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Don't quote me on this, but unfortunately, I don't believe there is a LEGAL ramification but EMOTIONAL/MENTAL distress to the child definitely. I would think it is a tremendous NO NO in the eyes of the Court, toward the offending party (in other words, the person who tries this). My ex husband tried…
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You need to select a type of cloth that is not affected by heat and won't rot soon.
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%REPLIES% Answer It could be several things. Take it to a trans shop for a correct diagnoises. Answer It could be your governor. Located under the dust cover on the rear part of trans case. Pop the cap and pull out and inspect. The gears seem to break a lot. Also ck how clean it is. Go onl…
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spray wd40 in all the latches then open and shut all the doors a couple of times
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Faulty relay. Or electrical problem. Lets just hope in your case its the relay. In my girlfriends Toyota corolla the relay was the one inside the drivers compartment just under the fuse box. The local autowreckers had one for $2.In my case it was a little more complicated than this though. I replace…
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it's the narrow one...the wider one is for a mag timing device...
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on a Nissan 280zx from 1979 to 1981 everything on the entire car is the same even down to the body doors and hatch
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Sr22 Insurance Yes, an SR22 and an SR-22 are the same thing
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IF in-law got a judgment against her and attached community property or she signed the title over to in-law somehow.
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I would say yes only based on personal things. My husband questioned me all the time. He even told everyone I was cheating. Well he left me after 11 years of marriage and two children for a friend of ours. Still to this day he denies that he was ever doing anything and I caused the whole thing by hi…
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Of an artistic form or feature: native or peculiar to a particular country or locality; esp (of architecture) consisting of or concerned with domestic and functional rather than monumental buildings. The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1993. tomy ownunderstanding…
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Answer You are cooking it too hot or it is because you are adding your cold ingredients to the hot to fast Answer Milk is sour Answer Your eggs might not be fresh enough, and again you have heated it to too high a temperature then you need to beat in the cold ingredients with a wooden spoon…
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Yes, it could be costly depending on what would need to be done to install the track..   It shouln't be too hard but you would need to consult a pool expert on the proper way to attach the track that the vinyl is attached to. But remember that once a vinyl liner is used the pool can not be dr…
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Hi Karly,A phone interview isn't necessarily a positive sign. If they're in another city it could be just that they don't want to fly you out until they know you're a good prospect.But it sounds like you have a special situation here, given that you've worked with them before.Good luck!
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Possibly. The trustee will take into consideration that the filer has assets to purchase property. It is possible that the bankruptcy can be dismissed, due to lack of good faith on the part of the debtor.
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Answer It is nothing to worry about. Do a search using the term for more info. You need to update spybot
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You can change your mind anytime, you aren't under contract to do a refinance with any lender. You can walk out at the closing if you feel like it, never let anyone pressure you to sign for a loan you know is bad or even have a bad feeling about.As a footnote most states have what's called 3 days of…
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My paternal grandfather, Theodore Woodman Cunningham, came from Bucksport, Maine. The story my father told me was that Jonathan Buck, the founder of Bucksport, burned a witch. As she burned, her foot charred and fell off. She shouted at Buck that this would be a sign on his tombstone. Sure enough, …
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You can not give your cat any type of over the counter or prescription medication. This is toxic and will kill your feline. Only a licensed Vet can prescribe and administer any type of medication, to your feline. If the Sedation you are speaking of is a (local or general) this is administered by…
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Because that is the only kind of question that has been asked on this topic, maybe? If someone would ask some questions about female to male abuse, then you'd find them here, too.   IMO, it would be, very few males are willing to admit they are being abused. Abuse of both and by both genders …
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You have a few choices. 1) Confront the person(s). 2) Adapt your behavior. 3) QuitThis piece of advice came to me through a "how to deal with difficult people" seminar and from the entire seminar, it was the one thing that stuck with me.     What kinds of abuse are officially illegal wh…
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%REPLIES% Answer IT HAS BEEN WITH MY VERBAL ABUSER YES THEY DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES THEM FEEL SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT. Answer my experience with my ex narcissist is an overwhelming YES!! he would even get crushes on television personalities, office co-workers, anyone. Answer It is as com…
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You don't. Pain and frustration are normal reactions to a failed relationship. But you use them to grow and heal. You have to be brutally honest with yourself. You are either in a bad pattern of picking the wrong person, or you have some sort of problem within yourself. Either way I hope you wi…
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It is possible, especially when they are in the "manic" phase of the illness, particularly if they experience psychotic symptoms, such as hearing voices or having delusional beliefs. When bi-polar people are "high" they lose their usual inhibitions, which would include the inhibition not to be v…
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Hi Angela"Foreign"?Of the major participants in WWII, only Japan and the Soviet Union had not signed the Hague and Geneva conventions concerning treatment of POWs (and civilian internees). Thus all other states were bound by it and by and large all other states abided by it too, at least in relation…
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It isn't necessrily bad. It just depends on an individuals beliefs and opinions. Everyone needs to do what they think is the right way for them.   I think a lot of it has to do with religion. I don't know where they get it from but I know that is something frowned upon in the Catholic relig…
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(All advice is generic and incomplete of necessity. Apply as fits, and use your own brains.) Bachelor parties are common and acceptable by most in today's society. If you are upset, explore strengthening trust in the relationship. Bachelor parties are a harmless way to celebrate a man's last day a…
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Most certainly they do and it can be a great balance. I find being attracted to someone who is somewhat different than oneself is most exciting. Give it a shot! My husband is quiet, slightly introverted and shy, while I am talkative and very extroverted. We have known each other almost 37 years and…
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Leave him.The resons to support your decision would be i)he doesn't respect u enough to treat you well for one doesn't call your spouse with names if he is a mature and loving person ii)Now its a verbal abuse but soon it will turn into a physical one too. I am telling you this out of my personal exp…
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By mass, they are classified as liquids. However, if one examines the intermolecular attractions in between the molecules, gels will appear solid. Therefore, gels are classified somewhere in between.
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You get a NON fake attorney and sue the fake man.  Firt of all ther is a crime comp called NCIC That goes all over the country If your police refuse to render aid as a paid public servent you can go to your state police They have more honor anyways And you don't need a lawyer ,you do have D.A.…
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Legally yes, but if you are 13-16 you are still your parents resposibility until you are 18.
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check with your local mint most likey its fake if not your a lucky basterd because a crazy coin collecter will pay big bucks no doubt   "Your local mint"??? Like there's one in every shopping mall!! This is a magician's coin made outside the US Mint by milling down two real quarters and gluin…
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Strattera can help with concentration and memory problems. It takes approximately 7-10 days to see an effect. Dizziness is a normal side effect that should lessen.
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Answer only if you have installed a pressure release valve as part of your main drain assembly. this ensures that pressure from underground water does not build up. this means your pool will not be pushed out or up by ground water. you may have to deal with underground water finding its way into …
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Answer An incompletion is a pass that is not caught by the offense or defense. A pass that is caught by the defense is called an interception. A pass that is caught by the offense is called a reception.
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On dreams that comes true; We often count only those dreams that comes true (few), and forget about the dreams that don't come true (many). One way to experiment is to record all dreams after they occur and count the hits and the misses. new answer Yes it can mean that your dreams are seeing the …
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The Era of Ancient Life.
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There is nothing that speaks louder than love. Proving love to someone means that you really do love them and that speaks louder than love too. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but say, "I don't love you, I cherish you and every moment I'm with you." That sentence alone means more than love. …
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Yes, you use R-134A. The low pressure intake valve is right in front of the engine, in the middle of the car (side-to-side) and about12" down on a silver metal pipe. Remove the cap, take your adapter (at the end of the hose) and pop it onto the intake valve. It will not fit onto the high pressure in…
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Answer Hard to say as to what will work 100%, but I use silicone spray, after cleaning it. I assume that you mean the spongy barrier between the door and the jam. I think that armorall would also be ok. Answer I believe the company is "Mothers" , but the product is called "Back to Black" it …
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There is no such thing as a 1991 Dodge Diplomat, last year for them was 1989.
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Not knowing which state the incident occurred in, a specific answer is not possible. Some potential charges could be, obstruction of justice charges to be filed or making a false police report. What would determine the type of charges and penalties that might be sought, is the action that was taken …
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A motherboard is basically a brain of the computer. It controls everything your computer does, it's controls your RAM, HDD, etc. The HP I'm on right now uses a AMD Athlon X2 motherboard. - Actually, the brain of the computer is the CPU (Control Processing Unit). The motherboard, holds the CPU and ot…
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A constitution is a framework of laws and principles that establish the function, nature, offices, powers, and limits of an organization such as giving people equal rights
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Diamond Baseball Field If you look at it, it's really a square. It only looks like a diamond if you look at from directly behind home plate (or one of the other bases.)If you want four bases all the same distance apart, that forces it to be a rhombus. But it would be weird if 3rd base was closer to…
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Answer before doing anything to the vehicle check your oil level and quality. try changing your oil and getting something with a higher viscosity (thicker) try a 20/50 . since the oil will be thicker it will act as a cushion between the lifters and the camshaft or lifter and the pushrods. if yo…
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If you know you are pregnant and you've had youre period three times in a month there is probably somthing wrong. As far as i know women do not get their periods throughout the pregnancy.
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Answer i think that love and hate mean that u love someone and hate that person at the same time THE LOVE OF A TATOO IS LIKE THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR A BOYFRIEND,ONE WEEK YOU LOVE HIM AND THE NEXT WEEK YOU HATE HIM,BUT A TATOO IS THERE FOR EVER UNLIKE A BOYFRIEND. .....even though that's quite cute…
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Your truck uses a vaccum servo that pulls in the front differential when you shift the lever. On mine when this happened, I foumd that one of the vaccum hoses simply was pulled off. Follow the lines to make sure they are connected.
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You start by realizing that you deserve better. The person acting like a control freak is the one who should have the guilty conscience. A controlling relationship is unhealthy and has the potential to lead to worse behaviors. There are still some decent people in this world who want healthy, loving…
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I think you mean 180 grain, but the trajectory would depend too much on the speed of the bullet to give you any answers. There are too many 30 caliber rounds out there to provide you with an idea. If you can name me a specific round of ammunition, I would answer.
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The opposite meaning for the word "benefits" can be detriments, drawbacks, harm or liabilities. Anything that is negative as opposed to positive can be interpreted as an opposite to benefits.
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Answer Sorry, but absolutely not. The person may be able to file a Chapter 13, which may not be the best solution but may be the only viable option. Bankruptcy is always break only meant as and intended to be used because of special circumstances.
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Each countries has its own legal minimum age limit.Check the related link is has interactive map for both men and women.
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Answer Questions that are more specific than this one.
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1. The state of being liquid.2. The quality of being readily convertible into cash: an investment with high liquidity.3. Available cash or the capacity to obtain it on demand: a bank that is increasing its liquidity by shortening the average term of its loans.Liquidity, as a term, in the world of In…
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Proactive Planning It is the opposite of reactive, which is waiting for failure. Proactive is the changing of parts before they fail. As an example, on a scheduled down day, major components are checked for wear. Depending on the process, this can be very time consuming, but the efficiency a…
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Answer Well, there is a law for telemarketing in US. If you tell them" Take me out of the list" they have to do it. So if you have to say that in Spanish, that would be " sacame de la lista" or " por favor no deseo que llames mas". All is recorded and like I said is the law; and it works becaus…
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Well, there might be a number of answers to that question but you are probably thinking of Henry Tudor, better known as King Henry VIII.
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: Based on immediacyStop breathing as much as you can. You will realize.: A simple answer   Life is as precious as you make it.The value depends on what value, you give it.: Value based on the merits of progress   Life is invaluable.Consider intelligent life and the meaning, purpose, a…
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To answer your question; yes to the first part, possibly for the second, and not likely to the third. It takes a special kind of selfish for a woman to leave her children. Supposedly, women have incredible ties to children and most would rather be killed themselves than be separated from them.A woma…
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On March 14, 2007, the FDA issued a warning regarding the risks associated with Ambien and similar drugs. It warned that Ambien and similar drugs can cause "complex sleep-related behaviors which may include sleep-driving, making phone calls, and preparing and eating food (while asleep)." When this h…
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Very well! I work very well as part of a team.
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I just purchased a nice 74 recently.took it apart to clean.make sure gun is unloaded and decocked!then push the pin at the rear of the receiver push bolt to the rear and remove,simple enough.with the bolt assembley you now have to drive a pin out of the latch that catches the fireing pin and remove.…
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An unfair comparison can be rewritten as "a discriminatory association". One-sided, lopsided, uneven, unjust, biased
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He/she shouldn't have to clarify preseed because if you do not know then you shouldn't be trying to answer the question.......It is a sperm friendly lubricant. clarify pre-seed there is no scientific term
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Sometimes it is necessary to get an unbiased mediator. Marriage counselors are trained at helping in just that kind of problem and most are very capable. Don't try to face this by yourself.
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Answer I work witha team pretty well.
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The used person could be described as . . . . . . a patsy, dupe, expendable, fall-guy, pigeon, sucker, victim, pushover, sap, jay, scapegoat, boob, can-carrier, chump, dupe, easy mark, easy touch, fool, goat, lamb to the slaughter, left holding the bag, mark, patsy, prize sap, schlemiel, sitting …
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A Cavalier can sputter do to a number of things. Cars sputter due to bad spark plugs, bad compression, broken engine mounts, or even a failing catalytic converter.
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Answer You find a girl that believes in you or you will never be happy in the relationship. Y-THINK-Y
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Answer Please give us a little more information as to why your spouse doesn't trust you. There must be a reason and we would need to know that to give you advice. Thanks
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You could replace them. Also, you could polish the lens using a mild abrasive like tooth paste and a high speed buffer. Thirdly, they make a coating for the lens. Ask your local auto parts store about it.I used a glass ceramic cooktop cleaner used for glass stove tops. It took about 5 minutes per le…
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Yes Well l do know a lot about this game. Ok, well the answer is yes, to go to the park and call someone at the park and chat a lot. Then go and buy a ice cream and then chat. Then buy one for the person you called to come there and chat. Then you will talk about a restaurant and chat. Then it wi…
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Playing 18 Holes 3-4 hours depending on how many in your group and how many on the course 3-4 hours is ideal. Depending on where (local municipal or resort course), when (weekend or Tuesday morning), and popularity, you can be looking at 5+ hours, easily
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No, Nobody really knows the exact time they got pregnant due to the fact that sperm lives inside of you for 72 hours. There is probably nothing wrong with your baby. You are probably just a couple of days behind as you expected.
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Answer Meeting online is not a signature to base your future on something so serious as you moving to the U.S. (not that simple) or her moving to India (not simple either.) There is a big cultural difference going on. If you are from the Indian culture then you know very well how strict your f…
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Standard home tubs are 5 ft long. If the rough opening is 5 ft, you can slip in a tub. There are some mobile home tubs that are even smaller.ANS 2 - I've seen bathrooms as small as 7x7 feet with tub, toilet and sink/vanity.
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Answer The 2.5 liter H4 engine has a major problem with getting blown head gaskets. Mine had this problem at only 50,000 miles. The coolant then backs up inside the container and your engine overheats drastically. If you don't get it fixed quickly you can blow your engine.
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I had this problem when it rained. It would help if you gave more info. Check ur ignition cables/spark plugs. keep 'em clean and dry of moisture.
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Uh, coz you're a sexy dresser, maybe I'm just guessing. Just a silly wild-ass guess. Could it be that you are a sexy dresser? Do you wear tight clothes? Show some skin? Wear great shoes or just the right type and amount of bling? Are you up on the latest fashion? Do you wear things tha…
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Leave him!If he goes ta work,pack your stuff and go, your a free woman,u shouldn't be stuck with him,change ur cell # and only tell one person were ur going.It has to be a person u realy,realy trust though,o.k so u so this and quick!don't wait!  You didn't say whether you had just fallen out o…
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Answer have the rack and pinion inspected. Answer Has the box/rack been tampered with before? Sounds like you have the pipes switched over. www.powerbrakeandsteering.co.za
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Check eBay in Sports / hunting / Vintage. They are up for bid every week.
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Answer Most likely you will have to change the trans mount & the drive shaft length. CJ5s didn't come with autos because the wheelbase is so short & autos are so long that they couldn't get good geometry from the end of the trans to the rear diff. You can use a 727 Automatic from a Wagon…
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Opposite of FutilityAccording to the website Answers.com, the word futility has several meanings:The quality of having no useful result; uselessness.Lack of importance or purpose; frivolousness.A futile act.Antonyms would therefore include fruitfulness and usefulness.In the context of futility as po…
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Answer A microphone converts sound into electrical impulses. A speaker converts electrical impulses into sound. Answer Because they both work on the same principle, a changing electrical field (the audio signal) in a coil causes a magnet within the coil to vibrate in tandem. The magnet is att…
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Answer i would suggest you terminate this relationship due to fact that she is a minor. depends depends? have you hade sex? and why the heck would there be a relationship between you anyway! He may not be subject to being arrested and charged with a criminal offense, but the mother could get…
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Anotonyms for salutation (meaning greeting) would be dismissal or farewell.Antonyms for salutation (meaning praise) are disapproval, demerit, calumny, condemnation, or criticism.We say hello with a salutation; we say goodbye with a valediction. This is also the term for the polite closing in a lette…
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Answer There is no specific victim that succumbs to a narcissist. The N usually begins as a dream come true - pursues you, cares about you, wants you. Then when you start to get to know the N, you begin to see very strange things about him which eventually develop into major personality problems.…
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Answer Honestly? yes and no. SOME Americans are very ignorant when it comes to learning about a new culture. They believe its a waste of time and/or fear the unknown. Yet on a positive note, there are also Americans that embrace diversity and welcome the educaton of a new culture. Those Americans…
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"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for th…
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you can either practice (which i wouldn't do, i don't know about you) or you can get AIM which is an online social thing where you can just type your responces! its easy, and if your shy, then its realllyyy easy. Also myspace is the same way, you can talk to people, and when you feel confident enoug…
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An inclusionary theory means one that includes every possibility. This is something that means nothing and no one are left out.
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Very Single It simply means that he has been single for quite some time. Perhaps to the point of frustration! It can also mean he's single and happy that way i.e. no intention of getting into a relatoinship.
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You can, but you should avoid doing it often because it can affect your "prism vision" (eyes looking at the same thing at the same time). The term may be called "spreading your eyes" and is known as "walleye vision" (after the fish). With practice, you can diverge your eyes, as was done famously by…
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Tastes good....needs more salt! Normal tears that cover the corneal surface comprise three layers: the lipid, or oil layer, which is the outer layer of the tear film and helps prevent the lacrimal layer beneath it from evaporating or overflowing the lower eyelid the lacrimal, or watery layer, w…
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