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This category is for questions and answers about the National Football League and its teams. The NFL was established in 1920.
Answer The answer is found at www.infoplease.com/sports.html Here it is with some other answers: Most points scored, lifetime�2,348, Gary Anderson, Pittsburgh, 1982�94; Philadelphia, 1995�96; San Francisco, 1997; Minnesota, 1998�2002; Tennessee, 2003. Most points, season� 176, Paul H…
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Jamal Lewis, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, was the youngest player to play in a Super Bowl. In the 2001 Super Bowl (XXXV), Jamal Lewis was 21 years, 155 days. The Ravens defeated the Giants in the game, 34-7.
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Won Five Super Bowls Charles Haley: two with San Francisco and three with Dallas (all 5 as a player)Chuck Noll: four as head coach and one as a team consultant with PittsburghNeal Dahlen: five with San Francisco (Staff and Player Personnel) and two with Denver (General Manager)Conditioning coach Mi…
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Brett Favre's Nickname The Nickname of Brett Favre with the Atlanta Falcons was either "Country" or 'Mississippi."
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Answer the yankees Was the question "what BASEBALL team", or just what team? If the latter, it is definitely NOT the Yankees: At a glance, the Boston Celtics (without actually looking at what games were played in 1979 and the first half of the 1989-90 season) had a winning percentage of .722 f…
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In baseball the AL and NL each have 3 divisions (East, Central, West) -- those division winners all qualify for the playoffs, then you take all the other teams in the league, whichever team has the best record is the wildcard -- the AL and NL each have 4 teams make the playoffs (3 division winners a…
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Ray Chpaman died after being hit by a pitch. According to one source, his death was one of the reasons the spitball was outlawed. Also Doc Powers died in 1909 two weeks after crashing into a wall while chasing a pop fly. See http://www.baseballlibrary.com/baseballlibrary/ballplayers/C/Chapman_Ray.…
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The question almost contradicts itself. Teams, on average, have around 20 assists a game. If a team has 38 assists, that is considered fairly high, and will most likely score a lot. A similar question would be if you asked "How can you have a lot of apples if you only have 14 apple trees?" Obvio…
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While it does not happen very often, it has happened before, the most recent coach is Dick Jauron who was fired after starting 3-9 this season. Mike Nolan was fired when he was half way through the season at 2-5 actually the most recent is Brad Childress the Vikings head coachMike Singletary of th…
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No, although you do not see knee braces much in the NFL because most products affect the speed and agility of the players. There is a new product being introduced this season that does not inhibit the athletes' speed and agility and has been proven to reduce knee injuries of NCAA playes by 95% durin…
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PF means Points For: how many points a team has scored. PA means Points Against: how many points a team has allowed by the other team.
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If you watch ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, and read the sports section in the newspaper, it will tell you all you need to know
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No they do not wear new uniforms for each game. There are two sets of uniforms in each color issued to each player at the beginning of the season. After each game the uniforms are sent to the cleaners. Sometimes they do have to take special care with some of the stains and they often times have to d…
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Ben Roethlisberger
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you have had to my knowledge 4 europeans and there might be several. Jan stenerud from Norway kicker - pro hall of fame (minnesota vikings - kansas city chiefs) morten Anderson from denmark kicker (atlanta falcons - new Orleans saints) halvor hagen from Norway offensive line played line and bloc…
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First black quarterback to start in AFL: Marlin Briscoe First black quarterback to start in NFL: James Harris The first black quarterback to start an AFL professional football game was Marlin Briscoe. Briscoe started a game for the Denver Broncos in the American Football League (AFL). This was a fu…
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NFL Place Kicker Shoes The Adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Air Legend, and Nike Tiempo a very popular kicking shoes (soccer cleats) among both punters and place kickers at the college and professional levels. for more check out www.kickingworld.com
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There can be no more than 53 players on an active team roster. There is also a stipulation that a team may only carry 45 players on its game day roster, so the team must decide each week on which 8 players will be inactive, or 7 if they carry a 3rd quarterback.
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collective-bargaining-agreement-2011-2020 ARTICLE 42 CLUB DISCIPLINE Section 1. Maximum Discipline: (iv) Losing, damaging or altering Club-provided equipment-maximum fine of $1,770, and replacement cost, if any. (v) Throwing football into stands-maximum fine of $1,770.
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Most Popular NFL TeamThe cowboys, obviously, but I think the packers are a close second, followed by the steelers (crazy obsessed fans), and then the Jets, (most loyal fans EVER, and we have a lot of them) I read before that a nation poll showed that the top 3 teams going by fans all around the US i…
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charlie mitchell of the Washington redskins The Washington Redskins in 1962 were the last NFL team to integrate.
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No one with a first name starting with J and a last name of Jackson ever played in the NFL for the Houston Texans. No one with the exact name of Jeremy Jackson ever played in the NFL ever. A Jerome Jackson is a rookie (2007) RB at Cleveland.
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The median salary in the NFL in 2009 was roughly $770,000. In 2008 it was about $720,000. The Steelers have the highest median salary at $1.1 million, the Packers the lowest at $440,000. The Redskins have the highest payroll at $123 million. The Giants have the lowest at $76 million. The average (a…
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The official number is 45, but typically each team really has 46 players suited up each game because of the "inactive quarterback" rule. Typically the number 3 quarterback is listed as one of the 8 inactive players each week, but is suited up, and is allowed to come into the game under special rules…
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102ANSWER110 - You can always check www.bqb-site.com for everything on the black quarterback including the most complete list of every black qb from college.
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For the 2009 NFL season, there were seven active players in the NFL over the age of 40: Jeff Carney, 2009 New Orleans Saints, born April 20, 1964 Jeff Feagles, 2009 New York Giants, born March 7, 1966 Matt Stover, 2009 Indianapolis Colts, born January 27, 1968 Matt Turk, 2009 Houston Texans, bor…
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The NFL (National Football League) evolved from an earlier league, the APFA (American Professional Football Association) in 1922. The NFL was formed on August 20, 1920 in Canton, Ohio. The idea to form a professional football league was developed by a number of businessman and players from semi-pro…
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There haven't been many, but there have been a few....Bill Shockley kicked briefly for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1960's and there was also Gene Mingo who kicked for the Broncos and Raiders. Most recently, Donald Igwebuike handled the kicking duties for the 1990 Vikings.Another was Horace Gillom…
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The Buffalo Bills Played in 4 Consecutive Super Bowls Buffalo played in, and lost, Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII (in Roman numerals, that's 25, 26, 27 and 28). XXV (1991):New York Giants 20 - Buffalo Bills 19 XXVI (1992):Washington Redskins 37 - Buffalo Bills 24 XXVII (1993):Dallas C…
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Currently, the heaviest players in the NFL (as of the 2012 season) is Herman Johnson, guard for the Arizona Cardinals, who was listed on the roster at 6'7" - 364 pounds. Former Dallas Cowboy Aaron Gibson, who currently plays in the AFL, was the NFL's first 400-pounder. He holds the record for heav…
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Click on the 'NFL Teams Year by Year' link on this page to see a year by year listing of teams that entered and left the NFL. Answer Cardinals (then in Chicago), Bears (then the Decatur Staleys): 1920, charter members Packers: 1921 Giants: 1925 Lions (then the Porstmouth Spartans): 1930 Redski…
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NFL Stadium with Most Seats The Cardinals' stadium is the biggest stadium in the NFL, and it holds the most seats. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where the Rams and Raiders used to play, had a seating capacity of 92,000. There are several college stadiums that have capacities over 100,000. Th…
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In the simplest terms, the club with the better regular season record (their win-loss percentage) receives home field advantage (I want to say this has been the case since 1975). Which means that a wild-card team will never play at home in the first or second round of the playoffs because they alway…
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NFL quarterback rating formulaThe NFL rates its passers for statistical purposes against a fixed performance standard based on statistical achievements of all qualified pro passers since 1960. The current system replaced one that rated passers in relation to their position in a total group based on …
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Answer The all time leader in interceptions thrown is Brett Favre who, through 9 games of the 2007 season, has thrown 281 career interceptions. Answer Brett Favre has 279 in his career. Answer Brett Farve ended his career with 310. Or so you think
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According to an interview with former NFL referee Jerry Markbreit which you can read by clicking the 'Jerry Markbreit Interview' link on this page, "The practice of using the gun ended around 1980".I just watched the NFC championship game from January, 1982 and they used the gun there. I would like…
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J.T. O'Sullivan has played for ten different teams: New Orleans Saints (2002-04); Green Bay Packers (2004); Chicago Bears (2005, 2007); Minnesota Vikings (2005); New England Patriots (2006); Carolina Panthers (2006); Detroit Lions (2007); San Francisco 49ers (2008); Cincinnati Bengals (2009); San Di…
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Representatives from several clubs in the East and Midwest gathered in Canton, Ohio, in 1920 to form the American Professional Football Association, which in 1922 changed its name to the National Football League.
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No, the schedule is picked in the spring-time for all 16 weeks (and the opening week Thursday game). Traditionally ABC, who televises the games, and the NFL try to pick teams and match-ups they think will be good.Certain markets are usually on MNF at least once (like NY), even if the teams are not g…
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I don't know that history has recorded who the very first owner of a team in the NFL was. The NFL was founded in 1920 and for the first two years was called the American Professional Football Association. There were 10 charter teams competing in the 1920 season, 9 of which came from the Midwest and …
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In 2002. This was because 9/11 made the NFL reschedule everything and now they just use the bye.
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Running Back with Least Number of Fumbles Thats a very General Answer, because any rookie running back that start one game and only played one game could of not fumbled at all and have the least, but if your talking of all time least fumbles, the answer is Marcus Allen with only 20 in his Carreer,…
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The Heaviest Football players in NFL history from 1920-2009, officially recorded are, Leonard Davis and Aaron Gibson both are/were 375 pounds and stand/stood 6'6" with Body Mass Indexes of 43.3. Now the weights go up and down all the time and there are varies articles on the web as you will see belo…
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Coach's Challenges Per Game Each coach gets 2 challenges per game, but during the last 2 minutes of each half only the booth may challenge. If both challenges are successful, the coach is given a third challenge. Note, you can only challenge a play if you have a timeout remaining, so if a coach us…
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60 minutes on the clock - 12-15 minutes is average playing time. This means that the average player plays 6 minutes and 15 seconds, depending on how much time his offensive or defensive team is on the field.
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Carlos Francis ran the fastest 40 yard dash of the 2004 National Football League Combine with a time of 4.33 seconds. Francis went to Texas Tech University and played for the Oakland Raiders until 2007 when he retired. Francis saw no action and started none of his games. From 04-05, the fastest pla…
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Ray Rice, HB for the Baltimore Ravens, at 5'8"
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The commissioner of the NFL's signature is on the official game ball. Roger Goodell has been commissioner since 2007.
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Long Beach Polytechnic High school (Coach Don Norford) In the history of the NFL, Long Beach Polytechnic High school has produced more NFL players than any other high school in the nation.Norford trains more NFL athletes in the NFL off season than any other high school coach, some who attended Poly…
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A New Game - From Autumn Thunder: 40 Years of NFL Music (it's on iTunes).
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Green Bay Packers 35, Kansas City Chiefs 10.
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I just read that the first college football game was played Nov. 6, 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers, and has been professionally played since 1895. The NFL was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. The name was changed to National Football League in 1922. It started …
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Christiano Ronlaod with $16.95 MILLION!
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An estimated 3.2 billion have interest in football around the world. Sports like Cricket and Rugby are a distant 2nd and 3rd respectively. Manchester united has 360 million supporters in Asia alone. its pretty obvious there is more than a billion supporters globally.
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the payment monthly for a pro soccer player is 12,550 monthly (average pay) 4500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006.76 a day
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The answer below is also correct, however. I think that there are eleven players per team simply because of the vast space on the field and the vast areas of attack and defence that need to be taken care of and assigned a position for. . In sport, a friendly GK   From Goalkeeper up to the St…
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Jennifer -You're asking for a list of approximately 10,500 names. If I could list them, you would still be reading them during the 2008 Olympics!  how many competitors did Ireland have in the 2004 olympic games
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According to NFL.com, the most points scored in one game was by the Washington Redskins who beat the N.Y. Giants 72-41 in 1966.
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UCLA Bruins, back-to-back, 1971-72 and 1972-73. Part of their unbelievable 88 game win streak. NCSU Wolfpack, 27-0 in 1972-73, but on probation so no post-season play...   1976 Hoosiers, 1924 Tar Heels, 1957 Tar HeelsHow can you forget the '68 and '69 Penn State teams? They had back to back u…
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Vinne Testeverde was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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I like Reggie Bush from USC and Braylon Edwards from Michigan. Both of them have NFL-like qualities and I'm sure will do great. But you never know, nobody expected Ben Roethlesburg (I don't know how to spell it) to do this well.  Baby, its Ted Ginn Jr. or Troy Smith, or, no definetly Mike Nuge…
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College with most NFL Players Michigan had 45 in 2004, and 43 in 2005   Miami (FL)   Miami(FLA.) for sure and i think next would be The Ohio State University.   Miami, but look out for Oklahoma and usc in the coming years.   Miami and Tennessee are tied with 42  …
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The University of Michigan had 45 active players on NFL rosters in 2004 Answer The University of Miami had the most on opening day rosters for 2004. Here's a web page you can use to download an Excel file of rosters: http://www.i-aa.org/article_print.asp?articleid=60119 Answer O…
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all I know is that in the 2004,2005 seson minasotas running back each got over 200
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This was true up until 2008.. Michigan definitely does not have it now. Since the question is about the current winning streak and not the past, Florida State University (FSU) has the longest streak of consecutive winning seasons. That may be in jeopardy as they are 6-6 going into their Bowl game. F…
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Brett Favre actually caught his own first pass. His first pass attempt was deflected by a defender and he caught the ball off of the deflection Farve's first pass in a regular season NFL game was an interception that resulted in a touchdown. His career passing while a Falcon was 0 completions in 4 …
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he definitely wasnt the fastest player in the nfl but he was the fastest quarterback in the nfl in the last decade.I can say that Michael Vick has many talents and can not only throw the ball but run and catch the football as well.
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Answer he now plays for new england Toby Gowin played eight seasons in the NFL. 1997-1999 with Dallas, 2000-2002 with New Orleans, 2003 with Dallas, and 2004 with the New York Jets. === Gowin adjust to life after the NFL <http://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/sports/local_story_190122035.ht…
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In football, the three greatest were Lawrence Taylor, Eric Dickerson, and probably Barry Sanders. How about Randy Moss? He caught 17 touchdown passes and with Cris Carter underneath the Vikings had an unstoppable passing attack. 15-1 and an eventual fluke loss in the NFC championship game. They…
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chuck bednarik 1949-1961Ah yes, Concrete Charlie! The man who ended Frank Gifford's career with the Giants! Now THERE'S a fantastic football player!
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Entering 2010 training camp the Rams receiving cops:Keenan BurtonLaurent RobinsonDanny AmendolaBrandon GibsonJordan KentNick MooreDominique CurryMardy GilyardBrandon McRaeRoderick OwensDonnie AveryBrooks Foster
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I just bought a 1958 Dodgers Baseball for 400 Dollars. Ball was dated 17 June 1958. Noted signatures were Snider, Koufax, Drysdale, Reese, Hodges, Neal, Roseboro and many more. The Snider, Koufax, Drysdale Reese and Hodges autographs are worth hundreds of dollars. My collection is going to be in my …
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Darren Sproles at 5 feet 6 inches Jack "Soapy" Shapiro was 5 feet 1/2 inches tall and weighed 119 pounds. He played fullback for the Staten Island Stapletons in 1929.
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Famous NFL Football Players 1. Sammy Baugh 2. Joe Montana 3. Jerry Rice 4. Dick Bitkis 5. Booby Bell 6. Vince Lombardi 7. Lamar Hunt 8. Joe Greene 9. Mike Ditka 10. Brett Favre
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Jack "Soapy" Shapiro was 5 feet 1/2 inches tall and weighed 119 pounds. He played fullback for the Staten Island Stapletons in 1929.
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These players are on the roster, not necessarily ever playing: 1.Tennessee/Miami- 42 3.Florida State/Notre Dame-40 5.Ohio State-39 6.Florida-37 7.Michigan/Penn State- 36 9.Georgia-35 10.LSU/Nebraska- 34
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Also, a sub may enter the game during attempted free throws, depending on how many foul shots there are.For a one-and-one: Subs may enter before the first shot is made. If made, subs may enter before the second is attempted, as well. If the second is made, subs may enter the game as wellFor two foul…
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As of 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) is the highest paid football player in the world. He receives €1.083 million per month, or 13 million euros per year.
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Answer 1869 Rutgers and Princeton played a college soccer football game, the first ever, November 6. The game used modified London Football Association rules. During the next seven years, rugby gained favor with the major eastern schools over soccer, and modern football began to develop from rug…
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Answer The Pittsburgh Steelers never reached the championship game in those years
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College Football DivisionsThe NCAA adopted a three-division reorginization plan in August of 1973. "Major" college teams were placed in Division 1. "College"-division teams were placed in Div. II and Div. III. In January of 1978 Division 1 was divided into Division 1A and Division 1AA for football o…
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Answer As of the start of the 2007 season, the minimum rookie pay in the NFL is $285,000. An excellent player can make 8 figures.
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each year the nfl holds a draft of eligible college players. the draft is configured so that the team with the worst won-lost record gets to pick first in the draft (unless the team has given that pick to another team thru trades,etc)the teams have rounds (8) which they pick the player they want .fr…
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1999 he won his 2nd superbowl beating the Falcons 34-19 and he retired after that season.
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There are 32 teams in the NFL.
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Hakim Warrick wears #21 for the Memphis Grizzlies. LaDanian Tomlinson wears number 21. He is on the San Diego Charges.Roberto Clemente- Outfielder Pittsburgh Pirates Sammy Sosa- Outfielder Chicacgo White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Baltimore Orioles Kevin Garnett when he played for the Minnesota Timber…
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The speed of NFL players is measured by their 40-yard dash time. Here is a list of drafted players that have ran the 40-yard dash in under 4.3 seconds since the NFL started using electronic timers at the scouting combine in 1999. 40-yard dash 1. Rondel Melendez - 4.24 seconds (1999) 2. Chris Johns…
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Lyle Alzado
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Ted Ginn Jr. , he plays for the Miami Dolphins and ran a 4.06 40 yard dash.
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yeah, but its not about size, you better be pretty strong, and why wouldn't you want to be a fb instead.
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What about Tridon Holliday who is 5'5".
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The structure of NFL salaries can make any player seem to be making more than any other player, but the averages are not always the net they receive (because of salary cap considerations) or are guaranteed (they can receive more or less). The top 20 players are all in the $16-20 million dollar range…
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The score of a forfeited NFL game is 2-0. The reasoning behind this is that a safety is the only way to score in an NFL game in which no points are credited to a specific player. There has only been 1 official forfeit in NFL history (1920 - Rochester Jeffersons lost by forfeit to the Washington Pros…
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Answer Click on the 'Position Diagram' link on this page to see a diagram of positions in the game of football.
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Answer I believe that the first English football team to play in Europe was Manchester United - in the European Cup of 1956-57. They reached the Semi-Finals losing to Real Madrid 5-3. The first team to win a European Trophy was Tottenham Hotspur when they won the Cup Winners' Cup in 1963. The f…
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Answer He was cut from the team and placed on the waiver list for other teams to pick up if they so desire.
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It depends what your talking about Defense Offense or all together also what year. NO it doesn't depend because its easily the PATRIOTS. No the Pittsburgh steelers are the best team in the nfl
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2008: CBS Sportsline Alumni Tracker http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/alumni-tracker#A Miami - 55 Georgia - 54 LSU - 50 Michigan - 50 Ohio State - 47 Florida - 43 USC - 42 FSU - 42 Per Espn - 9/14/2008 http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/college?letter=m Miami - 45 Georgia- 40 LSU- 4…
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