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The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area, is called technology. Advances in technology affect every area of our lives. This category is for questions about technology and includes everything from how to remove a scratch from a CD to applications of electronics to what polyester is made from and more.
Internally, Google uses a variety of operating systems including  Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and ChromeOS. Google's preferred  flavor of Linux for server hosting is a descendant of Ubuntu,  called Goobuntu.
There is no Gmail Toolbar, There is the Google Toolbar.
At the top of the screen in the search box
Under current Ansul design specifications, UL300 and NFPA 17A standards, there is no requirement if the pizza oven is fitted with a door. If the oven is open, even with no open flame, due to a build up of oils and greases from cheese and meats within the appliance, there is still the potential for...
About the same time it takes to get a warrant for a 'tap' on any communication - very little. What is required is for law enforcement to submit an affidavit to the court setting forth 'probable cause' why a particular phone should be monitored for criminal activity, and the for the judge to sign it.
  Visual Fox Pro is a database language for Windows. It originated from FoxPro which was a competitor to dBase. See also the related link below.
this is answer in view of IT and Ethernet port. Answer: An Ethernet port is an opening on computer network equipment that Ethernet cables plug into. These ports are alternatively called jacks or sockets. Ethernet ports accept cables with RJ-45 connectors.
It should happen automatically if it is part of the mission and you are at that point, if not it may be a glitch in your computer.
Yes. it has internal microphone, i'm using Dell E5500 and recording sound by it's internal mic, but i dont know where it is, looking for it's position
It's very possible you don't have enough space on your hard drive to record more then 4 mins. or You have the settings set to only record 4 minutes of gameplay before shutting off.orYou should maybe try and update to the latest drivers and see if that helps. Also make sure you have it installed...
My Budweiser account hasn't been working for at least a week if not more right now. Round the time of the take over.... The support is non-existent at Synacor.
A laser printer is basically a xerographic type photocopier, except instead of a glass plate and light source scanner to paint the image on the selenium drum, it uses a laser to write the image directly on the selenium drum. Everything else is the same.
Actually no. An airbag is a very simple piece of technology. It's set so that if a certain amount of pressure pushes against the airbag, it inflates at hundreds of MPH, in order for you to avoid being slammed against the dashboard, shards of glass hitting you from the front, or you flying out the...
I believe you're talking about hard drive space in a computer and it's very simple. Go to the start button > My Computer / and look at how much space in GB you have left on your C:\\ or whatever drive is your dominant drive.
You would want to navigate to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin and run minecraft.jar with the Java Runtime Environment.
  Russian scientists worked together to build the first satellite
Because if there are parallel paths the current can take, the contacts will not shut off or turn on the device.
Because it didnt reach the client in time hence useless.
  It was Invented by Jean-Louis Atoine.
No. Airplane mode on the phone is to stop the phones from messing with the engines. Most wireless devices will mess with the engines.
Yes because people can find out that you have Facebook but they can post your name or pictures of you on google.com So be careful not to give personal informations. If your name is on google.com, people can learn about you.
Photojournalists are a very important part of photography. Photojournalists usually cover certain events or stories using their pictures to coincide with articles in newspapers or magazines. They help media industries by adding color and interesting photos to the articles, but more importantly, they...
If these two computers that you are talking about is networked, then you can access the other computer and simply as saving it there. But if not, use a USB/Flash Drive in order to transfer the file. If you do not have a USB/Flash Drive, then attached it to your email, then access your email on the...
Zoey runs to the boy she liked in the rain crying thinking he might be gone. this was after a fight with a monster on Tokyo tower. It only is halfway through the series though.
1- Change the USB port the phone is plugged in to. Do not plug the phone back in yet. 2- Reboot the computer then plug the phone in and immediately restart the phone in DFU WHILE CONNECTED to the computer. Open up iTunes. 3- Hit restore DFU can be set on mac by pressing and holding both the home...
Serial analysis of gene expression, or SAGE, allows scientists to  study the expressions of many genes at once. The technique uses a  sequencing machine and a computer to match the genetic tags to a  database. This is technology used in the Human Genome Project.  Scientists are able to look at...
1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) 2. Run the vundo and combo fix 3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 4. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot 5 Run Superantispyware 6. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! For support within the United States and Canada, call toll...
No. I am positive at least on the latest version I have you cannot.
You anti-virus or take it to a computer repair shop.
If your phone has a record feature record yourself saying the persons name then assign that voice clip to the person with the corresponding name
Offline processing techniques is an on-board data analysis software  package. The techniques included are file selection, desktop  management, and filter windows.
he doesn't have a phone
this question was not clear ... please make your question clear to get answer Tq
C++ uses call by value. Even you you use call by reference semantics, it is still call by value - the value you are passing in that case is simply the address of the argument.
Yes they can. First though to receive calls and not just voicemails you need to have the phone installed from your Gmail account. It is a browser add on app. You will need your Gmail open to hear incoming calls.
You can choose to go to a premium reseller or buy it directly online
You can get it when you are not on an ultimate safe chat server on club penguin.eg-billzard
JCR Licklider in the 1960's at MIT came up with the Internet. In 1971 the first Internet message was sent from MIT to Stanford.
866-617-6020 this is the REAL one. I actually got on tutorvista and checked.
Yes ... in a way you need internet for this app .. becoz it loads everytime new wallpapers (if new available)...or searches for update... ZainYboi
True, a variable cannot be both global and local. But if a global and a local variable share the same name, the local one will hide the global.
CAL stands for Client Access License. It is a associated with proprietary softwares distributed by companies such as Microsoft. They enable the end-users to legally connect to the servers of the company.
Search up friends' profile pages with or without an account, and click "Photos" on the left below the profile picture.
yes it comes in handy if you don't want it to fall apart when u use roll ups. Also try and use a paper tip in the bottom so you don't keep getting tobacco in your mouth
Go t www.fantagearcade.com
I, personally, have Ubuntu, Linux. What do you have?
You only choice is limited to virtual machines such as VMWare. And of course you will have to install MAC OS on your virtual machine.
Well They Might Turn The Phone Off Or On vibrate? & silent
find them in the pond gifts or buy them in the pro shop
First of GOD OF WAR 2 is not for PC but if you are asking if it can handle PCSX2 GOD OF WAR 2 no it won't. You need at least a dual-core or core 2 duo processor to run PCSX2 and a way better graphic card yours you have now it's pretty outdated, it can't even run PC games like COD4.
Me and my friend Thomas
== Answer ==   It was the shuttle Discovery that took her to the ISS on December 10 2006, and Atlantis brought her home to Earth on June 22 2007.
Single-phase motors efficient because the circuits are less complex; fewer electrical steps must be taken to achieve a desired output, so less power losses , how ever efficient=P(out)/P(in) , P(out) which more related for power losses as heated ,iron losses, stray losses and mechanical losses.
The DVI connection doesn't carry any sound, so you will have to run an additional analog or digital cable to carry the audio.
IF two dc sources are connected in parallel, the one with the highest potential dominates the circuit.
Start->Right click on Computer->Manage->Local User and Groups->Users. It will provide you all required information.
If you put in the normal text ones facebook will automatically change them into pictures. Some fun ones are (^^^) (turns into a shark) <(") (turns into a penguin) :putnam: (turns into the head of the creator of facebook.
Start->Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->User Accounts-> you will have 4 options...
A series resonant circuit is one in which the inductive and capacitive reactance are equal in magnitude. Since the signs of the vectors of their reactance are opposite, they cancel and so leave only the resistance of the series circuit at the resonant frequency. Because reactance of a capacitor is...
It's a bulb with more blue light in it, to better match the light that natural sunlight emits.
The hardest known metal alloy, and the hardest known metal in general, is a type of carbon steel, Alloy 1090. With a tensile strength of .84 GPa (122,000 psi) and a yield strength of .64 GPa (67,000 psi), carbon steel is surpassed in hardness only by very hard nonmetals, such as ruby, diamond, or...
The motor used in the eram is a massed produced called the Johnson Motor. You can order them by the hundreds. Because of the motor that is used with the eram you will most likely only get 3 to 5 horsepower.
It's main advantage that it compiles C sources into object modules. (That's why it is called C-compiler.) It's disadvantage that it doesn't automagically correct the errors in the program.
A hard disk is inside a computer; it holds the operating system and saved files. A compact disc is optical media, such as an audio CD or data CD. CDs are identical in size and shape to a DVD.
You will need to check what is required of your computer to run it but if it runs windowns 7 should have no problem.
  == Answer ==   www.myspace.com
An enumeration is an user-defined type that encapsulates one or more constants, each of which is assigned a value. Unlike ordinary constants which have an explicit type (such as int, char or float), enumerated constants are a type in their own right, such that the enumeration identifier represents...
He didn't die...
The guage or size and the type of insulation.
lol you wait for them to do the update that allows six members in your party though I'm currently trying to figure out when that might be
The Holiday Inn Ajara (Adjara) Hotel and Business Complex is currently the tallest building in Tbilisi.
There is absolutely no way to do it. But here is a "possibility".Go to Start MenuType in "run"Click on the "run" programtype in "services.msc"find "Windows Live Family Safety"right click and click "properties"from there you can change the start up methode (delay start up) or just simply change the...
In normal use a 3-phase supply is balanced so that the three phase  wires would be of equal size because they carry equal current. When  in balance the system draws no current in the neutral wire (if  present).    In some conditions different currents are taken from a 3-phase  supply, for...
When a fluid/air is flowing though pipe/duct in one direction, the conduit surface will apply some resistance to the flow. And also the resistance is applied by its own molecules. So there are two types of friction losses. 1) static pressure and 2) by velocity pressure. so the total pressure in a...
  == Answer ==   You can download and install DVD Photo Slideshow, then make a slideshow, you can add background music, text, subtitles to the photo. Then burn a VCD or DVD and you can play on DVD player. For more information, you can visit the website of this software http://www.dvd-photo...
it is a spirit level
The main advantage is that nodes can be added and removed dynamically, without the need to copy the entire list to make room for new nodes. Implementing a queue as an array will require the array to be re-allocated periodically to create empty elements for new data, or to shrink the array to avoid...
They can provide an expert opinion on a problem with an existing solution in order to create a design brief and specification for a new, more appropriate solution
It used to be a traffic news web site, but it appears the domain has expired.
Legally you can use the key for same machine up to 3 times per year.