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This covers all lesbian, gay and bisexual issues, from dealing with sexuality to coming out to detecting homosexuality in others. Please do not post questions regarding specific people.


You can't 'cure' someone of being gay ! It's NOT an illness - it'sa hard-wired state of mind.
Homosexuality is not determined by genes. The theory is thathomosexuality is associated with a combination of gene sequences(not individual genes) with gestational hormones. Gene sequences can occur and recur regardless of whether certainindividual genes become rare or even extinct. If...
Thats like asking, why is there air. Because everyone needs to behappy. So if your not gay your not happy.
Clinton Kelly is openly gay and has appeared in several LGBTpublications and discussed it.
If you mean the main villain from the Yugioh series then yes he is gay, the creator confirmed it.
People have been performing homosexual acts for as long as people have been around. In fact, homosexual activity has been seen in almost every species of animal!
''PPL'' actually means ''People.''
its actually good . if you get along w/ your partner very well & yall are happy then yeah . 2 girls or two boys .
because gay peope only likes to sing or paly in instrument
The Hindu religion itself doesn't hold a standpoint on homosexuality, however Hindu Indian culture tends to be against it
If you have previously had bad experiences with the same gender, they might cause you to be bisex.
The cause of being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is really unknown, but it's genetic. It's not something you choose...just like you don't choose to have blue eyes or brown eyes, or big feet or small feet.
Yes. It is a button worn on the top, left shoulder, looking slightly like the batman sign but gayer.
Not without the help of a man at some point. Allowing for normal fertile females, either of them can carry a child, but you still have to have sperm to fertilize the egg.
Not that I've heard of
No Ville is not gay.
there straight people in the NBA. So there's gay people.
That's like asking what adopted children think about their parents being straight. They don't care. They want a loving, secure home and they got it. Research have also shown that children of gay parents are not bullied more than other kids but are more tolerant towards others and more inclined to...
There is none. It is not based in any way on race. You will find  about the same percentage of gay people in any race or ethnicity.  However, certain cultures have higher percentages of closeted gay  people.   Caucasians have the largest percentage of out gay people,  followed by Native...
Prove them wrong! Get a partner of the opposite sex.
Yes, if one of the domestic partners works for the state or for an employee who has voluntarily opted to provide domestic partner coverage. Keep in mind that no new domestic partnerships may be formed in New Jersey after February 19, 2007, since Civil Unions are now legal.
A person can be what and who they are may cause of Hereditary and Environment.
Original answer restored: No. Being attracted to members of the same sex means that you are gay.
Belive me you don't want to find out bro.
Well, 5-10% of any army will be gay--the question is only whether the gay people are allowed to be open about it. Many armies allow openly gay people to serve, e.g. Israel.
There is always a chance. If there wasn't a chance of being liked, we would all be very lonely. Get to know him as a friend first and see how it goes. We all have to take the same chance each time we try to meet someone regardless of our age.
It depends, it doesn't necessarily have to be a certain sibling allthe time.
(The following answer was posted by Anne Haight, not Stella Setts).    "Deviation" or "abnormality" basically just mean that something is  statistically not typical. Heterosexuality can be considered  "normal" in the statistical sense simply because the vast majority  of people are...
No. Lesbians are just as feminine as straight women.
Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, the US federal government recognizes same-sex marriages, including for the purposes of immigration. An American citizen may sponsor a foreign same-sex spouse for permanent residency ("green card"), leading eventually to citizenship.
If they make a lot of eye contact. And the other person wants to  hug the other a lot.
Ouch! The key word here is "cheats" -- the reason isn't important (nor is the sex of the person she cheated with). Maybe even more important, the decision to have a child is one of the most important any couple faces. It sounds like she made that decision without you. She's put some pretty serious...
  No, she's been married several times and has children.   It is an unlikely circumstance since she has been married several times and has children.
Her husband would likely say otherwise.No, She's Straight.
IDK.. It takes time. I have been 75% gay since I was about 10 or 11.. and now I am 18, but I don't care for a relationship right now. You just have to look around, and trust me someone will come along.
To be in debt or bankrupt
yes he have a boyriend and his name is alex roche i think
Not necessarily. But it seems a bit likely. You like looking at them, eh? What about girls' butts? How do you feel about them? Only you can know if you are gay or not, so think about it carefully. You are gay if you are sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex. Your sexual fantasies will...
It depends some on how old you are. A lot of young teens go through a period where they're attracted to others of the same sex, then realize a few years later that they're straight. But if all, or almost all, of your sexual fantasies involve other people of the same sex, you're gay. There is nothing...
the first gay man on the plannet was M*****L J*****N ny1 come with a bettr sugestion
Not really.. but this answer is based on me but i don't know the  others maybe they.. maybe you xD   but don't serious it.. it was a joke xD
"It doesn't matter to me and it's really none of my business, but are you gay?" and how will you reply if they say, "Why do you ask?"? You may or may not get a true answer and make sure you want the answer and can deal with it.
Just be honest, I'm bi myself and i now know the friends that i have are really my friends because they accept me the way i am. all of my friends accepted me, so go figure. ** by me extended improved answer . I came out today. I found out my friend is Bi, he found out when he kissed a guy and liked...
There is no reason to prove that same-sex marriage is inhumane. There is nothing to indicate that same-sex marriage is inhumane either.
no because it does'nt have to get marrige
In my opinion, Mario Party 8 and Super Mario Galaxy were two of my  favorite Wii games
According to some religions it is. According to many members of the heterosexual community, it is a preference. According to many homosexuals, it's pure bliss, baby, yeah.
Answer this question...
Whichever they want. That myth has gotten so mixed up that people believe different things. So it really doesn't matter.
being honest with out caring about others emotions or responses
Attempt to speak at a lower pitch; most girls have a much lower voice than they think they do, and it can be spoken in. If you've got less in the way of breasts, it's easier; wear a tight sports bra/under t-shirt to hold them down and/or learn to move so that they're not obvious. Take hits without...
sometimes people have to admit things maybe Justin had to do the same
by having sexual intercourse with her
YES! Everyone has their own right to their sexuality. Whether it be gay, straight or bi. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. Most countries have become enlightened to the point they now understand this is not a choice. There are a few countries that still do not understand the idea of...
You don't cure it. You accept it.
No, that just means that you have a foot fetish. Many straight people have foot fetishes, they are actually really common. I happen to be gay and HATE feet.
Yes, yes she is.
A jewish person who has not showered.
Probably subconsciously you think he seems gay, or bi.
As of 2013, Homosexuality is legal in the following countries: Albania. Legal since 1995. American Samoa. Legal since 1899. Andorra. Legal since 1791. Anguilla. Legal since 2000. Argentina. Legal since 1887. Armenia. Legal since 2002. Aruba. Legal. Australia. Legal nationwide since 1994....
No. Nobody can turn gay. It's simply not possible to changesexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age,possibly at birth.
Not necessarily. A lot of guys "experiment" with homosexual acts, but if almost all of your sexual contacts and fantasies involve people of the opposite sex, you're basically heterosexual. If you enjoy or fantasize about both men and women, you're bisexual. In any case, it's the relationship, not...
The term gay was originally used, until well into the mid-20th century, primarily to refer to feelings of being "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy"...Like it was also in the 20th century that it began to be used to imply "immorality"also to label "homosexuals" . Previously that's where it was...
as of 2013 only about 47% of the population is against gay people,and this population consists almost entirely of Christians andMuslims.
Enjoy it if you want to, if not then you are really ready for it.
In 1972, the United States Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of Baker v. Nelson. In this case, Mr. Baker had challenged the clerk of the Hennepin County Minnesota district court (Mr. Nelson) for denying his request to marry another man.
Spencer was originally envisioned as bisexual by his creator. The  network, however, refused to allow it. He has, thus far, only shown  interest in women. That does not entirely eliminate the posibility  for him to also be interested in men.
No, but he his in love with money and Mrs. Puff.
Yes, in fact, Same-sex marriage is legal in England and Wales(Effective 2014), and Civil partnerships are available in Scotlandand Northern Ireland.
Well he's either not gay then or he doesn't like you in that way.
Yes. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the ability to cause pregnancy. And, of course, there's always adoption.
Sounds like you are sending him the signal that you want to do something with him in the bed. He's your brother. If nothing has happened, nothing is going to happen. So what if something does happen as long as you both want it ?
No, YouTube Is not just for "Gay" people. YouTube is a video browsing site for all people, no matter what gender they are intrested in.
There are no size requirements for the penis in gay sex. Everyone is different and you use what you have.
yes,she came out and Kevin smith made the film based on her life.
no hope for men for women video tape all your sex and share it on the web and with friends and family
If you are a male, cross-dressing for the first time, then please don't go to a lesbian bar. You will not be welcome. If you are gay, then many gay bars will be most welcoming. If you are straight, I would recommend contacting your local cross-dressing group and going to one of their parties.
Gays are allowed (In most Countries) to go where they want including clubs. There has been a huge advancement (As there should be) in Gay Rights and equality though in some areas equality falls short. There are certain clubs, Girlbar for example, that are known as "gay clubs" where of course most of...
Yes, there probably are, but you have to check for information in your local area. Telephone books, local newspapers and Internet search may give you information.
no in one interview she sayed tath she have boyfriend
It's proven very, very difficult to influence a person´s sexualpreferences. . People are what they are, wherever you put them. . But if homosexual sex is the only sex available, then thereisn't much else to do if the urge gets too strong to resist. . Doesn't change the basic orientation though....
It is a misdemeanor. There is no distinction in California law  between homosexual activity and heterosexual activity with regard  to age of consent.    Section 261.5 (b) would apply in this case. A minor is anyone under  18:     Any person who engages in an act of unlawful sexual...
That just means you NEED and MUST gain maturity for your own sakeand society's as well!
If your a girl you just have to except him for who he is and if he is ok with dating you and your ok to date him then carry on. x
No, he is not gay.