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Marlin Firearms

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Marlin firearms are manufactured by the 130-year old Marlin Firearms Company in North Haven, Connecticut, USA. Throughout the years, different kinds of firearms have been produced such as rifles, derringers, shotguns and revolvers.
based on the letter D, your rifle was made in 1947
In order to determine the exact value of a Marlin model 1892 22caliber octagon barrel lever action firearm, a couple factors wouldneed to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, thecondition of the firearm.
You will totally destroy the rifle as a collectors item. Don't do it!! Depending on the condition of the rifle you can turn a $600-$1200 collectors rifle into a $100 junker parts gun.
they are cheap .....buy a new one.
Between 200-350 dollars,depending on overall condition of the wood and metal,and a good bore.
The letters of the given serial number indicates the year the gunwas manufactured. In this case, the gun was made in 1952. The valueis going to be very dependent on the condition, location sold, andcurrent number of similar guns available on the market at the timeof sale. Gun prices fluctuate a...
I believe the first 2 numbers of the serial, taken away from 100, equals your year of manufacture. In your case the numbers 22 would indicate that it was made in 1978.. As for price, it depends on the condition. I bought one yesterday and paid $700 Australian for it. I might have paid too much but...
ammoclip.com $18 plus shipping The Glenfield model 25 was made by Marlin as the model 80
it is a 410 ga pump shotgun
older because is your tube fed long or short then the barrel mine comes to the top new are short.Your serial number indicates that your Glenfield model 60 was made in the year 1981.
The Model 21 was made in Grades A, B, C, and D. 'A' would be arather plain gun, 'B' would have a higher quality of wood, 'C'would have some engraving, and 'D' would be extensively engraved.For the four grades in 80% condition, the Blue Book indicatesvalues of $165, $305, $415, and $715, and in 100%...
Welcome to the wonderful world of "hardware" guns. It would be very difficult to give you an exact age of your rifle. Witte Hardware was a large business that lasted from about 188o to 1983. At one time it was common for MANY gunmakers to make guns for others, using the purchaser's brand names....
The guide I use states from $88 in good condition to $163 in new condition. Made from 1966-'79.
Your serial number indicates that your rifle was made in the year 1987.
Answer . \nLike new Century 39's are going in the $400-$500 range, if they are unfired, and have the original box and papers. If your gun is fired, and has no box, it will probably get about $350.
Answer . \nI sold two mint Zane Grays last year on Auction Arms. They went for under $400. I believe it was in the $350-$375 range.. Answer . \nThese are fairly rare here in Australia and are used in all manner of hunting - hog deer, boar, fallow deer , goat and numerous others . must be within...
An AB Serial Number prefix means that it was made in 1966.
I'd been told by a Marlin official that the 17V & 17VS were make, under those model number for just a couple of years. I believe he said 2000-01. Model changed to 917 series.. I'd been told by a Marlin official that the 17V & 17VS were make, under those model number for just a couple of years. I...
Answer . Although I have seen some straight-stocked Marlin lever action rifles, as far as I can recall, every Marlin bolt action rifle I ever saw came from the factory with a pistol grip stock. If by "pistol grip stock" you mean a stock like the police sometimes use on riot guns, with just a...
Can't be answered without knowing who made it, what caliber/gauge, if its a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Even then, the records may not exist/be published.
100- the first to numbers in the S/N= Year Mine is 11 100-11=1989
The sportsman is a common top breaking revolver that was sold at sears for a number of years. It is a very common weapon and in good condition should bring at least $100-$150.
Factory magazine for Marlin 80 DL $18 + $7 shipping at ammoclip.com
I have an 80 G rifle but no clip. I would be willing to sell the rifle without the clip.
They don't have clips. They have magazines. You can order them through Numrich.
It is worth quite a bit to me. If you have one to sell contact me at: Northwest Firearms.com my name is: marlin 1888
The Marlin Model 795 rifle does not utilize clips, but has a 10-round detachable box magazine. The rifle itself has a magazine disconnect, and thus will not fire unless a magazine is inserted.
Answer . i have a marlin safty model 1892 #199269 it was made 3-20-1900 its a .32 cal center fire.model 1892 was made in .32 cal center fire and .32 cal rim fire.you can get replacement firing pins at www.wisnersinc .com. i was able to get .32 cal ammo at graf & son phone #573 581 2266. it is .32...
I youst bought one.. I gave 3200 SEK (aprox. 400 USD) for it.. you got to take in consideration that this weapon was bought in Sweden (weapons are quiet expencive here) and it came with a scope (a rather good one!).
Un-screw the large slotted screw on the right side of the reciever, and it just slides apart. It's designed to be able to un-screw it with a coin.
i have one for 350 plus shipping if you want it
The Western Field model 815 was made for Mongomery Ward by Mossberg. It is their model 321 single shot .22,if that will help you.
at is a marlin model 336A 30 -30 worth.The value will be between 250-350 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.thanks buddy..
try looking at gun shows. you will probably find several parts for it there. call marlin them selves i just orderd two clips for my marlin 25 bolt at 12.50 each. if you buy two there is no shiping chage i takes about a week 1-800-544-8892
It wouldn't be advisable. The recoil spring is an essential component of the operating mechanism, and, in many rimfire rifles, is also instrumental in keeping the bolt carrier on track. Using your firearm without this recoil spring leads to serious risk of damage, and the possibility of personal...
1982 I believe. Thats why it is 6082.
marlin model 101 22 calsl-lr 27438484 ? year
Were made from 1960 to 1966
There are things you can do but unless you are very good with small, fragile parts, and good at finding them when they go flying away, DON'T TRY IT. So, after you've tried it all and failed, go to Brownells and buy replacement parts to put it back to the way it was. Having said all that, and since...
Answer . The serial number of modern Marlins begin with the last two digits of the year of manufacture; in this case 1972. Value largely depends on condition; you might search completed auctions on GunBroker.com or AuctionArms.com or any of the other gun selling websites to see what a comparable...
The model 120 originally sold for $150. One that is in mint condition will bring about $275. However, if you also have the MXR 40" barrel, it alone is worth about $200.
The Marlin Model Golden 39A is the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm (rifle) in the world.
I just bought my XL7 last month with a scope (brand new) for $399. That does not include tax. I took it out shooting this past weekend and I bought a great rifle for the money. It was right on after I zeroed in the scope. I'm a very happy Marlin customer!
See if this helps - http://stevespages.com/pdf/marlin_60.pdf. Don't however dissasemble the lower reciever. Its sandwiched between two peices of steel. If you take those apparty, trust me, you will have a horrible time putting it back together.
you should be able to find everything at this site www.e-gunparts.com/dept.asp. drawings and parts
I just found a price on mine ($315.00) for my Marlin model #782. If I'm not mistaken I think your model was in the ($300.00) and over range, but less than ($330.00). Like I said if I remember correctly, so do your own research.
The Marlin 890 22LR was made starting in 1954-60. This was Marlins Micro Groove experiment
where is the "best priced" shop to purchase the loading tube for the golden 50 glenfield 65 22 l.r. by Marlin Firearms?
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Actually, Sears had their own store brand "Ted Williams", none of which I can find a Model 60 cross to. They did a lot of business with Marlin on their 80 series 22's and on Marlin 336's. J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward used Model 60's with a store brand, and Glenfield 60's were found in many discount...
2000.While the previous answer states the year 2000,My research indicates that your Marlin model 883ss was made in the year 1994.You take the first 2 numbers of your serial number and subtract that from 2000.Hence 2000-06=1994.
Most Marlin model 336 rifles will range in price from 200-300 dollars,depending on overall condition,and a decent bore.
Good condition-$175 Excellent condition-$400
$100-$150 I very much appreciate you adding "Please" to your question. I wish more people would do that on Wiki. USDF
You can find the manual here: http://www.marlinfirearms.com/pdfs/manuals/MFC_Self_Load_RF_Tube.pdf For cleaning the action, there are pretty detailed instructions about half-way through. I have had some difficulty in thoroughly cleaning the action, and recently purchased some Birchwood-Casey...
i bought mine for $70.00 but i hear that if it is in mint condition it is worth $150.00
The Marlin Model 92 lever action was convertable from .32 rimfire to .32 S&W or .32 S&W Long by changing the firing pin. Originally made as Model 1892. Made from 1892-1916, and depending on condition, a rather valuable rifle.
History of Marlin by Brophy; Blue Book of Gun Values
According to the medallion on the stock its a 1991 commemorative.
Go to Numrich Gun parts Corp,they should have what you seek.
Is there a letter in front of the serial number if so the letter would be the answer to your question . For more info call Marlin at (800)544-8892. They would be happy to give you the answers you are looking for..
I would go to E-gun parts.com.
The Marlin 3030 model is a classic hunting rifle made in 1902. Thevalue of this gun today can reach several thousand dollars.
1940-1965 according to the guide I use.
The Marlin model 925 22 long rifle, was first introduced in 2003. Before that it was Glenfield Marlin model 25 or just Marlin model 25. Hope this helps.
1909-1910 1 year of production for the pump action model 25
want to know how much wroth money 1893 marlin rifle 38-55
The answer is that you have to take the first 2 digits of you're serial number. that is in you're case 11. then use 2000 minus the 2 digits that you have and that is you're date of manufacturing. with you 2000 - 11 makes 1989. Voila.
Well, Marlin bought ballard firearms in the late 1800's and produced their rifles. The relationship was carried out until about 1915 when ballard became no more...
Model 49, 1968-1971. The Model 49DL was made 1971-1978.
Your Marlin model 989M2 will bring between 75-150 dollars based onhow good the condition of your marlin is.