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Ask questions here about the value of NBA and NCAA basketball cards, jerseys and other memorabilia.
his jersey cost about 20 dollars
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The most famous basketball player in the history of the game is undoubtedly Michael Jordan.
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The most famous basketball players would definitely be Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. There are many foreign popular basketball players, too, and players that are popular because they are foreign, including Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, P…
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It was probably an Oklahoma college player named Bob Kurland in 1945.
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Value of sports memorabilia is always a tricky subject. That specific piece of memorabilia is very unique but only has special meaning to Duke fans (which includes me) or someone who cares dearly about Bobby Hurley and/or his career. My best recommendation would be to try it out on eBay or make sure…
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If you saw it get signed and can document it -- about $250. Otherwise, about $150 on ebay.
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Answer According to the collector's price guide, "Team Baseballs," your ball is worth between $200-350, with value being greater or lower depending on exact year and players present - in particular, the inclusion or exclusion of Thurman Munson, who died young - plus the all-important overall cond…
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if its a crayon signiture it will be worth $500,000
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I'd say it ranges from the price of $500-$1000. It also depends on how good of condition the jersey is.
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It is worth around 3,000 dollars.
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It was a peach basket, Dr. James Naismith invented the game to give young boys a game of agility and skill, with little cost involved.
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the difference is the nba player worn jersey is usually made out of better material.
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its not as much as people would think. about 175 dollars.
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Help to answer spotting a Jordan fake I am still in need of an answer myself for an early Jordan card in my collection and I have found the following "somewhat" helpful (info pertains to baseball cards, but still useful I think.)Find a common card from the same set and compare the weight, dot patte…
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Please go to beckett-authentication to learn how to submit your autographed items for authentication. At the website you will find submission forms, pricing, show/event info, and other helpful tips on submitting your pieces to Beckett.
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Some of the most famous female basketball players are: Carol Blazejowski Cheryl Miller Lisa Leslie Teresa Edwards Anne Meyers Nancy Lieberman Anne Donovan Chamique Holdsclaw Lynette Woodard Sheryll Swoopes Angie Paccione Candace ParkerMichael Jordan is a very famous basketball player.
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Kobe Bryant is the most famous and the best basketball player of all time
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You can sell Jordan cards on eBay for almost book value if you create a good listing and spend some time building your reputation.
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250 to 1000 dollars if its o pee chee. Its worth 75 to 150 if its topps.
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1983 Hackett American Nolan Ryan collectors Plate The 1983 Hackett American Nolan Ryan 10 1/4" collectors plate is worth about $20.-$25. in near/mint-mint condition with the original box. There is also an 8 1/2" plate worth about $10. -$20. This plate featuring an original painting by Christophe…
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1993 Upper Deck baseball card Factory set The 1993 Upper Deck baseball card set was consists of 840 standard size cards. A complete set has a book value of about $25.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition. A sealed Factory Set has a book value of about $30.00 Key cards in the set include: card number 2 - …
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This is worth just as much as an M.J. basketball, considering Jordan made majors in baseball but only took part in spring training and then quit. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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Anywhere from $300-$1000, depending on condition.
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Defensive Basketball Positions Typically, there are five (5) main positions: two guards, two forwards, and a center. By rule, there is nothing that any one of these postions can do that the others cannot. But they all have traditional "roles" which they usually adhere to. They are listed below. H…
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1986 Fleer Rookie #57 is the most highly desirable Michael Jordan card to date. It can be purchased raw anywhere between $100 and up depending on quality, cornering, surfacing and centering of the card. Beware, there are many reprints out in the market.PSA, BGS and SGC graded 1986 Fleer #57 will be …
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Probably priceless. If not, then maybe $1,000,000,000
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92-93 Michael Jorden's card value
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It sometimes tough to tell real signatures from counterfeits so that is why we suggest you submit your autographs to BAS. We have a team of experts trained to spot counterfeit signatures, including Michael Jordan.
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His career average was 30.4 points per game when he retired the second time from the Bulls and he averaged 30.1 points per game over his career after his two year stint with the Washington Wizards
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The first basketball was invented in 1942 by a physical education teacher named, James Naismith. The first basketball had seams on the outside that was used to identify the type of ball it was, and it was also used to for support. The seams in the basketball help the person playing keep grip of the …
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Michael Jordan is hall of fame basketball player from the Chicago Bulls. His rookie year is 1986-1987. In that year, Fleer, a sports card company made his rookie card (card #57 in the set). The rookie card is valued quite high (in price guides) but can typically be found on eBay for around $490-$600…
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Put it on eBay and find out. It's only worth what you can get someone to pay for it.
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Right now, we don't certify memorabilia but there are some companies around the world that do offer that service. We recommend researching that part of the industry and picking a service that is trusted and respected.
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the difference is authentic jerseys have sewn on names and numbers.It also has only a nba logo on the shoulder.The replicas are screen printed names and numbers. It also has a nba logo but it has a company logo too(such as reebok,nike,reebok,etc.) ------------- Another Way Is The only Brand That …
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That is somthing that would not be in a beckett. if it is that card take it to hobbyshop and get it appraised.
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That's the ticketTicket stubs from baseball games that feature special events or player milestones are highly sought after by collectors. Special events such as opening day, inaugural games, last game at a Stadium, play-offs, World Series, etc. Player milestones can include 500 home runs, 300 win, o…
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Michael Jordan's Jersey Number Michael Jordan idolized his brother. He thought he had half his skills. His brother wore 45. Half of that is 22.5. Round that off and that's 23. When Jordan came back to the Bulls after his first retirement, he briefly wore the number 45 before going back to #23 in…
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In history.. I would say Michael Jordan or Larry Bird
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Many of the cards are worth a price close to $25 each. The amount will vary depending upon the condition of the card.
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The 1995-1996 Fleer Flair Michael Jordan, number 4 of 27 basketball card sells for about $1.99 in good condition. In mint condition it sells for about $2.75. The entire set of 27 cards can be purchased for $14.99.
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- an authentic autographed card may be worth $30-$50- an authentic autographed jersey may be worth $125-$1000 dollars
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it is about $500
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The value is 5,000$ lebron himself is 2,000
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Answer This card is basically worthless, with a value of just a few cents.
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I sold one for $250 on eBayI sold one for $250 on eBay
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There is an eBay post of one of the cards going for $20 + $2.50 shipping, but it was graded a mint 9. I have cards #15 , so I am curious myself. If I put them on eBay, I will post what I received for them.
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There are 3 greatest ever retirement cards of 1993! They fecth anywhere between $110,000.00 to 120,000.00 pending. They dont have a set card number on them, there is however another one that is a 1 of 15000 that is worth $2.60. Not as collectorable as the other 3.
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The value of an autographed leather Dream Team basketball is between $2,000-,$12,000. However, this will vary depending on its condition.
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Less than 50 cents.
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Depends on the maker of course. Topps goes for around $5.50Fleer goes for around $7.00-$9.00Upper Deck can go for upwards of $25Depending on condition.
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Finding Buyers for Sports Memorabilia Go to ebay.
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Value of a Basketball Put That Sucker On Ebay. Me & A Lot Of Big Blue Fans Would Like A Shot At It. That Is If It Isn`t A Fake.
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Answer worthless. sorry Answer Yep, pretty much. I found a lot of 55 selling on tvballcards.com for $13.00 or about $0.25 a piece.
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It depends on the brand of card. Anywhere from 10-500$
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michael jordan is the most famous nba player
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Felipe Lopez single signed baseballA Felipe Lopez single signed baseball is worth about $20.-$25. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly auth…
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Lebron James, Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan.
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The most valuable Nolan Ryan card is the 1968 Topps #177. This is Nolan Ryan's only true rookie (first year) baseball card. This card features Nolan Ryan along with Jerry Koosman, and is titled 1968 Rookie Stars. This card has a book value of around $300.00, but can sell for up to $1500.00. It all d…
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Most of them seem to go somewhere between $300-$400, but that's assuming you have some sort of authenification.
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Rey Mysterio His finishing move in WCW was a huracanrana with a pin. He usually performed this move by going outside the ropes and standing on the ring apron, then springboarding off the top rope and then performing the huracanrana with a pin. He also did the same thing sometimes off the top rope…
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Yes you will need to because you don't want to have to handle all of these offers.
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He is listed by the NBA at 6 feet, 6 inches tall.
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$6 to 20 USD ANSWER His '96 Topps Chrome #138 is going for $250- $300.....
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The glossy version is obviously shiny and the card is basically the same as the base set version. With that being said compare the Bonds card to any other Fleer card that you own, if the Bonds card looks shiny, then it's the glossy version. If that fails, go to a local card store and ask the owner.
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he wasnt on the dream team in 1996, so nothing, 92 is his only year. He retired but came back to play in the allstar game and later the Olympics with Larry bird. 1996 did see him come back as a shadow of himself for half a season with the lakers before Kobe or shaq.
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In 1962, Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player to be elected into the National Hall of Fame. He was also the very first African American player to play in the National Baseball league.
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The average player gets about 5 million a season ANSWER A full year minimum salary is around $432,000
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62 billionI'll take it, now go get the money!
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60$ ,when retires 100$, when he's inducted into the hall of fame 500-1000$ depending on the condition
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Anywhere from 200-700$. Honestly it is worth what anyone will pay for it.
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The fleer one is $15,995.00 for a gem 10!
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Michael Jordan single signed baseball A Michael Jordan single signed baseball is worth about $200.- $300. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Signatures that have not been p…
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Rajon Rondo
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Before, a janitor had to retrieve the ball from the basket, but now there is a hole so that the ball can slip out easily when a point is scored.
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dr. James naismith
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1994 Upper Deck American Epic Josh Gibson card number 44 A 1994 Upper Deck American Epic Josh Gibson card number 44 has a book value of about .15 cents in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more money than a non-graded card in the same condition. Condition is impor…
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a topps TMB where he is wearing a #45 jersey was on sell for $5.99 on eBay today.
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Some Jordan signed hats can range from $300 to $1800 but those are vintage 1992 bulls
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The best way to respond to this question in an interview is to give examples from your past experiences. Expound on a situation where you successfully worked on a team in the past.
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about 2,0000 basketballplayers in the would.
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about 100,000,000 dollars in America
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around 15 cents
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These cards including Federico, sun din, jag ... etc. o pee chi rookie cards and also all the cards from 1988 where mass produced. This is because of the high value of the scarce cards from the 70's, making people interested in hockey cards. Plus the Internet makes finding cards much easier. These …
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Certificate of Authenticity.
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in America about $2
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Many of the signed basketballs are valued in price close to $50 each. The exact will vary depending upon the condition of the ball.
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1992 Topps Nolan Ryan card number 1 A 1992 Topps Nolan Ryan card # 1 has a book value of about $1.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded colo…
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Donald Charuba at 6'3 1/2 '' in a Masters Game at 53yrs old.
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His 1986-1987 Fleer RC is worth about $25.00 dollars.
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