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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
You need either to install packet.dll or if it's already installed you have to register it in the windows registry.
Click on the Link they sent to your E-Mail.
Nope, it will not work on other iPods it is way to small and the other iPods are way to heavy and big to hang like that. The iPod shuffle charger may work on the 2g and the 3g I'm not completely sure
Dr Martin Cooper had first invented the cell phone in 1973 and Alexander Graham Bell had invented the telephone in 1876.
Yes, but you will not be able to achieve rated power. It is also possible that this configuration will damage the amplifier. You should use the speakers that the amplifier was designed for, in order to properly match the voltage and current headroom in the amplifier.
C++ is a generic, cross-platform language, but graphics are platform-dependant. thus C++ has no built-in methods for graphics output. To draw graphics in C++ you need a low-level API and library specific to the platform and hardware you intend to target. Some libraries are highly abstract and...
Internet Explorer. It is also used to manage and view files in windows operating systems.
Various high school subjects are needed which are mostly math related. Some are algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.
You can configure your start menu to have "Recent". "Recent" allows you to see files you have changed recently.
To transport the astronaut in The Impossible Space Test, drag the astronaut to 1 and press the word "teleport." Here is a walkthrough of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBr5QLGOms
The main difference is that depth-first uses a stack while breadth-first uses a queue.To illustrate, imagine a binary tree where every node has up to two child nodes and some data. We begin at the root in both cases. With breadth-first, we enqueue the root. We then begin an iterative process. First,...
Yes, but you can only rent. However, i do not know why you cant buy it.
  According to the IEEE version 802.6.   This supports ethernet cable rated at category 6.   What does this mean to you and me? Our cable and dsl providers a pushing the 6 mb/sec, not exactly speeds worthy of this cableing.   The category 5 rated ethernet cable can handle through its...
A periodic signal with a bandwidth of 70khz and highest  frequency 200khz all frequencies have amplitude of 110v draw the  spectrum in frequency domain utilizing Microsoft Excel charting  facility? Answer this question…
People send texts to communicate with each other, and just to talk, because if you are somewhere else, you may still want to chat with your friends
The International Space Station is seen throughout the year. It is  constantly orbiting the Earth, about 250 miles up in the sky. About  every 6 weeks it passes over any given part of the world for about  10 days or so. So wherever you live, you will get a chance to see  it when it passes over...
== The following is also known as the 'Smoke Test" ==   The physical size of the resistor determines how much power(wattage), or heat can be dissipated. The larger the resistor the more power it can dissipate. Resistance is the opposition to current flow(electrons) and this opposition causes heat...
In the PC, the work of the external data bus is to provide a  channel for the flow of commands and different data between RAM and  the CPU. Other buses also offer communication channels.
Reblog it and type what you wanna say under the previous "comments".
the ipod have wifi capabilities that allow you to connect to internet as long as there is a hotspot or some public network is available
Evereryone says (a) is an angel? But the way in which people use it, it wouldn't really make sense that way! I know a few more(Y) - Yes(N) - No(L) - Love(*) - Star(K) - Kiss
This really is simple. When you bought your Blackberry Playbook, it probably came with a screen cover with two hands with arrows, one at the top centre and one at the bottom centre. Simply follow the following instruction to help you delete photos or videos or voice notes... 1. Tap your photo/video...
You need have 10 brains and buy 10 golden dice. Then when you have them invade and if you win your loot will be 10000 coins and Old McDonald's Barn and 1 brain. I hope you enjoy!
  Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
go to settings then notifications then textfree and turn on sounds alert and bagesexcuse my spelling
you have to download the app Find My Iphone, setup an account on me.com once everything is configured you can log into me.com and locate your ipod as long as is connected to internet
alert() function display the message to the user with OK button. Pressing 'OK' button will close the pop up message box. Example: Please enter your name. confirm() function will display the message to user with OK and CANCEL button .Pressing OK return 'true' to js script where as pressing CANCEL...
Before I say anything, I should say I'm on a Mac. :/ But what I do is: -Go onto your history -Click on the conversation you want to delete -Then press "delete" on your keyboard -A box will pop up, asking if you are sure you want to delete it. -Press "Okay" -The conversation should disappear. I...
You can't. But there are similar versions available to Windows users.
you can put (sarcasm) which makes a sarcastic face. and you can put (sick) for someone puking. (angry) for an angry face. and then just a normal ":)" for a smiley face!(:
check your recycle bin, if the pics aren't there and you haven't backed them up anywhere, they're gone forever. tech guys might be able to help you find them but they're very unlikely to be able to recover them. sorry to disapoint you...
depends on the kid. if u want ur kid to have an iphone, get a good case for it so it wont break. 5-8 ( age )probably not a good idea. 10- 16 yes, they should have one in my opinion (get a case- highly recommended)
It depends on the DVD state. If the side with the information stored on it is badly scratched to the extent that it won't play anymore, then I would say it really won't help to use a DVD cleaner. If it's a clean DVD that you dropped salsa on and accidently let it dry, then it probably will help.I...
Click on the price, but first you need an account.
Yes, you are able to play games. Depending upon the model, you may not be able to download newer games to your older blackberry. You may use the majority of services without a contract or a sim card, including the internet, calendar, etc.
The full version is about $600. This includes an iLok USB copy protection key. An upgrade from ProTools LE 8 is about $250.00, and an upgrade from M-Powered is about $350.00. The upgrades do not come with a key, which is about $50.00
  == Answer ==     No, it is free to download the basic. (I know because a teen babysitter helped me dowload basic limewire this last month on my home PC.)   == Answer ==     No, But it can if you get caught using it.   limewire is illegal and you can get in trouble for it. ...
A YouTube meme about some kiddies in a car laughing at their mother saying "meep'.
yes just simply pug the usb cable that came with your iphone into your iphone and any usb port (pc, mac, ps3, xbox360) and it should charge Yeah, both of them has the same input Voltage and current. Most Charger is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 3.
Because we lived in a f**ked up world life isn't always easy so get use to it the stuff is supposed to make your life essayer but it don't always
That's not a very specific question. Steam can play on any computer Windows XP and onwards, and also works on a Mac. Windows 7 or maybe Vista are reccomended though. Most games take up 5-12 GBS so make sure you have room to spare.
I don't think you can steal things on club penguin...
In order to use Wi-Fi You need a Wireless Router Which Connects to the Telephone Line Simple Answer: No.
I don't know that it failed, but Explorer I was launched in 1958.
Steel is magnetic as are most ferrous metals. Fe = iron. Non ferrous metals are not magnetic. Some examples; aluminum, brass, copper, nickel etc. Stainless steel is non-magnetic because of the nickel content.
A great example of the use of ICT as an instructional aid in classroom is use of presentation software and projectors for teaching. More recently, electronic boards and marker pens have been invented.
Practice. Pretty much anything you do will get your knowledge of photography up. You never really quit learning when it comes to photography. One thing you can do is get hold of one of the old books put out by Kodak (I can't remember the title) and it includes a huge amount of information on how to...
The meaning of DDT is dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. It is a  colorless, tasteless and odorless chemical with insecticidal  properties. It was first synthesized in 1874.
  VoIP phone or IP phone is a device like your ordinary telephone that you connect to your DSL/cable modem or router to connect to the internet. It's primarily job is to save you from turning your computer on to make voip calls.   VoIP phone or IP phone is a device like your ordinary...
  Batteries are good and on same channel. Problem is intermittant. Temp may show 72 degrees one moment and 104 degrees the next.
The answer to this Question is YES, but you need the code to the Sims2 (it will be on the hard bit down left side corner will be the code to install to the computer).
Go to Blackra1n.com and follow their instructions with you're Ipod 4 hooked up to you're computer.
There are 1024 kilobytes(KB) in a megabyte(MB).(just so you know, this is because computers use a base 2, binary, system, which uses only 1 and 0. the smallest number of digits a computer can use to represent 1000 is 2^10, or 1024)Conversion is as follows:Kilobytes/1024=MegabytesThe answer is .097...
  == Answer ==   Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick patented the 1st commercial electric razor in 1928, production began in 1931.   Doctress Who in Yahoo answers, was researching the detail for that, and saw Wiki Answers with same question.
In the fishing hut under stairs in the door
on the bottom right next to the USB port drive
To prepare a seed bed for transplanting and seeding it first needs  to be tilled. It should then be raked smoothed. Fertilizer can be  tilled in or added by top dressing.
sounds like the timing belt jumped, they suck to do, hopefully you are lucky and did not bend valves Check your compression on all cylinders you should have about 140psi in each one.Quad 4 engines are picky. Find another car. Putting any investment into your 1988 car is a waste of money, unless it's...
  It prevents password stealing trojans from stealing banking passwords
the main use of the bluetooth on the ipod is for multiplayer games like Warship and games like... if you want to use it to share pictures and stuff, there are apps like "bluetooth app factory" that allow you to do that and its free
I don't think you can because of the metal on them. Try a book of matches if need be.
Usually servers have more available resources such as CPU, memory, hard drive space and so on.
Ohm's law says that voltage is equal to current times resistance.
A square wave has the highest RMS value. RMS value is simply root-mean-square, and since the square wave spends all of its time at one or the other peak value, then the RMS value is simply the peak value. If you want to quantify the RMS value of other waveforms, then you need to take the RMS of a...
It is at the top of your screen just under the thing where you put website`s in. If you already have one, it'll go underneath that tool bar.
If the motor was running in a clockwise rotation it will continue to run in a clockwise rotation. Single phase motors have to be built to allow for rotation reversal and then tap changes are made at the motor terminal box to reverse the motor.
Sync your iPhone to iTunes on our computer
Component Cables should be used only when an HDMI connection is not available. You made the question harder to answer by making your component cables higher quality sounding than you did the HDMI. Good cables are felt to be important and there are poor quality HDMI cable that cost more to ship than...
Currently no, but check on blogs such as underneath stardoll.
Go onto their profile. At the bottom of the page underneath the list of their friends, there will be a few options. One will be: 'Remove as friend'. Click that to remove them.If you REALLY hate them, click 'Block user'. This will block them from having any contact with you.
Log out of facebook and get your life together.
Answers.com does not give out cell phone numbers or addresses of anyone, in interest of their privacy and safety. If we even had them. Which we don't.
Yes. All MAC employees are professional makeup artists. This means  that before they are hired, they must have experience doing makeup  in a retail environment or doing makeup as a profession.
Impossible to be specific. The candle was a slow and painful evolution from an observation by primitive man that the fat of animals would burn if a flame were touched to it. Originally, this was a vessel with a rough fiber wick in it. It would have smoked like crazy and smelled awful, but it was...
ive been searching for a while it seem the answer is no. there are no completely free online therapy chat websites.. the poor are left to their mental disorders. to suffer it out and learn to live with it. Apparently we are only worth what we can pay . must mean im not worth anything
generators use magnetic energy to turn the spinning of the turbine into electricity, which can be used to make light (and therefore light energy)
There is insufficient information in the question to properly answer it. You did not provide details of which kind of triangle to print. Please restate the question.
The Enable Interrupts (EI) and Disable Interrupts (DI) instructions allow the MP to permit or deny interrupts under program control.
The clay pot system of irrigation, which consists of individual pots or a series of pots connected with plastic tubing, is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
An advantage of the Core i3 processor is that it is faster than  previous processors such as the Pentium 4. A disadvantage is that  the i5 and i7 are generally faster.
You don't. You will never keep the tooth profiles right and will screw up the heat treatment. Get another gear!
To me the best one is Photoshop CS5, it's a paid program but I like it really much. I edited a bunch of photos with it and using it is not that difficult as it may seem first. One will probably need to watch a couple of tutorials and it will be way easier to use Photoshop. Good luck!
If checkbox1.checked = true then If checkbox2.checked = true then Msgbox("Hello")End ifEnd if