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Since their invention, airplanes have transformed world travel and military warfare. Ask questions here about the history and technology of airplanes.
1 versus 1, the Mig-15 doesn't stand much of a chance. It's not really a fair competition. The F-22 is probably the best un-classified air to air machine on the planet while the Mig-15 is extremely outdated by todays standards...
like all other engines they are made/manufactured in a factory on  an assembly line or mostlikely now, by machines
it has provided a new way of transportation and it has allowed us to travel wherever we would like in a shorter amount of time.
The Airbus A380 has a total of 22 wheels.
The very first was invented by  Étienne Lenoir but it was very weak. Then Nikolaus Otto made  the next two Innvovations and then finally Karl Benz put it in a  car.
A pilot experiences negative weight while flying a jet plane when g  force is equalized by the planes thrust so the state of motion is  highly variable although the case for most is mostly forward with  slight upward lift.
Depends on the airport and where its located.
with a cessna 152 a 2 seaterit will cost about £4000 a year
the pressure in side the balloon will get squizz out and make the  air move
Thermal expansion. Metals get longer as they get warmer. and flyingat that speed, air friction creates a lot of heat.
The airplane fly on the air by 4 main forces ( drag , lift , thrust and weight ) all these forces affect of the performances of the airplane to fly .- the high power of the engine gave a high speed to the airplane on the runway- the design of the wings make the air pressure down the wings is less...
It was invented because of the desire to fly
I think the Douglas DC- 3 is the first flying airliner to carry holiday passengers.
Sure! just make sure it doesn't get spoiled!
A Supermarine Spitfire can travel 423 miles on one tank of gas.
  Takeoff speeds of commercial passenger jets can vary greatly depending on aircraft design, weight, flap setting, runway condition, etc. However, most commercial jets take off somewhere between 130 kts (B737)and 155 kts (B747). The Concord had a takeoff speed of 195 kts.
This is the most comprehensive list I have seen from Kyle Williams and Dan Alex and the Department of Defense. These are the British air crafts only. The Dept. of Defense supplied them with lists of aircraft and weapons from other countries too. Aircraft Airspeed Oxford Armstrong Whitworth...
Answer this question...Flt control surfaces, (IE) Ailirons, Elevators, rudders, Flaps, Speed brakes.
Convection currents. Cold air is more dense than hot air so it  sinks and warm air is less dense so it rises. It repeats over and  over again and causes wind.
In general: no, not on a normal flight. Any fuel "left over" in the tanks will be used for the next flight.Airliners only dump fuel when they are too heavy to make a safe landing - and this situation only occurs when the landing happens much earlier than planned, such as a diversion or an emergency...
cold air because hot blowes them up
No. 10: F/A-22 RaptorManufacturer: Lockheed MartinPower Plant: Pratt & Whitney F-119 PW-100Top Speed: Mach 2.5Armament: One 20mm cannon, six AMRAAM and two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles Because it is almost invisible to radar and carries an awesome array of weaponry the F-22 Raptor, America's fourth...
no, it slowly picks up speed throughout the travel to the end ofthe launch strip.
no it cannot take off if it is going slow
There is a flight rule that states below 10,000 feet the speed onall aircraft (unless authorised by air traffic control or militarytraffic control) do not exceed 250. However, their take off/landingspeeds vary considerably depending on type and size i.e a cessna150 will tabe off between 55 and 80...
An envelope is the bag in which the hot air is trapped ito to give  the balloon lift.
Approaching minimums is called out by an on board computer when the plane is on approach to land. It means that the pilots are approaching the minimum altitude that they can safely fly to without the runway in sight (ie, through clouds and rain etc). If they reach that minimum altitude and the...
the wing flaps go up and down
The forward movement of an aircraft, usually with engines off using  the power of a specialized ground vehicle attached to or supporting  the nose landing gear. It may occur for in service and out of  service aircraft and this will affect the promulgation of  procedures and the required...
There's a popular misconception that  fountain pens and aircraft simply do not get along.Typically,  passenger airliners fly at an altitude approaching 40,000 feet. At  this height the air is so severely lacking in oxygen that if you  were to breathe it normally, you would have approximately 12...
The sizes and diameters are wide ranging. But 12 to 18 gauge are  average diameters. The length is aircraft specific with varying  sizes from a few inches to over 12 inches.
because the plane is moving along and there is good views it wont be that bad
Most small engine aircraft such as Cessna's use a low leaded gas, usually blue in colour. But a lot of Cessna's can be converted to use regular gas that you would use in a car.
It has wing to keep it in the airi love ponies and taco and tomato and bananas and pugs and cheese!
My Cessna 172 (C172) holds 200 liters. 100 in the left wing and 100 in the right wing.
The wright brothers built the plane in Ohio and flew it for the first time in Kitty hawk North CarolinaThe location of that airplane, named the Flyer, is in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC.
The SR-71 had tricycle landing gear made of titanium.
Designing and building it
Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager. The attached link will take you to NASA's copy of Captain Yeager's flight report.
Way slower. For reference, the speed of sound is about 767.3mph and the speed of light is 671,000,000 mph.
The first helicopter was called the VS-300.
The maximum altitude for a 747 is 45,100 feet.
Probably any helicopter or VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VTOL
For the first time people could see Earth from a birds view.
General Aviation typically uses 24 volts. Even the Boeing 777 uses  24 volts while the newer 787 is 32 volts.
Lift on an airplanes wing is what makes it stay in the air. Of course, lift diminishes the slower you go so eventually the plane will lose lift and begin to fall.
The Wright Brothers are generally considered the first achieve  powered flight. Done so on December, 17th 1903.   There are arguments that Richard Pearse had done so in the spring  of 1903.
It depends on what aircraft you are talking about. An F-16A can go  1,500 mph.
Typically "track" is used to discuss the path of an aircraft. But  the term "Vector" can also be used in terms of the path of an  aircraft between waypoints. "Vector" can be either heading and  speed or simply heading.
You need to know certain variables the pilot is using, like the  speed, engine power, and the payload
That depends:It depends on the aircraft.It depends on the altitude at which the craft is flying.It depends on the firearm used: caliber, configuration of the ball (hollow point, FMJ, Teflon tip, etc., grain of the ball, load (powder and amount).It depends on the angle of assault.All of these...
I started my aircraft parts broker company with less than $2,000.  Its a multi million dollar company.
Aluminium because it is strong, easy to mould and lightweight.
The autopilot on a plane will fly the plane just like a car on  cruise control, but the plane has sensors that will use the gps to  adjust for weather and turbulence.
It depends on the configuration of the A380: 525 in 3 class configuration 644 in 2 class configuration 853 in 1 class configuration
the aircraft back up because it does not want to hurts it front  side but for takeoff and landing it goes back.
Airbus A380. It's double decker, 4 engine and can hold over 500  people. It also has gift shops on deck.
The lowest price maybe at least 5000$. Planes that are cheaper than this dont usually do good. The most expensive planes may cost up to a few million dollars.
Amelia Earhart was born July 4, 1897. If Amelia Earhart was ten  years old when she saw her first airplane then the year would be  1907.   1897+10=1907
The in-flight entertainment systems installed on aircraft are entirely at the discretion of the operating airline and the route that they are flown on. Generally, domestic short-haul fit outs exclude the entertainment system. The A320 is mostly used for domestic short-haul, so on balance, NO is...
Planes like B-2 Bomber And F-117 Nighthawk are these king of planes. They fly one main wing. They are called Omniwings.
I cant answer that without knowing the type of plane.
What are all  the possible rational zeros for f(x)=x^3+8x+6 
Because air safety regulations have deemed them to be a safety risk for the crew and passengers aboard airplanes.
Sound waves are like ripples in a pond that radiate around the object. An aeroplane travelling at sub-sonic speed will be travelling behind the sound that it has emitted. When the aeroplane reaches the exact speed of sound, the sound it is producing will accompany it on its journey. This can be very...
1 plane is called a Cesna. It has a single prop plane.
You always board an airplane on the left because the right side, whether having one engine or turbofan or two, is running to supply the aircraft with power.
Well the person who fly's the Concord is called a Pilot! The firstpilot to fly the concord was Andre Turcat
The Qing dynasty.. The Montgolfier brothers from France are credited for inventing ballooning in the 18th century. The Qing dynasty spanned from 1644 until 1912.
  The longest someone has flown in the air is 50 hours!
Currently its about fuselage shape size and engine capability. Thedrag effect on a war fighter is more likely to be less than that ofa bomber / large a380 for instance thus they move faster
F-15 Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon F-22 Raptor F-35 Lightning II
All of these missiles are different sizes, and carry different payloads.
Well,You already know that When Hot air forms it starts to riseright?,And the cold air Drops.The reason why it flies is becauseThe Inside of the Balloon Traps The Heat form The Fire,And the HeatLifts The Balloon.
cargo/ passangers the fuselage is the main part of the plane
in a conventional airplane it connects the wing to the control surfaces in the tail.
First of all, its not smoke. Its Vapor! Since its so cold when you  fly at 35,000FT, and the engines are so hot, you get vapor.