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Bowling is a fun and healthy sport in which players try to score points by rolling a ball through a lane towards the target pins or balls. Bowling varies in different countries, but still the fun never changes.
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60 feet long, 39 inches wide
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12 pound balls is the amazing weight. 12 pounds if you calculate  the density of it is almost exactly 1 and the density of water is 1  gram per cubic centermeters
Generally your first step is the pushaway. You want to drop the ball into the swing and start moving your foot at the same time. The precise moment your foot hits the ground your elbow should be locked. The second step is usually a little behind the bowler but not too far. This is a really hard step...
The cost of a bowling game will vary but usually runs around five  dollars. Some bowling alleys may charge a couple of dollars extra  for a shoe rental.
That depends on your league's rules. For example, in my league  we take 90% of the difference from 240. This is not common, but we  have a lot of high average bowlers (not me) on our league. Many  leagues may use 200.  So, 240 -141= 99. 90% of 99 = 89. 
That's called a hook. Developing a good one is essential to getting the best scores, and the most fun from bowling.
  A 7-10 split is practically the hardest split in this sport. To explain, I have drawn a diagram...   7 8 9 10   4 5 6   2 3   1   The 7 and the 10 are the furthest away from the bowler and are the furthest away from each other than any other two pin combination. This is why a 7...
it would cost around 80-100 dollars but it depends on how many people are going
1 is check your fingers first so you won't break them
There isn't an established average. It can vary depending on the existing skill levels of the players.
It is necessary as it is needed for you to slide to have the  perfect finishing position and for you not to stand up
to get more potential energy that means more kinetic energy so they can trow itfaster etc.
The format is named after Frank K. Baker , former executive secretary treasurer of the American Bowling Congress, the predecessor to the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). Frank K. Baker devised the Baker system of scoring in the 1950's while he was ExecutiveSecretary of the American ...
They usually have numbers that indicate the number of pounds on the sides. I like the 6 ones!
well the ball could fall on their foot and Deon is  awesome
"The Sport of TenPin Bowling" is a sport.
They will roll towards the far end of the lane.
Australian bowler Jason Belmonte became the first player to ever  get a 300.
Three strikes in a row is called a "turkey".
Behind the lane, there is a pinsetter that is fed pins and automatically stands them up in the places they should.
An illegal ball is an ball over 16 pounds.
60 feet.The same length from the pitcher's mound to home plate.
5 strikes in a row in bowling is called a "Lamb Shank"
The heaviest ball you can throw is 16 pounds its illegal to throw anything over that.
  Knocking them down...one pin at a time
You get ten points plus however many you score on your next two rolls.
The anchor bowler
No. The 10th frame is one of three deliveries. You only get a third delivery if you mark on the first (strike) or second (spare) delivery. An open in the 10th frame means you do not get a third delivery.
well,you pick up the round ball throw at the right things and keep it on the lanes
There is no definite answer for when you are old enough to bowl. The youngest I have seen bowling are three or four years old. The lightest balls that some bowling alleys have are six pounds, but the standard lightest balls are 8 pounds. A three year old should be able to lift this, but they are...
They are simply called bowlers. The first bowler in a team's lineup  is often referred to as the lead off and the final bowler is call  the anchor.
Most bowlers thake 3-5 steps before throwing the ball.
As of 4-13-2015, the number of 300 games Bob Learn has bowled is  115.
The weight block or core may or may not be evenly distributed  within the sphere. When it is not is is call asymmetric.
Dry lanes refer to a lower amount of oil on the lanes than the bowler is used to, generally resulting in a much larger hook, or curve in the path of the ball down the lane.
In 2010, there were about 5,000 bowling alleys in the united  states, but it has been declining rapidly since 1990.
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Lawn bowling is not an Olympic sport, but it is recognised by the  IOC.
AL- Justin Verlander of the Detriot Tigers NL - Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers
A bowling ball can classify as an X-Out for any of the following reasons: Unique Pin/CG Placement, Top Weight, and Mass Bias LocationSmall Pitting/Defects in the CoverstockDiscoloration Normally, a X-Out will have all of the same reaction characteristics as a "1st Quality" ball but has been labeled...
Charley Starcher Bowling Construction. He was a sub-contractor for AMF. He installed the lanes under the order of Richard Nixon when the lane was built under the North driveway.
because they think it is fun
On a scoring card, you mark an "X" that covers the whole box.
to work out an average you add all the final game scores together and then divide this number by the number of games you added together.
10 or 20 minutes. depends how fast or slow you play
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Jim Hosier from Wayne, NJ has a 111 recorded 300 games according to the USBC Record book.
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It is a ball that was made by columbia. The ball would absorb the oil from "wet" lanes so that it could "bleed" the extra oil when bowling on a "dry" lane.
The virtual gravity bowling ball is one of the most highly reactive bowling ball in the world.
Practice Makes Perfect My Friend!
The general amount among people in the industry is that installing the lanes would be 40-50 thousand per lane in your new center. Then add your Bar/Kitchen/ Bathrooms/Locker Room and there you have it
  between the widest parts of each pins, the width is approx. 8 1/4 inches.   depending on the pinsetter's condition.
A bowling ball is made up of a plastic outercore
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yes. if you throw a 6lb ball it will look like its going to be a strike but the ball ends up being to light to knock down all the pins causing the ball to deflect not hit like it should
In bowling, CG stands for Center of Gravity and is the area of a bowling ball that is the heaviest.
The weight of a ball shall not exceed 16.00 pounds. There is no minimum weight.
A "line" is the term used for one game by one bowler.
The channel or gutter are the trought areas to the right and left  of the lane itself. The channel is out-of bounds. Once a ball falls  in the channel it is a dead ball. If it bounces out and knocks down  a pin, that pin must be reset.
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The name for a pin standing directly behind another pin, making it hard to see, e.g. 8 behind 2, 5 behind 1 or 9 behind 3. 
I currently use the Columbia 300 resurgence and it works amazing for my shot. i don't think you could go wrong with it, for as the Lev-RG i don't like the core of it
The best way to do this is to make a chart with the available times. Then, ask around the teams to find out which times best fit their own personal schedules. Fill in the chart according to your collected information. Good luck!
It depends on if you are speaking of the American Tenpin Bowling, Canadian Tenpin Bowling, Duckpin bowling, Candlepin bowling, etc.
You cannot. It is 10-pin bowling.
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