Synonyms and Antonyms

Includes questions about words that have similar and opposite meanings.
The opposite of individualism is collectivism.
The synonyms could be challenging or contending. The terms for unseating an incumbent or champion is to oust, depose or dethrone.
Exceptionally, particularly, specifically, notably, primarily, mainly...
i dont think so it could be made up from ruta and used as a word meaning all things good and wow (e.g the french would say volla!)
yes rhuta is found by a dead cell Its the name of an homeopathic remedy and the name of a computer company in India
admeasurement, amplitude, apportionment, breadth , bulk , capacity , cut , degree , dimension , distribution , division , equation, expanse , extent , fraction, magnitude , measure , measurement , part , percentage, portion , quota, rate , ratio, relationship , scale , scope , ...
Automotive refinish is another word for car painting.
Just a few off the top of my head: Eager Voluntarily Enthusiastic Inclined Hope this helps!
Gripping Squeezing Grasping Just a few off the top of my head. Hope this helps!
They can be. Eager in some circumstances suggests anxious, impatient, or enthusiastic. Excited may not mean eager to do something, but for having done something.
Tugged Heaved Lugged Hauled Yanked Pulled Take your pick. Hope this helps!
Tempest, blast, whiteout, sleet.
The word for opposite terms used together is an oxymoron. The words can be opposites but create a rational meaning. Examples would be "silent scream, "jumbo shrimp," or "wise fool."
Label is a synonym for handle (name).
A synonym for Cannibal is Anthropophagite, a person who eatshuman flesh
claim, charge, challenge, state, maintain, declare, assert, uphold
Words for people who are similar (alike in some way) could include : counterpart match soulmates twins two of a kind (having affinity : simpatico, compatibility, rapport)
Another name for "death" is Perish.
lifework, profession, vocation, occupation, employment, art
serene, calm, halcyon, harmonious, mellow, placid, quiet, restful, still, tranquil, undisturbed, unruffled, untroubled
Most people would use the word 'love.'
If you mean the body organ, there is no synonym. The old Greek wordwas 'hepar' from which we get the adjective 'hepatic', meaningpertaining to the liver. If you mean 'a person who lives', this isnot a frequently used word, and alternatives would often bedescriptions rather than nouns (one who is...
Wonted, normal, conventional, familiar, habitual, anticipated, coming, likely, due, awaited, scheduled...
The English word 'beagle' is a breed of dog.
Reconstructing, bettering, repairing, fixing, convalescent, remodeling, developing...
For advanced meaning at a high level, the opposite could be basic, novice, or beginner. For advanced meaning skilled, the opposite could be primitive or rudimentary. For advanced as a verb (progressed), opposites could be retreated, digressed, or devolved.
body . material . stuff
Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon this are the elements in glue
A farewell or goodbye
After has the synonyms later, next, subsequently, and following.
Thrill, enjoyment, buzz, pleasure, gratification, power, strength, zest, vitality, intensity, boot, jolt, punt, dropkick, complain, grumble, protest, curse, criticize, whine, abandon, desist, stop, go cold turkey...
accession, total, sum, increase, increment, in all, altogether, plus and +
the scientific word for melting is fusion.
goverment, absolutism, and czarism
Sensual, desirous, wanton, lustful, lascivious, heavy, libidinous, hot, excited, enthusiastic, zealous, fervent, angry, touchy, enraged, frantic...
There is only one synonym for the word many that begins with an o.This synonym is oodles of and some other synonyms include numerous,a lot of, and plenty of.
A conflagration is a fire, there is no antonym.
arresting, beetling, bulging, easily seen, embossed, extended , extrusive, eye-catching, flashy , hanging out, hilly, in the foreground, jutting, marked , noticeable , obtrusive , obvious , outstanding , projecting, pronounced , protruding, protrusive, protuberant, raised , relieved ,...
Rather than stay another day, he decided to leave . John is very tall , while his brothers are comparatively short . Name brand cookies are more expensive , while store brands are cheaper . France and Britain were once enemies , but they were allies against Nazi Germany.
Anticlimax, cliffhanger...
Some synonyms are - carrying "Three wise men came bearing gifts." - deportment "Her bearing was as a ballet dancer." - direction "He took his bearing from his pocket compass." - supporting rollers "The wheels contained twelve ball bearings." - coming toward "The monster was bearing...
Systematic, exact, accurate, clear, controlled, precise, sound, methodical, deductive, logical, experimental...
promoted / spotlighted / focused on
the example i can give is a tribute to a song is something to let people know about said song, if the song has not been publicly shown. Or a tribute to a person once they've died, its pretty much a way to get some1 to remember something/ some1
ANSWER: . An Octet is a group of eight people.
Game, fowl, feathered creature
introduction, preamble, opening, preface, beginning, foreword, proem
Longing. Means showing strong feeling or wanting/needing something - "I am longing to play football" / "I long to play football". . Anxious. In the context of being anxious for something. "I am anxious for football to be on". . Dying for. An idiom meaning you really strongly need or want...
The Tungusic people...
Exploring means to investigate or search for further information about a subject. Another word can be investigate,
Partial, divided, bisected, halved, fifty-fifty, even-steven...
here are all of the synonyms of 'Five' i could find. - pentagonal, pentamerous, quinary, quinate, quinquennial, quintuple ! -Chow
The opposite would be to taste terrible or taste awful (there is no specific word that means tastes really bad ). Some other possibilities are unpalatable, unsavory, or unappetizing. The absence of taste could be another alternative: bland, tasteless, or flavorless.
(adjective, in order) Synonyms include neat, arranged, organized, precise, systematic, or methodical. (adjective, comportment) Synonyms include disciplined, behaved, restrained, or decorous. (noun, person) Synonyms include attendant, assistant, aide, or helper.