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Please do not correct misspelled words in the question if it asking how to spell a certain word. This category is related to forming words with letters and the ways in which words are spoken.


Gunny, Planning your outlet location requires following a couple simple rules. You need to have one every 12 feet of runnning wall space and one for every 2 ft of usable wall space. You usually find those in between closet doors etc, it does not count the space behind doors. You also consider usable…
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No crazier than owing that much on a car that old. IF you do the 1k in repairs, will it last until you get it paid off? What is the loan value of the car in decent shape?
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Answer You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer. 1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) 2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot 4 Run Superantispyware 5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web Cure…
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The Role of Silent Letters There are two uses for silent letters in English. One is to indicate the pronunciation of other letters. For example, in the word "tinny," the second n is silent; its purpose is to show that the i is not pronounced like the i in "tiny." Likewise, a silent e makes "hate"…
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%DETAILS% Use balance transfer offers with caution. Many of these offers are only for a limited time only so be sure you will have the amount you transfer paid off before the time period expires.If you do find an offer that is for the life of the balance be aware that if you put other debt on the…
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Contact an attorney. You may have several issues including the fact that they "lied" on a credit report and a possible contempt issue for taking action while the automatic stay was in effect.
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Erin Go Braugh?Bragh? Dia duit. That's "hello" in Irish. The correct spelling is 'ERIN GO BRAGH' and it simply means ' IRELAND FOREVER.' Slan(goodbye) "Erin go bragh" is the incorrect, anglicized way of saying and spelling it. To be entirely accurate, it is like this: "eire go brach"Accordingto e…
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A derogatory slang term used by combat military personnel to describe other military personnel with office, administrative or support jobs. The term is relative and varies in meaning from true disdain to affection. A foot soldier might refer to all air support personnel or to other soldiers not curr…
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When referring to the Celtic people, their languages and culture, modern scholars tend to pronounce the word with a K-sound, recalling the original form of the word, which the Greek pronounced "Keltoi"). When referring to sports teams that call themselves Celtics or Celts (bearing in mind that spor…
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The most common modern spelling is de Standún or just Standún.In addition to the above, *the names Staunton and Stanton in Ireland are of Anglo-Norman origin, having been brought to the country by settlers as early as the 13th century. County Mayo was the ancestral home to the sept "de Stonndún",…
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I have noticed an ineffectiveness in the dosage after a period of time. At the price of $115 for 30 capsules, you would think it had some lasting effect. I think that it is placebo with a gold coated price.   This is actually very common with a lot of meds. It takes a little while to get into…
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Khris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus. See attached link ANSWERThere are different ways to spell it. Kris Kringle, Christkind or Christkindl. He's also known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Nikolaos of Bari, Father Christmas or simply Santa.Saint Nicholas of Myra is the origina…
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Every year, the Metropolitian Transit Authority [MTA] holds audtions to listen to musicians play. A select group of musicians are given a banner with their name on it, thereby allowing them to play legally in the subway. Any other way and it is basically deemed illegal. These auditions are usually h…
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You would think the term "geek" was just invented from this modern generation, but I've known this word since the 50's. Geeks (in our minds) wore horn-rimmed glasses, had bad skin, kept to themselves and got straight A's which was uncool for even my time. Funny, those "geeks" probably ended up becom…
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Stall & Dean Catcher's Mitt I'm not familiar with that particular model. The bulk of the value on a collectible baseball glove/mitt relies on the player endorsement. Without a player endorsement the value will fall onto the age of the glove, and vintage baseball glove features like buckle bac…
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You take out the phone book if you have not been recommended to someone and you ask questions. Write down exactly what type of symptoms that you have so when you do call you can explain yourself to the therapist. Make a determination after you have spoken with a bunch of therapists and chose the one…
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Pareve Foods that are neither meat nor dairy are called pareve (also "parevine") in Judaism. This means that they contain absolutely no meat or dairy derivatives, and have not been cooked or mixed with any meat or dairy foods. The reason behind needing to know if foods are pareve or not is that…
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The answer you are looking for is Defencelessness
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Let's get this straight- there is no correct way to shoot a basketball. There are wrong ways to shoot basketball (e.g. with one hand, using both hands all the way, etc.), but no right or correct ways. Everyone starts out shooting their own way, and this way usually is correct. If you continue to sho…
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Simply contact the immigration office where the I-797 come from and they will fix it.
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most factory alarms cannot be programmed for anything besides their initial set up without adding additional parts  Yes you can. Go to www.fordmondeo.org and have a nose around the forums. I did so with my car and the doors now lock as soon as I drive off - I have a MK3 Mondeo.
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Answer Specificity is a virtue. Command of what? Team of what? There is not enough information here to elicit a cogent response. Good luck.
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There is a county town in Devon and all British counties not a capital. The county town of Devon is Exeter  ...........Yes , Exeter (city) is the capital of the county Devon .The city is situated on the river Exe , and provides the county with a central base for education, medicine, religion,…
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(micro) processors are machines that execute instructions and act on data. the format and interpretation of these instructions are machine dependant - that is to say that a particular binary string of one's and zero's mean specific thiing(s) to each processor design or architecture. also microproces…
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Answer eazy first peel the entier window off. you have to tkae the cover off. (under the back window.) Then get a tube of caulking from your local hardware store caulk the rag top set window in and block up the window the key to a none leakey window is to keep presser on the window. after dry put…
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What sounds 'adnomia' to me is 'insomnia'. Insomnia is a condition in which one cannot sleep during their aloted resting time. If this problem lasts for more than one week, it is advisable to take a sleep aid. However do not take a sleep-aid for longer than two weeks without first consulting your do…
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not much. not my best machine. infact my worst. donly tones the outside of the thighs giving a more harder thigh. but that's depends on the bodyfat around the thighs. try wider squats for all over lower body development
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Communication is the key word here. You have to sit and talk and find out what the other wants or needs in life and then both of you have to strive for that.Going on a holiday if you can afford it for at least a week is a good choice and helps you both relax. Don't visit friends, but go somewhere wh…
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Try to get your window realigned, that's what i did after it broke and got replaced...It was just barely hitting the metal when the window was the whole way up...But im not 100% sure of this, you might want to ask for someone elses opinion
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Repos and the Police They do not need to notify the police, but they almost always do. The repo guys notify the police so if the police get a call from the address where the repo is taking place about a stolen car etc. the police are less likely to show up causing a "breach of peace" which could sto…
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Answer I believe it depends on the firm that hires you. They may offer some financial assistance for you to return to school for your bachelors. Should you get a job, make sure you find out ALL of the options they offer, if any.
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Are you serious? Tattooing a number to your body has many different meanings. I would tattoo the number 13 because I was born on that day, My name begins with the letter M, which is the 13th letter of the alphabet and because I consider it lucky.
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Faulty TDC Sensor, All it will need is cleaning.Take it out clean the tip of the sensor so it is clean and shiny again, also clean the electrical connector.
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You can be healed over time, like all pain and loss.Dont have contact with the N - seek counselling and let yourself know, it simply isn't your fault.I have a Ex N and for a long time I thought Id never heal. I share a child with him. I reserved the game on him, I ignored him and I did not show him …
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Hibernation is when an animal goes to rest for the winter season to stay warm. Not all animals hibernate. Hibernating results in a deep sleep over a period of time that limits bodily functions. Many forest animals such as bears, deer, owls, and other warm blooded animals stock up on fat by eating tr…
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To cover it up, use a green concealer under your foundation. The green will neutralize the redness. Sulfur-based products work well to reduce rosacea redness. Look for De La Cruz 10% Sulfur Ointment at Walgreen's. You can also find Prosacea, which is marketed specifically for people with rosacea, a…
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This form of to summon means called to appear. This is used variously for either:producing a demon in magic or religious connotationsbeing called before a court, authority, or inquiryThe word "summoned" means called to come.
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Answer A person who has been appointed as a legal guardian can voluntarily relinquish his duty to the ward. That is the word which describes the person the guardian is supposed to be caring for, tending to his property, and other obligations for the welfair of the ward. The court where the guardi…
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See the wikipedia article on "Erin go bragh".
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Although prix fixe, commonly pronounced 'prefix', menus are common in Europe, they're still somewhat of a novelty to most Americans. A prix fixe menu is simply a collection of predetermined items presented as a multi-course meal at a set price. For instance, one evening, a restaurant may offer a pri…
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Answer Your rifle is not stock you have a replacement barrel and possibly a replacement stock un less you have a special run model . Call them and give them your serial # they can then tell you if its a special edition model or not This was a standard factory rifle made prior to the early 2000's…
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Struggling to find the perfect attendant dresses while not completely blowing your bridesmaid's budget is a tough one. On one hand, you want the day to be absolutely perfect and so beautiful as to never be forgotten. On the other hand, you know that these dresses may only be worn once, and it's hard…
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Well it is the 21st century so you don't really want to name your child Jillian jean, Henrietta Mary, Cecil, Noreen etc. good names in this century would probably be Abbi Isabel phoebe, Miley, Shannon, Cody, Ella, Eloise, Sophie, Malia, Jessica, Hannah, Rhiannon, Zoe, Lauren, Alice,Ciara, Morwenna a…
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Yes they can be bulk sterilized but in turn, once you take them out of the package they were in they are considered not sterile anymore. The only way to really sterilize them as well is to put them into an autoclave. Answer Yes but they'd have to be individually wrapped afterwards, like Band Ai…
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Answer If it runs fine other than the idle could be your idle air control valve or IAC valve.Had this problem with a 98 explorer. M.Cole Answer An engine needs 3 things to run............air flow, fuel flow, and properly timed ignition spark. When did you last replace the spark plugs, the ai…
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Answer I think i have tracked down the clunking,,i believe it's got something to do with the heater, when i change the air flow from the floor to the dash is when it make's the clunking/flaping noise. even tho nobody had a answer for me here i did find alot of question/answer's on the board that …
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Just tell them that you are very sorry about it. If they are still mad that is there problem maybe they should have a sense of humor? Or you could ask them what you can do to make up for it. Of course, you could, if you wanted, attend some workshops on racism or join an organization tackling racism.
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The three most likely culprits are a bad fuel pump, a loose or bad crank sensor or cam sensor. Because the problem is intermittent, try the cam or crank sensor first. The cam sensor is behind the power steering reservoir and the crank sensor is by the A/C compressor. On the fuel rail to the injector…
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As in much of English there is no rule.There has been a story doing the rounds here in England about an English teacher trying to teach just this to a class. She stated quite categorically that ch was always either ch as in church or k as in mechanic.One little girl put up her hand and said "Sometim…
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Answer Sam Vaknin is a self proclaimed narcissist, and a regular guest on many of the support forums rearding narcissism, and actually even runs a few websites of his own, where he makes himself available to answer questions. The other posters are absolutely correct though, in saying that typical…
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Uh, it's exactly 200 feet!If you are looking to convert feet into some other unit of length, you can use the link below or use the Google Calculator, which can be found at http://www.google.com/intl/en/help/features.html#calculator. Addendum: Did you want a sense of scale? Two hundred feet is the …
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depending on your point of view, soulmates are people that are "made" for each other, and have been together through the ages - i.e their souls have always been together, even in past lives, and they are connected not just emotionally, or physically but spiritually too.   Personally, I feel t…
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240sx.org Zilvia.net Ka-t.org Club240.com Nissanforums.com northwestnissans.com nicoclub.com
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Ergonomics is intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury
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Just like that. The word "vacuum" is the spelling for a void, or emptiness. The "vacuum cleaner" uses a fan to provide lower air pressure at its nozzle, so as to trap dirt caught in the airflow.
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You deal with this by patting yourself on the back because you're one smart woman! As much as it crushes your heart you have come to the realization that this relationship will never work out. Love is just loving that person you are with and everyone else around is a mere shadow. Loving someone …
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It is a Mesoamerican celebration of a girl becoming a young woman on the 15th birthday. It also celebrates her tradition. It also gives the girl to show her great style to her family and freinds.    
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code 32 -1987-Pontiac bonevillecode 32 on 1987 Pontiac Bonneville -means-Baro sensor or circuit(carbureted models)or if(fuel injected model)means-EGR circuit
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It's pronounced "Porsha" because it is a family name, and that's the way they pronounce it. Your location and/or the language have nothing to do with it.HelloGreetings from FRGneither, it is pronaunced like written.Porsche is is Porsch with an middlelong e on the end. For US Folks try to say Porchs…
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Answer it happened to me and it was my transmission.i had to get a new one if the first gear and the reverse are the only gears that work, its the governor gear.I just have the saome problem a month ago, so i changed the governor gear and the car is runniing good now.
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more than likely thr struts need replaced. bounce it up and down and let go, if it continues to bounce more then once, before it straightens out ,the struts are weak. if ok! and it will not bounce more than once. struts are ok. if this is the case, check suspension system. you may have a bad spring.
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fords had a problem with what they call idle air control motor this is located on the throttle body that's where the air inlet boot meets the intake it has a round body has two screws that hold it in place sometimes if u hit it it will unstick try and tap it with a hammer lightly
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"Erin go Braugh" is not in Irish but an English phonetic spelling of the original Éirinn go brách [aerin guh braw]
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An Anapest is a metrical foot used in formal poetry. (Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anapaest")
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No there is not. There is no McVeter's or McPeter's establishment of any kind in Parsippany according to the BBB of Parsippany.
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change you Lifestyle I lost 45lb. in about 4 months I gues it's from just getting your body more active. You have to into the active type of lifestyle not so much as exercising just basically changing your diet. I cahnged my diet from all that McDoanlds and other fast foods and started eating fru…
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Answer a synchronization manager is a program that can help you synchronizing for ex your computer and a palm The process by which files and programs are transferred between PDAs and PCs.
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I was also wondering about the same, and according to the railroad they never made any glass signs. So any glass signs are fakes. Kinda hard to believe they were making fake signs in the late sixties when the one I know of was purchased
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Yes with parental consent or if your state's laws say that it is a legal age to get married. Answer In many states, yes. Depending on your state, you may need approval of a parent or judge.
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To qualify for section 8, you must attend the appointment, then the worker will perform a background check. You can't have any felonies, drug offenses or be a registered sex offender. This will take 6-8 weeks. If you are approved, you will get an appointment to come to an orientation, there you will…
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Germs "Germ" is an informal term for a pathogen, which is a formal term for something that makes you sick. A germ is a microscopic organism that can carry disease. Other words used for germs are microorganisms, microbes, and in slang, "bugs". The term generally refers to bacteria, or viruses. I…
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No, narcassistic people are this way with many (often will argue with coworkers, family and friends) and you had nothing to do with it and you didn't cause him to be this way. You got the worst of it because you are the most closely connected to this person. They consider society stupid as a whole a…
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The hut hut hut that American football players, mainly the quarterback or the punter, does that because that makes the two teams get ready for the play. Even though it not always hut; it could be on first sound, which means the quarterback sets up and says any word and the play is live. This answe…
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Answer About 14-15 weeks into pregnancy the fetus is about 9cm long so it was conceived 12-13 weeks ago.
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Answer The Ahnenerbe (Ahnenerbe Forschungs-und Lehrgemeinschaft - Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society) was an organization created in 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Wirth, and Richard Walter Darr. The Ahnenerbe was part of Himmler's great plan to rewrite pre-history to prove tha…
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Yes, you can get Norovirus again because it's under the heading of "viral infection." If you follow the instructions below you should be just fine and if you don't have to go on a cruise or travel by plane then don't! Cruise ships in particular are having a bad time of controlling Norovirus not beca…
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Answer No, you have coils instead of a distributer. The coils are located near the bottom of the engine, just follow the spark plug wires. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COIL PACK TOWERS for your 4.2 L - V6 engine are numbered : coil--…
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Use "Does" if the subject is third-person singular (he, she, it, John, Sally, the cat, etc.). Use "Do" everywhere else. Did for past tense. EXAMPLES:  She DOES love him but she feels it's time to move on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- …
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No one can say for certain just how Julius Caesar and his contemporaries pronounced their Latin. The best guess for the pronunciation of "veni, vedi, vici" is still "vee nay, vee dee, vee cee." The "w" and hard consonant ("wen nee, wed dee, wiki") first showed up in sixteenth century England and was…
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probably sucking transmission fluid through a broken diaphragm on transmission modulator. look for a vaccuum hose going from carburetor or throttle body area down to an external pod like device mounted on the transmission.
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Answer Zilch. Unless You Can Find Someone Collecting It. GOOD LUCK
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dealer has to program tire size into module
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Probably when you find a partner you feel you can settle down and commit to, based on whatever criteria are important to you... That's how most people do it. Though many people are afraid of committing to one partner and end up pushing it off for years. It all depends on you and your partner. never …
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The roofer and ultimately the liability insurance co of the roofer. The roofer will likely be held responsible in the end but the tenant has no relationship to the roofer. The tenant has a relationship with the landlord and it is the landlord's responsibility to see that a roof was in proper conditi…
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Answer The title of Dr. is specific to those that hold a doctorate, in any subject, and is not directly related to the medical profession. Medical doctors are called Dr. because they hold a doctorate in medicine. Other doctorates (e.g. Ph.D.) should also be addressed as Dr. for the same reas…
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It's a hard "C", like "Coffee", then the rest is the same as "Ian".
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Symbolism of a Number 42 Tattoo The number 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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Answer When we write a number out longhand, we spell out the numbers. Twenty three is 23. Four hundred ten is 410. Two million three hundred sixteen thousand forty seven is 2,316,047. You get the idea. We are said to be writing the number in longhand or writing the number out in longhand. Longha…
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NOBut remember, the accepted spelling of some words has changed over the last 2 centuries. The one in the Constitution that stands out is "chuse" instead of "choose". And if you follow its example for the use of capital letters, you'll get an F in English composition!  YES DEFENCE instead of D…
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There are 4300 words in 7 main parts or sections called articles. Including 27 amendments, there are 6700 words.
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"Gaslighting" is a nifty little manipulation trick that narcissists use to confuse you. This one I felt was particularly "fascinating." For example, my ex used to insist I said or did something that I didn't, but he left it open enough for me to question myself at the time..."Did I really..?" He did…
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Dealing With People Who Accuse You Of Being A Racist: Every person is a racist to some degree whether they choose to admit to it or not. It is impossible for any person of any race, culture, ethnicity, religion, etc. to claim they have never indulged in a racist or bigoted thought or action. …
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that tranny isn't an electronic controled tranny its a hydralic controlled one
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People are criticized for many reasons. The way people dress, where they work, and how they raise their kids are common reasons that people are criticized.
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you are referring to "sure and begorrah" which is a phrase i have never heard used in Ireland and which makes most Irish people cringe when they hear it on t.v. in films etc. it has no meaning and should be quietly let drift into oblivion.
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Answer Yes. The Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgment Act has been adopted in most US states.
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