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Louisiana is a state located in the south of the United States. It ranks 31st in terms of total land area and 25th in terms of population.


Not sure what your specifically looking for but here--- 1. Jackson Square 2. Ogden Museum of Southern Art 3. City Park 4. Mardi Gras Museum
April 30, 1812. Louisiana was admitted into the Union on April 30, 1812 becomingthe 18th state to join the Union.
The first people were Paleo Indians. Then the Mississippian moundbuilders.
It is about 468.52 miles according to MapQuest.
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1.The Cajun Accordion 2.magnolia 3.crawfish 4.gran-o-valay 5.brown pelican 6.bald cypress trees 7.gumbo 8. the Fleur d'lis (stylized iris)
The driving distance between Baton Rouge, LA and Jacksonville, FL is approximately 600 miles. The driving time would be approximately 10 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as...
If you mean to ask: "Is the catahoula the state dog of Louisiana?", the answer would be yes. They are also known as Catahoula Leopard Dogs.
The driving distance is 700 miles. Since there is sometimes more than one route, including back roads, this is an approximate but accurate distance. It is based on the most well-known routes between these two locations.
Mardi Gras helps the economy of New Orleans because visitors come and spend money.
Edd Hargett (1-3) started 4 games & Archie Manning started 10 with a record of 3-5-2.
New Orleans was victim to Hurricane Katrina.
It is 869.75 miles according to MapQuest.
New Orleans had a large creole population, many of whom gainedtheir freedom. The Louisiana blacks remained in the colony tobecome a part of the United States.
The French began settling the Gulf of Mexico coast in 1699.
Detroit and St. Lewis are among the highest.
You should stop 50 feet behind a school bus.
La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was founded in 1718 by the French Mississippi Company, under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville.
The average temperature is 75 degrees, the average high is 84 degrees, the average low is 66 degrees, and the average precipitations is 10 inches
The Mississippi River was the eastern border. The Rocky Mountainswere the western border.
1788, destroyed 856 buildings all starting from a barn, the myth is the cow kicked over the oil lantern Another answer: There have been two "great fires" in New Orleans history: the one mentioned above, and another in 1794 that destroyed 212 structures. The "cow myth," however, originated with...
South on the Miami and Erie Canal, West on the Ohio River, and South on the Mississippi
December 11, 1816. It was the 19th state.
it was established in the 1920s because many people liked it so so much.
You can apply to the governor of Louisiana for a pardon.
i am Chris Wharton owner of the Mardi Gras in 1972. We had Thin Lizzie on the Mardi 3 times including the last night prior to demolition of the premises.That night they were billed with The Roy young Band. I had previously booked Thin Lizzie in 1971 at Tomorrow Club in Wallasey Merseyside.
The states that border Louisiana are Texas, Mississippi, andArkansas.
Although French explorers and trappers inhabited the area is the1690's, New Orleans was founded by the country of France in 1718.Called La Nouvelle- Orleans, the city was founded by FrenchMississippi Company on land inhabited by the Chitimacha tribe .
Cajun food is spicy. Crawfish, andouille sausage, boudin, jambalaya, and gumbo are cajun dishes.
Mardi Gras originated (inside the USA) in Mobile, AL in 1703, please check out these facts... http://www.squidoo.com/originalmardigras
Jefferson needed the New Orleans port for the people of the frontier to transfer their products down the Mississippi River. Originally he offered to buy just New Orleans, but Napoleon offered all of the Louisiana Territory (in part to frustrate the designs of the British, who had taken Canada from...
Orleans is in the country of France.New Orleans got its name from there
Many people feel that New Orleans is haunted.
A random search of flight options between Minneapolis, MN and Alexandria, LA revealed total travel times between 3 hrs 53 min and 7 hrs 35 min, depending on your flight choices. Prices for a round-trip ticket ranged from $448 to $593.
Louisiana has several types of natural resources. A few of thenatural resources in the state are salt, sulfur, forests, naturalgas, and oil.
I believe this answer is slightly incorrect -- "Yes, you can. Under "Non monetary Issues" > "Disqualifications" item (f) on page 5 of the Related Link below, Social Security benefits are excluded from the disqualifying chargeable benefits you receive." As I understand it, people who live in...
It is 3 miles southeast of Marksville.
Louisiana designated the Magnolia state flower in the year of 1900
It may depend on your more specific location. Juvenile matters, such as emancipation, may be handled by a juvenile court, family court, or other court depending on the specific parish. The best thing to do is contact a court clerk in your parish. A directory of courts organized by parish, including...
The Daramus Yard is in Shreveport, Louisiana.
southeastern us or gulfcoast
it's kinda like a celebration for the dead
The approximate driving time andmileage information - Between: Los Angeles, CA and: New Orleans, LA Driving miles: 1900 Driving time: 30 hrs - is based on traveling non-stop in good drivingconditions. Driving time does not take into considerationconditions which may extend travel time such...
It is 821.63 miles according to MapQuest.
as of 2011, it's Mitch Landrieu
The colors of Mardi Gras were chosen by the King of Carnivals, Rex in 1872 and chose the colors were Purple,Green,and Gold which stood for Justice,Faith,and Power
Flight: New Orleans, LA (MSY) to Cairo (CAI) Flight Duration * 15 hours 59 mins * Via New York J F Kennedy International Apt, New York (JFK) Distance: The distance between New Orleans, Louisiana and Cario, Egypt is 6779 miles (10909 km).
Louisiana's industry bring jobs to the state and taxable income.
Arizona . Highest point: 12,633 Feet - Humphrey's Peak . Lowest point: 70 Feet - Colorado River . Mean elevation 4,100 feet. Louisiana . Highest point: 535 Feet - Driskill Mountain . Lowest point: -8 Feet - New Orleans . Mean elevation 98 feet.
New Orleans It takes place in New Orleans, largely in the French Quarters. This is an older, but very popular section of the city, with many buildings from the 1700's and 1800's still in existence, and even still in use. This area of the city is one of the most popular tourist spots in the US,...
Harvey is in the New Orleans Metro area, on the West Bank of the Mississippi River.
Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. After the Saints weren't able to reach an agreement financially with Gregg Williams during their 2009 search for a defensive coordinator, Head Coach Sean Payton volunteered to pay $250,000 of his own money to convince Williams to join the Saints. after the...
It's a Fluer de Lis, a French symbol common in Louisiana. I'm not sure what significance it has though.
Most places in the U.S. don't celebrate Mardi Gras in particular. It's mainly something that's in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was originated in the USA in Mobile, AL long before New Orleans even was founded. Mardi Gras is only legally observed as a state holiday in the counties of Mobile and Baldwin...
Consider these issues and compare with your local laws: If she is not paying rent, she is a guest (now uninvited) and can be asked to return the key and move out immediately. She is not a tenant, she is a trespasser. If she refuses to go, it is a domestic dispute and you can get a restraining order...
Burbank Drive (a major thoroughfare in the southern part of Baton Rouge, Louisiana) was named after William F. Burbank Sr. He was a long time resident and civic leader in the area just south of the L.S.U. campus. Woodrow Dumas, the mayor of Baton Rouge and Stanley Gross, city councilman informed Mr....
a few but not that many
There are three states that border the state of Louisiana where New Orleans is located they are: Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
HNCU means historical Black Colleges and Universities. Thisincludes Xavier University of Louisiana, Dillard University andSouthern University at New Orleans (SUNO).
There are three Historically Black Colleges and Universities in theCity of New Orleans: Xavier University of Louisiana, DillardUniversity and Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO)
Yes, not downtown like the movies though!
No, the Olympics have not ever been held in the city of New Orleans.
The Louisiana Purchase had a western border of the Rocky Mountainsand the Mississippi River on the east.
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Marie Leveau was born September 10, 1801 and passed away on June 16, 1881. She is one of the most well known practitioners of Voudou. In life she was a Voudou Priestess and is often referred to as 'The Voudou Queen of New Orleans'. In death she is still highly respected and people often visit...
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