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General and Special Relativity

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Relativity is the theory stating that all measurements depend on the relative motions of the observer and the observed. The theories of general and specific relativity were both proposed by Albert Einstein.


No they cannot. This is because while you are applying an upward force on your boots, you apply an equal downward force on your back (and by extension also on your feet and boots). Thus everything cancels each other out. This is a direct consequence of the law of conservation of momentum; if you...
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He helped the US of today by giving us theories that helped explorenew fields of technology.
For some one time goes slower and for the other one the same time  may go faster. If one forgets himself time flies but if one is self  centered then time goes at very slow rate. This is how public have  understood Einstein's theory of relativity.
Special theory of relativity: 1.The laws of physics are same for all observers in uniform motion relative to one another. 2. The speed of light is same ... Later Einstein proposed General relativity.
Yes it is constant. It never stops moving.
High frequency signals can easily pass through a capacitance  compared to the low frequency. Hence the relation between frequency  and capacitive reactance is inversely related
Never mind young children. There's not one in five reasonably intelligent adults who is able to effectively comprehend the idea of relativity or grasp a few of its implications.  That's my opinion. I could be wrong.
Yes it is..Therotically no object can move in the speed of light.But now scientists are trying to find the conditions for which a particle can move in the speed of light. No, anything massless can (and must!) move at c. No object carrying mass can ever move at c.
No, a helicopter hovering in mid air over America will not find itself hovering over India the next day.I think you are wondering if you can suspend yourself somehow in mid air the Earth will rotate beneath you, enabling you to come down to Earth where you like. That would be wonderful, but it does...
the world line of an object cannot leave its own forward light cone because to do so it would have to travel faster than light. once another object enters the forward light cone of an object, it cannot leave it either for the same reason. The backward light cone is a different matter, but it is in...
  == Answer ==   Distance covered in nth second means the distance covered in that particular second . It cannot be more than the distance covered in n seconds which means the distance covered in a total time of n seconds.
A refrigerator pump with no moving parts so it did not need seals which wearout and then leak.
See this link for relatavistic mass:   hyperphysics Dot phy-astr Dot gsu Dot edu/hbase/Relativ/tdil.html    It is not letting me put the link in as normal, so I put the "dots"  in.    Remember that momentum is conserved. Since initial momentum is zero  (since it is at rest) the net...
Special relativity is always applicable, but only really useful when you are considering objects moving close to the speed of light. General relativity should be used when objects are very heavy or dense.
We currently do not have any technology to travel outside the "normal" time stream. We are carried along into the future by the currents of cause and effect. Other than moving along with the "present" in the time stream (and, therefore, into the future), no other time travel is within our capability...
Yes, a photon moves at the speed of light, because photons have no mass.
If you go whizzing past me at a high speed, then I'll notice that your wristwatch looks like it's running slow, and the pitch of your voice has dropped. I'll think to myself, "Hey ! I'm OK, but his time has slowed down." At the same time, you'll notice that my wristwatch looks like it's running...
This formula shows that matter is just a form of energy; one can convert mass into energy and vice versa.
At present, no, there is no conceivable method of safely traveling in time. Oddly enough, time travel is not prohibited by the laws of physics but there are many obstacles to making it safe or even using it to communicate. In fact, there are hypotheses that state that these obstacles will...
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At least special theory of relativity was published 1905
Einstein was a pacifist and thus against all war. But he was also wise enough to see the horrible consequences to civilization should the Nazis build and use nuclear weapons! Thus when approached by Leo Silard with a letter to FDR recommending research on the bomb, he willingly signed it. Thus...
E=mc^2 is born because of special relativity.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity can be summarized by two points: 1. the speed of light in empty space is a constant independent of the state of motion of the emitting body and 2. equality of relative motion , thus the Theory of Relativity . The first point should explain why light does not...
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E represents energy in Joules, m represents mass in kilograms and c represents the speed of light. Let's say we have a gram of mass. By Einstein's energy equation, that gram of mass has 299,792,458 x 299,792,458 x 0.01b of energy. That works out to exactly 89,875,517,873,681.764 Joules of energy...
Watts, same as light bulbs. Most pen pointer lasers are 5 mw, or 5 milliwatts (5 thousandths of a watt). Image the light of a 120 watt incandescent bulb compared to that. 120 watts vs. 0.005 watts. The light bulb consumes 24,000 times more energy, even though the laser dot is really, really bright.
Special relativity is a fundamental pillar in our understanding of the Universe. Many things are based on it, like the GPS system and nuclear power. Indirectly much of nano technology is based on special relativity so things like iPads, computers, modern cars, all have ingredients which can be...
time shifting and space shifting are the acts of shifting time and space respectively, as in the sentence: "i have just shifted time and space".
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Normally its a lowercase c, as in E=m(c) 2 . Energy=mass times the speed of light squared.
According to Einstein's special theory of relativity, mass can be converted into energy, and is given by the relation E=mc2, where c is the velocity of light. From the question, the object thus will be converted into energy
Yes, time is affected by gravity. We know that the fabric of "reality" is spacetime, and spacetime can be warped by gravity. Gravity will thus affect time, as it cannot help but do so.
This is because no matter how large objects on earth may seem, they are nothing compared to the size things have to be to have significant pull on things. Objects would have to be many hundreds of miles across to get any sort of influence.
Answer  quantum field theory, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, string theory   Energy is quantized
The distinction is sometimes made to distinguish normal quantum mechanics (which does not incorporate special relativity) and quantum field theory (relativistic quantum mechanics). Since we know special relativity is correct it is the relativistic form of quantum mechanics which is true, but non...
yes because it contains more gravitational potential as its mass has increased.
i assume you mean photon but I'm not 100% but "In physics, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic interaction and the basic "unit" of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. It is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. The effects of...
A few examples: -UV radiation from the Sun stimulates the production of vitamin D in your skin. -UV radiation from black lights are used in the theater to make some objects glow. -UV radiation is used to check for fake money in shops. (Paper money usually has some kind of security feature that...
An object is not accelerating when it is moving in a straight line  at an unchanging speed (which may be zero).
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In a nut shell E=mc^2 it will take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate to the speed of light since there is no such thing as infinite energy light speed in impossible however you can manipulate the space time continuum to travel faster than light.
It is not yet known not only how, but whether or not space can be created or destroyed.
Sure. If one finds evidence that a certain statement is not true it will have to changed or removed. That does not mean the statement is no longer useful; it might still form a good approximation to reality. A good example is Newton's theory of gravity. It turned out to be wrong if masses of...
Black holes, as we currently understand them, are a product of  general relativity. The concept of something resembling a black  hole was first introduced by John Michell in 1783 based on  Newtonian physics. Michell imagined a star or similar object whose  escape velocity was greater than the...
Dr. Einstein died on April 15, 1955, at the age of 76, at Princeton, New Jersey. Great numbers of people visit Princeton regularly. Few of their visits have anything to do with Einstein's life or death.
Neither. Speed of sound waves doesn't change unless there is a change in the medium (substance through which the wave moves). the size of the vibration determines how loud the sound is. the length of the vibration is what determines the pitch.
Actually, we can't even confirm the existence of atoms, let alone subatomic particles. But when scientists conduct experiments, they come to the conclusion that the particles are indeed valid. The more discrete physics becomes, the more theoretical it is.
SAT wasn't invented yet when Einstein went to college. This question is just dumb.
I think you're talking about the mass ofthe particle. sqrt( 1 - v 2 / c 2 ) = 0.5 1 - v 2 / c 2 = 0.25 v 2 / c 2 = 0.75 v = c sqrt(0.75) = 0.866 c
Nothing other than E=mc^2 is an equation, just like any other mathematical equation.
The question is phrased very poorly, as the photon is by definition displaced after traveling through the slab. If you meant "deflected", however, it must be normal.
Light is faster than lightning. It takes some time to establish that ionized path and all that.
It came to be accepted when everybody who had the equipment and theability began to measure it and found that it's true. It's been observedthousands of times in the past hundred years or so. And at places like theLivermore National Laboratory, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, the Argonne...
The primary assumption of General Relativity is that matter "warps" space. "Warps" means: causes a depression that holds mass in place or motion, while its depression moves towards all other such depressions in space. The second assumption is the Riemann geometry and tensor calculus can be used to...
[ e = mc 2 ] is a statement, not aquestion. It's one of the surprising results that pop up if you assume that. - The laws of Physics are the same for everybody in theUniverse who isn't accelerating, and - everybody in the Universe measures the same speed of light, no matter how fast or slow...
"Underminded" is not a word. You are probably trying to ask what "undermined" puritanism. I'm not sure why this question is in solid state physics and special/general relativity categories, because I don't think either of those had much to do with the weakening of puritanism. However, as someone...
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Neither. It's a force. A force of space that acts similar the the pressure of water exerted on an object when in deep waters. Space is the ultimate of deep waters.
Nonexistent. Space is curved. Incorrect, it would be dark matter.
The momentum in special relativity is given by the following formula: p = gamma*m*c^2 where c is the speed of light, m is the mass of (in this case) the electron and gamma is the so-called gamma factor, which is: gamma = 1/sqrt(1-(v/c)^2) where v is the speed of the electron. Using v = 0.75c we...
Flat spacetime has zero curvature i.e. it's geometry is Euclidean. In Euclidean spacetime, angles in a triangle always add up to 180° and parallel lines do not eventually meet or diverge.
If a train moves west at 30 mph and a boy runs westward down the aisle at 8 mph, his overall velocity is 38mph. If a car could drive 100 mi/s and the headlights were on, the speed of the light will be 186292 mi/s and not 186392 mi/s as one would think.
First Postulate: All the laws of nature are the same in all uniformly moving frames of reference.Second Postulate: The speed of light in empty space will always have the same value regardless of the motion of the source or motion of the observer.
Among other things, our GPS systems, defense systems and  communications networks would not work properly if we did not know  how to adjust for relativistic effects as predicted by Einstein's  equations. Relativity has been verified in a number of ways and has  not yet been refuted, so...
Galilean relativity asserts that the passage of time is the same for all observers. Einsteinian relativity does not claim universal time for all observers. Instead, it asserts that the speed of light and the fundamental laws of physics are the same for all observers.
Einstein did not invent a laser. His works in physics laid the foundation for the developement of the laser however.
A guy/girl driving a car is a good example of this question because when guy/girl is driving his/her body is in rest but also in motion because of the movement of car hope its the answer of the question
The Heisenberg uncertainty principal is an aspect of the axiomatic system associated with Quantum Mechanics. The Fist Law of Thermodynamics is an aspect of the axiomatic system of Classical Thermodynamics. To state that one 'goes against' another is to say that an apple 'goes against' an orange. ...
This is in interesting question, one that I think has more in common with philosophy than science, but I can give my view on the subject. I generally ascribe the an instrumentalists perspective, meaning that I consider agreement with experiments the sole measure by which scientific theories should...
Development of GPS Technology (Satellites at high altitude moving at high velocities) Atomic Clocks (adjust for lost nanoseconds) Radio telescopes
One thing, it gave us GPS
There's no such thing as an official theory. The classical theory of general relativity is the one that Einstein invented.
It helps to explain the universe we live in. Especially when it comes to space and time.
That would depend on the textbook or paper(s) you are using. It is possible, though difficult, to cover the entire theory with no words just the equations.
Not sure, but it's a valid solution of Einstein's Field Equation.
Before becoming a professor, Einstein was a patent clerk in Switzerland.