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Maori Language and Culture

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The Maori people are the native people of New Zealand. They were also the original speakers of the Maori language, one of New Zealand's official languages. Descendants of the Maori people are found throughout New Zealand. In this category, there are questions relating to this people's culture, history and language.
  i te pa o te aroha , riro katoa te rohi pehe 
The native people of New Zealand are the Maori people. Some famous  modern day Maori people include Apirana Ngata and Stephen Kearney.
James busby translated the treaty into Maori so they could sign the treaty and read it properly.
The answer is >>>Pomare E <<<.......
On the 6th of feb, 1840
Melayo Polynesian is a racial stock i.e the brown race and they are islandic people. They Malayo Ploynesians are the original people of Madagascar (in the West) to Taiwan ( North) up to Hawaii ( East) and New Zealand (South).
Everybody goes up north and see the stars and celebrate the 3 bags of knowledge that tane had to rescue for the lord
I'm Sorry You Can't Spell That Name In Maori
    Rua "pit", pehu "to explode"     or translation - pit of noise or exploding pit.
  There are 8 different types of haka   There are 4 varieties of poi   There are numerous forms of waiata-a-ringa, moteatea, whakaeke, whakawatea and haka whakawhiti.   All of these are components of a kapa haka performance.
Inanahi ra is Maori for yesterday.
Ema There is a list of Pakeha/Maori transliterations for names here: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~sooty/Pakehamaori.html
Waikato(personal noun) collective name of the tribes living in the Waikato Basin. Also the name of the river from which they take their name.
Probably cannot help you out much.Canberra is an Aboriginal word meaning "meeting place" in English.
Roto has two meanings. The first is 'lake'. The second is referring to the inside or interior of something.
Ki te ingoa o te Matua, o te Tamaiti, o te Wairua Tapu. Āmene.
Wha rau ma tahi. Wha (four) rau (hundred) ma tahi (and one).
The Maori word for talk is "Korero".Kōrero.
Hawaiki... hawaiki is the mythical homeland that all Maori believe they come from, Kupe was the first to come to Aotearoa (NZ)
North Island in Maori is Te Ika a Maui.
I think you've got it.....
Answer  Wherever you see colonization (from British, French, Portuguese,  Spanish or Dutch), you will find that the indigenous people suffer.  Look what has happened to the American native people, and Canada's  First People and the Aborigines of Australia. Exactly the same  thing happened in...
to play with something 'Ko koe he tutu' you are a fiddler. 'Kaua e tutu' Dont fiddle around (or - dont touch)
tutu: be inquisitive, to 'tinker' with things, be mischievous
  Yes, Luke McAllister is a New Zealand Maori.
e whai ahau he Paua ' literally means 'I have a Paua!
The saying Tihei mauri ora comes from when Hineahuone (the first made woman) had life breathed into her. The tihei is like the sneeze when a child is born, the mauri is the force and the ora is the life.
Maori is not a religion. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand!
I believe god means 'Ra'     ==2==Atua is the Maori word for God. Ra is the Sun God.
  Spirit = Wairua   God = Atua
New Zealand is a hot spot because of the beautiful scenery and mostly friendly locals.
It would be the literature written by and about Maoris that is experiencing a rebirth
I think so but i think pirates stole the land.
In Maori, "wai" can mean water, juice, or liquid.
In peace and harmony even though they had wars
it means ' Who is that girl (over there)?' can be different though, 'ra' indicates away from the listener and speaker.
Maraea and Hamuera Ngarimu.
There were several copies made (all of which were in English) they traveled around the country.
The general Maori word for crab is sometimes listed as 'papaku' and sometimes as 'papaka'. One term refers to a single crab while the other to crabs as a species.
Turongo House at Turangawaewae Marae, Ngaruawahia is the Royal residence of reigning monarch of Kingitanga and is occupied by monarch whilst he is in attendance at particular functions held at Turangawaewae Marae. This may depend on the length of the function, of other guest that may also be in...
Kiwi is the Maori name for the various species belonging to the family Apterygidae. The word was simple and universal enough that no English counterpart was ever needed or created.kiwi is a maori birds name
Okay, first you write the number.1- Tahi2- Rua3- Toru4- Wha5- Rima6- Ono7- Whitu8- Waru9- Iwa10- Tekau11- Tekau ma Tahi12- Tekau ma rua13- Tekau ma toru14- Tekau ma wha15- Tekau ma rima16-tekau ma ono17- tekau ma whitu18-tekau ma waru19- tekau ma iwa20- tekau ma tekau21- rua tekau ma tahi22- rua...
  == Answer ==   The first obvious answer would be Pounamu (Jade).  There are many types and qualities, just as there were many uses, though this rock is still highly valued today.    http://www.teara.govt.nz/EarthSeaAndSky/MineralResources/PounamuJadeOrGreenstone/en   
In the traditional sense of a God, as a high deity that reigns above and rules over the lives of men, there really aren't any. The Maori people revere their elders and ancestors, not as gods, but as inspiration. They view warfare and battle as the true path to enlightenment. The common belief is...
because it was more peaceful and less dirty
Trenches used in WW1
Maori do not wear masks.
In the Mythology of the Maori people of New Zealand, the name Raukatauri comes from the legend of Hine Raukatauri, the Goddess of Flutes (one of the daughters of Tane, the God of the forests and its creatures). It is also Hinewehi Mohi's daughters name. Hinewehi Mohi is a descendant of the Ngati...
The Treaty established a British governor in New Zealand, recognised Māori ownership of their lands and other properties, and gave Māori the rights of British subjects. However the English and Māori language versions of the Treaty differ significantly, and so there is no consensus as to exactly...
I got invented so that the Maoris had there rights but the British also had rights in the country.Unfortunately the translation had a mix up so sometimes there are some arguments about the british getting something or the maori getting something etc.
chicken and its right
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The maori name for the Auckland region is Tamaki Makaurau. 'Akarana' is the Maori transliteration of the English 'Auckland'.
Maori is the race. They are the original race of New Zealand.
  was it a)ngati or b)nga puhi or c)ngati whatua
because when the eurponens came they took the land away from them, the Maroi sold (what is now wellington) to the europeons for about $500,000 at the time of the selling, and it ahppends thoughtout most of new Zealand. and that's how it happend?but then again i am not to sure about all of this it...
The maori people found the moa. Sorry that is all I know. This is a good website:   www.teara.govt.nz     Well I hope I helped