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Constellations have fascinated astronomers for centuries. They are arbitrary formations of stars perceived as a figure or design, especially one of 88 recognized groups named after characters from classical mythology and various common animals and objects. Questions about the various constellations of stars are what this category is all about.
The name is Chinese is 天蝎座 ( tiānxiē zuò ), which means 'The heavenly scorpion constellation'
(circumpolar - our view of the constellation on Earth) . Constellations are circumpolar because they are only how we viewthem on Earth. The constellations would be different on anotherplanet or at another viewing point. They are circumpolar since theyare at different distances in relation to each...
All constellations have stars of all temperatures. Libra is noexception to that. So there isn't some specific temperature aboutthe stars in it.
Libra is a constellation, a specific part of the celestial sphere.So it is not a physical entity that could have a temperature. Ifyou are referring to the stars that can be found within itsboundaries, they can be any temperature that applies to a star(anything between 3000K and 20000K)
The stars comprising Cassiopeia are in the same positions (with minute shifts unnoticeable without advanced telescopes and measuring equipment) now as they have been for thousands of years- If someone decides to redraw the borders they can do that whenever they want but it will not affect the...
Constellations are stable (at least in our lifetimes and that of humanity). They change so slowly as to be unnoticeable.
We can only see half of the sky at one time. And in the morning or the evening,it's too bright to see stars.
Quasars are some of the most distant and luminous bodies we canobserve. Since we measure them to be incredibly far from our owngalaxy, in the order of billions of light-years, astronomersbelieve that they are several billions of years old as their lightwould have taken that long to travel to us....
Constellations are named for mythological creatures from stories.
In the Northern Hemisphere from June through February
Yes, Aphrodite does have a constellation. I wish your question had more to answer. I hope that answers your question. If not please message me on my message board to ask more specifically, I WILL have an answer.
Constellations don't actually exist, (the stars in them exist, but... with very few exceptions ... the only connection between thestars in any given constellation is that they happen to be in moreor less the same direction from Earth, though they may be at vastlydifferent distances from Earth, so...
One constellation holds the Big Dipper, and that constellation isUrsa Major. The Big Dipper is located at the end of the body andthe tail of the Great Bear constellation. The Big Dipper isconsidered a minor asterism within the constellation of Ursa Major,and the stars that make up the Big Dipper are...
The constellation has a total of 281 stars in the area defined bythe constellation boundary of which only 11 are main stars.
The planets depend on the time of year.
It is a G-type giant star.
The Orion constellation can also be referred to ''The Hunter''
It's made of dejection.
Well I think it would all just float in tiny particles or just disappear!
Leos are lionhearted. This means they are faithful to a fault and loyal to the core. They may be a bit showy, loud or outward, but when they keep away from material lifestyles, they make great leaders.
Constellations are images which the ancients believed they could see in the sky by drawing imaginary lines between the stars to make shapes. The stars themselves are not actually in these formations in space, but because of varying distance and brightness (and the over-active imaginations of the...
Orion received its named from Orion, who was was a giant huntsmanin Greek mythology whom Zeus placed among the stars as theconstellation of Orion. Ancient sources tell several differentstories about Orion; important recorded episodes are his birthsomewhere in Boeotia, his visit to Chios where he met...
There was one a man named Orion and his favourite belt had broken that day and he discovered the 'Orion's Belt' constellation and named it that in honour of his favourite belt.
No, it's the other way round - the Little Dipper is part of aconstellation, the constellation of Ursa Minor.
Antares (Alpha Scorpii) is the brightest star in the constellationScorpius.it is often referred to as "the heart of the scorpion".
Considered a binary, possibly quintuplet, star system Alpha Libraehas two bright main stars. The brighter of the two is a dwarf star of spectral type A3 and its companion is a yellow-white dwarf of spectral type F4 .
The celestial sphere has been completely divided into 88 constellations, so yes. The celestial sphere has been completely divided into 88 constellations, so yes. The celestial sphere has been completely divided into 88 constellations, so yes. The celestial sphere has been completely divided into...
Answer . Princess of Ethiopia or the Chained Lady.
The big dipper's location changes because Earth rotates.
Except for Dubhe and Alkaid, the stars of the Big Dipper all have proper motions heading towards a common point in Sagittarius. A few other such stars have been identified, and together they are called the Ursa Major Moving Group. Mizar, a star in the Big Dipper, forms the famous optical double...
sonya peltroy discovered the cancer constellation
No one is credited with the discovery of the Cancer constellation.It has always been visible in the night sky. The Greek astronomerPtolemy is the person who cataloged it during the 2nd century.
Generally, true, but there are rare exceptions. For example, Betelgeuse is "Alpha Orionis" while Rigel, generally brighter then Betelgeuse, is "Beta Orionis". Betelgeuse is a somewhat variable star, and when the Bayer designations were assigned, Betelgeuse was the brighter star.
There are many constellations that are in the sky for you to enjoy.You can do a simple image search to find some such as the BigDipper or Orion's Belt.
It is found in Ursa Major, the Great Bear.
They are so incredibly far away that we have absolutely no practical experience to help us make distinctions. There are also no guideposts against which we can determine anything about the distance of stars. In the real world, and some photography and visual arts, there are various cues that our...
Polaris, also known as Alpha Ursae Minoris, will become the NorthStar again in 27,800 AD. The cycle takes about 25,770 years tocomplete. Polaris is the current North Star. Polaris replacedThuban around the first millennium BC. It will become closest tothe celestial north pole around the year 2100...
Cassiopeia, the queen. (constellation)
There are more than five stars in Cassiopeia but the major ones are as follows from the left of the 'W' / 'M':. Caph, Beta Cassiopeia. Shedar, Alpha Cassiopeia. Cih, Gamma Cassiopeia. Ruchbah, Delta Cassiopeia. Sagin, Epsilon Cassiopeia
You can find them on most nights depending on the weather and whathemisphere you're in.
The earth travels around the sun, carrying us with it. That means that for most constellations, there's some time of year when the sun is in the same direction from us as that constellation is. That's just another way of saying that during that part of the year, that particular constellation...
Latin. Latin. Latin. Latin.
The brightest star in the constellation Libra as seen from earth is Beta Librae or Zubeneschamali. It is a blue dwarf star about 160 light years from Earth with a surface temperature of 12,000 Kelvin it is about 130 times as luminous as the Sun.
Those would be "constellations".
Constellations aren't "discovered", they are invented. That is,somebody looks at a group of stars, and says something like, "Tome, this looks like a lion", for example. Note that the individualstars are unrelated to one another; they just happen to be in thesame direction. The constellation Leo was...
A centaur (half man, half horse) with a bow and arrow. The glyph shows an arrow, or occasionally a bow and arrow. The mythic centaur has the upper body of a man, and the legs and lower body of a horse -- ever restless and eager to gallop off in search of new horizons, like many people born under...
There is Alpha Phoenicis (also called Ankaa). It is the brightest of all of the stars in the Phoenix. Beta Phoenicis is the second brightest star and Gamma Phoenicis is the third brightest. There are also others, such as the Delta, Epsilon, Nu, and Zeta stars. Ankaa is 85 light years from Earth...
constellations are made when stars are connected and it is like a giant dot-to-dot game. by nemo
there are several myths behind the constellation sagittarius. mypersonal favorite is the greek myth for sagittarius which says thatsagittarius was a well educated and kind centaur(half man halfhorse). he was mistakingly killed by a poisned arrow by his goodfriend herecules. to honor sagittarius...
Cancer can be seen in the Northern & Southern Hemisphere between Leo and Gemini.
It doesn't make sense to talk about the distance to a constellation. A constellation is a direction in space. That is like asking "how far is north" or "how far is left". It doesn't make sense to talk about the distance to a constellation. A constellation is a direction in space. That is like...
The Big Dipper has several stars, at different distances.\n The Big Dipper has several stars, at different distances.\n The Big Dipper has several stars, at different distances.\n The Big Dipper has several stars, at different distances.\n
The name comes form ancient times. In the past the stars SEEMED a lot brighter to our ancestors than they do to most of us today. This is because we live at a time when our own night time lights are so bright that they 'pollute' the light of the night sky. Imagine you were an ancient an looked up...
Capricorn is located at -20°.
Leo is relate to the constellations Aries and Sagittarius, because these are all fire signs. It is related to the quadrant of Fixed Signs or Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. It is also opposite the constellation Aquarius.
Ophiuchus is a constellation located around the celestial equator. Its receives it's name from the Greek Ὀφιοῦχος meaning "serpent-bearer", and is usually deplicted as a man holding the snake that is seen by the constellation Serpens.
No, the tropical zodiac have separated from the sidereal zodiac since the 1st century. So that the calendar has shifted several times to match the changing season and the shifting equinox. George Washington's birthday was actually celebrated Feb 11th instead of Feb 22nd as it is now, because they...
Richard. A. Proctor named Ursa Major in 1869.
It looks something like a measuring cup.
The star Scorpius is also known as the astrological sign, Scorpio.Scorpius has a total of 47 stars that are located within it.
Correct answer: . It is moving South. At sea you could measure the angle between the horizon and Polaris with a sextant. This angle is approximately equal to your Northern latitude. There are some mathematical corrections one can perform to get a more precise answer, but the further south you sail...
the best time to see the constellation Ophiuchus is in July (at 9:00pm)
No, all the stars are on different distance from Earth. The sun is the nearest star. Other than the sun, Proxima Centauri is the closest star to Earth, at 4.22 light-years away. The second closest stars are Alpha Centauri A and B, both at 4.37 light-years away.
You can observe Orion in the early spring, but at that season it is visible only in the early morning. We think of Orion as a fall constellation, because in the fall it rises at sunset and is prominent when normal people are up in the evenings. In the summer, Orion rises about the same time that the...
A VERY long time ago. Most of the constellations were named by the ancients.
Ursa Major, the Big Bear (includes the Big Dipper) . Ursa Minor, the Little Bear . Cassiopeia, the Queen of Ethiopia . Cepheus, the King of Ethiopia . Draco the Dragon
Any constellation is a group of stars that appear to form somekind of pattern, but have no connection with each other. They all happen to be inroughly the same direction from us, but they're all at different distances. Sothere's no such thing as a constellation's distance from us.
The star Aldebaran is the "eye" of Taurus, the Bull.
Crux, also known as the Southern Cross, has a total of five major stars: Acrux, Becrux, Delta Crusis, Epsllon Crusis, and Gacrux.
VY Canis Majoris. It's a huge star! Here's some facts about it: -Vy Canis Majoris is located in the constellation Canis Major -In diameter it is 3,063,500,000,000m, and it is 2,000 times bigger than the sun -If you were to stick Vy Canis Majoris out into the middle of our solar system, it would...
give me example of stars and constellation
The little dipper (Ursa Minor) consetllation along with a few otherconstellations are always visible all year round in the northernhemisphere, it's just a matter of wheather and air pollution thatmay make it difficult to find in the night sky. To find it, you caneither use a compass to find the...
Because it's a part of a very important constellation. It can be found in the winter/spring sky.
Its not its always moving
The constellation with a shape broadly suggestive of a swan isCygnus. The primary feature of the constellation is the NorthernCross.
Betelgeuse is the reddish star on the top of the constellation.
His heroic deeds and actions have, through the years, been adaptedand expanded to fit many different social and political agendas.Hercules was described as brave, strong, loyal, compassionate, andhard-working.
Yes. The slaves would sing a song from the underground railroad and the line they would repeat was; "Follow the Drinking Gourd" Which told the slaves to follow the Big Dipper, North to freedom.
Beta Piscium (Fum al Samakah) is a star in the constellation Pisces. It has a spectral class of B6V meaning it is a blue giant on the main sequence.