Ask questions here about the Central American country of Honduras and its history, geography, climate, politics and people.
The postal or ZIP code for Honduras is varying based on thedepartments. so, please specify any specific department to tell oyuthe postal or ZIP code for Honduras.
Soccer players, for the most part, are very famous in Honduras. Themost notable players are: Carlos Pavon, Carlo Costly and DavidSuazo.
Rosa Elena de Lobo, president Porfirio Lobo Sosa's wife.
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there are so many things to do in honduras. First you can go to Copan to see the amazing ruins, you can go to Tegucigalpa (the capital) but my favorite is to go to Roatan most beautiful place ever ... you can even go there on a cruise :)
On July 30, 1502, during his fourth and last trip through the Americas, Christopher Columbus reached the Bay Islands and soon afterwards the coast of the mainland. This was the first time he saw Honduran soil. From the Island of Guanaja, which he is said to have named Columbus set sail toward the...
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Do Honduran White Bats hibernate?
it only has two seasons, dry season and rainy season...
soccer (although they call it futbol)
There are many famous people from Honduras, including singers likeAngela Bendeck. It also includes soccer players like Carlos Pavon,scientists like Salvador Moncada, and writers like Julio Escoto.
well the type of music played in Honduras is Punta, salsa, merengue, reggae, and reggaeton
Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras; population (2014 est.) is8.59 million.
No they have not won till now.
Honduran money is called "lempira".
The total literacy rate is 80% according to the 2000-2004 census. The female literacy rate is 80.2% according to the 2000-2004 census. What I can't find is the male literacy rate!
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\nThe largest and only lake in Honduras in Lake Yojoa. Viva Honduras!
No-one has done a reliable survey and much depends on who you countas Catholic. In a poll taken in 2007, 47% said they were Catholic,36% described themselves as Evangelical Protestant and the restclaimed to be "other" or refused to answer.
El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua!
The Name British Honduras was changed to Belize in 1973.
No Honduras has never won a world cup in its history.
Yes, because they live in Central America.
100 Lempiras are nearly $5(1$=19.5L.) Sources: I live here ( i work at a bank...LOL)
Yes, it celebrates Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) along with Mexico, other Central American countries, and some South American countries (like Peru).
Honduras is in Central America. The Isthmus that lies between the Pacific Ocean & the Caribbean Sea is known as Central America, the 7 countries that lies within its boundaries,Honduras with its capital at Tegucigalpa is a part of it.
america ferrera honduran in the sense that both of her parents are honduran.
No. The Universal Postal Union requires you to use the stamps of the country of origin.
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From the CIA World Factbook, updated on April 15, 2008: Life expectancy at birth: . total population: 69.37 years . male: 67.81 years . female: 71.01 years
One of the top attractions would be the Mayan ruins in the region of Copan.
there are lots of animals in Honduras but the most popular are parrots There are tigers and lions in the mountains and there are snakes. There are chickens and other farm animals
Punta Is The Major Type Of Music Hondureans Hear And Dance.
The name would be Dalbergia spp. Family: Leguminosae.
The honduran white bats eat fruits and vegetation, as to how they do it, I'd imagine in the same manner as other fruit bats of small size, and land near and nibble, though don't quote me on that.
roatan is awesome, famous for scuba diving and their amazing beaches. Tegucigalpa- largest city, not much to do there though but pretty.. roatan is awesome, famous for scuba diving and their amazing beaches. Tegucigalpa- largest city, not much to do there though but pretty.. roatan is awesome,...
someone:in Honduras there are airplane train then Honduras is not ghetto Honduras is not rich but some people think that Honduras is ghetto but it ain't ghetto do not jujde a book by the cover. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Honduras have never won the fifa world cup
no, it is not from honduras....
Honduras has never won a world cup.
The lempira, consisting of 100 centavos, is the Honduras currency.
A picture is worth a thousand words Check out the link below.
Roberto Micheletti was the acting president of Honduras at the start of 2010. As President of the National Congress, he was next in line to the presidency after the 2009 coup d'etat. He became interim president on 2009 June 28 and served until 2010 January 27. Porfirio Lobo Sosa (also known as...
Seleccion Nacional de Honduras; Los Catrachos
Good question. Honduran people wear the same clothes as you probably do. Jeans, t-shirts, dresses, skirts...really, Honduras is not much different than any other country! Many people automatically think that Honduras is just some country smashed between Nicaragua and El Salvador. They are wrong....
Answer . They represent the member states of the former Federal Republic of Central America, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
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Despite the name, not all mega bats (megachiroptera) are larger than micro bats (microchiroptera). The major distinction between the two suborders is based on other factors. Mega bats eat fruit, pollen, or nectar. They have a well-developed visual cortex and shows good visual acuity. Also, the...
loads of instruments such as the saxophone and guitars and drums also
Some may say it is in Central America but Central America is merely a geographical region. technically it is in North America.
near tegucigulpa and near sanpedro sula
You can try reading online newspapers and news pages (most are in Spanish, but there are some in English as well, such as Hondurasnews.com).
I heard that they were calling for war and prepping to start thewar.
Honduran white bats fly by their wings
Honduras ranks 102 out of 233 countries by land area size (112,492 km 2 / 43,433 mi 2 - 0.08% of the Earth's land mass).
Honduras is considered a "developing" country because in terms of income, life expectancy and even literacy (in other words, quality of life) it is sadly inferior to the standards of well-developed countries -- as established by institutions such as the World Bank or the United Nations. A...
Proxy wars were a big part of the Cold War. The United States and Soviet Union hosted a number of them throughout the world in order to vie for influence in these regions, and prevent the other side from gaining influence. In the case of El Salvador, Reagan did not support a rebellion but a...
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The three largest cities in Honduras are Tegucigalpa (the capital), San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba.
mountains,lakes,rivers,and grasslands.
They see culture, religion, and traditions. For example Catholics in Honduras celebrate Christmas on the 24th.