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Iraq is an Arab country located in the Middle East. Its capital is Baghdad.
Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti was Iraq's Fifth President from 1979  until 2003. He distinguished himself as a cunning totalitarian  monster who ruled Iraq through iron-fisted laws, domestic  militancy, and mass persecution of minorities. This is not unlike  totalitarian monsters in other countries,...
It took thousands of dollars, and so much time. He claimed to have  nuclear weapons, but he was joking.
The top 2 languages in Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish.   In addition to these two some non-Arabic languages are Mandaic,  Lurish and Persian.
Mostly, in the ground. Saddam and his two sons Uday and Qusay have been killed and buried.
== Answer ==   The three most populated cities of Iraq are:   Baghdad - 7.000.000 Basra - 2.000.000 and Arbil - 990.000
A mixtir of meterils such as wood,bricks,cement, and other found miterils.
That is an opinion that you need to form. There is the point that we have done well in the war and we have lost a lot of soldiers and many feel that it is past time to pull out.There is also the point that thousands of innocent people were killed on September 11 and we have not caught those who...
The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta.
Pan-Arabism did not do much in changing Arab-Kurdish perceptions. Before the Pan-Arabist period (the 1950s and earlier) the Kurds had already attempted to secure an independent state and gained the ire of the Nationalist Iraqis. The Kurds were stuck between the two sides of a doublethink ideology....
Iraq is on the continent of Eurasia. south of the Caucasus Mountains, east of the Mediterranean Sea, north of the Arabian Peninsula, and west of the Iranian Plateau. Right in the centre of the world map.
Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq for the past two decades, has the dubious distinction of being the world's best known and most hated Arab leader. And in a region where despotic rule is the norm, he is more feared by his own people than any other head of state.A former Iraqi diplomat living in...
There was no education for women, and very little for men for a long time. Since the orinigal Desert Storm, the US has been sending money and some educators to Iraq and education rates have gone up, but are still not good. Women/girls going to school in Iraq are still frowned upon, and there are...
A Muslim woman wears hijab for the simple reason that God has commanded it in the Quran and Sunna. As Muslims we make the testimony "Muhammad is the messenger of God". The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would not be a messenger if he did not come with a message, and his message is the Quran....
The estimates vary, but around 1,000,000 would be a good guess. (Roughly 3% of the population, which would be equivalent to approximately 10 million Americans.) To see a detailed discussion of Saddam Hussein's killings, see the below link.
Iraq is the hottest country in the world. In the summer temperatures can top 55 degrees celsius.
That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Iraq, a country in SW Asia.
B) For hygienic purposes when you use the bathroom.
No, 9/11 is what caused our massive strikes in Afghanistan. Iraq was caused by the Iraqi leader Saddam, who repeatedly showedaggression toward the UN and his neighbors.
Answer 1 The government says it started because they were a threat to major countries due to their weapons of mass destruction (WMD) however once we invaded their country it was apparent we were all lied to because they possessed no wmds., then the US government had another excuse in which they...
The same as the richer countries depending on their wealth.
What is the unit of money in Iraq?   Currency in Iraq: Iraqi dinar (IQD)
The area of the Middle East Mesopotamia evolved slowly into a more  clearly defined region known as 'Iraq' when it was under Arab rule,  between the 10th and 13th Centuries. Iraq means 'old' in Arabic- it  was named because it covered the areas known to have been the  structured the oldest forms...
yes, the world will be a safer place without Saddam Hussein because he attacked Kuwait for no reason.infact he fought for exaggeration.
He had one brother who died of cancer at the age of 13
  No, its in Asia.Iraq is not in Africa it is in Asia.
The Tigris and the eurphate.
No! Saddam had Freemasons arrested and many were executed
Continuously allow UN weapons inspectors to make sure that Iraq was not trying to create weapons of mass destruction.
  Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait
The current leader of Iraq are Jalal Talabani, as the president, and Nouri al-Maliki as the prime minister.
Lets view some of Hussein's history: Assassinates a communist leader for the Baath Party in 1958 and spends six months in jail. In 1959, he attempts to assassinate the head of the Iraqi government. He is wounded and flees to Syria and then Egypt. The Baath Party overthrows the government in 1963...
Iraq is richer because of the trade and all their economies, Iraq is a rich country and so is Iran but Iraq is richer because of all of the oil they have sold during the war of America and Iraq. In conclusion, Iraq is the richer country.
There is not really a game entirely based on Iraq but Modern Warfare 2 has some levels that are in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  If your National Guard Unit is ordered on actiuve duty and sent to Iraq, YES.
Baghdad, Iraq is 7,477 miles [12,033 kilometers; 6,498 nautical miles] from Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes about 15.5 hours to fly from Las Vegas to Baghdad. Nevada is usually 11 hours behind Baghdad. But Iraq doesn't observe daylight saving time [DST] when the clock is set one hour ahead. During...
  There is no such thing
He was the leader of Iraq who invaded Kuwait.
Yes,he was caught on tape by a camera phone. His hanging was on  TV. 
Although the U.S. sells weapons to Iraq, both countries dislike each other immensly
Assyrian's/ Chaldeans/Syriac Those are the natives of Iraq, Syria and Southern Turkey.
He was a Muslim, according to a statement from Mutah Beale who wasin his band. "From Allah we belong to Allah we return it is confirmed ourbrother hussein fatal member of the outlawz returned to Allah lastnight due to a car accident. Our brother fatal did accept islam andWe ask Allah to have mercy...
Actually nowadays is about the same percentage of people live in Urban areas like in rural, unlike before the invasion which use to be highest rate in Urban areas and cities.
Because he was a psycho, maniac, egotist, egoist and king of falsehood.
Pacha, is a type of lamb with its intestines ripped out and stuffed with types of meats and vegetables. Also, Simich Masgoof which is a type of grilled fish is very famous. All varieties of rice and breads are eaten a lot as well as kabab and chicken. Yogurt is eaten is more of a liquid form and a...
Islam is the primary religion of Baghdad.
  Distance is 10,065 kilometers or 6254 miles or 5435 nautical miles. This distance is calculated from Cleveland Ohio to Baghdad Iraq. Source: Time and Date.com
He's showing his sincerity by constantly repeating himself.
Both are dead. Saddam Hussein was executed December 30, 2006, and Osama bin Laden was shot May 1, 2011.
hazrat jabir bin abdullah and hazrat huzaifa bin yaman
they like to play soccer in their free time as well as horse racing, backgammon, and chess
The flight distance from Iraq to United Kingdom is:2,662 miles / 4,283 km
I found out Nouri al-Maliki is the Prime minister of Iraq in 2010 but i and no sure when he became a prime minister
He'll feel very humiliated and insulted.    If you wish to offer some work advice to an Iraqi colleague there  are several steps you must engage in first. (1) You must talk to  him privately where nobody can overhear the conversation. (2) You  must preface your remarks by saying that you...
The lowest point is the Persian Gulf; 0 m
Iraq was the richest country's in the19s until the Americans started bombing and stole they're oil
The U.S. military turned over the administration of Iraq to an American civilian diplomat.
There are two leaders:Nouri al-Maliki - prime-minister of IraqJalal Talabani - president of Iraq
CAN SOMEONE GIVE A NEUTRAL ANSWER!! THIS IS AN EXAM QUESTION! . Answer Arguments Against Iraq War . Some of the smaller-minded of us would argue that US intervention in Iraq is wrong because our Congress was misled by the Bush Administration on the need to remove Saddam Hussein from power (which...
The exact definition of a genocide is "the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group." Sadam Husien had been killing a specific "tribe" of Iraqi citizens called"Kurds." On one account, Saddam had ordered planes to fly over the Kurds village and drop...
No. Although Iraq began a war with Iran while the Hostage Crisis was ongoing, it was seen by the US government as a war between two brutal dictatorships; both of them unfriendly to the United States, and a war in which the United States wanted neither side to win. Sadaam Hussein in Iraq was never...
  In his native country, Iraq, after a court found him guilty of crimes against humanity. Many believe that the court ruling was politically motivated.
Saddam Hussein's political party was the Republican Party.
For a time, the Ottomans controlled Iraq and shaped its past.
The Iraqi people are Sumero-Akkadians. descendants of Sumer and Akkad (Babylonia and Assyria). They speak Mesopotamian Arabic. Regardless of this ancestry, however, most Iraqis consider themselves Arab as a result of the process of Arabization that took place in the 8th and 9th centuries.
Desert like and mountainous. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the main rivers.
  Chelo Kebab (Rice with Kebab)  
There are numerous Iraqi cultures and ethnic groups ranging from  the Sunni Arabs to the Shiite Arabs, to the Marsh Arabs, to the  Kurds, the Yezidi, the Yarsan, the Turcomans, the Assyrians, the  Chaldeans, etc.
Iraq is on of the richest countries in the world in oil. America comes to Iraq to take the oil. Iraq is a country that carries billion and billions of money and that comes from the oil the American want to take
US is part of world Imperialism. shia is more political ans is seeking gaining power in world. Shia and Sunni have mostly same beliefs and both believe in fundamental beliefs of Islam. Today there is up to 260 sects in Islam that are in two main categories of shia and sunni. the conflict of shia...
they are shia Muslim (majority) and sunna Muslim. ...and the Kurdish people live in the north of Iraq. Also Muslim, but not yo mama.