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Tax refunds refer to the amount returned to the taxpayer after the taxing authority determines that the actual tax paid is greater than the tax liability. Taxpayers can usually avail of the refund at the end of every financial year.
You can get a tax refund (I think that's what you meant) if youpaid more taxes in than you owed. So, if you had no income, youwould owe no taxes and should get anything back you paid in. Ofcourse, if you had no income, how did you pay taxes?
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Yes. It's up to you to keep up with your companies changingpolicies as long as they are paying you.
The simple answer is yes. There may be cases or circumstances where you do not have too, but you will need to contact an accountant or tax professional regarding yours. Remember, no one ends up in hot water for overpaying taxes
Of course! Any income regardless of where it came from, is taxable income. Period.
Most likely. Just about every state will intercept federal and state income tax refunds for child support arrears.
Yes you can if you itemize your deductions. Union dues aredeductible as a Job Expense which is located on Schedule A of theForm 1040 of your Federal Income Tax Return.
I assume you are talking about your Federal Refund and not astate. It will depend on how you filed your return. The quickest byfar is through electronic filing. An electronically filed taxreturn will allow you to receive your refund within 21 daysaccording to the IRS. The real answer is that your...
You would normally receive a notice from the financial managementservice (FMS) advising you of your refund garnishment.
This depends on your filing status and number of dependents. SorryI couldn't give you an answer but I would need this information togive you a correct figure.
You need to contact the agency that seized you refund. In moststates, this is called child support enforcement or somethingsimilar. You need to review your account and confirm that there areno mistakes in their records. If they've gone far enough to seize a tax refund, it is likely thatyour driver's...
One thing has nothing to do with the other. You will need to see ifa stimulus payment was available for the tax year 2009. You cannotreceive the 2008 payment just because it was applied to your pastdebts. If you still owe debt for unpaid taxes though your 2009 andfuture refunds may be taken and...
iys been about four weeks and i still havent got my refund
The will be different for each individual store as they areprobably individually owned and operated. You will need to checkwith the store that you are going to go into.
If you made 67 dollars, what kind of tax refund do you think youmight be entitled to receive. If you had a small amount of federalor state tax withheld, you may file to get this back, but that isthe only tax refund you will receive. You probably did not have anytaxes withheld on $67.
There is no exact date for either the State or Federal Income taxrefund to get to you. If you file electronically, they will usuallyget to you at about the same time but there will not be asignificant difference.
The lower deductions were to provide additional income during the year. That does not change the amount of taxes you owe, but only the amount of the withholding from your paycheck. The tax credit you see on your return represents the deduction that reduced your direct liability during the year.
The Emerald Card can be tied to a bank account if you like so thatyou can move money from your bank account into the Emerald Cardaccount. This would allow you access to withdraw funds using theEmerald Card. Some people also use the Emerald Card as a bankaccount and receive their payroll, social...
I don't know of a phone number that you can call to see if your taxrefund will be taken or partially taken for debts such as youmentioned here. The IRS is not the agency that handles this action,it is the Department of the Treasury, but a different departmentwith the Treasury Department. If you have...
Be sad and that's about it. Your question doesn't say whether notyou knew about the debt, so I assume you knew it and agreed withit. If so, there is not much to say except the refund will decreaseif not payoff the entire amount.
This depends on what kind of Federal money are you talking about.If you are due a tax refund, the answer is yes this will be appliedto back taxes you may owe. If you are referring to some other typeof payment, please specify and ask again.
If you got a tax refund and received another w2 after you filed,you will have to file an amendment to your tax return for the yearthat the W-2 Form was for in order to correct your return. You mayget an additional refund when you file your amendment or you mayowe additional tax from the amendment.
If you itemize on your tax return then yes you can file expenses onyour tax return. You can only list the amount that you pay out ofpocket after reimbursement from insurance companies. Also, you mustexceed the threshold of 10% if you are under 65 and 7.5% if you are65 or older.
How can you file and receive unemployment from a state that is notwhere you reside? The answer is going to depend on what state islisted on your W-2 form in the state section at the bottom. Thiswill tell where the income is deemed to be earned. You will need tofile a return for every state where you...
Absolutely. If you owe any government agency they will put a lienon your tax refund and it will be taken and applied to your debt.After this you will receive a letter showing the amount take and towhom it was sent. You probably will get a letter from the agencythat you owe showing receipt of the...
No. You only need to file a state return in states where you have earned income as designated on your W-2 form or where you had self-employed income. Now, realize that you cannot recoup real estate taxes but can use them as a deduction on your federal income tax return without regard to which state...
If SSI is the only income that you and your spouse, if married,receive then you will not be required to file an income tax returnfor the Federal Government.
In 2009 it was shown as a credit instead of as income.
If you are married and filing jointly, yes. If, unfortunately, she passed away during the tax year, there are special rules for that. You are best served by consulting a tax professional regarding that situation.
If by "they" you mean the government, then yes is the answer. Your refund will be held or taken from your account if you owe back taxes . Not only can your taxes be held, "they" can empty your account of any money you have earned if you owe the government money, and have not made any arrangements...
They will probably send you a letter as soon as the refund isturned over to them. Their letter will show what amount was appliedto your balance and the new balance due if any. If you still owethem money after this refund is applied them you can bet that theywill take at least part of your refund...
This will completely depend on how you filled out your W-4 form atyour employer as well as the frequency of your pay and how mucheach check is for.
Forgery by definition is illegal. You would need power of attorney to sign for your spouse in most jurisdictions. The fact that you refer to it as forgery implies that it is.
If they have is listed as in default, they will take it and applyit to catch up your loan payments. I had a couple of people thisyear who said theirs was on deferment but they still took therefund, then others they didn't.
There is no age limit on the requirement to file and income taxreturn. As long as you have more income than the filing threshold,you will be required to file a return, no matter what your age.
the state took my federal tax refund
Yes you can if you have worked for the same employer for four months. Go to for your tax back pack.
I don't know when you asked this question, but apparently it's beena while. The answer is that employer's should mail out W-2 forms bythe last day of January. That is the last day that they should mailit then however long it takes your to receive it in the mail.
IF you are married, the only legal way to file is Married FilingJoint, and Married Filing Separately. Depending your two incomes,most of the time it is much better for you to file Married FilingJoint. Married Filing Separately disallows any tax credits that youmay be eligible to take and doesn't...
He is not required to file a return at that income level but if anytaxes were withheld, he should file so that the gets a refund ofthe taxes he paid in for federal and state withholding.
In some cases, yes. If the hospital is affiliated with the federal government (ie, a VA facility) your federal tax refund may be offset for any outstanding medical debt. In some states, a state or county owned facility may offset refunds issued from state tax returns. Also money owed on state run...
Your child's name and social security number will be listed underthe dependents section of the return. Also, your return will haveto be a form 1040 or 1040A.
If you are being claimed as a dependent on your parents or anyoneelse's return then you will have to file a tax return. If not thenno you don't have to file a return.
Yes, if you already have a payment arrangement with the IRS buthave a refund due, they will take the refund. If you have a balancedue, they will apply your tax refund to this balance.
Nope, its been 8 days and it says its supposed to be deposited.....still waiting.
Making Work Pay Credit and Government Retiree Credits Use Schedule M to figure the following credits. * Making work pay credit. * Government retiree credit. The credits may give you a refund even if you do not owe tax. Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for 2009 Instructions...
A friend of mine filed through Turbo Tax efile and the IRS website said she'd receive it on 2/2/10. She actually received it on 1/30/10. Check the website again every few days for updated info.
only if you itemize. Missour will send a 1099 in January
can i abtain a work history through irs for a deseased parent
Any dependents? If so, what are their ages? Lots more info toanswer your question. Sorry.
Once the state tax office has all your forms, your refund should be on the way to you in a couple of weeks. If you have not receved your refund with 30 days, I recommend you contact the state tax office to see if there is a problem. See related links for contact information.
Yes, they will. If the amount you are getting back is more than the amount you owe, they will seize the entire refund. It's happened to me twice. I am currently up to date and have almost paid of the amount I owed, but they will take it if you have back child support payments. . Fathers get their...
Usually the custodial parent when all of the other rules are met by each name on the tax return. Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for Publication 17 go to chapter 3 Qualifying Child
No, if you made nothing in the year.. If you are self-employed and have filed in previous years, then you also need to file for the prior taxable year. There is big difference between money earned and what is considered a profit in self-employment.
Maybe never. Our politicians are crooks and the state is broke.....
I have never seen a case where a private company of any kind canput a lien on someone's Federal Income Tax Refund? Usually the onlygroups that can put lien on a Tax Refund would be a governmentrelated debt like state or city taxes, student loan debt, foodstamp or social security overpayments, etc.
Until they are paid, but often take it when none is owed.
The amount one pays as income tax depends on their TAXABLE income. It is a percentage of that income. The exact percentage used depends on the level of that income. Taxable income depnds on many things: Earnings from employment for sure, earnings from other sources (investments, government...
Yes there was a stimulus payment for the 2009 income tax return.If you did not receive it and did not claim it way before now, youwill not be eligible to claim it this far in the future.
While there may be some limits or restraints on seizing a tax refund or pension (and probably not as much as you may want to think), once any of these items are deposited into a bank account they lose their identity and are like any other funds. It is only while the tax is with the IRS, or while the...
Unfortunately, the same thing is happening to us. The tax software told us that our income was too high to claim the child tax credit. The sad thing is my husband has been unemployed for over 6 months and our income is still too high, therefore I think they should lower the income levels...
1 - 2 weeks It only takes 4 to 5 days if you have direct deposit.
You will need to look at your tax return for 2009. It would havebeen shown on your return as received or claimed as part of arefund. You can also look back on your bank statement as manypeople were automatically sent the payment if they were recipientsof Social Security or VA benefits. The payment...
The parent that has the child 51% of the time even with a custody order.
A donation to an individual is considered a gift. If you received it as cash and did not give the other person a receipt, don't worry about it if it wasn't a lot of money.
Nope. Your income tax is YOUR income tax on YOUR income...and you owe income tax on income other than what you make with him, and that amount you pay on any income depends on things like your marital status, health, expenses, if you pay a interest on a home mortgage, etc, etc. Not in the employers...
This seems to be a statement rather than a question. I don't really know what your question is but I will try to guess. IF you are asking whether or not you can add them to this years return, the answer is no. You can only use expenses that you incurred in the year that is covered by the return. The...
Answer . \nAll possessions should be valued at 'yard/garage sale' prices. When filing bankruptcy schedules all the information they contain is presumed to be given under oath. If any information is found to be false or misleading, the person(s) can be charged with perjury, contempt of court and a...
Yes very much so. The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay any past due child support...
It depends on what they took out for federal taxes , and if your state takes out taxes, and what deductions you claim
if it is a federal tax refund check, there is an expiration date on the check. From state, it varies. for example NC, the tax refund check is good for 6 months only. if you want to make sure the expiration date on the check, you need to contact state financial office. Best way to provent this happen...
Yes. State income (and net worth based) taxes are deductible from taxable income for Federal income tax purposes.
If you owe back taxes , the IRS will automatically deduct that amount from your refund. Depending on that amount, you can only receive what is left from that deduction.
Yes - the refund is an asset - which the card company can use to offset your debt !
estate Social Security tax A+
Yes. State refund must be claimed as income on your federal return.
To get copies of your previous years filed income tax returns you will have to order the copies you want from the IRS. Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for Get A Copy of My Return . Instructions for how and when to request a copy of your tax return or a tax return transcript....
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Only if he has possession 51% of the time. see links below
Yes - you carry the charitable excell alowable deduction forward. There is a 10% of taxable income limitation for the current taxable year, the amount exceeding this limitation is carried forward into the next taxable year. Charles Coker,CPA
There are different tax brackets. The more youmake doesn't necessarily mean you will get back more. If that person has a child or was a student etc.. that can make the difference. For instance, my sister worked all year and paid a lot of federal and state taxes.. I worked part time at minimum wage...
No it is not tax deductabkle,However it will raise the value of your home. Keep all reciepts to add on if you ever decide to sell .
Absolutely ! The tax return is an asset - to be used to offset your debt !