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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
How do you prepare for the installation
electrolytic Tough Pitch
Go to tektek.org or any other website that has Gaia online profiles, copy the code, set your profile to current or old school depending on the profile theme paste it in the theme override then save it.
If the resistance is increased the current, which is inversely proportional, decreases and, the voltage drop increases.
There are many steps that take place before your computer boots up. This is a long explanation, so be prepared. BIOS: This is the first thing that happens. It stands for Basic Input Output System. It is actually a hard-coded piece of software (or was; you can update your BIOS, so it is now just a...
If this happens when you try to open Adobe Reader, delete or rename the Plugins folder (just plug_ins, not the others). Then open Reader. It may automatically reinstall itself, in which case all should be well. If not, go to Help/Repair..., and run that. Most of the plugins are only of use if you've...
là loại tụ mà khi nó hư hỏng sẽ không gây ra bất kỳ sốc điện nào cho mạch điện. theo EN 60384-14 thì lớp tụ X được chia thành 3 lớp nhỏ tùy theo đỉnh xung điện áp m...
Art in the Vastu bedroom should be uplifting. Do not place family pictures in the bedroom. Pictures of you and your partner and pictures of divine couples who are good examples are fine. Adding images of your parents, children, and other relatives brings an energy into the bedroom that should be...
Yuri Gagarin was the first human to orbit the Earth in 1962; that helped further the "space race."
All motion is blurred and more chance of blur if you have a shaky hand
The Unix operating system. The first versions of the Unix operating system were written in the "B" language, and later written in "C", which was invented in order to develop Unix on the PDP-11 machine.
A current transformer (CT) is used for measurement of alternatingelectric currents. Current transformers, together with voltage (orpotential) transformers (VT or PT), are known as instrumenttransformers. When current in a circuit is too high to applydirectly to measuring instruments, a current...
It depends on the area of the country of course but it can be anywhere from 35K to 110K a year.
Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973 invented the first portable cell phone.
smart homes are homes of the future
Sputnik is Russian, and it means something like "travelling companion". It became the name for an early series of articifial satellites.
t/w 00:AB 1E 05 EB C6 65 46 77. 01:51 6D 0F 08 41 BB D5 D8
No, the forced draft fan has positive pressure as it just forces yhe air into the combustion chamber.only the induced draft fan has negative pressureas it removes the flue gases & exhaust gases is stacked up
S 2 + F 1 - F 2 = F 1 + b 2
Classes and packages together help us organize our programs. They help us split logically related functionality or pieces of code into separate classes and packages thereby helping us in maintaining them in future. for ex: I will put all the class related to the user login functionality inside one...
examples of input devices : keyboard, mouse, scanner, webcam, joystick, microphone etc. examples of output devices : monitor, printer, speakers, plotters etc.
bebo facebook orkut yuwie friendster hi5 cyworld
Hey! You can re-join bebo at any time after you've deleted your old bebo or it has been deleted! Hope that helps! xOxO
Networks are most often used to connect one or more computersystems to each other, whether to fulfill tasks that require morecomputers or to share data between the computers. A wide areanetwork can connect more computers than normal networks.
An à la carte menu is one where the diner selects the individual courses separately from the biggest variety available. This type of menu is typically more expensive than set menus, where the selection of courses is more limited, such as table d'hote menus, prix fixe menus, buffets, daily...
As soon as possible buy a fire wall like norton or mcfee and block the virus.
see http://sourceforge.net/projects/clish/
It is possible to embed a SQL statement within another. When this is done on the WHERE or the HAVING statements, we have a subquery construct.. The syntax is as follows:. SELECT "column_name1" FROM "table_name1" WHERE "column_name2" [Comparison Operator] (SELECT "column_name3" FROM ...
You need to get skilled professionals who offers a wide range ofhardening of impellers. The company should use advanced technologyand quality raw materials.
Isometric projection is smaller in size. Whereas Isometric view is larger in size. By, Zafiur Rahman LPU, Punjab.
\nYes, providing your TV has a HDTV tuner built in. If not, you'll need a converter box.
International code 0011, then country code 1.
log into your plaxo account. then at the top of the page in the right corner it says like messages and settings and stuff. click on settings. there should be a list of things on the left and click on the deleting account one!!
XHTML 2.0 exists, and is ready for use.. CSS 2.0 is a bit recent (at the time of writing), and because of that, CSS 3.0 probably won't be coming out for awhile.
Depend the value of capacitor. Capacitance in series act like a high pass filter, while in parallel act like low pass filter.. By fourier series, triangular wave is combine of series of the sine or cosine waves.. Therefore by certain capacitance, sine wave can preduce by applied a triangular signal...
Answer . \nCD-2 (states on container: quiets noisy valves & lifters), an additive in a bright yellow plastic container (about 10-12 oz.) found at most automotive retail stores (Napa, Kragen, Auto zone, Trak Auto, etc.) Add one container w/each oil change. If your car is burning or losing...
One of them or both would not get an ip address. If on of the computers has Linux and another one has windows (any), Linux system will receive an ip address, and windows will not. If both are Linux most likely you will see the message about conflicting ip addresses (the same for two win xp or any...
The Orbital Path of Mars is circle.
Definently mkchic.webs.com! there is nothin to do on the site Actually it's Encyclopedia Dramatic, its like wikipedia's sick and racist little brother. I don't know who started it but I know that they were a sick person who has a problem with Jews and every other religeon, they should also go to...
Baud is the unit of measurement for the information carryingcapacity of a communication channel. It is synonymous with bps(bits per second).
netwok troubleshooting technique and tools
There are a wide range of advantages from using IT including making tasks a lot easier, saving a large amount of time and also the amount of resources that are available
Physical systems are tangible entities that may be static or dynamic in operation. For example, the physical parts of the computer center are the offices, desks, and chairs that facilitate operation of the computer. They can be seen and counted, they are static. In contrast, programmed computer is a...
It is the operation of machinery created by putting water, oil, or some other liquid under pressure.
A pair of dice has a totla of 42 dots, 21 on each die .
You can make a couple of tweaks. First, go to Start/My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager, and scroll down to Ports. Open that link and double click on Communications Port (Com1). Open the tab "Port Settings" and change the bit rate from 9600 to a full 128,000. Do the same for (Com2). Close...
Sir Humphrey Davy
yes tough if u dont like legendaries you have no use for it. its purpose is to get you arceus which u get at area where u found the legendaries dialga palkia or giratina then use it to catch arceus
What is epbx and ebx ?. Why we are using epbx and ebx ?
lool it up not to be so rude be or anythig like that but i think someone has a better answer than me
It's just a type of image file, so you should be able to open it in DVD burning programs and DVD mounting programs.
The name for a normal English (US & UK) keyboard is Standard QWERTY keyboard. (QWERTY being the first 5 letters of the top row of letters of the typing section of the keyboard). Whereas The name for a normal German keyboard is Standard QWERTZ keyboard. (QWERTZ being the first 5 letters of the...
the best pump is a sta-rite dura glas .. a 1hp is what i would use
The first mobiles were analogue monstrosities carried in a hard briefcase, and the phone and battery were housed seperately on each end in the case.
This depends on the responsibilities on that forum administrator. Some sites, the admins (administrators) volunteer to help out. Others, they are paid. If the admin has a lot to do, I would suggest about $5-$15 a month. If your forum is huge, and they help manage the whole site, $15 is minimum.
To move traffic. It connects the city of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County . On an average day 120,000 vehicles cross the bridge.
To enable people to get from one side of the harbour to the other without taking a ferry. To link the south and the north side of Sydney Harbor.
From The ENIAC Story. .... The original agreement between the United States of America and the trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, dated June 5, 1943, called for six months of "research and development of an electronic numerical integrator and computer and delivery of a report thereon." This...
It's pretty simple. You can use other anti-virus software like Norton or AVG. Be sure that the virus definition is updated. Answer They are in the air and will make you sick.
flowol is an internet based programme used to make flowcharts ")
Writing compilers is a difficult task . By using a standard language, once you leave the project others can read your code in order to figure out what it does and maintain it.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol that automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host with its IP address and other related configuration information such as the subnet mask and default gateway. RFCs 2131 and 2132 define DHCP as an Internet Engineering...
so people can talk
These are types of switches used in networks. A packet-switchednetwork moves data in separate units called packets which are thenassembled to create the message. Circuit switched networks sendcontinuously but require dedicated point-to-point connections.
Laptops are portable and can be used virtually anywhere; whereas desktops are fixed in one spot in your house. You do sacrifice some performance using a laptop because they're much smaller but you can take it with you to work, school, a friend's house, etc...
A secondary storage device can be a hard drive or a CD/DVD drive connected to the secondary IDE motherboard connection. A storage medium that holds information until it is deleted or overwritten. For example, a floppy disk drive or a hard disk drive is an example of a secondary storage device.
Depends ... advantages over what?\n. \nIf you mean over a desktop computer, you can carry it around easily and it can run on batteries.\n. \nIf you mean over a PDA or smartphone, it has a bigger screen, a bigger keyboard and will run standard computer software.
Absolutely,. If you come into contact with them you can be seriously injured or killed. There is an enormous amount of power running through them. There is also the proposed idea that living near them can increase ones risk of cancer due to the strong electromagnetic fields produced by the lines.. I...
Bill Gates was inspired to invent microsoft because he saw that the world was hepless without ways to comunicate or find information. So thnats why Bill Gates invented Microsoft.
what do you mean by word processor
To sense the current flow across the current transformers and to monitor the current ratings. In current transformers no voltage variations occurs. but in voltage transformers it is mainly used to increase or decrease the voltage value.
The C in BASIC stands for Code. Beginners. All-pupose. Symbolic. Instruction. Code
The telegraph was invented in 1837 by Samuel F. B. Morris. He spoke his first words through it in 1844. money wayy
A strain you get when you text CONSTANTLY!
By Electric. They run on rails.
Socket PAC418 is a 418 pin microprocessor socket designed to interface an Intel Itanium processor to the rest of the computer (usually via the motherboard). It provides both an electrical interface as well as physical support. This socket is designed to support a microprocessor module.
Gene stores information as a sequence of nucleotides, which codes for the sequence of amino acids that determine the formation of a specific polypeptide or protein.
Illinois does. The Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower) in Chicago, Illinois is currently the tallest building in the U.S. Chicago- Sears tower
If you used after that your computer for a while (couple hours is enough), there is no simple way to do that, actually almost impossilble. Even if you could that it would cost so much that it doesn't worth it. But if you used something different than outlook you might want to check your emails...
ultra violet. ( light in the spectrum invisible to the naked (ultra voilet rays can cause skin cancer and cataract)
1,000. kilo is just a prefix which means 1000, for other prefix conversions use the link below.
Broadcast news is big business these days and television networks pour huge amounts of money into it. A typical news broadcast is produced at a studio with an anchorman and several news presenters.. Feeds from other locations are available, using cables links to other studios. A broadcast from a...
This depends on your definition of satellite, meaning if you are referring to man made orbital satellites or natural satellites such as the moon. Natural satellites can take many forms such as a moon, comet, etc. However man made are generally communication satellites used for relaying information...
Hacking is the practice of illegally gaining access to a computeror network. The term hacking is also used to describe the art ofopening up a piece of electronics and modifying it. Some peopleargue that illegal hackers should be called crackers. This opinionis not widely held. There are white hat...
You can sort data in ascending order depending on the desired requirements . You can also sort data in descending order depending on the application package your using . 2b. hb. 3b. b. h. 3h
You probably can with a gameshark, but when I was using it, I didn't see an option like that. On the computer, you definitely could, because its more moddable.