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The Shoshone are a group of Native American people. Their population is higher than many other tribes, with over 12,000 members throughout the American Midwest. About 5,000 members still speak the Shoshone language.


They hunted buffalo, rabbits, and fish.
how do you say thank you in Shoshone
  == Answer ==   at there church or in a garden
The Shoshone word for butterfly is kimama.
what did the shoshone do for games and entertainment
Shoshone comes from Sosoni, a Shoshone Amerindian word for  high-growing grasses.
The Shoshone legends are myths that are true.
Neh ume chasuequanda or Ndinokuda
The Shoshone tribe was a peaceful tibe encountered by lewis and  clark in august 1805... they lived in teepees and traded hoarses  for other supplies with lewis and clark... also sacagawea was in  this tribe
A multitude of references are available on the internet as well as available in libraries. If your library does not carry a specific book, you could ask if they do the exchange program with other libraries. It seems that the Shoshone Native American Indians, though spread far, remained in the...
The Shoshone relied on self made tools. They used hunting tools  such as bows and arrows, as well as poison arrow tips. They also  used spears. They also used things such as willow baskets, as well  as stone knives, scrapers and grinding stones.
Shoshone Cavern National Monument ended in 1954.
Chief Pocatello was the leader of the Shoshone people.
The area of Shoshone National Forest is 9,981.919 square kilometers.
Shoshone National Forest was created on 1891-03-03.
did the shoshone indians farm
The address of the Shoshone Public is: 211 S Rail St W, Shoshone, 83352 5393
The phone number of the Shoshone Public is: 208-886-2843.
they used the buffalo skin to make teepees that is there  houses they live in. 
the shoshone Indians live in tipis.
The shoshone indians help the expedition because Sacagawea was the chief's sister,
Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah
The shoshone live on both the east and west side of the rocky mountains
  == Answer ==   yes
Born into the Agaidika tribe of Lemhi  Shoshone, Sacagawea's early life was  near Salmon, Idaho in Lemhi  County. When she was about 12 years old, she was kidnapped  by a group of Hidatsa warriors and taken  captive to near what is now Washburn, North  Dakota.
the shoshone Indians were known for hunting
Shoshone people are Indians who lived in the more western parts of America. The Shoshone Indians became famous over time, considering the acts of Sacagewea in the Lewis And Clark Expedition. Yes, Sacagewea is in the Shoshone tribe. There was also chief Washakie, who became famous for being named...
Shoshone is not a person but an Indian tribe, if you've ever heard of Sacajawea then you have heard of the Shoshone tribe. Sacajawea was a Shoshone Indian that led Louis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. People say that after the expedition she went back to her native people and lived there until she...
in United states , state of IDAHO
The Shoshone Indians played
  big hats and orange shirts
they ate buffalo, deer, rabbit, fish, and wild plants, it really depends on were they are at the time, they were always a traveling group hope it helped;)
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the Shoshone made rugs,hunted,and raced horses
Maybe about a leap year they ate about 20-30 fish. They didn't eat much because they had to save fish.
Yes, Shoshone people did live in wickiups.
that is not Sacajawea tribe