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Seasons are the change in the climate which are usually constant over a period of time. This category contains information on all the different seasons.
There is technically not a 'Rainy Season' for Alaska, as Alaska's  Summer's are only slightly rainier than the rest of the US. May is  relatively dry, with only a 25% chance of rain, but as the Summer  progresses, the likelihood of rain increases, as in Autumn, the  average chance of rain on any...
The rotation causes the days, 24 hour periods  of light and dark based on your location on the Earth. The rotation  is important because without rotation of the earth, we would not as  easily be able to tell, or keep track of time. What we consider to  be the passage of time- 1 minute, 1 hour, 1...
more likely during the spring or summer
The pasque flower blooms in the spring and the summer.
Its caused by the inclination of the Earth's axis of rotation to  the plane of its orbit round the sun. Thus the longest daylight  time is on the 21 of June and it slowly decreases until it is the  shortest on the 21st of Decemberr and then it starts to increase  again.
Seasons effect different things, such as Spring is when flowers blossum from sunshine; winter is a cold season, summer is a hot season and Autumn is when the trees dispose of their leaves.
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No, currently there is not a second season of nana.
Yes its called Equinox. An equinox occurs twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the sun, the Sun being vertically above a point on the Equator.
There are 267 days until August.
The first day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere -- where you'll find the Antarctic continent -- is June 21.
No. The tides are a result of the gravitational pull of the moon as it rotates around the Earth. This rotation takes place over a period of 24 hours and 50 minutes. The Earth's rotation takes 24 hours and 0 minutes. Therefore, the two are not synchronized and the tide change will be different each...
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Because the shapes of bays, inlets, and the ocean floor can affect the flow of water.
The Philippines only has 2 seasons: Dry and Rainy . Because it has a tropical climate, the weather patterns and prevailing temperatures usually do not go below 65º F. The transition from dry to rainy is marked by hot, humid months of March, April, and May. the transition from rainy to dry is...
Not much of an answer, but Its something to do with the moon and gravity.Hope that helps
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The Northern and Western Hemispheres.
the northen hemisphere doestnt have a sun so it isn't a planet and what is the northen hemisphere coz i am confused
Current theory is that Earth is tilted vs the vertical due to impact(s) during its formation. This tilt is pretty much in lockstep with its translation movement around the sun, so the tilt, which causes the seasons to occur, repeats the position of earth every 12 months.
Sunday. You can find a day of week calculator at this site. Just enter in the date and it will calculate it for you: http://www.searchforancestors.com/utility/dayofweek.html
Humid days feel hotter because the air temperature is high, the relative humidity is high, and the air is saturated with water vapor making body moisture unable to evaporate but instead collect on our skin. Hot and dry days have a separation between the temperature of the air and dew point with a...
no because all of the seasons have the same length......i think
The tilt of Earth's axis causes the seasons, no matter what zone you refer to.
same as in the northen hemisphere The average time from the September equinox to the December solstice is about 89 days and 20½ hours.
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Because of the axial tilt of the earth.
Yes. Some tropical countries have only a wet season and a dryseason.
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No !!!!!!!!!!!!Bad winnter for us is not a lot of snow
It depends which hemisphere you are in
I have lived here for 66 years and there isn't a record of it.
== Answer ==   The specifications are rather exact, so meaurements can be correlated. The box is painted white, facing to the north so no sunlight is in contact with the thermosensor. 4 ft. off the ground.     Answer   The "box" is known technically as a Stevenson Screen, and it is...
In 1963, spring began on...    20th March in northern hemisphere time zones west of and  including UTC-9,  21st March in northern hemisphere time zones east of and  including UTC-8,  23rd September in southern hemisphere time zones west of and  including UTC+5, and  24th September in...
Animals that stay active during the winter days grow a winter coat, which is thicker fur then they have during the warmer seasons.
It is summer throughout the southern hemisphere on December 27. This includes Australia, New Zealand, various south Pacific Islands and most of the countries of Africa and South America.
mars and jupiter     Not Jupiter, Venus is closer than Jupiter is. Mars is correct though.
When air of different temperature collides, the result is usually rainfall and sometimes a storm.. A warm front is created when warm air meets cold air, and the warm air starts to rise over the cold air. As warm air rises, it begins to cool, and condensation occurs, resulting in rain clouds.. When...
Al-Battani (850-922) was a Muslim astronomer who accurately determined the length of the solar year as being 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 24 seconds. Reference:- *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu%E1%B8%A5ammad_ibn_J%C4%81bir_al-%E1%B8%A4arr%C4%81n%C4%AB_al-Batt%C4%81n%C4%AB *http://www...
Seasonal changes happen because of the tilt of the Earth's axis, relative to the plane of the ecliptic.
maybe because its warm there then here
Fall in North America is Fall in Japan.
February 13 1967 was on a Monday.
In Canada, winter ends in January.
  The earth is tittled and it goes around the sun's ray's 3 that is how the seasons are there.  
The tides are caused by the phases of the moon. They usually happen in sync with the new and full moons.
it would be hotter if it were tilted toward it as it would be getting more direct sunlight than the other hemisphere
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Not normally. Wind is usually harmless. During strong storms,  though, the wind can become dangerous as it can bring down trees  and damage structures.
It is 69-113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  well on the calendars it says that spring starts on March 20th or 21st
There are two solstices and two equinoxes so the answer is 8.
It is called the "Equinox" and occurs during the winter season.
In th US, that fell on a Monday.
That is pure opinion. Some places summer can be torture with the heat, and some plcaes it might be a mild 65! To me, I love springtime! :)
December 27th 1955 was a Tuesday.
  When you look at a rainbow from a height high enough so that the sun shines on water particles below you, you will see a full-circle rainbow instead of a horseshoe shape.
You are well known about the earths rotation's earth rotates in its axises and around the sun in an elliptical path, but according to me earth also rotates in a zic zac motion complete one zic zac round in a year by wich the earth north pole come close to the sun when at the same time the south pole...
There is not really a high season for mosquitoes and biting insects  in Spain. They start hatching after rain when the temperature is  steadily above 20 degrees. The season normally starts around March  and end in November but it does depend on weather. Many of the  things that bite you are not...
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There is a psychological malady called by the acronym SAD ( pronounced as the word Sad)- this stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is not in any sense universal, as many people like the change of climate in Winter ( snow- trees, Yuletide touches) but does occur as a sort of doldrums with some...
March 22 1958 was a Saturday.
It is summer because that part of the earth is tilted towards thesun and it gets more heat.
There are fewer hours of sunlight during the winter because of were the Sun is situated. The sunlight cannot be distributed evenly everywhere at all times because of the Earth's shape, how it spins on it's axis and where it is on it's path around the Sun.
two conditions that cause red tides to occur when there is an  increase in nutrients in the water and increases in the ocean  temperature due to climate changes also affect the occurrence of  red tides.
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the hottest it's ever been is 135 degrees It's usually hot and humid, above 30 degrees, even in northern cities like Beijing. Summer is also the rainy season. So you can expect, alot of heat and rain. Many places are air conditioned though, such as buses, and trains. It doesn't get quite as hot as...
it hails more in the summer because in the winter it sleets or snow and in the summer it rains but here is the thing in the summer rain drops fall and hail falls because rain drops falling may be turn back into the clouds because of either strong wind or so other problems. Then it goes through a...
When the southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, that means that the northern hemisphere is titled away from the sun. This is winter.
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March 21 is the official day for the beginning of Spring. so anything before that is still Winter.
These months usually are the months of spring season generally but in some hot Asian and African countries April and May are the months of Summer season.
No, Barbados is located in the Caribbean Islands which is in the Northeastern Hemisphere. :)