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Above ground, trees and shrubs perform important environmental services by providing food and shelter to people and wildlife, oxygenating the air, and beautifying the landscape. Below ground, their roots open up critical passageways for the movement of air, moisture, and soil food web members.
White oak trees like full sun and moist, well-drained, acidic soil.They don't eat, they make their own food from sunlight.
I love it and god make it like that
Yes, gets a nice blaze, as long as it is properly seasoned.
Plants normally absorb water through their roots. They also take in  minerals through the roots. They store their food in the leaves.
     A hickory tree  produces nuts that can be eaten alone or used in various recipes.  If the nuts are collected, a hickory tree can be enjoyed for many  years. However, if the nuts are left on the ground, they can create  a nuisance for the homeowner. Getting your hickory tree to...
This was said by Alexander Pope in his 1734 Epistle to Cobham.
Blooming time takes place in the spring.
They were created in the beginning.
Pine trees originated in the northern hemisphere over 140 millionyears ago. The oldest tree, a bristlecone pine, is about 4,600years old and is located in California.
Measure circumference at 4.5 from ground. Measure height by  whatever method you want. There are several ways to do it. Take the  height and multiply it by the circumference then divide by four.  That gives the volume of the tree trunk minus the branches which  can add a lot. When an ash tree is...
Only if you drive nails into the tree or tie wire tightly round the  branches.
Yes and no. It all depends on the shape and size of the frame or picture.
Yes, trees are good for the soil
A fancy way of saying that more different species of trees in an  environment, the more resistance to diseases the forest will have.
Cave structures are divided up into three zone based on the amount  of sunlight extending into each. The amount of sunlight in the  entrance zone is unmitigated by the overhang of the cave entrance,  meaning local plants and wildlife abound. The dark zone in the very  back of the cave hosts no...
The sperm cells of the plant can swim. They swim to the egg cells to reproduce.
1.papaya tree   2. banana tree   3. traveler's palm   These are the most seen commonly available trees in Philippines.
With a chainsaw    Only if you have the skill and training, a chainsaw can be a lethal  weapon in the wrong hands.
catalysthydrogensodiumcorrosion means when a plant is cold it stores water in the stem and if its really cold it frezzes ans has to close 0off cold by
a tree with berries on it
It isn't "cheap" but it isn't as expensive as oak.
Yes, Pine tree produce seeds because Pine trees are conifers (cone  bearing) and carry both male and female sporophylls on the same  mature sporophyte.
Photosynthesis is a process that occurs in plants, which provides food, energy and carbon dioxide, while it realises oxygen for us to breathe. In order for this process the plant need mainly sunlight and carbon dioxide.
The larch is a deciduous conifer. In other words it is a conifer that drops it's needles in the Autumn.
Yes. Quercus rubra is commonly called the Red Oak. It is native to Eastern North America.
acidic soil limits the availabilty of major nutrient Nitrogen. Acidic soil causes Nitrogen to held in solid form NH4+ so it is unavailable to the plant. Plants need Nitrogen in solution which is NO3-
  crabapple trees can and will litter the ground beneath them including sidewalks and anything else you may not want apples on, including your lawn . I plant crabapples only on a raised terraced area in my backyard so that my husband doesn't run them over with the lawn mower. Also if you have...
Scientific name: Ficus hispida,French name: Figuier hispide, English name: Rough-leaved fig
Scientific name: Wrightia vietnamensisRussian name: Водный жасмин карликовый English name: Dwarf sacred Buddhist tree
Scientific name: Aidia racemosa, Aidia cochinchinensis,Russian name: Вишня кистевиднaя, English name: Archer cherry, French name: Cerisier à grappes
Scientific name: Melastoma normale,Russian name: Меластома гималайская,English name: Himalayan melastome
Scientific name: Chassalia curviflora,Russian name: Часcалия загнутоцветковая, English name: Curvedflower chasalis
Scientific name: Psychotria serpens,Russian name: Психотрия ползучая,English name: Creeping psychotria
Scientific name: Vernonia elliptica,Russian name: Вернония вьющаяся, English name: Climbing vernonia, French name: Vernonie grimpant
Scientific name: Calamus rudentum,Russian name: Ротaнг ящерицевый,English name: Lizard rattan
Yes cedar is a very easy wood to work with as it is quite soft thus easy to shape. Very good for external work due to its properties; used internally it makes a nice feature because of the colour and grain structure. All-ways use sharp tools as with all timber
Scientific name: Symplocos racemosa ,French name: Symplocos à grappes, English name: Symplocos bark
Scientific name: Glycosmis cochinchinensis,French name: Glycosmisier de Cochinchine, English name: Cochinchina orangeberry, Russian name: Гликосмис коxинхинский
The deuce of clubs is known as the low card in poker. Mr. Oakhurst is a gambler and was sent out of pokerflat because he was too good at gambaling. When the deuce of clubs was pinned to a tree it showed that Oakhurst got the lowest card and he folded in. This is a symbolic ideal of him dying.
Scientific name: Caesalpinia digyna,French name: Cesalpine dipistillaire,English name: Teripods
Scientific name: Solena heterophylla, Russian name: Сoлена разнолистная, English name: Clasping-stemmed solena
the urea is better because it has an affordable price for farmers,it has 48% nitrogen if I am not mistaken. also as fertilizer, hashigh solubility.
pine is tree and it can be used for house and board
The name is given because they drop their leaves in the Autumn and regrow them in the Spring.
Kingdom: plantae Phylum: Ascomycota Class: Eurotiomycetes Order: Eurotiales Family: Trichocomaceae Genus: Penicillium
They are cut down every ten years to rejuvenate the forest.
Hardwood is the common way that deciduous trees are classified. The opposite is true for softwood. It is the classification for coniferous trees. the hard or soft distinction has nothing at all to do with how hard or soft the wood actually is. If the tree has leaves that fall in autumn, it is a...
Found in the southern states like south of Connecticut on the coast.
applebirchcottonwooddogwoodeucalyptusfiggrapefruithackberryjuniperkiwilocustmagnoliaNorway spruceoakpalmettoquaking aspenredbudsequoiatangerineumbrella palmviburnumyuzu tree (a citrus tree)zelkova
A fungus on a canary palm tree can be treated with dusts or sprays  designed for these palm trees. Check for one that is specially  formulated to kill fungus on trunks of trees and branches.
the fact that more people were moving in so they had to make more farm land
no the pine cone is actually the seed The seed is contained within the cone.
For trimming coastline oak best time is after the end of spring  rains and before the fall rains begin.
  England does have palm trees. As does Ireland. For the most part, they are concentrated on the southern coast with its heavy maritime climate influences. A few popular species that grow there include:   European Fan Palm   Chinese Windmill Palm   Chilean Wine Palm
  == Answer ==   most spring blooming shrubs require pruning after the blooms are gone, but before fall.
Fruit caliber refers to size in terms of the number required to  fill a standard 10 lb carton.   Hence thirty caliber means 30 individual fruit would fill the  carton.
i don't really know   Trees that dont drop all their leaves in the Autumn.
Scientific name: Wrightia vietnamensis,French name: Etoile de Marie nain, English name: Dwarf sacred Buddhist tree
Scientific name: Bambusa burmanica,French name: Bambou de Birmanie, English name: Burma bamboo
Scientific name: Bambusa burmanica,Russian name: Бaмбук бирманский,English name: Burma bamboo
Scientific name: Linociera ramiflora,Russian name: Линосьера веткоцветная,English name: Northern olive
the leaves help conserve water .
Ask the HULK to do it make sure he gets every tiny bit or it will grow back. HULK SMASH EVIL TREE.
  == Answer ==   Yes, graft a pear branch to an apple tree or an apple branch to a pear tree.
the cicadas of America today are commonly found to like the tree known as the "nipple tree" or rumpleforeskinsakajeweianious tegaferis tree. now thes tree is very rare and is only found in central Asia and the japaneese protect it very heavely with all there jet li wanna-bees who are currently...
Balsa wood is very soft and floats very well -- a great wood for making model boats and other models as well.
  If you mean Metasequoia it is a deciduous conifer. It is commonly called the Dawn Redwood. It was only rediscovered in China in 1941.
The Bald Cypress is the state tree of Louisiana.
Spruce trees are conifers so they reproduce from seeds expelledfrom the cones.
Mexico has almost every climate
They are able to synthesize organic molecules from inorganic raw materials
Scientific name: Linociera ramiflora,French name: Linocierier ramiflore,English name: Northern olive
They do, but they are small (marble sized) and brown. in fact, to actually see them ... they are on a Bradford pear tree at 10204 princess Margaret pl in Richmond,va !!
Scientific name: Albizia lebbekoides,French name: Albizier d'Inde,English name: Indian albizia
Scientific name: Mussaenda frondosa,Russian name: Мусcенда курчавая,English name: Flag bush
Do you mean what can soft wood be used for. Here are some uses. Roof trusses/ floor joist/ ceiling joist/ stud partitions/ timber flooring/ wall strapping/ linning boards internal finnishing. ect
A pear tree is a fruit tree.