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The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena is all part of science. Nothing is immune to the scientific process: from charm quarks that haven't existed naturally since the beginning of time to Pluto, recently demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Questions on knowledge about the material and physical aspects of our world are asked and answered here.
Yes, the predominant units are all still metric, although cosmologists exploring the earliest instants after the big bang often use units of planck time instead, but this of course is still based on the metric system.
fratures of adobe photoshop
Gia Island near the west coast of Africa.
it means there is nice wether oh its way
January is the month of the Full Wolf Moon. It appeared when wolves  howled in hunger outside the villages. It is also known as the Old  Moon. To some Native American tribes, this was the Snow Moon, but  most applied that name to the next full Moon, in February.
Because it is a pharmacological medication, FDA regulation calls  for distilled water just like any other liquid medication a  pharmacy would mix behind the counter.
The greatest factor of a number is the number itself.
It can Irritate a lot of people
soap, its what makes it slippery
Greenhouse gases, climate and temperature can all be effected by  energy conservation. The greenhouse gases could lessen the effects  on tenperature and climate.
Because the circle cross-section has the highest area to mass ratio. High area leads to better conductivity and low mass makes cheaper cable.
The amount should be listed in the driver side door jam, or on the  engine cover.
extensor digitorum, extensor indicis, extensor digiti minimi,  flexor digitorum superficialis, and the flexor digitorum profundus.  There are also extrinsic muscles that work only in the thumb; these  include the flexor pollicis longus, extensor pollicis longus,  extensor pollicis brevis, and...
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If it is heated to 160 degrees Celsius it yo momma melt and  decompose into acetone vapor and calcium carbonate.ngn
A single number does not have a range so you cannot find it.
In an ionic compound the charges must balance out to zero. Since the nitride ion has a 3- charge and sodium forms a 1+ ion so in sodium nitride there are three sodium ions (Na+) fore every one nitride ion (N3-).
It evens out the temperatures. By absorbing heat energy in the summer, and releases it during winter. The same also happens during summerdays and summernights, keeping the days cooler and the nights warmer.
When you are working with two or more molecules that are not  diatomic (I2, H2), but a mixture that results in a complete  molecule you will have intermolecular forces. Depending on the  electronegativity of the atoms within the molecule you can have  polar and non polar molecules. For example...
Depends. Whats the amperage rating on the bulb and the battery? Is  the 12 volt bulb LED? The equation to find your answer depends on  how much your 12 volt bulb is drawing and how much your battery  has. I have seen 12 volt bulbs that are searchlights and I have  seen 12v bulbs that are little...
Does Tonicity have real applications
Kimberlite pipes are typically quarried using open pit mines.
There is 1 skull in the body last time I checked.
No, it is a non metallic complex ion but it forms salts (Ionic  compounds) just like metallic ions.
Yes because brass is usually made of aluminum and aluminum is high up in the reactivity list.
Utah they get salt from salt mines where the salt lake is    Salt can come from a number of sources. It can be processed from  the sea water with machines, be collected when the water in sea  water has evaporated, or be mined out of silver mines.
The answer requires the average thickness and density of the  asphalt.
It is here that messages from the eyes are interpreted.
Calcium oxide - CaO Ca: 20 electrons Oxygen: 8 electrons Total: 28
That there are always going to be disadvantages like inventory
Assuming you are referring to the different types of "environmental stimuli," as in biology, the answer would include many sources. All living things (organisms) respond to environmental stimuli; this is one of the seven key characteristics of living things (including evolution, order, regulation,...
The Theory of cognitive development is the process of acquiring  intelligence and increasingly advanced thought and problem-solving  ability from infancy to adulthood.  
Cranial nerves that have a motor function tend to be  bilaterally innervated. In other words, the right  accessory nerve (XI) receives input from both the right and the  left motor cortex. The same goes for the left accessory nerve.   This is a handy advantage in strokes, since upper motor...
Yes, because without science, we couldn't have found things like  astronomy, biology, and other amazing things. It helped answer most  important questions, and it has benefitted people for a long period  of time.
Juba and shabeele
3ft x 1ft x 16in = 113.27 liters = 29.92 US gallons
A: actually any active components will oscillate with positive feedbackA transistor can be used as an amplifier along with an LC tank circuit to form an oscillator; it is an active device (as LIBURNO states) which will amplify the feedback signal coming out of the LC tank circuit. The tank circuit...
Divide the number of days total by the number attended.  365/180=2.0278, Round that down to 2, they go to school 1/2 of the  year.    Check: 180*2=360 days
a board and art supplies
Should be herbivores since carnivores are higher in the food chain.
Kangchenjunga* at it's peak Is the 3rd highest elevation point on  our planet, Earth.   Total elevation: 8,586 m (28,169 ft)   Prominence: 3,922 m (12,867 ft)    Credit for information goes to Wikipedia. Please check there for  Source material.
Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a unique substance, a compound formed by a chemical bond. A mixture involve the existence of min. two different substances.
Humans had visited the Galapagos Islands as far back as the first  documented visit by the Bishop of Panama in 1535 (almost 300 years  earlier) but whether there were humans present on the time of his  visit I do not know for sure.
a place to find/get food from
Median is finding the center of a line of some values. The values have to list in ascending order. When there are an odd amount of numbers: the median is the middle number. Example: find the Median of {12, 3, 5}. Put them in order: {3, 5, 12}. The middle number is 5, so the median is 5. When...
The red line goes down and the blue line just goes all the way up.  Cool right?
Kalahari Desert & Richtersveld
The Prime Meridian- Straight line, runs through Greenwhich,  England, is 0 degrees longitude, splits the world into Eastern and  Western Hemispheres.   The International Date Line- Much less of a Straight Line, runs  through middle of the Pacific Ocean (Kind of), is where the day  "switches"...
This could be down to a lack of fruit consumption. This happened to  a cousin of mine and the doctor said more fruit and veg should be  eaten. If you're really worried go to the doctor. Hope this helped!
    Not sure when this was posted but current models for 2007 are: Carla Ossa (swim & fashion), Jessiqa Pace (swim), Rachel Reynolds (swim), Karen Carreno (swim & fashion), Bree Condon (swim & fashion) and Angela Marcello (fashion)
The Blackfoot tribe lived in northern Plains, particularly Montana,  Idaho, and Alberta in Canada. The environment* could be plentiful  and great for planting crops, or at times, droughts occurred.  Overall, the environment was good.
River Tees, river in northeastern England, rising on  Cross Fell in the northern Pennines and flowing 70 miles (110 km)  east to the North Sea. It forms the boundary between the historic  counties of Yorkshire and Durham. In its upper course the Tees  flows in a typical Pennines dale (valley)...
1 pint ≈ 56.8 cl
degree is the unit of either temperature or angle. But feet is the  unit of length. So no relation between these two
Yes! Lets take an example, we are exercising and our breathing  system is working, other systems will also work like muscular  system will work, it will help the body to move around. Nervous  system also function, it'll help you to run by giving sensory  impulses to foot, and to heart to pump...
The factors 10 and 6 are a factor pair of 60.
It turns to water and sometimes methane gas is released.
Some archaebacteria are photosynthetic, meaning they make  their own food; however, rather than use the pigment chlorophyll  like green plants and algae, they employ a light-sensitive purple  protein called bacteriorhodopsin. Other archaea live in places  where no sunlight penetrates, such as...
In desert plants the root hairs are more sensitive for water  absorption and can absorb water at times from the moist air present  in the porous soil. The root hairs of tropical rain forest plants  absorb only capillary water present in the soil.
sequellae     As long as the electricity is static, it is of little concern.  Of course, static today, current tomorrow.     I heard of a man who picked up two cables to connect them  and was cooked. The person in charge said it was static  electricity, since the power was then not...
Clostridium tetani, the bacterial pathogen that causes tetanus (lock jaw) is arguably armed but is definitely dangerous. The toxin excreted by this bacterium causes serious illness and death in humans, but it is arguable whether that toxin can be considered an intentional weapon, since it serves the...
Look up formula for cylindrical triangle, and plug in what you  know. You might be surprised and get a rabbit tooth up the buttt!
In hot metals the kinetic energy of electrons becomes higher and the move randomly so their movement in one direction becomes decreased so the conductance becomes decreased.
One disadvantage for wind power is that it takes a lot of money to  build an actual wind turbine. You could also talk about the space  they take up which could be used for agriculture or housing.
Geothermal power can be used in our homes as air-conditioners and  heaters. It is renewable as the Earth is constantly making heat.
What do you mean by that? The reflex itself doesn't do anything in  particular.