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A calculator is a hand-held inexpensive electronic device used to perform the operations of arithmetic. The simplest calculators can only do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, while scientific calculators can handle exponential operations, and trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
It is usually [Shift] [cos] though on some calculators it may be [2ndF] [cos] The arc cos function is often written as cos-1 or acos, and on mostcalculators is written above the button to press; the colour of thetext used to write it usually matches up with the key needed topress before the cos...
Maybe it is just some countries dont work, im ahving the same problem.
Yes, you may use a calculator for the math sections of the SAT reasoning test. Graphing calculators, scientific calculators, and four-function calculators are acceptable to bring. However, laptops, cell phones, and any keyboard- like device is not permitted. It is recommended that you bring spare...
I can't say for all calculators, but on my TI calculator, it is the number of digits after the decimal place: type 2.0 enter fix 5 and 2.00000 appears.
One would not go about doing this because there is no such thing as a cubular figure.
No, there are no world maths day cheats but if anyone apart from me tells you there is then don't believe them because they don't work. Only I know if there is any because I am the one that organises world maths day!
Press second (2ND) and then memory (MEM, above +). Then select the seventh option, Reset.... In order to delete everything , use the arrow keys to select ALL on the top and then press enter to select All Memory....
Once a program has been deleted on a TI-84, it is no longer in the calculator's memory. You would have to get the program from where you got it, or, if you programmed it, remake the program.
Press the "Y=" button and there are spaces to graph up to tenequations. For example, y1 = 2x and y2 = 3x + 5. If a line is notshowing up, make sure the equals sign for that equation ishighlighted. (Select the equals sign by moving the arrow keys andthen press Enter.)
All you have to do is multiply 0.25 by whatever the number is.
Type your answer here...Casio is made in Japan and Malaysia
Depends on the phone...
The device tended to jam and malfunction because the parts of the machine were unreliable.
It was invented in China? . Think if its that hard. . Use your brain..
Darts probably originate from projectile weapons, used by the Romans.
Not really because their not learning anything doing that. 20 years ago, eveyone had to do math by hand, you had to learn your multiplication, you had to-you had to-you had to- there was a lot of that. and now every one is taking the lazy way out and using calculators. Most of the kids in school...
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"The TI-1766 had solar cells that eliminated the need for batteries and powered the calculator indoors and out." See http://www.thocp.net/hardware/ti_calculators.htm
Here is an example of how to graph 2x 2 +3x+5. Press Y=. Then, next to Y 1 = type 2x 2 +3x+5. Use the x 2 button to type the second 2 in 2x 2 . To type x, press the X,T,θ,n button or press ALHPA and then press X (above STO>). . If you do not see Y 1 = then press mode, select FUNC, and try...
What if your reading materials mentions the use of a paper-printing calculator mainly as a?
Try 1000 / 2 = 1000/2 "1000" button, then "divide" button, then "2" button
The formula for density is d = density m = mass v = volume
One way is by using 3 x 33 = 99 Using decimals, you could also multiply 6 x 16.5 or 12 x 8.25
The older models, Japan. The newer models, China, like all other brands.
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Enter the numbers 537818 on your calculator, then turn the calculator upside down. The characters will look the letters BIBLES.
sec = 1 / cos. sec = 1 / cos
Simply type in 2500000. In scientific calculators it can also be done by typing in the form of exponents, that is, 2.5x10^(6).
type this: @echo off :hom title Calculator echo Welcome %USERNAME%, Type a number. set/p one= cls echo Type the sign. (+,-,*,/) set/p two=%one%... echo And type the last number. set/p three=%one%%two%... set/a final=%one%%two%%three% cls echo Total: %one%%two%%three%=%final% pause cls goto hom ...
I think you are thinking "natural logarithm" which is ln (lowercase L, not I). If you have taken calculus you learn about logarithm and its relationship with exponents
There are online graphing calculators. However, as of writing, there is no emulated TI83 that runs within your browser. On the other hand, if you have a Ti83, it is possible to copy its ROM to run an emulated TI83 on your desktop via one of many emulators.
Every mobile phone is different.
buy a new caulculator they just cost 1 dollar, but to fix it 20 dolars
Mymaths.co.UK would be the best one at the moment, but I'm sure there are hundreds of other ones out there if you went back enough pages on Google search. or jus go on Google and type "Emaths"
Answer . Every kid (including adults) should be able to use a calculater.
A simple way to reset your calculator to default values would be to take out the batteries. Taking out the AAA batteries that you usually change will have no effect on the settings. If you take off the battery cover, above the AAA's there is a little silver screw. If you unscrew this little screw...
Well, First get the Dia of material in inches = A Get the thickness of material in inches = B Now, Multiplier for M.s is 80 & for soft material like copper, brass, alluminium is 6 0. now put the A X B X MULTIPLIER = TONNAGE Example, 1 inch dia 5mm thickness Material is M.S. SO...
What are differeance between particular solution and particular integral?
Probably are. Many of the losers and the down-and-outers will be looking for them. If they put as much work into their math homework as they do looking for cheats, they could have done it the old fashioned way.
For example, if you want to find the least common multiple of 17 and 256: Press Math and select NUM at the top with the arrow keys. Scroll down and choose the option that says lcm(. Then type the first number, followed by a comma, followed by the second number. Put in an ending parenthesis (If you...
The Sumlock ANITA calculator was the first all electronic calculator made in 1961 by the Bell Punch Co. in Britain.
Call 1-800-828-4040 Select technical support. You actually get a live English speaking person. They can e-mail you the manual in .pdf format. It takes about 5 minutes. I just got mine!
Graphing calculators have the ability to see a visual representation of graphs and equations. Scientific calculators have less features and can only perform numerical mathematical equations. Graphing calculators cost around $90 while scientific calculators can be found for under $10.
Particular integral is finding what the integral is for example the integral of 2x is x^2 + C. Finding the particular solution would be finding what C equals from the particular integral.
A modern electronic calculator is a microcomputer with a singleunchangeable program stored in ROM. This program contains thekeyboard and display device drivers and the algorithms to performsall the calculations that the calculator can do. Some calculator manufacturers produce series of calculators...
There have been people that could eat non-food items, but i would not recommend it.
import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.event.*; public class ScientificCalculator extends JFrame implements ActionListener { JTextField tfield ; double temp, temp1, result, a ; static double m1, m2 ; int k = 1, x = ...
Press 2ND MEM (above +). Then choose the second option, Mem Mgmt/Del.... Choose the seventh option, Prgm.... Use the arrow keys to move the arrow on the side next to the program you want to delete. Then press DEL. The calculator will ask "Are You Sure?". Choose Yes.
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Answer . It is used in Construction by Quantity Surveyors and Estimators
Press "AC" then press and hold "RATE SET" the display turns off for about 2 seconds and then "EURO RATE" appears at top of screen, release "RATE SET" and type the value of your currency and press "RATE SET" again to confirm. Note: On newest versions "RATE SET" is on the "%" key, on models with...
First, one most know how much land is owned by them in an established unit where the well is drilled. For illustration let's say one owns 20 acres of a 160 acre unit. Next through negotiations on the original oil lease we will know what percent of the production will go to the owner as royalty...
BMI= weight (kg) divided by height 2 (m)
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This most likely means that a stat plot is on, and that a list that the stat plot was using is blank. (If you get a DIM MISMATCH error, it probably means that the lists that the stat plot was using don't have the same number of values.) If you are trying to graph the stat plot, go back and look at...
Option Explicit Dim firstnum As Single Dim answer As Single Dim calculate As Integer Dim Readout As Integer Dim DecimalFlag As Integer Dim NumOps As Integer Dim LastInput Dim OpFlag Private Sub btnadd_Click() calculate = 1 firstnum = Val(txtcalc) txtcalc = "" End Sub Private Sub btnbackspace...
(parentheses), {braces}, and [brackets] EXAMPLE: for the nubmers 1 x 3 + 2 x 4 (1 x 3) + (2 x 4) = 3 + 8 = 11 1 x (3 + 2) x 4 = 1 x 5 x 4 = 20
You input an i, and the calculator will find Fibonacci(i) and Lucas(i) for i into the thousands. So if you input i=0 to i=12 the output is Computed values appear here. fib(0)=0 1 digit fib(1)=1 1 digit fib(2)=1 1 digit fib(3)=2 1 digit fib(4)=3 1 digit fib(5)=5 1 digit fib(6)=8 1...
The Insanity workout is a home workout DVD program. It will help you rebuild your body ,lose weight.It can be ordered from the company Beach Body for $119.00 online. You can search more details online about the products .Any downloading of it for free is probably illegal.
Casio and Sharp and Helix are the biggies
There is a formula, which uses Mersenne primes. If you don't know what that is, then you'll find it somewhere on the internet. The formula is this: 2 n-1 x (2 n -1) This will only work if the bit inside the bracket is a Mersenne prime. =)
No F8 + ctrl doesn't work!!!
It's left to the M key and above the ALT key on the right side of the key board.
The first solar powered calculator was invented by Teal IndustriesIncorporated (also known as Sharp) in 1978. The very first solarpowered calculator models were the Royal Solar 1, Teal Photon, andthe Sharp El-8028.
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A need to calculate, or to solve mathematical problems by crunching numbers or by computation.
You can't get a previous answer, just a previous question (input equation). Press [2nd][ENTER] to scroll up to previous equations entered, then hit [ENTER] to evaluate it again, or edit it before evaluating it. In the future, you can put press [STO>][XT0n] at the end of your equation to save the...
Hacking is not what World Maths Day is about. WMD is about people from around the world competing with each other. If you want to get high scores, you need to answer the questions correctly and honestly.
"E" indicates an error condition. This is generally caused by attempting a calculation out of the calculators possible range of answers, or by static electricity altering the memory contents. Try the AC (all clear) button, power on/off, removing and re-installing all batteries, using a straightened...
Calculate the area to be covered. (A) Calculate the area per board or pack (B) Divide (B) into (A)
Basically, it is all of the gross income (all the money you took in) minus all the money you had to spend in order to do business, like raw materials, manufacturing, building costs, staff costs, insurance, maintenance, cost of utilities, supplies, packaging, transportation, etc etc. You hope that...
log is short for logarithm log(base a)x=y is the same as saying a^y=x Normal log is base 10. So if you see log with no subscript after it, it is log base 10. So when you press the log button on your calculator and put a number after it you are asking 10 to what power =100? And 10 to the...
It really depends on the calculator. As long as you make sure you punched in the right numbers. To check if your calculator is broken, press the number 8 and if some pieces of the corner of the number is faded, then it's time to buy a new calculator. yes it is always right just as long as you are...
A graphing calculator (also graphics / graphic calculator ) typically refers to a class of handheld scientific calculators that are capable of plottinggraphs, solving simultaneous equations, and performing numerous other tasks with variables.
Example: Turnaround Time: P1 : 24, P2 : 27, P3 : 30 - Average TT: (24 + 27 + 30)/3 = 27
To graph it: Click "Y=" (top left of calculator) go to the top left of the screen and click "x=" type in "8" and hit graph Hope it helps :)
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The TI-83 does not have the cot button, however, if you type 1/tan( then this will work the same as the cot since cot=1/tan. The other way to do this is to type (cos(x))/(sin(x)) where x is the angle you're looking for. This works because cot=cos/sin
Remember the order of operations: First: Roots & powers Next: Multiply / divide Last: Add / subtract (-5) x (-5) = + 25