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Tales of suspense and solving crimes have been enjoyed by countless millions of readers. Some of the most prolific writers have made their mark in the literary world by creating puzzles, chills and thrills for the readers.
People aren't always who they seem to be, don't trust someone you  don't know.
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She had a pilots liaisons and had a degree in writing.Writer: Kk
Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, Sunny Baudelaire, Uncle Monty, "Stephano" (Count Olaf), the hook-handed man pretending to be the doctor, Mr. Poe
"I am the executioner. When the crime is and the Lord God does not take vengeance nor does the exalted State move to declare and then punish, I say when these bitter events happen, then comes the time for the executioner to declare himself or herself as the case may be. I have waited long enough. So...
I'm not entirely sure but i think it goes around the lines of "what see is not what you get" for the job of copying the encyclopaedia is,although it seems harmless and ordinary, later shown to be part of a large plan.
What about them? You do realize that once someone uses them, they done.
most book stores but I know how to get free cards: To get digital versions of the Cards included in a Card Pack, send a self addressed postage-stamped envelope with sufficient postage to: The 39 Clues Card Pack Mail In Entry for Card Pack #______ (indicate which pack you are requesting cards for...
No, they're father and mother had died in the fire and that's how  they start their journey.
Arctic is the code you have to type in.
1. 2. 3. the competition is about hope 4. Alistair was there that night they died 5. 6. find the other Ekaterina scientist who too came close 7. 8. 9. he didnt tell them everything 10 11.
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It IS not true but all the facts and info are. This was made by imagination.
No, the series is fictional.  
well i think so <3
The characters in the Nancy Drew series are as follows:Nancy DrewCarson DrewHannah GruenBess MarvinGeorge FayneNed NickersonBurt EddletonDave EvansChief McGinnisMarty King
Dark hair, Scheming, Tall, Not a brother to 'Mrs. Stapleton'
Once Maya's mother and father realized that she was smoking without their permission, they sent her away to a camp. The camp took away all cell phones and therefore she could not contact Emily. Maya just returned though to Rosewood and she and Emily are in a budding romance! Emily's mum found...
Mona tries to push Spencer off the cliff, but Spencer moves before Mona can push her. Mona ends up falling off the cliff and killing herself. .
1. Ekaterina branch 2.Tomas 3.lucian 4.Janus That is what was said by all other branch book writers and Stephen king the creator and the website. I think the lucian branch is last.
There should be a back arrow near the bottom of your screen that you can click to avoid the urn.
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  This is rather silly, but it was TinTin. And Anthony started when he was 8 years old. And wrote profesionally when he was 23 years old. That was the year he had his first book.
Series one: The 39 Clues     1 The Maze of Bones  2 One False Note  3 The Sword Thief  4 Beyond the Grave  5 The Black Circle  6 In Too Deep  7 The Viper's Nest  8 The Emperor's Code  9 Storm Warning  10 Into the Gauntlet  11 Vespers Rising     Series two: Cahills vs. Vespers...
She has dark, shoulder length, blond hair and green eyes. She Is about 5''5 and slender.
yes, he will. He already wrote a lot some. By the way he finished them all. Now he wrote "the composer is dead" and "Another Christmas Carol" or something like that.
The book series by Charlaine Harris that True Blood is based on is called the Southern Vampire Mysteries. The publishing company is Ace Books.
No. Silas was killed by someone else. Fache lived.
The combination to Louis' briefcase is on his laptop. Solve the maze puzzle and go to the passwords icon on his desktop. Unless you can easily remember 8 numbers, I suggest writing down the combo when you find it. Now lock it into Louis' briefcase [make sure to start on the left lock first].
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The order of the books are.... Pretty Little Liars,Flawless,Perfect,Unbelievable,Wicked,Killer,Heartless,Wanted,Twisted, Ruthless
They ate food in Books 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8(Just muffins but they were filiing),9(Cocoa made by sunny),10(Count Olaf ate a meal,along with sunny),11,12,13.So actually they ate in all of the books.
Go around the cabin and look under stone and then go in the woods and look under everything . Then go out after dark and look and listen in the woods and around the cabin.
The answer for card 75 is... Winston fears MadrigalsPlease add my card: P2M3N2MKXP
In Book Seven: The Viper's Nest: Amy and Dan Cahill figure out they are Madrigals
missoion 5 or the general's clue
Dan and Amy are in the Madrigal Branch, which is in fact a branch, descendant from the sister of Luke, Jane, Katherine and Thomas. They also had a 5th sister named Madelaine when their father Gideon Cahill died in the fire in 1507, the 4 children separated their ways and spread all over the world....
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  No, Nancy Drew is a made up character in a book series written by Carolene Keene.     (Interesting fact: Carolene Keene's name is actually Mildred W. Benson.)     (: Samtacular™  
The eighth book is coming out on june, 8/ 2010. It is called wanted and it tells everything that happened in the series. That is also the day that the tv show is airing When will the 8th pretty little liars book come out?
  There is a lot of internal conflict.  The siblings are trying to protect themselves and find happiness, but their parents have been murdered, and all the other people that they get to know and like get killed as well.  Every time they start to have a little bit of hope, the same evil...
  No. The character was invented for the Nancy Drew movie. Laura Harring played the part.
Of course! Her Interactive is always working on new computer games. The company likes to keep the future games a surprise, however, so it's very hard to find any information on them [release dates..titles].
Alex was brave, respectful, and daring.*He was brave because he goes super spy working for the MI6 goes on another one of his adventures to stop some crazed power-hungry lunatic.*He was respectful because he respected anyone older than him.*And finally, he was daring because he dares to kill his two...
  they published it in 2010
In the movie that recently came out [2008?], Nancy Drew was played by Emma Roberts. But, if you're referring to the 70's show, Nancy Drew was played by Pamela Sue Martin.
Agatha Christie created the fictional detective Hercule Poirot.
In his criminal trial for the murders of his ex-wife Nichole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman he was aquitted of all charges. In his kidnapping and armed robbery charges' he was found guilty and is doing his time at a max. security prison in Nevada.
Flip on the light switch located outside the right of the closet/storeroom. Now you should be able to see the key and click on it.
**During his reign of terror at the University of Florida in Gainsville, FL, he was most commonly refered to as the 'Gainsville Ripper'.
**The BSU also known as the Behavioral Science Unit is a special section of the FBI that among other things, helps local and state police solve crimes, give suggestions on how to interrigate suspects based on a profile. The BSU was virtually unknown until the book 'Silence of the Lambs' was...
  == Answer ==   There are the beach by the lighthouse and the beach you find by entering the new coordinates into the gps (the one you row to)
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Ann Rule scored her first bestseller with 'The Stranger Beside Me' based on her friendship with killer Ted Bundy. Rule met Bundy while they both volunteered at a suicide prevention center in Seattle, WA in the eary 1970s.
Truman Capoti wrote In Cold Blood, the true crime story based on the murder of the Kansas family the Clutters. Years later there was a movie made about the author and how writing the book affected his life. Interesting Fact:The movie based on his experience was call 'Notorious' starring Sandra...
Steve Thomas wrote a book about the Ramsey murder. Thomas was one of the first detectives that arrived at the Ramsey home the morning her 'kidnapping' was reported by Patsy Ramsey. He remained on the case for 18 months before he resigned his position as a homicide detective.
**Keith Jessperson, a long haul truck driver from Northern California, was picking up women and girls in his truck, killing them and then dumping the bodies all over the nation's highways. The killings finally stopped when he turned himself in to police. When he was being booked, the police found a...
The murder of the DeFeo family in Amityville, NY. The oldest son of the DeFeo's shot his entire family with a shotgun while they were sleeping. When the Lutz's bought the house they stay a month and had to flee the house because of the hauntings. The book was later made into a hit movie. The Lutzs...
This story is about a 18 year old girl who meets the Turner sisters, who are very poor. From asking the Turner sisters a few questions, Nancy learns that a distant relative of them (Mr. Crowley), promised to make sure that he would leave the Turners a good amount of money in his will so that they...
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It's called The Emperor's Code
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Beatrice was the mother of the Baudelaire children. Another Beatrice is the daughter of the late Kit Snicket.
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Count Olaf is the villain to any of you who didn't know that......
we think they could be the murderers when as it happens they r not