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Dinosaurs are a prehistoric species that lived on Earth from 230 to 65 million years ago.
well there reptile so they could of buried there eggs in the ground
Unknown. No one knows how long any dinosaur eggs took to hatch.
It's a synonym for the genus Apatosaurus. There are rules for the naming of all organisms and they boil down to a first-come-first-served proviso. The fossils of this particular animal, when first found, were incomplete, but enough was available to establish the existence of a new dinosaur, and it...
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By fossilisation and permineralisation.  Fossilisation is caused by layers upon layers of sediment  burying the bones. As the layers of sediment above the buried bones  increases, so does the pressure on the layers of sediment lower  down. The pressure becomes so great that the bones and the ...
The short answer is "No." Years ago some anthropologists came across what is referred to as the "Paluxy Tracks." The Paluxy Tracks seemingly showed dinosaur and human footprints alongside one another, dating to the same time period. However, after much controversy it was determined that the "human"...
Well it did produce meat for carnivores
The dinosaurs have been projected to have died around the menosoic  era which is exactly 69.4 million years ago. The most common theory  why is that an asteroid hit Earth and giant tsunamis emerged from  earthquakes under the india-Asia continental plate. Which destroyed  all sea and animal life...
Mean surface temperature over period duration 16.5 °C is the  closest I could find. 
Dinosaurs were once considered reptiles, but now they are thought to be a separate group of their own closely related to reptiles and birds.
no it was a carnivore or plant eater
It is not generally thought that any of the dinosaurs could survive an ice age unless they were able to travel to warmer areas where food was available. Woolly Mammoths were not dinosaurs but mammals.
the tree died about 65 million years ago along with many other  species of dinosaurs. They died by an asteroid in most scientific  theories including mine, and I'm a science teacher
The world's first creature was scientifically micro organisms. But some religions say otherwise.
There were many sub species of T rex such as the bronchi, the  scroter, and the ankli. But the main T rex which dominated the  Jurrasic period and all of east Africa, Central Europe and Southern  South America was the astounding Tyranni Rexamo
Yes, in 1971. The human found has been dubbed "Malachite Man", but  many argue that he had been buried in a collapsed mine.
like many other extinct animals/ things that were at the  dinosaur age  either died because a huge volcanic explosion or an asteroid hit  them all 
Pterodactyls were animals and thus consumers.
Fossils of dinosaurs and mammals have been found in the same strata. Mammal bones have been found in the stomachs of some predatory dinosaurs.
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First, it had really long claws to be able to kill its prey fairly  quickly.   Second, it was very fast, so it could sneak up and kill its prey  even if the prey tried to run away.   And third, it could jump fairly high so when it climbed on its  prey, it would be able to get it easier.  ...
Paleontologists can never be sure because we have not observed these magnificent beasts ourselves but most likely yes because of its small size it would not be able to hunt large herbivores itself so it was forced to eat babies but that is not suppliant considering animal parent protection and...
Type your answer here... A t rex was alive for 3,227
Si Carlitos Aligato ay isang bakulaw na nakatira sa Paradise Cogon Compostela Cebu Philippines.Anak Nina Epifanio Aligato at Virginia Amor may isang kapatid na si Richa Amor Aligato.Kasalukuyang nagaaral sa CNHS at may edad na 15 dekadang gulang isinilang noong April 8 1994 at namatay noong pebrero...
I think that it is USA. It is quite big and there have been man  discoveries there.
There are several large craters in the earth and one of them may  have killed them off.
Teeth, fore and back claws, physical body, tail armour, body armour  and horns.
The most popular carnivore is probably the Tyrannosaurus Rex while the most popular herbivore is the Triceratops.
scientists really don't know how to answer that question yet, but  most people say it got killed by a meteorite, then so be it.
No the ankylosaurus was about 10 feet tall and 20 feet long
Certainly the most famous dinosaur is the t-rex, but there were  many other larger dinosaurs. The biggest carnivore is spinosaurus.  The smallest is Microraptor. Deinonychus was well known for its  unique upright claw, and Triceratops has an  impressive set of horns. The Parasaurolophus could...
From the trassic period to the cretaceous period (about 225 years  ago to 65 years ago)
Yes they hunt and live in a pack
  Look for a claw in the top right corner
they leave there eggs behind they dont care for they have to grow up on there own with no support or protection.
The tyrannosaurus Rex was about 20 feet tall, the height of a two story building, when stretching to full height. In a normal walking posture, a tyrannosaurus Rex would walk horizontally to the ground, unlike a human, which would cause it to be about 12 feet at the shoulder, a little higher at the...
Dinosaur Species In Australia --    Atlascopcosaurus  Australovenator  Austrosaurus  Diamantinasaurus  Fulgurotherium  Grallator  Kakuru  Leaellynasaura  Minmi  Muttaburrasaurus  Ozraptor  Qantassaurus  Rapator  Rhoetosaurus  Serendipaceratops  Timimus  Walgettosuchus ...
Triceratops are preys
The tyrannosaurus rex is a predator feeding on anything it could fit in its mouth
the triceratops guarded its babies by charging at predators and  stomping its foot much like how a bull does when its going to  charge
Most likely the plant eaters died first, then the carnivores.
The Ichthyosaurus was a dolphin-like creature that was found in  water. Differences between the dolphin today and the Ichthyosaurus  would be a longer snout and smaller dorsal fin.
Dinosaurs have been alive in the Mesozoic Era. The Mesozoic Era consist of three time periods the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. The Triassic is the oldest part of the Mesozoic Era. The Cretaceous is the youngest part of the Mesozoic Era. The Triassic period had started 227 million years ago...
It looks like a Draciasourus but it a little bit smaller and it has  a thin tail at the end and when it is threatened it can swing its  tail around and make a whip sound and scare its predators
The Late Triassic epoch was a part of the Triassic period of the  Mesozoic era. It was divided into, in chronological order, the  Carnian, Norian, and Rhaetian ages.
All dinosaurs were different shapes and sizes. Try to be a bit morespecific.
Great model in NY's museum of natural history.
Good question. Not many people know the answer to that one, but I believe the current theory is that oxygen levels were higher. Nobody knows for sure, though.
You can compare it to a water buffalo because a male water  buffalo can weight up to 2 tons 
it is very likely because they are very closely related to birds and birds do sing to there offspring.
because he knew his enemy was were his tail was
Wide enough to swallow an average 4th grader.
The pterandon was a flying reptile and not a dinosaur as many  people believe. It is believed that they died out and became  extinct due to a direct meteor hit to the Earth.
Probably. We haven't yet found all the possible dinosaurs, but those which have been discovered were all tailed creatures.
alligators, crocodiles and a few of the larger lizard species are the only surviving members of the dinosaur family still alive today.none except in museums.on the discovery channel they said that there are 10 remaining dinosaurs in the world. two were found so far. one of them is held captive in...
It was a bunch of ferns and really tall trees
  depends on the dinosaur
Yes they are hollow like a birds bones. which indicates that a  dinosaur was more bird than reptile after all but some had bones  that were not hollow.
Yes. Dinosaurs and pterosaurs were both archosaurs, a branch that also include crocodilians.
Yes. All dinosaurs had amniotic eggs.
they fly about 45mph and walk 2mph
Laurence Tureaud.
All animals have reproductive organs. The reproductive organs on dinosaurs were most likely located in between the legs (much like the majority of mammalian and reptilians species alive today)  The way the tails are mounted the thought is they may have organs like the birds of today.
Pterosaur is the modern and proper name for "pterodactyl."
Allosaurus is no where near being as large as a tyrannosaurus Rex.  tyrannosaurus Rex is 40 feet long and the Allosaurus is only 35  feet long
Most dinosaurs are reptilian, with scales. However it is possible that some dinosaurs are warm blooded. Plesiosaurs, Ichythosaurs, Mosasaurs, and Pterosaurs aren't dinosaurs; they're just related to them.
that's like saying what are the role of humans on earth or bears or whatever. they have no roles but to survive, evolve and do whats in their nature.
The Earth will be filled by dinosaurs and we will get extinct,every thing will start again so shut up
They survived like how we are surviving right now. Getting the basice needs to live.
Water is pretty much the same in all times and places. Jurassic water would have been somewhat purer than today's, thanks to human pollution, but not significantly better than water in North America before Columbus. As for microbes and plant matter, those would have been slightly different, but the...
  Food and more food and more food.
Well you can't really because dinosaurs are extinct.
That is technically impossible because dinosaurs are extinct and that means that they are gone.