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Czech Republic

Located in Central Europe, Czech Republic is the home of Prague – one of the most visited cities in the world. It is a very rich country, not only in terms of economy, but also in terms of its vast culture.


Ostrava is in the Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary is in Bohemia, CzechRepublic. The distance won't vary but the driving time mightdepending on what time of day you try to get around Prague.
Please the official language is the Czech language, but in shops, hotels etc. English language is common.
Depends on the beer, city and pub but on average one pint or 0,5 litre is around 30 CZK or 1 EUR
Acording legend Prague was fundate by Princess Libuše daouther of  duke Lech and wife of Přemysl Oráč wich was first ruler of Přemysl  dynasty
The average flight time is 8 hours. This is only an approximation and flight times are likely to vary. Your airline will provide you with a flight time when you book a flight.
Czech Republic doesn't have a governor. Head of state is presiden Milos Zeman but his position is mainly symbolic. Most powers are in the hands of Prime Minister.
Sport organizations get money from the Czech government as well as Czech national lottery Sazka (which is, at the moment, near a bankrupt). Sazka divides all its profit between different Czech sport organizations.
how are you today - 'jak se dneska máš' or 'Jak se ti dnes daří '
20 hours on Average. This is for the Melbourne Australia, but the one for the American Melbourne takes about 10 hours.
Yes but not very tall. The tallest one is only around 1600 meters.
Yes. If ti has at least one parent who is a czech citizen, all you need is a "honorary proclamation" that the child is his or birth certificate and it automatically gets czech citizenship.
Grandmother in welsh is mam-gu
Vlkodlak is a Czech equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Wolfman'.
There is no reason for them to be ... These countries were never members of the Soviet Union and traditionally they have faced westwards and not eastwards.
Czechs come from a variety of countries: Slovakia, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Germany, and Russia.
I think it means "he gave" but without context it's hard to say.
Czechoslovakia was the territory carved out Austria-Hungary.However, in 1993, the country split and only the Czech Republicstill borders Germany.
you have to look in a world geography book...
vejce -bird or reptile one, vajíčko - as female reproductive cell  or saml one   bird or reptile egg
According to HowManyHours around 3 hours.
Technically I assume yes. While he was growing up, conscription was in effect so unless he weasled his way out of it somehow then yes.
Exchange rates change every day so any specific answer posted here would be out of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the Internet", that's the best approach in this case. You can check a site such as www.xe.com, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest conversion...
Austria (1526-1918) Germany (1939-1945) and USSR (1948-1989).
Everybody has to go to school from age six for 9 years. Then it's "voluntary". Both boys and girls go to school if that's what you were wondering.
Czech Republic is rich. It is in the middle of the European ranking, 13 out of 27 and its capital, Prague is fifth wealthiest region in the EU. (According to Eurostat, as of 2009.) The definite answer as is slightly more complex. Koruna, which is the national currency, is still undervalued and the...
Parliamentary republic. Head of state is President.
June, July, August
The basic monetary unit is 1 Koruna or Crown (CZK) 20CZK=1USD.
Please the population of Czech Republic in 2011 is about 10,535,811 people.
What are the cultural differences between U.S. and Czech cultures
The national "flower" is actually a tree, Tilia cordata.
i belive its probably europe i do not know. but if you find the real answer then let me know okay .
Yes, it is by far the best preserved major city in Central Europe.
Hottest temperatures were recorded around 41°C.
Not Much. Mainly maple syrup :)
how long is a flight from toronto to virginia beach??
Main imports: oil, gas and machinery.   Main exports: motor vehicles (Skoda), macherinery, chemicals,  ceramics, hops, beer.   Tourism is also a significant source of foreign currency earnings.
It's a long story, but Czech Republic was once part of eastern block. After fall of communists it focused a lot on westernisation. It still however remaines as a symbol of neutrality, it's in the very middle of Europe and during WW2 the line where Soviet and allied soldiers met ran across Czech...
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  normalization period, regime went much stricter, even compared to neighbouring comunists regimes - eg no/very limited private business allowed, nonexisting freedom of speech etc
There is no clear criterion by which to determine which country is better. They are economically and politically similar, both are members of the European Union, both have interesting and rich histories.
== Answer ==   The four countries are Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland.
  Czechoslovakia was established in 1918 as a completely new state on the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1938-39 it was broken up by Nazi Germany, but re-established in 1945. However, in 1993 it dissolved peacefully into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.   No, it seperated...
Prague was capital of Czechoslovakia
The republic of Slovenia was a part of the Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ)
The Czech Republic lies roughly between the 48º and 51º North latitudes
The national animal of the Czech Republic is the double tailed lion. It's not a real animal nor is it a mythical creature. It was a heraldic symbol used on the coat of arms of Bohemia and the Czech Republic adopted it as it's national animal. Some countries will adopt non-existent creatures for...
from Prague airport take bus 100 to zlicin station. bus goes past front door of arrival terminal at airport. take metro(subway ) B line to mustek station. on street level you should be at the end of wencesles square (vaclavske namesti) look toward the open square and the statue at the other end....
South of Czech Republic is Austria.
Central Europe. Right next to Germany.
Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (Slovakia).
No country is. Two countries are. What used to be Czechoslovakia isnow two separate independent countries. They are the Czech Republicand Slovakia.
The Czech Republic's capital city is Prague.
The Eastern part is Moravia, the western Bohemia
In 2000 the leader was the late President Vaclav Havel.
Technically, no. Prague IS IN the Czech Republic. It's the capital city of this country.
Kackhaufen II (born in 194)
Right now it's Milos Zeman. If you wanted to know the title, he's a President.
Prague is the capital in the Czech Republic.
No, Hungary is an absolutely independent country, it does not even have boarders with Czech Republic. But its close, though.
It's in the old town square in Prague.
In 1992 Czechoslovakia split up and became the Czrech Republic and Slovakia.
Czechoslovakia was never considered to be part of the US.Czechoslovakia has not existed since it became two separatecountries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in 1993.
The two halves of the Czech Republic are Moravia and Bohemia - Moravia is the eastern part and Bohemia the western. The main city in Moravia is Brno and that of Bohemia Prague. Moravia tends to be less urbanised than the Bohemia and is home to most of the Czech Republic's winegrowing industry.
Kroj - its look is diferent in each region 
simple clothing like what we were today but with less quality depending on where they brought it from.
Because in Czech republic is salary Circa 20'000 Kč and in other countries is salary higher.
The national currency is the Czech crown, but the Euro is sometimes accepted in tourist area.
West - Germany, Northeast - Poland, East- Slovakia, South - Austria