A Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, Denmark comprises the Kingdom of Denmark, together with Faroe Islands and Greenland. It has a total area of 16,640 sq mi and a population of about 5,557,709 as of October 2010.
Most are Danes. There are also Germans nearer to the southern border. There are also some migrants from Greenland (Inuits) and the Faroe Islands (Faroese). Some other immigrant groups include Eastern Europeans (former Yugoslavs, Albanians), Northeast Africans (Somalis, Ethiopians), South...
Judging from the souvenir shops it is still little figurines resembling the Status of the little mermaid. For kids is gotta be Lego toys.
Yes, it rains on average 121 days a year.
Yes. Northern europe. Denmark.
Not very. Check the Danish Met office at
Godaften [go'-arf-ten]
Tycho Brahe is the most famous, but there is also Ole Rømer.
"korrekt" or "rigtig". the last one is probably closer to the English word "right"
Hans Christiin Andersen. Karen Blixen, author of "Out of Africa". Victor Borge who became an American Comedian/Pianist . Niels Bohr Danish Physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project in the US during WWII, and increased our knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and atomic structure. . Philosopher Soren...
Football, English workers came to Denmark in the mid-late 1800's. And came with the football to Denmark. And led it to be the National Sport of DK
It only got started in earnest after the Battle of Stalingrad proved that resistance actually served a purpose - that the Germans were not necessarily going to win the war.
Near Billund, which lies in the Eastern part of the Jutland peninsula.
Jørn Utzon died on November 29, 2008 at the age of 90.
the southern sea candy Sweet
Climate conference in Dec 2009; check out
no or yes because they have never met each and everyone of us
No. The actual country of Denmark is in Europe. Physically, the island of Greenland, which is part of the Danish kingdom, is part of North America, but politically part of Europe.
Denmark is the second city of denmark situated in the middle of jylland, population about 300.000. Famous for the old city, the grant harbour and the vivid music scene.
It's different. Mostly are there 2-3 kids in a family
Go by A24 and A1 towards Puttgarden. In Puttgarden take the ferry to Rodby in Denmark. Then from Rodby follow E47 towards Copenhagen.
No, Denmark and Greenland are both constitutent countries within the Kingdom of Denmark.
"King of the danes" could be interpreted as the danish head of state. The current head of state is Queen Margrethe II.
As most other western European countries Denmark during the 1930's experienced a political pressure to spend resources on the budding welfare state rather than on armament (compare Churchill's 'While England slept'). This means that Denmark who had led a successful armed neutrality policy during WWI...
Too much better butter and milk. (I was in UK in holiday)
denmark state anmimal
Because they believed that a better living was obtainable there. Some were poor, some were looking for new oppotunities, some even left because they were trying to escape problems, like pregnant girls, crime, etc.. But most were just poor and unemployed.
President Woodrow Wilson was president when the Virgin Islands were purchased in 1917.
No, Denmark is a constitutional monarchy
Germany is directly south of mainland Denmark. The Danish island ofBornholm is farther east, and is due north of Poland.
denmark,it shows in the map with the word in paratheses
"How are you?" directly translates into "Hvordan har du det?", but then you will get a specific account of the other person's state of health, current problems etc. If you just mean 'Hello', then you should say 'Hej', 'Dav', 'Goddag' in order of increasing degree of formality.
It must be Greenland that is a part of the Danish Kingdom. But Greenland is to a large extend an autonomous state that receives subsidiaries from Denmark.
The decisive battle (at Edington) took place May 878.
It differs from year to year. In the winter 09/10 there was a lot of snow, compared to the average.
it's cold and it's rains a lot, like 190 days a year. It's doesn't get very hot either
Yes, the main part of Denmark proper is made up of the Jutland peninsula.
Smæk - meaning smack kiss - meaning Kiss its intended to describe the sound a exagerated kiss makes. but the word itself would simply mean Kiss in its common function.
The Royal Ballet in Copenhagen performs the Nutcracker every year before X-mass - it's a tradition to which many local people return year after year.
With Air Berlin, via Vienna: 4 h 10 min.
De utrolige is a Danish equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Incredibles'.
90.5 % of the population are Danes, the remaining 9.5 % consists ofmainly Germans, Greeks, Bosnians, Russians, Turks, Kurds and Arabs.
Copenhagen (as Denmark in general) was occupied by Germany from Apr 1940 to May 1945 - that's not the case anymore ;-)
Copenhagen means "Merchants' harbor." (from the Low German Kopenhagen , Danish Køpmannæhafn , literally "buyer's haven") The original name of the city was simply Hafnia or Hafnae , meaning harbor.
Denmark makes five banknotes: the 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Kroner notes. . 50 kroner: Color: Purple. Obverse: Sallingsund Bridge. Reverse: A Bowl. . 100 Kroner: Color: Orange. Obverse: Little belt bridge. Reverse: An ancient dagger. . 200 Kroner: Color: Green. Obverse: Knipplesbro. Reverse: An...
'The end' = = 'Slutningen', but if we are talking about the end of e.g. a film, they would not use the definite case in Danish. They would just write 'Slut'.
Det' indviklet is a Danish equivalent of the title to the movie 'It's Complicated'.
Created gay butt sex, the dougie, and pastry. Also cherry flavoured condoms and cigarettes
Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany on the 9. April 1940. It was liberated by british army units on 5. may 1945. Denmark was never annexed by Germany, and the Germans never expressed any desire to try and annex Denmark, so no Denmark was not ever PART of Nazi Germany, but it was occupied by German...
Everywhere, but they do know English as well.
Parterapi i Paradis is a Danish equivalent of the title to the movie 'Couples Retreat'.
Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson (Old Norse : Haraldr blátǫnn Gormsson , Danish : Harald Blåtand Gormsen ) (born c. 935) was the son of King Gorm the Old and of Thyra Dannebod. He died in 985 or 986 having ruled as King of Denmark from around 958 and King of Norway for a few years probably...
Denmark is famous for the little mermaid statue, football stadiumsand art galleries.Denmark is also famous for the writer HansChristen Andersen.
"Så sød," I think. Still learning, though.
I would probably say Bacon
It is not totally sure when Denmark became a country. in the beginning of the 8. century the city of Ribe was build. the city was so big that it is likely that a great king have ordered the project. the first time you hear the name Denmark is about the year 965 when the king Harald Bluetooth raised...
Scandinavia was an important region in the Lutheran Reformationduring the 16th centuries. King Christian II of Denmark-Norway andHolstein and King Gustav I of Sweden both adopted Lutheranismpersonally and advanced it in their kingdoms. Christian II's successor, Frederick I was staunchly Catholic...
in April 2013, the prices for One way ticket are as followed:. 1st class: 560 SEK. 2nd class: 256 Sek. For return ticket, prices will be doubled. .
Yes, it has great welfare systems, free school/education, hospitalservice etc. Denmark has the sixth-best economy of the world.
They are known individually as Scandinavian countries or combined as Scandivavia.
Today (13th of November, 2012), 1 DKK (Danish krone) = 0.170008 US Dollars.
Denmark is on the Jutland ( Jylland in Danish) Peninsula.
Yes, though they were warned and most managed to escape.
Yes, Greenland is a part of Denmark. Same Queen, Prime minister, money etc.
Yes, there a several daily connections between Göteborg and Copenhagen by train. The train passes Malmö on the Swedish side before crossing the Öresundbron ( a bridge over the narrow strait that separate Sweden and Denmark) before reaching Copenhagen and Denmark. There is no need to switch...
A very famous event is the Roskilde Festival, which is held every year just outside of Copenhagen. The festival has hosted many big names, and is visited by people all over the globe
sports, café-life, social life, more sports, jobs, jobs and more jobs :b
The driving distance is approximately 916 km. The driving time will be about 9 hours and 10 minutes . Add extra time to account for stops or delays.
the region that denmark is in is Europe
Copenhagen is a city in itself.
All of the stores and roads, Farming, Cars
to pronounce the danish name bolette, you say (bol)-ay
Here, gasoline is measured by gallons, but in other countries (example: Europe) gsoline is measured by liters.