The Space Race

The Space Race was a technological show of power and ability during the height of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA. It started with the launch of the Sputnik probe and effectively ended with the Apollo 11 moon landing.
If you're talking about who was the first nation to ever successfully place an object in space, the Soviet Union was the first to send a satellite into orbit. The United States was the first nation to successfully place a human being on the moon.
When you say the 'Space Race' I assume that you mean the race to the moon that happened during the 1960s between the USA and the USSR (now Russia), as, nowadays there is much more co-operation between the nations who have a space programme. This 'space race' was extremely important because it not...
In terms of national morale, no doubt it was discouraging to Russia and to Russians that it was the US which was the first to the moon, rather than their own supposedly more advanced communist utopia. However, Russia had much more serious problems to worry about, such as the failed war in...
With the Russians launch of sputnik, it awewd and worried the rest of the world. The US espeacially because if they could lauch a rocket into space then could they lauch nuclear weapons at us. so the race for being the country with the best advancements was on to have an advatage over everyone else...
The united states launched the space race after Sputnik was launched by the Soviets. President Dwight Eisenhower was the one to take the initiative to have kids get a good education to start the program of NASA created in the late 50s.
Basically by outspending and producing better technology than the Soviet Union. Also, the United States was the first and only country to put a man on the moon.
Nobody did. It was entirely metaphorical. There was no race, butthe people who were involved were Nikita Khrushchev, the Presidentof Russia at the time, and President John F. Kennedy of the UnitedStates.
The USA and the Soviet Union (Now day the Russian area) were themain countries.
It was mid-to-last 20Th century competition between soviet union(USSR) and united states(US) for the supremacy in 'space exploration'. ============================= "Space Exploration" was the noble motive, as far as the press and the masses were concerned. The real competition was in...
Scratch-resistant lenses, cordless power tool, CAT and MRI scans, and freeze-dried food
Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991 US and Russian relations have been good. The space shows that we are willing to pay billions to get things done first plus that we were ahead of the soviets. That has little impact in current relations
The Cold War, was the reason that the United States and the Soviet Union competed. As both were the world's military, industrial and overall superpowers. Both superpowers wanted to prove that they were better than each other. The Soviets were somewhat more skilled, and were beating the United States...
The space race was the program to demonstrate, in a highly visible and publicly acceptable and popular way, that the nation had developed the launch-weight capacity, navigation accuracy, and guidance precision to be able to plant a nuclear warhead anywhere on Earth at will. The science was...
the space race started when the soviet union union launched Sputnik into space.
During the Cold War, the space race took place between the US and the USSR.
There was no "villan". The race comprised of the United States versus the Soviet Union.
The 'space race' refers to the competition mostly in the 1950's and1960's between the United States and china
It is a matter of opinion but the general view is yes. The space race caused rivalry and tension between the 2 nations of opposite ideological views. Reaching space would be a major coup for whoever reached it first. Both sides used propaganda to enhance their imagine to their own people as well...
The United States of America was first in the "Space Race" which was a race to see which country would be first to land on the moon.
The space race was still on. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri AlekseyevichGagarin went to space, being the first person to ever go intospace.
The USA and the Soviet union got along
That we could land on the moon and come back. And life can last inspace.
The Americans were in a race with the Russians and they wanted to be better than each other.
America wanted to be THE super power of the world. And it saw thatwinning the space race would deliver them that title.
it start doing a try hard dick sucking method and won the race andbombed russia
The sole purpose of the space race, though many people are unaware of it, was to demonstrate which country could throw the largest hydrogen bomb the furthest distance the most accurately, without actually having to throw a real hydrogen bomb. This answer will probably get censored because a lot...
To promote research and development leading to technological superiority to make possible the defense of the U.S. against possible future attack by unfriendly nations.
Because the space race was a theoretical race, winning would be a matter of opinion. I consider that America "won" this race when the Astronauts of Apollo 11 were the first people to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. Many events happened following this historical event which led to the people...
The United States, because the technology of NASA allowed the Apollo missions to reach the Moon between 1969 and 1972. The Soviets managed to bring back samples with a robot probe, but it was too little, too late. The weakening in the Soviet economy led to a reduction in space activities, although...
The main achievement of the United States space program is thelunar landing on the moon. The main achievement of the USSR isputting the 1st space capsule into orbit.
4th October 1957 - Soviet Union launches the first artifical satellite, Sputnik. 3rd November 1957 - USSR launches Sputnik II carrying the dog Laika into orbit. 19th August 1960 - Sputnik III returns two dogs alive from orbit. 12th April 1961 - Yuri Gagarin becomes first human in space on board...
The USSR was the first to get space crafts into space, both manned and unmanned, and had the first working space station. The US was the first to put a man on the moon, allegedly. The are theories that the moon landing was staged, but that is up for your own opinion. Overall, USSR was the...
Look at The Sixties documentary series by CNN. It's an excellentseries, but just go to Space Race or Cold War, or anything aboutthose subjects.
Just incase you did not already know, the only reason for the space race in the 1950s and the moon landings was to demonstrate which country could throw the largest hydrogen bomb, the farthest distance, the most accurately, without actually having to throw one! Once that was accomplished, the race...
The space race was between the America's and the Russian's. Each side sent up many missions but nearly all of them failed. The Russian's were first into space but in 1969 the America's landed the first two men on the moon and therefore winning the space race.
it went on for 700 days
We realized how terrifying nuclear energy and weaponry was to humansociety. We experienced bomb drills and built bomb shelters. Andthere continues to be a light tension between the two nations.
There were two actually--Nikita S. Khruschev and Leonid I. Brezhnev
It was between United Satates and Russia ( Formerly CCCP). Now many countries have joinded including India.
The Space Race began a whole series of events. In the US, an entire "Sputnik" craze broke out following the launch of the first satellite by the Soviet Union. Also, during the space race, NASA felt the need to develop a ballpoint pen which would work in zero-gravity conditions. After spending 1...
the U.S. and Russia was involved and the two countries were racing to see which one could find out the most about space
The space race solely existed to prove which country could launch the largest H-bomb the farthest distance the most accurately without anyone having to launch real H-bombs.
After World War II, the US and USSR were competing superpowers. They represented the opposing philosophies of free enterprise and communism. Both sides wanted to demonstrate the superior ability of their system of government, and both used German rocket scientists and captured V-2 rockets to advance...
It refers to America and what is now Russia who engaged in a race to put a man in space first.
The USA and the Soviet Union were in a space race in the 60's
To date there have been 5l or 52 ( depends on whether you count Christa macauliffe, whose craft did not technically reach space- but blew up in the atmosphere) Female astronauts. there have been four admitted fatalities on the US side, rumors of several soviet accidents in Space with fatal...
Well the Russians were the only nation to launch Sputnik so yes.
The us won Or then again, it didn't. There never was a space race in which two major powers were pitted against each other to be the first to land a man on the moon. The Apollo project was concieved by the US administration as a way to overshadow their constant record as 'runner up' in the race to...
The space race took place due to the cold war. It was the U.S. tring to prove it's will power to the USSR. The U.S. won proving they wouldn't be over taken by a comunist country. Although the USSR in the start had the upper hand due to Sputnik. The U.S. quickly retalated with a simmular satlite one...
Basically the Successful Launch of Sputnik I by then USSR started the Space race as US Space programme till then was not integrated and successful launch of SputnikI triggred 1)formation of NASA 2)passing of Space act by US congress 3)allocation of funds for the space projects.
well apollo wanted to go see if there is any live on the moon or any other planets so he became famous so other people wanted to go to the moon too to become famous so thats what started space race.
The Soviet Union put "Sputnik" the first satellite in orbit, and the US saw their superiority as a threat and had to catch up.
to see who could get to the moon first Germany or America : )
It was because of the competition during the cold war.
It has to be done in stages you see, first it was the Mercury one man craft, it was sub orbit and then orbiting the earth., the Gemini spacecraft with the first walk in space, then the Apoll7 after the fire a new craft was tried. Apollo 8 first visit by man around the moon. Apollo11 landing on the...
It didn't, and in fact, the space race directly accelerated the arms race. The space race, a term beloved by journalists of the late 1950s and the 1960s, was the unofficial "contest" between the US and the USSR, the Soviet Union, to put assets in Earth orbit. The true goal of the entire exercise,...
If the Soviets were the first to put one in space, then they now have the capability to send (Nuclear) missiles into the North American Continent.
The soviet union had the first orbiting satillete, also the first ballistic missile and first life form in space (a dog).
Because they were the first to have a man set foot on the moon, with the Apollo 11.
It probably started in the 1940s with the defection to the West of ex-Nazi scientist Werner Von Braun. He denounced his country because of Nazi atrocities, and defected to the USA. Braun was the genius brains behind the German V2 rocket system for WW2 missile launch and his defection greatly annoyed...
Initially between the USA and the Soviet Union.
During the space race, the United States and the Soviet Union usedtheir massive resources to quickly send humans into space and tothe Moon. The Soviets struck first by getting a satellite intoorbit, but the U.S. is the only country to ever walk on the Moon.
how was the cold war and its effect on the space race pleasegive me a correct answer
they were called the soviet union
There were 11 mission created by the United States in the spacerace. Since the men landed on the moon, there have been over 100space missions by NASA.
The space shuttle Challenger exploded during take-off.
Because it is important
\n. \nUSA: Mercury - 1 person Gemini - 2 person Apollo - 3 person (designed for trip to the moon) Lunar Lander (2 person) - designed to land on the moon Skylab - an orbiting station, 3 people launched in an Apollo craft. USSR Vostok - 1 person Soyuz - 2, 3 people All of these...
What caused the space race was the the United States, and the Soviet Union in the 1940's started a competition of space exploration, and lasted from 1957, to 1975
The launching of Sputnik on the 4th October 1957.
The USSR was seemingly more advanced than the Unites States and it stimulated, or made the US want to beat the Russians..
The space race was the race to land a man on the moon and bring him back safely to Earth. Because both nations (United States & The USSR) thought they would lose the race they made a treaty that stated that no weapons what so ever would be brought onto the moon.
The only atomic bombs dropped on any nation during a military conflict were the two atomic bombs dropped on August 9 and 6 in 1945. There have been test bombs dropped by Russia and the United States but not on people or cities. Therefore the answer to your question is that there have been no bombs...
Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite.
The space race was a continuation of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. The winner, the first to land a man on the moon, won world renown and proved military dominance. Keep in mind that the rocket engines that were used to launch the first manned vehicles for both the Gemini/Apollo and Soyuz...
It was a 'race' between the two superpowers during the cold war era, USA and the USSR. Both countries can claim different victories, USSR sending the first man into space, who made one complete orbit of the earth. The USA were the first to land a man on the moon in June 1969.
They were the first to put a man on the moon; Neil Armstrong.
During the Cold War, the Americans hated the crap out of the Russians. The Americans wanted to beat the Russians in something to show dominance, and then they had the Space Race.
because space was and is the next frontier