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Greece is a country made up of many islands. It has a rich history filled with gods, goddesses, wars, tragedies, romances, and some of the best myths of all time. Questions in this section can include things about current or ancient Greece.
Classical Greece was advanced in medicine, mathematics, andscience.
The largest modern cities of Greece are: * Athens - the Capital city of Greece * Thessaloniki - the second largest city of Greece * Patra - the third largest city of Greece * Hrakleion * Larissa * Ioannina * Nafplio * Kalamata * Tripoli * Kardhica * Kalavrita * Drama and much more....
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Kostas Karamanlis served as Prime Minister for two consecutive terms, winning the 7 March 2004 parliamentary elections and the 16 September 2007 parliamentary elections. However, he asked for mid-term general elections to be held on 4 October 2009 because of the narrow (1 MP) majority his party...
Jobs in modern Greece are like everywhere else. There are many  traditional professions that have disappeared due to modernisation  and financial development. A huge part of the population works in  the public and private sector, many Greeks work in the shipping  industry but not as much as in...
Albania, Macedonia,Bulgaria and to some extent Turkey.
No. Turkey is a member of NATO and potentially of the European  Union. The majority party as of 2016 is a conservative Islamic  organization called the Justice and Development Party.
Mount Olympus highest peak is Mytikas rising to 2,919 meters high (9,577 feet). It is one of the highest peaks in Europe in terms of topographic prominence. It is located in the borders of Thessaly and Macedonia , about 100 km away from Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city.
Greece has had many wars but this question has yet to be discovered
Any they felt they could take part in.
Cretans. In Greek they are called Kritikí (Κρητικοί), plural form  of Kritikós (Κρητικός). I live in Crete.   (Notice that Cretan - someone from Crete - is spelled differently  from cretin - a stupid/insolent person.)
 was in Kamari in September: an example is Kamari Football Ground.  Another football stadium is near Fira, I don't remember exactly.     
Walk, cycle, drive, sail, fly, train the question needs to be more explicit. The quickest way would be to fly. I'm not aware of any airlines that flies direct from Scotland to Crete (Heraklion) but BMI can take you from Scotland to Crete with a stopover in London. You can find them here bmi.co.uk
Ἑλλάς ; Hellas
There is no opposite of Crete (Mediterranean island between Greece and Libya), although an opposing civilization of the Minoans was that of the Mycenaeans.(*The opposite of the verb create would be to destroy, cancel, remove, or undo.)
A lot of how we live is based on the ancient Greek ways of life. Including our government, teaching styles, law, and even our entertainment. The Greek had the first democracy, we teach how Plato had taught Aristotle and Aristotle had taught Alexander the Great. A lot of people didn't like how...
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  No, Greece is an independent country in Europe
Unfortunately, not very clean. People still throw their rubbish on the street (wrappers, plastic bottles, bags, etc). You also see lots of illegal dumping.
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Yes. Greece has signed an extradition treaty with US. The treaty was signed on November 1, 1932 at Washington. Treaty and exchange of notes were signed at Athens on May 6, 1931. Senate advice and consent to ratification was done on February 19, 1932. It was ratified by the President of the United...
the ancient Greece most valued there philosophy and art.
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  The link attached is the telephone directory of Greece where you will find KARPATHOS
Notable products include Greek olive oil , Kalamata olive , Zante currant , Greek wine from the ancient wine roads of Macedonia, Fava Santorinis , Krokos Kozanis (saffron), Florina pepper s, mastic (plant resin) , raisin and tobacco .
i assume you mean 'where is Greece in Europe' Greece is in the Mediterranean, by Turkey, Albania & Italy
There are so many Greek islands! Look at them all! Adelfoi Islets Adelfoi Syrnas Islets Aegina Agathonissi Agioi Theodoroi Chanion Agioi Theodoroi Halkis Agios Efstathios Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Salaminos Agios Georgios Skopelou Agios Ioannis Diaporion Agios Nikolaos Donoussas ...
The national food of Greece is a dish called fasolada. It is a  combination of carrots, beans, tomatoes, and celery. It is  generally served as a side dish with salty foods.
  The cross represents the country's deeply rooted tradition in orthodox christianity.
Greece is positioned in both the northern and eastern hemispheres and located in the southeastern region ofthe European Continent on the northern Greek peninsula.
too many reasons to write, but to name a few its the birth place of civilization & democracy & the land of the gods
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The euro was legally introduced in Greece in January 2002.
Actually our population has decreased by one million within a decade.
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The Ancient Olympic Games took place over the course of five days  in Olympia, Greece every four years. They were the most prestigious  of the four PanHellenic Games sports festivals held in Greece.
Political instability and civil war caused by the fighting between Sparta and Athens and the delian League.
he was unsure that she would let him go.
No, it has Slavic origins.
Greece uses the Euro (symbol '€'), and has done since the start of the Euro in 2002. In the Greek alphabet the Euro is known as 'ευρώ'. On Euro banknotes then name is written in capitals as "ΕΥΡΩ". The subdivision (the cent), is known as ''λεπτά", pronounced "leptá".
Illyria, Asia Minnor, Macepom, Thrace, Yugoslavia
The top exports of Greece are Refined Petroleum ($6.56B), Packaged Medicaments ($1.06B), Pure Olive Oil ($722M), Aluminium Plating ($644M) and Non-fillet Fresh Fish ($467M), using the 1992 revision of theHS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are Crude Petroleum ($7.31B),...
The last eruption was in 1950.
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They were four types of government in Ancient Greece. 1) Tribalism (At First: in every ancient Greek city/ During the classical era: Epirus, Macedon) 2) Aristocracy 3) Oligarchy (Peloponnesian city-states) 4) Democracy (Athens)
geia sas, is both formal & plural, 'yah-sas'
god is in chargemany different types of gods
The dark ages was when people in Athens fled from home for no reason at all.
In ancient times, groups of adventurous and profit-minded Greeks  established colonies throughout the Mediterranean Basin and Black  Sea coastal areas for primarily economic purposes. These colonies  were mainly established during the Archaic Period of Greece, that  is, in the 700s and 600s BC ...
Calypso hindered Odysseus by keeping him as her consort for 7  years, even after Odysseus refused her advances, and promises of  eternal youth. Zeus finally had to intervene to secure Odysseus'  release.
The Mycenaean civilization gained very super power of Military, and Economy
well since Macedonian is Greek γέλια is the word for laugh used as a noun, its γελάω as a verb.
In a nutshell, Greece is where the Olympics originated from.
It doesn't. Macedonia goes first along with the rest of Greeceunder the Greek banner.
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How do you pronounce notimos in Greek The pronounciation of this word is "nosteemos".
Ελλάδα; Ellada 'el-ah-tha' the d is closer to a hard 'th' sound
the colours in the Greek flag are blue and white.
How much does education cost in Greece
The mountain range of Pindus, wich is said to stretch Crete and then to Cyprus, as the mountains there are in the path of the same tectonic rift.
peloponiesas and balkan
mediterdred sea farmers traders
DA type of landforms are located in Greece r rocky, mountainous lands & surrounded by water.
There were indiginous peoples in Crete before, but the first major civ was the Minoan civ.
the first people to settle in Greece were the cannaans