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Planet Mars

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The 4th planet from the sun in our solar system. It is commonly called the "Red Planet".
If the planet was exactly in between Mars and Jupiter, it wouldtake 3645.029 days.
No: it lacks a breathable atmosphere; it has no form of water on its surface (barring a small amount of polar ice); the temperature ranges across hundreds of degrees Celsius from night to day, and the extremes are well without human ability to stand unless they have some serious protective equipment...
One AU is 148,597,871 km, so 0.7 AU is 104,718,510 km. The velocityof light and other electromagnetic radiations in free space is299,792.458 km/second, so the time for the round trip is (2 *104,718,510 / 299,792.458) seconds - or 698.6 seconds (11 minutes,38.6 seconds.)
Earths atmosphere consists of 78.09% Nitrogen, 28.95% Oxygen and 1%trace elements, mainly Argon. The martian atmosphere consists of96% Carbon Dioxide, 1.9% Nitrogen, 1.9% Argon, with oxygen presentonly as a trace element. Where you to inhale the martian atmosphereyou would suffocate. The atmosphere...
No. Reasons are: 1> Atmosphere temperature is too low. 2> Pressure is too low. 3> Water samples found does not mean there is adequate water or adequate Oxygen. 4> You do not have market to buy food. 5> You do not have that on Mars what we call here natural resources & minerals. 6> Many more ...........
Planet Mercury is about 36 million miles from the sun.
no, because a human would suffocate and die of intense heat.
it would take about six to seven months
Launch dates:Mars 2(Prop-M) - 19th of May 1971 Mars 3(Prop-M) - 28th of May 1971 Sojourner - 4th of December 1996 PLUTO - 2nd of june 2003 Spirit - 10th of june 2003 Opportunity - 7th of July 2003 Curiosity - 26th of November 2011
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You might find a picture of people fighting against police or thearmy; that often happens during revolutions.
mars is a redish planet with dust all around the atmoshere! love, Madison thst is not the answer
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I think if a person was young and unattached, they would. I think I would. As one gets older though, one is less inclined to take risks. I might still. I'd have to know more of the circumstances, especially if there was a possibility of me being able to go on the third or fourth wave, after the odds...
The places on earth most similar to Mars are the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica.
About 64.4 lbs. Mar's gravity is about 12.2 ft/s^2 (or 3.71 m/s^2) and earth's gravity is about 32.2 ft / s^2 (or 9.83 m / s^2). Using this ratio you can calculate your weight. Weight on mars = (12.2 / 32.2) * Weight on Earth
The planet Mars has two small moons, named Phobos and Deimos - fear and terror, the companions of war (in Roman mythology Mars was the god of war).
Mars is not hot. Its thin atmosphere and distance from the sun makeit so that temperatures are usually very cold.
No; it's always been called Mars, after the Roman god.
Compared to Earth, Mars is a tiny world. In fact, Mars' mass is only 10% the mass of the Earth. Mass of Mars is 0.107 the mass of Earth. Why does Mars have such a low mass? Partly it's because it's so small. Mars has a radius half the size of the Earth. And partly it's because Mars has a much lower...
Volcanic activity. It was most likely created by a long-lived plume of rising mantle material that bulged the surface upward. This provided the molten rock for the eruptions which built the volcano.
Temperature records for the Red Planet are not taken on a regularbasis. Scientists believe the temperature on Mars can reach as high70 degrees Fahrenheit but dip to -225 degrees at night.
The word "nix" is Latin for "snows". The original name of the volcano Olympus Mons on Mars was "Nix Olympica" ( snows of Olympus , for its bright appearance).
Frozen water like earth has
no, actually they will freeze! Mars is really cold.
valleys . some of the tallest mountains and deepest valleys known in the solar system.
Yes, the planets in order from the sun are: Mercury. Venus. Earth. Mars. Jupiter. Saturn. Uranus. Neptune.
Rusted Iron that rusted over thousands of millions of years!
because there is no water or air (Correction) Actually, there is water on Mars, but because of the atmospheric pressure, it can only exist in the form of ice or water vapor, not as a liquid. Also there is air, because it has an atmosphere. Air is just a colorless, odorless, tasteless, gaseous...
They were human. The virus-like species that made them that way is called "The Flood".
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Many scientists consider the possibility life exists elsewhere in our universe (and more particularly even within our own galaxy) quite likely. A few do not think it is likely.
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I expected there to be life on Mars because I believed that there was frozen water on it, and with water comes life. -Starrynight98
The Martian moon Phobos is believed to be very similar to C- and D-type asteroids, and it has been suggested that it also has the properties of a carbonaceous chondrite.
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50% (including Pluto) 37.5% (not including Pluto)
Mars is 141,600,000 miles away from the sun. Earth is 149, 600,000miles from the sun and Uranus is 1,787,000,000 miles from the sun.
Mars has one very large volcano and two other types of volcanoes.
There are several, but they are all extinct. Mars has apparently cooled down to the point where the volcanoes stopped erupting billions of years ago. However, with the thin air, there is nothing to wear the volcanoes down. Olympus Mons is the largest volcano (or mountain) by far in the Solar...
Mars is a very dry planet with no surface water. It has manyvolcanoes and impact craters on the surface and the entire surfaceis covered with sand.
because it is to hot for ice on earth but on mars it is so hot ice freezes on mars even though it is hot ice is irrissatble
ANSWER from Mary Urquhart on April 3, 1997: You couldn't light a fire on Mars because there isn't oxygen in the atmosphere to react with the material you want to burn. Fire is a chemical reaction where oxygen combines with other substances and produces heat and waste products (like carbon dioxide...
mars hill was a place that the apostle paul preached from in the new testament. It is also a town in western North Carolina in Madison county. also in ancient times known as aeropagus.
You would weigh 128.9 lbs on Uranus.
In the same way that the Earth has volcanoes and ice. However, Martian volcanoes do not appear to be active.
Yes, the sun is hotter than fire. At the sun's core it can reach upto 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.
It found that on the North Pole it snowed that disappeared in mid air.
those features or called asteroids. just like us it turns around the Sun.
Mercury's volume = 0.056 x Earths (6.08x10 10 km 3 ) Venus' volume = 0.857 x Earths (9.38x10 11 km 3 ) (Earth) volume = 1 x Earths (1.08x10 12 km 3 ) Mars' volume = 0.151 x Earths (1.63x10 11 km 3 ) Jupiter's volume = 1321.3 x Earths (1.43x10 15 km 3 ) Saturn's volume = 763.59 x...
Though the question has a certain amount of novel interest the requirements of the asker are uncertain. The distance to Mars, from the sun, at aphelion is 249,209,300 Km and 206,669,000 Km at perihelion. (These figures are not accurate to an inch and it is unlikely that they ever could be.) These...
Largely because it is bigger. The radius of Mars is about half again as large as that of Mercury, the mass about twice as great (remember that volume scales as the cube of radius).
In theory it is possible for people to explore mars. NASA or any other country just doesn't see the point though. They've already sent out robots to do the exploring instead of risking men's lives. In the future they are planning to set up a colony on the moon and if it works well then on mars too....
Viking leaders carried a compact biology laboratory meant to search for life on Mars.
It takes 687 days for Mars to complete one revolution around theSun. This revolution is known as an orbital year.
On Mars, the most advanced life form (if there is any) would be bacteria, whilst on earth mammals are the most advanced.
Yes, but it is very, very small. Too small for a person to breath.
Mars unlike earth is to cold has a little bit of water and oxygen. it cant support human life- but there may be other creatures out there there on planet Mars that it can support . but if humans were there, we would die .
36million over to 250million
Iron oxide, commonly known as rust, gives Mars it's color.
One invention Albert Richardson invented was an insect destroyer.
it is rocky
Mars is only about half the diameter of Earth. Both are terrestrialplanets and Mars has an atmosphere made primarily of carbon dioxiderather than Earth's nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere.
yes, because it also turns on itself just like earth.
Yes the Mars rover is stuck, and earth has lost track or control of it.
If you could travel at the speed of light, the trip from Mars to the Sun would take you about 12-15 minutes - and that's assuming you start off immediately at light-speed. Mars is approxy 205 million KM away from the sun. Divide that into light hours(Traveling @ - Speed of Light (I) for ---...
Cannot be done as the Jet cannot leave earth's atmosphere.
Earth and Mercury
Mars is a solid rocky planet with a red color from the large amount of iron oxide on its surface. That is why NASA has been able to land unmanned landers there. .