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From toddlers with tiara all the way to Miss America, pageants are competitions based on beauty, personality and talent.


No, there is no talent competition in the Miss Universe pageant.
Miss Louisiana has never been Miss America, however they have produced quite a few 1st runner-ups at this pageant.
California, Ohio, and Oklahoma have had the most Miss Americas, each with six winners.
6 times, the women from NewYork state has won the Miss America  title including this year of 2015.
Home of the 2009 College Football Champions! OKAY! I'm Liz Cochran, Miss Alabama.
Angela Perez Baraquio was the first Asian-American winner of the title of Miss America. She is from Hawaii.
Rima Fakih competed for the USA in Miss Universe 2010. Shedid not place as a semi-finalist.
Caressa Cameron
Miss Kansas won on multiple occasions.. 1965- Deborah Irene Bryant. . 1967- Debra Dene Barnes. . 1996- Tara Dawn Holland.
4th runner up was Miss Kentucky, Mallory Ervin. 3rd Runner Up was Miss Louisianna, Katherine Putnam, 2nd Runner up was Miss Tennessee, Stephanie Wittler. 1st Runner up was Miss California, Kristy Cavinder. The 2010 Miss America is Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron.
good names for pageants are should be something that will catch a contestants eye. a good won might be "glitzy girls of America" or it can be something that tells people what its about such as the American coed pageants. something that sounds fun and would be a good title to hold. or something that...
The last five finalists were Miss Arkansas, Miss Louisiana (third runner-up), Miss Tennessee (second runner-up), Miss California (first runner-up), and Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron was crowned Miss America 2010.
Margaret Gorman was the first Miss America, and she came from Washington DC. See the related link below for more on Margaret Gorman.
As far as moving up to another competition, like in Miss USA the winner will move to Miss Universe, there is no other higher level. But at the Miss America competition the contestants compete in Eveningwear, Swimsuit, Talent, Interview, and answer an onstage question.
Here is the address of the only site I could find with the most complete list of Miss America contestants for 2010: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_America_2010#Delegates
Morgan Peck, the delegate for South Dakota, did not make it to any of the final rounds.
It's on the Miss America website under history.Here's is a direct link - scroll to the bottom of the page:http://www.missamerica.org/our-miss-americas/miss-america-history.aspx
Miss Alaska, Miss Delaware, Miss Idaho, Miss Iowa, Miss Louisiana, Miss Maine, Miss Maryland, Miss Massachusetts, Miss Montana, Miss Nebraska, Miss Nevada, Miss New Hampshire, Miss New Mexico, Miss North Dakota, Miss Rhode Island, Miss South Dakota, Miss Vermont, Miss Virgin Islands, Miss Washington...
Miss Anahiem 1981 Dana Cody,1982- Debra Mafet, 1983-Kayline Peoples, 1984-Teresa Nellesen (me)
It builds self confidence. To me it makes me fill that it's not just my opinion other people (the judges) actually thinks i'm beautiful. I feel that way when I win something at a pageant.
I wish I had listened to my gut instinct. Throw away the letter! Let me tell you EXACTLY what we went through... First, we brought our "invitation only" letter with us to the FREE information session at the hotel. There were at least 200 girls (all ages) with their parents packed in a social hall....
Las Vegas, Nevada
Carolyn Suzanne Sapp from Honolulu, Hawaii was the Miss American pageant winner of 1992. She was the first Miss Hawaii to win the Miss America pageant. She has established herself as a motivational speaker and her writings have been published in The New York Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune,...
She sadly didn't make the top 15. Even though she was the most beautiful one there in my opinion. I don't know if the whole judging thing is quite fair...... :/I think we just need a good hard core person who would give an arm and a leg.Another thing I noticed was one African American was picked and...
Yes, Miss USA 1950 Yolande Betbeze was Hispanic - American, of  Spanish descent.
Marian McKnight from Manning, South Carolina
I believe you can order them online.
Throughout the years, each Miss America has had different measurements. You probably won't find accurate measurements online. Some of the measurements supplied by websites are grossly exaggerated. If you look at the pictures of former Miss America winners, most are healthy looking women.
Heather Whitestone ( Heather Whitestone McCallum ) is 44 years old. The former Miss America was born on February 24, 1973.
demi lavato, dreama walker, shane lamas
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Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe from Puerto Rico 1993
Alexandria Mills (USA)
Miss universe in 2009 was won by - Mpule Kwelagobe - BOSTWANA
Vanessa Williams represented New York as Miss New York in the Miss America pageant.
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Glam by Christina Aguilara
25 percent of girls get anorexia each year due to those stupid beauty pageants :(
Beauty pagents can be be harmfull and cant be harmful in one way you are turning girls against each other and testing wich is prettier and in the other way you are getting more outside your box and into a whole new you.
Unfortunately, no. Betty White was never Miss America. She was a Golden Girl though!
Opening remarks for a beauty pageant will likely include a welcome  to the audience and contestants. Also an introduction of judges and  some short anecdotes to entertain the crowd will be sufficient.
Toddlers and Tiaras Little Miss Perfect
Arnold Schwarzenegger
All sorts of preparations, fun and relaxation. Obviously pageant contestants need to perfect their hair and makeup together with receiving other beauty treatments. But they can also chill out, focus, read, make phone calls, and a list of other things required to relax, prepare and pass the time....
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in order to be in a beauty pageant it takes time and money you must have the money to buy a dress 2000 to 3000 ,socks 15 to 20 .shoes 30 to 75 hair and makeup 100 to 150 accesories or props 25 and up entree fee 125 and up peagent coach anywhere from 100 to 200 per lesson flipper if younger 100 and...
The winner Armi Kuusela from Finland, 18 years oldRunner Ups:1st: Hawaii, Elza Kananionapua Edsman2nd: Greece, Ntaizy (Daisy) Mavraki3rd: Hong Kong, Judy Dan4th: Germany, Renate Hoy
NO! It is stupid and they don't get those little girls anywhere in life other then a lot of pictures in there rooms. Most of them say they want to help the poor children that don't have food or a family but how many of them actually do that? NONE!
Natasha Hicks from MCMAMandy Sy from MCMAGemma Hough from MCMA
The four points of the Miss America crown, stand for: Service, Style, Scholarship & Success. These are the four main attributes that the Miss America Organization looks for, in the next Miss America.
Yes. I have been in the pageant and I love that it is not like any other pageant. National American Miss is not a scam, it is definitely different from the other pageants. You don't wear swimsuits, except to have fun at the hotel pool. There is no required Talent, it has lower cost, focus on fun, no...
Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman both won 8 times Mr Universe Title.
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National pageants are just like anything else that is national. It is the next step after winning the state or reginal pageant that you did.
Aphroditeis the goddess of love and beauty.
Because that's were the majority of the participants are from...lol I'm pretty sure that the competition is only open to humans...
Caressa Cameron, representing Virginia.
My personal 2 favorite pageants are:National American Miss American CoedBoth of these pageants have state pageants!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
If you are asking about the term "Points" in the pageant community. Adding "Points" as defined in circuit beauty pageant systems, are based upon a contestant doing something outside of a stage event to improve their score. A director adds "points" in a beauty pageant to those who enter all events....
The Philippines has won the Miss Photogenic award seven times (five of them via internet voting, including a back-to-back and a three-peat).
Yes, Steve Brisbois - born and raised in Canada - won in 1986.
The Top 3 countries    USA - 8 crowns   Venezuela - 6 crowns   Puerto Rico - 5 crowns
Miss America 2009- Katie Stam, Indiana Miss America 2010- Caressa Cameron, Virginia
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There are many other examples but these are just a few...Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?This is my first pageant.I am a pageant queen.
We went last year and it ends up costing a lot! Once you pay for the sponsor fee ($440), you still have to buy the production t shirt ($40), tickets to the show $20 each, hotel room for 2 nights, meals, a dress, interview suit and if you want to be competitive-coaching, hair and makeup and...
Margaret Gorman was the winner and she represented the District of Columbia.
Sample score sheets for many beauty pageants can be viewed at the  Related Link. Specific pageants may have sample score sheets on  their websites.
== Answer ==   Thw winner was Wilma van der Byl. Unfortunately I don't have details of all the finalists   More Info::   1. Wilma van der Bijl 2. Robyn Poole 3. Janine Botbyl 4. Nancy Riach 5. Meryl Stoltenkamp
Most of the Miss Universe title has been won by United States of America, who has won it seven time.
France would be that country. France has participated in every year of the Miss Universe contest and has only won one crown. It should be added France won the first crown back in 1953.
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In 1922 Mary Katherine Campbell of Columbus, Ohio was named Miss America.