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Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and is situated northwest of mainland Europe. It includes the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and has a total land area of about 81,638 square kilometers or 31,521 miles.
Irish stew, corn beef, with cabbage.
Two major cities in Ireland are Dublin and Cork.
You can just look at it or more commonly you can do the traditional thing and kiss it.
  == Answer ==   According to common tradition, the Irish name for Ireland, Éire, comes from Eriu.  The country is usually personified in feminine terms.   The name Érinn is derived from this.
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Irish Dancing involves many different dances. Competitive Irish Dancing however has four main ones. These are the reel, the jig, the hornpipe, and the treble jig. The jig however probably is the most widely known among Americans that don't Irish dance.
  An eleven letter word for Ireland is "Emerald Isle".
  The famous stone, celebrated by travel agents and tavern owners, is housed at http://www.answers.com/topic/blarney-castle, 6.5 miles NW of the city of Cork. One Cormac Mac-Carthy built the castle in the 15th century on the foundations of an English one from the previous century. For...
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Ireland does not have a prime minister. The corresponding role in Ireland is known as a Taoiseach. Bertie Ahern was Taoiseach at the start of 2008. Brian Cowen was Taoiseach from May of 2008.
The five countries contained within the British Isles are: England Scotland Wales (these three together are called Britain) Northern Ireland (with Britain, this makes the United Kingdom) Republic of Ireland (with the United Kingdom, this makes the British Isles)and technically the Isle of Man...
A thing in your ear! Wrong! It really meansIreland-
Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Armagh and Down all border the Republic of Ireland, the only county that does not is Antrim.
About 108 miles or 174 kilometres.
The Lion represents the British Crown. The Harp represents Ireland. The Book is pretty clearly for learning, because its' a University. I'm not certain why the castle, but I think it's probably a reference to the Dublin crest, which has 3 castles. The flags on the castle are St. George's &...
The 2011 census listed Ireland as having a population of 4,588,252. The population growth rate of Ireland is about 1.11%, one of the highest in all of Europe.
It depends on the person, a cup of tea or coffee and some toast is fast, many children just have cereals and juice, somtimes people have sausage, rashers and eggs with tea or coffee
Canada is a very big country. Toronto and Vancouver are thousands of miles apart.
The fighting in Northern Ireland is between 'Unionists' and  'Nationalists'. Unionists want to remain as apart of the UK, while  the Nationalists want Northern Ireland to be united with the  Republic of Ireland to make the Island of Ireland the one nation.   The fighting period known as 'The...
As of 2010, the Republic of Ireland maked a nominal GDP of $204.261 billion. ($204,261,000,000).
Traditionally in Ireland it is regarded as the 1st of February. For meteorologists, they would say the 21st of March.
The school with best grades this year was Ulidia Integrated College  in Carrickfergus.   Second is St Louis Grammar, Ballymena.    Aquinas Diocesan (Belfast), Wallace High (Lisburn), Lumen Christi  College (Londonderry) and Dalriada (Ballymoney) are also top  performers. However the list...
Yes, there are lots of hills and mountains in the Republic ofIreland.
How many days does it take to sail from belfast to Mexico
In Ireland, people dress according to the weather. For much of the  year round, people wear jeans or tracksuit bottoms and a jumper or  hoodie for casual wear. In the summer, many people wear shorts or  skirts and a t-shirt or vest top. In the cities, they dress more  formally. Men may wear...
it will take about 8 hours by airlines to travel
At the time of answering, the 28th of July 2014, the last electionof any kind were the European elections and local elections both inJune 2014. The last general election was in February 2011. The lastpresidential election was in October 2011.
Dundrum, near Dublin in Ireland uses the Euro. Dundrum in county Down, Northern Ireland, uses the pound Sterling.
Well you could but you would not see much that is barely time to see much of Belfast let alone the rest of the country. If you do some research prior then you can pick the parts you are interested in.
Like so many stone monuments such as the Muiredach cross, containreliefs which depict a story or several stories in the panels ofthe monument. This cross and its relief tell the story of Israeland the Messiah. The Muiredach cross is set upon a Celtic Cross. There are two panel sets .. one facing...
There are many towns in Ireland beginning with the letter T, but there is no city in Ireland that begins with the letter T. The term "city" is used very loosely in some countries and is often used for very small urban areas. That is not the case in Ireland. So while by the way some people think of a...
Ireland has a small, open and mixed economy. Strong elements on which it is based include food, agriculture, services, information technology, pharmaceuticals and tourism, amongst other things.
The same way the rest of the western world does.
No Ireland has not yet won a world cup.
Irish staple meal is potatoes and potatoes still feature inmany Irish meals like potat scones, potato muffins. More Irish dishes are soda bread and Irish stew
Simon Hamilton is the minister of finance in Northern Ireland as ofthe 5th of December 2013.
The answer you are looking for is Catholic and Protestant. However it would be wrong to categorise the violence in Northern Ireland as being down to religion. There are many factors, of which religion is just one. The two sides roughly divide by religion, but there are other things that divide them...
Mayfield, a housing estate on the north side of cork city.
Yes, its normal to call people by their first name once you have been introduced to them.
The 19th amendment of the constitution of Ireland revised of articles 2 and 3 of the constitution. All people born in the land of Ireland were allowed to be part of the Irish Nation. Previously it was declared that the lands were part of a single 'national territory'. This claim of a 'national...
The flight from Calgary to Dublin is 9 hours long.
This is because rainforests are closer to the equator than Ireland is, we have a temperate climate.
Probably peat.  
Ireland is 236 miles long from the northern most point, to the  southern most point. It is 175 miles across at its widest point.
There is no direct train between Cork and Belfast. So to travel to Cork from Belfast by train you would get a train to Dublin and then get a train from Dublin to Cork.
There really is no better. It's up to you and your tastes. . Ireland is a lot smaller than the USA, . There isn't a lot of violence (There's a lot inAmerica), so it is much safer. . Guns are hard to get a hold of, though people don't want tohave them, as there is no gun culture. (The Irish...
Despite many claims by different people through history, Shaun Aisbitt is the tallest medically verified living person standing at a little over 7'3" (2m 24cm). He was measured in 1985 at being 6' 11" by the Late Late show and won the title of the tallest man in Ireland at that time. His waxwork can...
We don't have a prime minister, we have the Taoiseach. Currently the Taoiseach is Enda Kenny.
The original Irish came from what is now northern Spain after the last Ice Age. The Irish Y-DNA is very similar to that of the Basque people. The people of that region are usually dark-haired as many Irish are, light-skinned (when not tanned), and some have blue eyes as well as lighter shades of...
  white top and black underneath....you'll look like a pint of guiness! ;-D
Ireland and England's borders do not touch, they are of separate  islands and the country of Wales takes up a lot of the space  between them.
It is cheaper to fly from London to Dublin than to rent a car in  London and drive (and catch a ferry across the Irish sea) to  Dublin. If you shop around you can get some very good value air  fairs from London to Dublin.
  Granard, Co. Longford
North Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, Celtic sea, North Channel, and Saint George's Channel. Scotland, England, Wales, Isle of Man.
At the 2011 census, the population for greater Dublin was1,273,069.
Cork, Limerick, Clare, Galway, Offaly, Laois, Kilkenny and Waterford
There are 288.22 straight line miles between London and Dublin and  there are 371.21 by road.
Kissing the Blarney stone is supposed to bestow on the kisser the 'gift of the gab,' the ability to talk lots about anything and nothing.
Saint Patrick brought the catholic religion to Ireland and baptised many people.
GMT : +0:00 A few minutes different to EnglandIt is 20.18pm
There are many castles found in Ireland. Some of these include  Ballyloughan Castle, Tinnahinch Castle, Castlelake House, as well  as Tyredagh Castle.
Go to Blarney Castle in Ireland - you lean down off the roof and kiss the stone.
The biggest cities in Ireland are Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford
what are 2 major occupations in ireland
In saying PM you refer to Prime Minister. Ireland does not have a  Prime Minister. The head of an Irish government is called the  Taoiseach. John Bruton was the Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland  in 1995.
Ireland has several so called magic numbers. The first and oldest  is 3. The other ones are 5, 7, 9, and 11.
Yes its perfectly legal, the only stipulation is that they must advertise the fact that the bar is 21's or over, usually with a plaque of some sort near the door.
It followed the migration of the Irish to the Americas following the potatoe famine. It was however a truly US commercial invention.
Michael D. Higgins is the current president of Ireland and succeeded Mary McAleese on the 11th of November 2011.
Just to name a few! Actors: Sarah Bolger (In America, The Spiderwick Cronicles) Kenneth Brannagh (Harry Potter, Hamlet) Pierce Brosnan (James Bond, Mamma Mia!) Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood, My Left Foot) Colin Farrell (Intermission, In Bruges) Sir. Michael Gambon (Harry Potter) ...
  The prevailing winds reach Ireland after traveling across the Atlantic ocean, where they pick up a lot off moisture. This moisture is depostied on Ireland as rain, which helps plants to grow and this is why it is green.
aul fella / aul lad / aul boy / da
The closest language to irish is Sanskrit.Both were colonized by the Brits for 400 yrsThe Tri-colours are the sameAnd both ended up as call centres for American businesses
  People think that the island of Ireland looks rather like a parrot.
  Guinness!, bud, heineken, miller, bulmers...
Ireland is an island that is divided into the Republic of Ireland,  which is independent, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the  United Kingdom. The land itself is mostly made up of plains and low  lying mountains.
The estimated population of Ireland in 2008 was 4.35 million  people. The 2014 estimate puts the population of Ireland at 4.68  million people.
In the same way as in other countries: By sea and air.
No. I never heard of it being used, so it must not be used. Themain languages are English and Irish.
its a colour, it means much the same as it does in every other country.
An Irish address typically has 4 or 5 lines and does not have any postal code. The address will include the street, town or townland, county and if necessary also the country. So it could be something like this: Mr John Smyth 1 X Street X Town County X Ireland
That depends on the flight you take. There aren't any directs, but  the shortest through Amsterdam is about 4.5 hours
About 204 kilometres or 126 miles.
The Shannon rises in the Shannon Pot, a small pool on the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain in County Cavan, and flows into the Shannon Estuary west of the city of Limerick.
Ireland officially became part of the United Kingdom in 1801.
McGiffert/McGifford is a family lineage apparently beginning in Scotland to Strangford Lough in Ireland and then to America. It appears all caucasian McGifferts in America are related to this one family though there was probably more than one emigration from the old country. The earliest McGiffert...