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Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein is best known for his collections of children's poetry. He has written cartoons for several magazines, and was also a songwriter. Shel Silverstein passed away in 1999 at the age of 68.
He wanted to be a baseball player but he was terrible at hitting the ball with the bat. Also he wanted to be popular around girls but he didn't atrracted them since he couldn't dance very well. (I guess dancing was the hottest thing back then) and that's about all I know :) I hope I help a little.
Shel Silverstein.
No, that was Shel Silverstein.
His father was from Russia or Poland but Shel was born in America
he died in Key West, Florida 1999 and he was 68 years old
Shel silverstien's wife died in 1975 on J une 29th after their divorce they had a kid girlShoshanna born in 1970 on June 30th.. they lived a very wonderful life but yet they had ups and downs and it was settled about the divorce they were married for an unknown amount of years but they lived a...
Shel Silverstein is a famous American cartoonist and author ofchildren's books. Shel has said that he got into drawing andwriting as a kid because he really didn't have any other talents.
no one killed him! he died of heart problems on May 10, 1999 in his home in Key West, Florida.
Shel Silverstein had two children. His first child was daughter Shoshanna (Shanna), born June 30, 1970, with Susan Hastings. Susan Hastings died 5 years later, on June 29, 1975, in Baltimore,Maryland. other child was his son Matthew, born on November 10, 1983.Shel Silverstein's 1996 Falling Up was...
No. Shel Silverstein died May 10, 1999 in Key West, Florida.
I miss you a lot my sweety. Language is Hebrew.
he won many awards, wrote a lot of poems, was a military man and became a hit country?rock song writer
It is not a poem, it is a song that he wrote in 1962 called "Boa Constrictor" that is sung by a man who is being progressively swallowed whole by a snake.
Silverstein attended the University of Illinois but got kicked out after one year. Next he attended Chicago Academy of Fine arts for a year, but left and went to Roosevelt University for three years until he was drafted into the army.
Shel Silverstein had many more jobs then just a poet growing up. He drew cartoons for the army in the 1950's which was published in the military newsletter called Stars and Stripes .. After he got out of the army, he submitted cartoons for Playboy magazine. They appeared in many of the issues from...
Shel got really bad grades and got expelled from University of Illinois.
He got drafted to the military and then did not have time to go back to college .
22, but only 14 were written for children: Uncle Shelby's ABZBook; Uncle Shelby's Story of Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back; AGiraffe and a Half; The Giving Tree; Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?;Uncle Shelby's Zoo: Don't Bump the Glump! and Other Fantasies (reissued as Don't Bump the Glump! and...
no, unless you count "Someone Ate The Baby"
Shoshana Silverstein died in 1982 of a brain aneurysm
Yes, Shel Silverstein had two kids. He had a daughter- Shoshanna (Shanna). His other child was a boy by the name of Matthew.
I'll tell you a story of silly young king Who played with the world at the end of a string But he only loved one single thing and that was just a peanut butter sandwich Now his scepter wand his royal gowns his regal throne and golden crowns Were brown and sticky from the mounds And...
yes Shel Silverstein loved the outdors he loved to camp and bowfish.
Where the Side Walk Ends There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there the moon-bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind. Let us leave this place...
university of illinois, but got kicked out after one year.
he was a poet.he wrote books.he wrote songs foe himself and other people such as johnny cash.he wrote funny poems.
Because he had a heart attack
¨And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall¨ Its using a metaphor because It´s describing that the sock is so dirty that it sticks to the wall.
Beloved children's' author, Shel Silverstein, began writing when hewas twelve years old. During his service in the Korean War, Sheldid cartoons for the military publication â??Stars and Stripesâ??.After the war, he worked for â??Playboyâ?? as a cartoonist, butbased on his skill at...
Shel Silverstein never married. However, the mother of hisdaughter, Shoshanna, was named Susan Hastings, and the mother ofhis son, Matthew, was named Sarah Spencer.
Shel silverstein childhood woould be described as rough and lonley
Nathan Silverstein (July 1, 1890 - December 11, 1972) and Helen Balkany (January 5, 1899 - May 9, 1993).
all types of kinds but mostly happy child's poems Toering98~children poems
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he liked ice cream 12/6/1937
Shoshana Silverstein died of a brain aneurysm
By becoming not only one of the lead cartoonists for PLAYBOY magazine in the 50's, but also for his writings of poems and childrens books.
Shoshanna dies of cerecral aneurysm.
Whatif . Last night, while I lay thinking here,. Some Whatifs crawled inside my ear. And pranced and partied all night long. And sang their same old Whatif song:. Whatif I'm dumb in school?. Whatif they've closed the swimming pol?. Whatif I get beat up?. Whatif there's poison in my cup?. Whatif I...
he worked for the army for sometime. he also wrote songs and plays.
"Gumeye Ball" in the book A Light In the Attic, p. 68.
no. Fondnesses, yes. Mary G Juana
The Giving Tree is a good poem lots a people know.
all his poems have figurative language in it! Silly!
Yes, Matthew Silverstein is still alive as of May 2014. He iscurrently serving on the Queens Democratic Party as a designee forDemocratic State Committee.
He was a shy man who didn't want much info about himself spread. Was kept to himself
He was in the Army as an Intelligence officer in G-2 in the German occupied zone of the ETO. He had access to top secret documents and was once either taken prisoner by the SS men or narrowly escaped. None of this martial background figures in any of his kiddy tales.
Peggy Myers*; but yes, she was his sister.
He is known for writing poems. His poem he wrote some pople say is"The Giving tree'! He was also a well published cartoonist,published many times in Playboy Magazine, as well as a wellregarded songwriter, whose works include "A Boy Named Sue" Madefamous by Johnny Cash, "The Unicorn" , made famous by...
writing poetry such as where the sidewalk ends
He was thrown out of the University of Cicago, and then later attended Roosevelt College.
Shel Silverstein is an American poet and cartoonist best known forhis poems and stories, especially written for children. There is norecord that he was ever sent to jail.
Shel Silverstein had two children. Is daughter, Shoshanna or Shanna for short, was born in 1970 and she died in 1982 at age 11 of a cerebral aneurysm. His son, Matt, was born in 1983 and is still living.
"A Light in the Attic" A great poetry book
The repetition is Shel Silversteins' "Nobody" is the word nobody, he constantly uses it more than once
I'm trying to figure this out too! The theme of it most likely has to do with the simplicity of a child's mind, perhaps the meaning is "what you don't know can't hurt you" or "ignorance is bliss". In any case, this poem is an excellent example of irony, I hope that helps! Good luck!
i'm not 100% sure but i think he had a dachshund (red). I believe he had a picture of it at hte end of one of his books but i'm not 100% sure
Sheldon Silverstein was married once, but it ended in divorce. Hiswife Suzan died June 29, 1975 after the divorce. He had onedaughter named Shoshanna born June 30, 1970 and a son named Matthewborn in 1984. But his kids were from two different mothers.
\nAt his home in Key West, Flordia. He was found by the maids who had come to clean.
Shel Silverstein described himself as, "a person who would have loved to play baseball,but was never good at it". He was shy about his talents. And that's about all I can give you
It's a collection of funny poems for children. I recommend it!
The bridge is guidance you have to finish the journey yourself now.
yes he did and he turned to books for comfort
He served in the Korean War and World War II was going on but he did not participate in it.
Being the biggest children poet in the U.S.
Shel Silverstein had 2 kids Shoshanna a girl and Matthew a boy.
I don't know............ but what I heard was that she died 5 years after her baby girl was born"SHOSHANNA". She died in Baltimore, Maryland on June 25 in 1975. Another way how you can find out is that you can go to HTTP://en. Wikipedia.org and type SHEL SILVERSTEIN.
Looking creepy. He probably scared a lot of kids by pasting his haunting picture on th back of his books. He also had several publishing mistakes, such as over-publishing and under-publishing some of his books.
Sheldon Allan "Shel" Silverstein was an American poet, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, cartoonist, screenwriter and author of children's books. He died in 1999. The poem Forgotten Language by Shel Silverstein is an American poem written in english.
He didn't have a worst poem. He was amazing.