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Seasons are the change in the climate which are usually constant over a period of time. This category contains information on all the different seasons.
Summer Tires I drove all summer on my winter tires and the only things that came of it were louder than normal road noise, and tread-wear. Both winter and summer tires will last you longer if you change them every season. If money is an issue, get all season.   You don't NEED summer tires. a…
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In many parts of the world, as the name suggests. Europe (including European Russia)saw the most intense fighting.
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Why Flu Has A Season Most cases of influenza in the United States fall between the months of November and March, with the peak of infection rates in January and February. But that doesn't mean it is tied only with cold weather. Other places in the world have their flu season in warmer months. It ha…
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Hi: I'm going to attemp to help by minimizing answer same way as you minimized your question.Assuming it ever worked right at all, Think back hard and try and remember if any work has been done in the area where that duct work my be. If so you may have crushed or disconnected ducts to those areas. (…
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if pressure is low, it means something is clogging the system before the filter. it could be in the plumbing, or the the pump basket, or impellor. toys and organic material are the usual suspects...... Answer Leaves in the impeller of your pump.
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As with any job search, research and preparation are key. In this case, however, you will need to find all the major employers in your line of work in order to spread your name far and wide; fortunately, this information is easily found online. You may also be able to apply for positions in these co…
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One would be having no back yard another would be lots of traffic another would be traffic lights glaring into your windows at night some corner lots back onto 5 different back yards if they are pie shaped generally if it were an outer corner, it would be less desirable and harder to sell. an …
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There is no relationship between the two. I quote from the web site below! "The Tournament of Roses is a tradition full of traditions, one of which is our Never on Sunday policy. In 1893, officials decided to move the parade to Monday, January 2 to avoid frightening horses tethered outside local chu…
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Rasheed Wallace for a mid level exception, or a tall, over hyped player for triple there actual worth   As I see it there will be a sign and trade...I know its very wishful but here it goes..it mite happen Knicks Get: Kobe Bryant, Corie Blount Lakers Get: Demar Johnson(if the knicks resig…
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At least some in high authority in Japan were aware of the consequences: "Yamamoto understood that Japan could not fight a sustained war with America. When asked directly by the Prime Minister whether he thought Japan could achieve victory, Yamamoto replied prophetically, �I can raise havoc with t…
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Nuclear winter refers to a long-term cooling of the Earth's climate following a massive nuclear war. Nuclear weapons, as we all know, pack a lot of power into a small device. If a large number were detonated over short time period it would result in a lot of debris in the atmosphere. This debris wou…
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WW2 mostly took place in Germany, Russia, France, Belgium, Poland, and Japan, although there were others these were the main ones. Daniel Gaudet
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I think the closest year to that was in 1998. we had an ice storm that lasted from new years day until february. people died from having no power in their homes. no heat, no electricity. that year would be the closest to you question, but i really don't think that has ever happened. Ice Storm '98 wa…
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It is uncertain as of this moment though some likely candidates include: Brian ShawRick AdelmanMike Dunleavy
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Here's the answer given in Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ:In many places, it gets too cold or snowy to regularly ride during the winter, so you have to lay the bike up for storage. Check your bike's user manual for how to do this.In the San Francisco Bay Area, 'winterizing' a motorcycle means packing y…
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Answer A supernumerary nipple (also known as a third nipple, accessory nipple, polythelia or polymastia) is an additional nipple occurring in mammals including humans. Often mistaken for moles, supernumerary nipples are diagnosed at a rate of 2% in females, less in males. The nipples appear alon…
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Our earth is approximately 93 million miles from the sun. Its orbit is almost circular but slightly elliptical. The earth orbits the Sun at an angle or tilt of 23.5 degrees. This angle causes some parts of the earth to be farther from the sun and some nearer to the sun than others at ce…
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For the winter Aviemore in Scotland. It's great for skiing and things similar to that.In the summer, a good place to go is Jasper, Alberta. There are so many things to do such as taking boat tours, seeing the ice fields, gondola rides etc.Oregon is amazing in late spring/early summer. Beautiful weat…
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yeah, slamball originated from basketball. the rules are quite similar. But not all of the rules are the same. Slamball is where you slam the ball. Basketball is when you use a ball to get it in a basket.
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Check the fuel pump. If your pump is going bad like mine (95tracer 220,000miles) then the car will run considerably better when it's cold, and with a full tank. Once it heats up any at all, it will run poorly again. The pump for my car was $60 from advance auto parts, but you can usually find one ch…
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Hello -No this isn't true. Some women do claim their temperature increases by a few degrees when they conceive but there is no actual medical proof of this. During the evening the basal body temperature will of increased. The BBT (Basal body temp) will also increase during your ovulation time, perio…
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Don't go to the Caribbean during hurricaine season. You are just asking for trouble. Answer Yes, don't go during hurricane season which is roughly between June-November. The best time to go, based on past weather patterns would be between March and May.
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Talk to your neighbor so they are made aware of the problem. Hopefully he will be mature and pen up his bird, that is his responsibility. If the peacock pecks at your window this may sound stupid but he likes you and is being friendly BUT I do understand you being upset. Tell your neighbor he must p…
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Nightmares are a normal thing - everyone has them.Some of the possible "physical" causes can include fever, cramps, and muscles tension in the neck and back. Inebriation, stomach pains and indigestion are other possibilities. Fortunately, most nightmares are simple subconscious imaginings.
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As in Day light hours: Depends on where you are in Russia, and what time of the year it is. St Petersburg in summer, it is 24 hours a day, for about 2-3weeks. In winter 24 hours!!
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I'm not an expert on I.J.'s, I'm here looking for answers myself, but to my knowledge, older doubles and o/u's didn't have ejectors unless it was a reputable name brand and would be a more expencive model. I can't prove it true, but this what I was told by a few local old timers, they have more expe…
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It's not the moon's gravity alone, but the interaction of the earth and moon. One influence is the fact that the earth-moon system orbits around the common center of gravity of earth-moon. This point is called the barycenter, and it is within the body of the earth since earth's mass is considerably …
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Answer Your skin is probably dehydrated dry and needs to be exfoliating. Make sure to moisturize the skin daily and when taking a shower use warm water rather than hot.
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I believe that was one of the last carburated vehicles around, wasn't it? If it's carburated you might need to adjust the choke a little to have it run better in the cold.  On your vehicle's carb there is a choke pull which has the job of controlling the closed choke at start-up to the open ch…
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Answer Pour warm/hot water on the windows. It works every time! If the defroster and heating units are working correctly I don't understand why the inside windshield would still be fogged up. I have a 2000 Plymouth Breeze and the owners manual says when using the defroster be sure the the vent c…
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The weather is the atmosphere in term of temperature(from my science class) Sence of oxygen
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The Manual? The user's manual is always a great place to look. My boyfriend's STi has those exact instructions in the manual, however my 350z won't be delivered for another 2 days so I couldn't tell you whether or not it's in there. A great alternative to a users manual is the almighty google. ;-…
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Answer If you have trouble sleeping there are some things you can do; first, skip nap times and don't sleep in so that you are actually tired at night. Second, don't do any vigorous exercise just before bedtime (sex is the only exeption). Try taking a suppliment (or herbal product) for sleep - bu…
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Answer Engine temperature is controlled by the thermostat. An engine can often run hotter if the thermostat has started to fail or if the radiator is partially blocked. The computer is not involved in temperature control. Answer Have the rad and cooling system flushed and change the thermosta…
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They are "Disc Balls". Made of mirrors and hung from above the dance floor they had a small motor that turns the ball. Spot Lights are pointed at the ball and bounce off to the floor and walls around the dance floor. Amazon sell them - There are more sophisticated types that have coloured lights on …
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Mongolia is too far north to have a monsoon season of its' own. It's also not able to be effected by other active monsoons.
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Answer It depends on the cruise. Winter is "off season" for an Alaska cruise since nobody wants to go north, into the dark and cold and PAY for it. While Hawaii, the Panama Canal and the Bahamas are enjoyable any time of year, most people in cold climates want to go somewhere warm during the w…
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Could also just be bad plug wires. Sounds like you may have a cracked distributor cap.
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Four Seasons, Winter. Seasons are a subdivision of a year. The Earth's rotation axis is tilted by 23.4392794383 degrees with respect to the, at different times of a variation in the 180 - 270 deg (mn), longitudes 270 - 360 deg (Winter). The Sun true longitude (Lsun) is derived from Sun mean longitud…
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Answer what was the weather like in world war 1 ? The rain caused trenches to flood, sometimes waist high. People found it hard to be dragged through because the trenches were thick in mud and sleet. They were slime and waterlogged trenches. It would snow deeply, the rain would wash it away an…
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Avoid hurricane season, which tends to be June - November. Before or after, you can expect great weather and smooth sailing!
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Answer the answers to this question is to go on a crash diet
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Sunrise, sunset change due to eccentricity A lot of this is just due to rounding. Most sunrise/sunset tables are in whole minutes, so the changes are pretty choppy. But there is an astronomical reason. If the earth's orbit were a perfect circle, we would see the same change in sunrise and sunset…
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Buying Winter Clothes Off-Season have you thought about consignment shops? Go online and check out eBay and other sites. You may find some really good clearance items. It's really hard to find winter clothing when it's summer.I know that hollister, old navy,and other clothing brands sell summer clo…
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A summer job as a tutor can be an exciting experience. Depending on what subjects you wish to tutor in, there are several ways you can get a job as a summer tutor. You might want to contact local school principals or guidance counselors to let them you that you're interested in being a tutor. Also, …
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SOME breeds are cold hardy, and will not need as much heat as other breeds. For this, you should research about the breeds you have. You will always be able to tell if your birds are too hot or too cold - if they are too hot, they will get as far away from each other as possible and pant. If they ar…
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The "Dog Days" of summer is when Ol' Fido sits in the shade of the Elm tree, and moves with the shade of the tree to stay cool. The dog days are the most hottest and sultry day of summer. July and August. :) July 3 - August 11 Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the night-time sky (the br…
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Its under the intake manifold. Buy a repair manual and have at it. If your-re a decent wrench and have plenty of tools you can do it. Dealer wants about $1200 to do it. Starter costs about $250
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Answer its possible that one or more of the injectors are slowly bleeding(leaking) down . possibly wetting plug or losing fuel pressure
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Both There's a little hard to see lever on top of the steering wheel that slides back and forth. Find it,slide it to the left and pull or push the wheel where you wan it and slide back to the right.The tilt lever is more obvious.Hope this helps.
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check oil on dipstick to make sure enough oil in engine.you can remove sparkplugs and squirt a little wd40 in cylinders before you start it.hopefully gas in tank hasn't started going bad(use sta-bil or other gas preservant in gas next time you think you may not start engine for a while)  Charg…
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Its the bearing Your problem is in the lack of grease in the winter .The grease becomes clumpy and is easily pushed of of the bearing race when its cold. when its hot out the grease liquifies and lubricates better. Also after riding on the bearing with it grinding causes alot of heat build up and…
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Leaves are the food factories of plants. During the spring and summer, they are actively making food and are filled with pigments, like chlorophyll, which gives the leaves their green color. As summer ends and the days get shorter and cooler, food production stops and the leaves stop producing food.…
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The Day Music Died It was February 3, 1959, the day Buddy Holly (& others) died in a plane crash. Beside Buddy Holly, both Ritchie Valens (La Bamba, Donna) and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson (Chantilly Lace) perished in the plane crash in Cold Lake, Minnesota. "[Waylon] Jennings was also sched…
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Those living in the northern hemisphere can celebrate the longest day of the year on the summer solstice, around June 21.
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Less expensive days for flyingOften "mid week" flights cost less. Different airlines define "mid week" slightly differently. Usually it means Monday through Thursday, but please check. Also please note that this may not apply at certain times of the year.Tuesday
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Answer The grease in the ignition becomes 'frozen' in the colder weather. When you insert the key and turn, it triggers the anti-theft system. The 'solution' to this problem is to keep a lighter in your car and heat the key up BEFORE you insert and turn to start the engine. If you trigger the ant…
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Soccer seasons usually generally run from the last week in August all the way through to March / April. Soccer is played year round in many different countries but most have an off season in the summer and some also have a short break in the winter.
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Short answer No. Do not leave you pool empty during the winter. Numerous problems are caued by draining the pool and leaving it empty. Answer The best way I can think of to answer your question is with this "Disclaimer" we have to use. DRAIN AND ACID WASH DISCLOSURE STATEMENT AND…
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Answer Yes, it will just hurt in more places than getting just one. It should not be a problem. I am not quite sure if you are asking if it is alright to get more than one or two piercings in one sitting or get more piercings at different piercing and or tattoo place. If it is the first one and …
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Climate is more associated with a region than with an entire planet. Consider the difference between the climate at earth's polar regions, and its climate in the tropics. Overall, however, the global climate is a little bit warmer now than it was 50 years ago. In the 1960s primary energy generating…
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Causes of Dew When the temperature of the leaf (or any other surface, for that matter) drops below the dewpoint of the surrounding air, water will condense on it. If the dewpoint is below freezing, the water will condense directly into a solid, otherwise known as frost. Something interesting is …
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MeteoriteThe glow surrounding a meteoroid is not caused by friction between the atmosphere and the meteoroid (as many people mistakenly believe), but rather due to the shock wave produced as a meteoroid slams into the Earth's atmosphere, rapidly compressing the air. This shock wave (properly called …
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its against the law to have studded tiresEDIT: NOT TRUE. Studded tires are not illegal everywhere. Certain states and provinces allow studded tires between set dates during the season. Check with your local laws.To stud a tire, it needs to be a special tire that was made to accept studs.
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Answer Depends on the teacher's agreement. In some places the salary is spread over 12 months. In others they get paid during the time they work. In some systems they can chose which way they want to be paid. Some teachers spend the time with their families. Some teach summer school or work in s…
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The rain caused trenches to flood, sometimes waist high. People found it hard to be dragged through because the trenches were thick in mud and sleet. They were slime and waterlogged trenches. It would snow deeply, the rain would wash it away and sleet would form and this was a continuous cycle.
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Actually, the axial tilt is currently 23.44 deg and decreasing. The axial tilt is in a continuous cycle between 22.1 and 24.5 deg on a 41,000 year cycle, one of the Milankovich cycles known as obliquity. Well, the seasons would be different. As the tilt of the axis decreases, the changes in seasons …
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Energy Savings The theory: By extending the Daylight Saving Time it would save energy. Most people agree that the amount of energy being expended to adjust to this change this year has far outweighed any theoretical energy savings. In future years this may start to balance out. The Secretary of …
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Answer Sunday May 11th is the final day of the 2007/08 season
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The answer to this may come from a science concept called a "frame of reference" in our physics class. The best examples are people riding in vehicles. We don't notice that we're sailing along at freeway speeds because our frame of reference is the car. We're moving at the same speed it is. The eart…
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Because of the way that gestational ages are calculated, a pregnancy called "5 weeks gestational age" was conceived during sex that happened about three weeks ago, so you probably conceived around the first of March. That date makes sense with your best guess of your LMP date as well.
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Sagging Power Lines In the summer, power lines warm up with the weather. Since materials expand when they get warm, the power lines stretch out and sag. The opposite happens in the winter, as the power lines get colder, they contract. Also, in the summer the electrical load on the line is generally …
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In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring starts in the middle of march, ending in June so April is in Spring.In the Southern Hemisphere, April corresponds to early autumn.
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April in the southern hemisphere is in Autumn. In the northern hemisphere it is in Spring.
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The word "vernal" refers to the season of spring, as the word autumnal refers to the season of autumn, or fall. The vernal equinox for one half of the Earth is the start of the Spring season, and one of two times a year when the day and night are roughly equal in length for most of the planet. At th…
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It is sunny all the time and it snows alot throughout the winter and it rains all throught the summer.
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By repute, in 1837, when celebrating a successful fox hunt, Lord Waterford and his party found several tins of red paint which they daubed liberally on to the buildings of the High Street of Melton Mowbray so originating the phrase "painting the town red."
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because sun
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conkers are a fruit. they have fruit inside so they will get mushy on the inside if they are growing in the summer and squirrels will also eat them however they cant grow in the winter either because it would be cold and the inside wouldn't be able to grow properly, that's why they grow in the autum…
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France is a rather large nation with differing longitudes and elevations. Some places near the Mediterranean Sea have a growing season of about 5.5 months, while the growing season in northern areas is closer to 4 months.
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Answer 1 Logic suggests that sunlight would tend to dry darker clothes faster than white clothes. The reason being that the white clothes would tend to reflect most of the sunlight[energy], while the darker fabrics would tend to absorb the sunlight energy not reflected, therefore increasing the t…
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No Churches Built That's because they had temples already in those days, so they didn't need to build churches. Because God does not dwells on temples (churches, mosque, etc.) made by hands. Acts 7:48 "The Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands." In the early days of Chri…
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with their eyes
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Late 1960s - early 70s? Don't remember the date but I happened to be outside the church, in North Kew, Melbourne.
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Distance between Australia and FranceThe total distance from Australia to France is 9,472 miles.This is equivalent to 15,244 kilometers or 8,231 nautical miles.
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usually at summer, spring, and fall
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They are called dens. They are also called gator hole.
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Answer Water and land affect climate because when the temperatures of the land increase and decrease faster then the water's temperature, so air over the land is warmer in day and cooler in the night and the air over the water is cooler in the day and warmer in the night so the cooler air flows o…
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Constellation Camelopardalis The constellation Camelopardalis is visible year-round in the northern hemisphere. It is easy to locate due to its close proximity to Polaris in Ursa Minor, marking the North Celestial Pole. In the summer sky, Camelopardalis can be located fairly low on the northern h…
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Uranus has an obliquity (axial tilt) of 97.77 degrees.
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August 12, 1951 fell on a Sunday.
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The US president is Barack Obama as of today , Jan 12,2011. His term lasts until Jan 20, 2012.
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It is the beginning of summer in the north, and the beginning of winter in the south.
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It depends on what type you are looking for. Expect to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 for a unit and installation of central air according the site getproquotes.com
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Robin Williams was greatly inspired by Jonathan Winters who he readily admits is his mentor .
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At this time, the Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, so it receives more sunlight than the Northern Hemisphere.
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