person to become a permanent resident, the person will receive a green card, which will allow them to obtain a social security number, driver's license, etc. The process usually takes from 1-3 years and is very expens…
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1-5 YEARS DEPENDING ON THE REGION OF THE UNITED STATES WHERE THE COUPLE LIVES.   in massachusetts, you have to get a lawyer (for it to be easiest adn quickest) and there are cheap places to go to get one. and the lawyer contacts the ins and after 2 months you go to immigration, wait in a long…
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It depends entirely on whether or not the Immigration Service determines if the marriage was "real" or not. That is, was the marriage between a genuine couple, or are the couple not actually in a relationship. If this sounds a little fuzzy, it is. The concept of "marriage fraud", whereby two peopl…
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Once that person marries and the papers for the greencard are filed, s/he can file for a temporary work permit.   Yes. A fiance' visa alone is automatically eligible to work. I myself was under the fiance visa. You need to get an SS first which can be tricky because theres a lot of SS employe…
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It depends on the state. Most states require a photo I.D. If the person is from Mexico, s/he can go to the nearest Mexican consulate and get a matricula consular, which is a photo I.D. i called a Mexican consular, and you have to have a photo id and birth certificate to get a marticula consolar.…
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There is no way for that person to becme a citizen immediately. Once the children reach the age of 21, they can sponsor the person for residency, but it is a long process.
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hum why would u marry someone and live live together and yes it is a promblem ins looks at all that stuff another worlds it sounds like u got married to help this person become legal and by that live together im sorry to tell u what u have done is fraud big timewho ever wrote this answer is right ab…
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Yes. You need to file form I-485. There are also other auxilliary forms you will have to include with it. You can find all the forms and information at http://www.uscis.gov
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%REPLIES% Answer As long as the marriage is legitimate (married for the normal reasons and not just to get a green card), the person should have few problems adjusting status to that of legal permanent resident while in the US, since the person originally came legally. http://immigrate2us.ne…
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Yes.It is illegal to marry ANYONE for citizenship purposes only. That person could be deported and barred from life from this country and the citizen that married him/her could face hefty fines or prison time.
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No, of course not. You may have to pay for the marriage license, but you don't have to pay any special "fines." I don't know who gave you that idea, but it is the most amuzing thing I've heard in my life!!Now, if you want to start the process of applying for the person to become legal, the applicati…
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It depends on how long ago the person was deported and the reason that s/he was deported. Deportation in and of itself carries a five year bar and if the person was an overstay or illegal entry, s/he may also have the ten year bar to overcome. The fiancee would have to file for a waiver(s) of the ba…
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It depends on a lot of things. If the US citizen has past convictions, that doesn't matter. If the alien has past convictions, that can make a big difference, however. Nobody becomes eligible for citizenship by getting married. They do become eligible for a greencard. That does not mean that they'll…
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Be careful of where you get your information from, legislation is constantly changing; recently it has been more toward being easier to be born abroad. If YOU (grandparent) are American (born abroad or otherwise) and have lived there for 5 years at any point in your life, and the PARENT is born abr…
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It is THREE YEARS. See http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=142696981298d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=d6f4194d3e88d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRDThey must have good moral character and be married for all THREE years.   No. T…
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Yes. It is not necessary to record the marriage in Mexico for it to be considered legitimate. For immigration purposes, any marriage which meets all of the following criteria is legitimate:1) The marriage was legal in the place where it happened.2) All other prior marriages were legally terminated b…
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In my experience, it would depend on how much US residency the man has and what date he became a US citizen. Children of US citizens are eligible to derive citizenship from their US citizen parents (jus sanguinis), but the citizen parent must meet age and residency requirements.
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It depends on the state. In most states, they both have to be at least 16 and have parental permission. In Mississippi, they can get married with their parents' permission. They can also go to court and get a special waiver to get married because she is pregnant. The boy's immigration status has not…
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Yes. After marrying, you would file for her adjustment of status to permanent resident.
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Ask him   I think I would ask his family, parents,siblings.   go on the internet and look for a private detective, it is worth it just to know for sure. or, tell him that you would like to visit his country with him as soon as he gets his green card ( usually it is 7 months of marriage…
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An alien with no greencard or "papers" could get deported any time. Getting married or getting a divorce are things which, in and of themselves, have no baring on the aliens immigration status.If the spouse had filed a petition on the alien's behalf, the petition would no longer be valid. An immatur…
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The spouse can sponsor the alien any time after getting married. If he snuck into the United States illegaly, however, he will have to leave the country to go to the interview. The petition will be deined due to the ten year bar, which will be against him due to his illegal entry. The ten year bar p…
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You might be able to slip through the cracks and get married, but the marriage will not be legally valid. It will not be valid for immigration purposes, since one of the requirements is proof of the legal termination of all previous marriages prior to the qualifying marriage.   Mexican divorc…
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If the person is illegal because he overstayed a visa, then yes, he can adjust status and become "legal." If the person is illegal because he snuck into the United States, then he cannot become legal without first leaving the country. Having "US citizen children" or being the "only worker in the fam…
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A permanent resident will be able to apply for citizenship after 5 years of living in the US. Getting married usually helps with citizenship for people that do not have permanent resident status. After getting married there still is a wait period of about 5 years. In the case of the a permanent resi…
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go to the immigration office in whatever Mexican state you are in. you need a passport, and visa to file for a marriage permit. once you have permission the office will ask you to pay a fee at the bank. the bank will sign your paper, return to the immigration office they will give a different paper …
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Most likely you will be deported.   Not only deported to your home country but also put on the " No re-entry list " for up to 10 years, as well.It's not called ILLEGAL for nothing, my friend.
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Yes. He can adjust status to that of legal permanent resident without leaving the country.
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They can get their illegal alien spouse an ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) and file jointly as a married couple. The only thing that they can't do is claim the EIC.
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They will both get in trouble. They are commiting bilateral marriage fraud. The alien could be bared for life and the citizen could be fined or put in jail.
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%DETAILS% Both of you.   ithink the person will be deported after all when the 2 years are up,you guys will go to ins for a interview to proof its a good faith marriage and you must show lease with both name and you will be questiont separt about your spouse.   The above is correct.…
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The person with the criminal record can get married to the American citizen, BUT they will NOT be granted residence in the USA. The same applies to Americans who have a criminal record, they are BARRED from entering Canada. We don't like to swap criminals.The only alternative, and it takes a while, …
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If you are a US citizen living in the US, marrying a British citizen won't affect your Medicare benefits. That only becomes a problem if you move out of the country.
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You get married the normal way, just as if you were marryng another American.If the alien is illegal because he overstayed his visa, you would file for adjustment of status after getting married and wait for the greencard here in the states.if the alien is illegal because he snuck into the country, …
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Yes. Because you came into the u.s. legally that will help you when you get married. then your spouse has to file petition I-130, green card application and work permit. Please talk to a lawyer they will help explain the process.
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Answer Jail time, probation, fines, or all three. 18 USC 1015 states: Whoever knowingly makes any false statement under oath, in any case, proceeding, or matter relating to, or under, or by virtue of any law of the United States relating to naturalization, citizenship, or registry of aliens.... Shal…
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No, not as long as he's 18   The states determine legal age of consent of marriage. Not US law
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Immigration status is a completely separate issue from child custody rights.
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No, having a baby will not make the process any faster or easier.
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Yes, fines and imprisonment. Doing such a thing is considered immigration fraud. This is considered as Immigration Fraud and both gets imprisonment for doing it. Do not try it, consulars are smart enough to make out whether the marriage is real or you forged it for Green Card.
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I was a university student when I married my illegal immigrant husband. It made no change in my student loans at all.
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I was found these 2 bloggs very helpful, i hope they can be to youhttp://lyndalandbrian.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html http://jesshughesimmigration.blogspot.com/   As an answer to the question, I will copy paste the most direct and applicable answer which was deleted so that this edit …
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The question is a bit vague. I'm assuming that you really mean: Can your spouse be deported if you are a US citizen? The answer is yes. Anyone in violation of immigration laws can be deported. In some cases, the deportation can be stopped if it can be proved that said deportation would cause undue a…
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A green card (also called permanent residency) is the middle step to citizenship. However, overstaying is an action that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly I.N.S.) takes seriously. Deportation proceedings will usually be conducted against an overstayer and he or she would not be g…
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I have friends who are from the U.K. and they tell me that you are automatically a citizen of the U.K. after marrying a british subject.   No you do NOT become a citizen automatically upon marrying a British citizen. You can only come to England to marry if you have a fiancee/fiance visa. Thi…
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Yes, they do.   Why would an immigrant need to talk to INS about a marriage?Immigrant means they are already residing in the US legally as a immigrant.
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No, you will have to petition your spouse through the normal channels in the US. There is really no short cut.   Yes you can, but not literally taking her back with you right away. You have to go back to your country and leave your wife to her country and you have to file for a petition.
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Probably not. Consult with an immigration attorney, but Canada is really picky about not allowing immigrants with any criminal history at all.
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i don't think so because once you've started the paper work the ins will dig into your lives and see you are married in the united states,that could cause more problems , falsifing information. You did not read their question.. Yes you can do that as tsince they are undocmented and no report of…
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yes,he can even get full custody if you can be proven unfit.
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6-7 months you'll get a permanent visa, and then after 2 years you'll go through interviews and stuff and if they believe your marriage is for real you'll get a green card.
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Go to uscis.gov and start the process.
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Please do not erase my correct answer. That message board is a wonderful place to go to for help in the process of an illegal immigrant becoming an legal resident because I have helped my husband do so.
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My girlfriend did that in Texas, all she did was show them her student ID and tourist visa. She did apply for the driver's license when she was illegal. You need two forms of idenfication and that is it If she had a valid visa, then that makes her legal. How is she illegal ? Just FYI if she had a …
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Nothing they need to file for another visa in their country to come back. The person would need to leave the US voluntarily or be deported. Even though the original entry was legal the person is now out of status and considered unlawfully present.A person who overstays a visa or is otherwise in the …
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I'm not entirely sure how this works, but apparently there are some states in which this is easier than others (assuming you are in the US). I know many, many illegal immigrants who have North Carolina driver's licenses. For whatever reason, they can give an address in North Carolina, take the test …
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Don't use fake papers if you can possibly help it. It could put your marriage in jeopardy, can make your mate face deportation, and could get you into trouble as well. Do everything as legally as you can. Stop using the fake papers ASAP.   Simple fact, if the documents used are not legitimate…
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I am a U.s. citizen, and I legal married an illegal man from Mexico. All that was required of him, was that his Mexican birth certificate be translated and printed so we could present it to the clerk when we got our marraige liscense. We found a local lady here who translates legal documents. This o…
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If you marry someone from another country, they are no longer illegal, but a resident alien. The above response does not answer the question. If you marry an illegal person in the U.S. it is not that simple. The government may require that person to leave the county up to 3 years.
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yes...but it has to be approved by INS. I mean one has to request to travel abroad...fill out the right travel documents and wait for response. If they say yes, you can leave the country and come back as you please while your TPS is up-to-date.
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Comtact your local DHS Immigration department.
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My guess is that the question is not really if a tourist can or can not marry a green card holder (of course she can), but whether there will be an immediate immigration benefit for her. Unfortunally, not.
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She is eligibe to get married. It just depends on what state you are in and their requirements. I married my illegal Mexican husband in 2001 in Tennessee. All we had were my I.D, his translated and original birth certificate, and the $60 to pay the courthouse.
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In order to receive a green card, the K-1 visa holder and K-2 visa holder must adjust status by filing USCIS form I-485 (plus, I-765, I-131, etc. IF needed).http://www.dixonimmigration.com/index.php?pid=2
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File for a divorce in your spouse's country.   No need to .. Do it where you live
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If you go to a US government website and click on visas and then change of status they will tell you how much it cost for each form you file. You can download the forms for FREE. An estimated guess is around $1,000
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In most cases, both parties must be physically present at the marriage, and the marriage must have been consumated, in order for it to be valid for immigration purposes. If a couple can prove that they do not meet one or both of these requirements for legitimate long-established religious or traditi…
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The short answer would be "A Criminal Process" it is against the law to join in a marriage that you KNOW will be a fraud, or a sham.
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The process generally takes about 80 years, but Muslims take about 90-95 because they're usually terrorists.
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%DETAILS% Answer If his mother brought him legally (he had a visa back then) then you can get married and he can file for adjustment of status. If she brought him illegaly, there isn't much he can do except go back to the country his mother brought him from and file for a visa there.
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Both of you gO to the county courthouse with identification.
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