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Nervous System

This category is for questions about the mechanical and chemical process of reactions to internal and external stimuli, ranging from the brain down to the spinal cord, and all nerves, cells and tissues in between.


Vicodin has the potential to alter the brain's neurotransmitters.
If the disc is properly positioned then no the peripheral nerves  will not be inhibited in any way. However if the disc is improperly  positioned then it will put pressure on the nerves causing them to  become impaired.
The internal tendon bulk is thought to contain no nerve fibres, but  the epitenon and paratenon contain nerve endings, while Golgi tendon organs  are present at the junction between tendon and muscle.
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In fact, a girl's brain does not weight more than a boy's brain. The average Male's brain weighs 1360 grams (3 pounds) The average Female's brain weighs 1250 grams (2.8 pounds) Of course, brain weight does not really mean anything, and is certainly not associated with intelligence. To illustrate...
The pituitary gland is often called that as it controls all of the other glands but i have never heard it said of the hypothalamus
They don't, the neurotransmitters stay on either side of the  synapse. Neurotransmitters are released when the synaptic vesicles  fuse with the presynaptic neuron's membrane, so as to release them  into the synaptic cleft.
The brain without it you wouldn't really have beauty you would be  mentally impared
The dura mater is the outermost membrane of the brain and spinal cord. The dura mater is is responsible for keeping in the cerebrospinal fluid.
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Actually it is the same. It depends on person to person so youcan't differentiate between the two. It all depends on the chemoreceptors and the response of the synapses.
Tourettes Syndrom is a condition in the Nervous System
It really all depends on what the brain damage was. Someone might  have had a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, a tumor, bleeding in  the brain, or many different things.
You have paresis of the muscles. You have rigidity or increasedtone. You have exaggerated reflexes.
Experience creates new networks of neurons in the brain.
The cell body is part of the neuron, so it could be consideredthat.
They are called as interconnecting or intermediate neurons.
  This video by brainandspinalcord.org overviews the top ten spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers in the United States. The website also has much information on brain and spinal cord injuries. http://www.brainandspinalcord.org/media-center/TopTenHospitals.html
You can protect it by if hurt putting a brace around it. But there are many other ways.
unipolar bipolar multipolar anaxonic
Adenosine receptors stick through the neuron membrane, so that part  of them are on the inside and part is on the outside of the cell.  Now, when adenosine, a natural chemical in the body, attaches to  the adenosine receptor it shifts the shape of the receptor, this  shift reaches all the way to...
There is a hole in the middle of each vertebrae called a foramen. So the spinal cord passes through the vertibral foramen.
Probably but not necessarily. You could survive this trauma with any of a wide spectrum of brain damage, and any of an accompanying range of severe mental and physical impairments.
The central nervous system to be specific, but its definitely part of your body.
The pons is a portion of the brain located above the medulla  oblongata and the midbrain. It is a message station between several  areas of the brain.
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Hyperpolarization means that the membrane potential becames more negative than the resting potential. This means that it is more difficult for an action potential to be triggered at the postsynaptic membrane. This occurs at inhibitory synapses.Hyperpolarization can be achieved by increasing the...
The brain works in many ways. One way it works is because we sleep, in which "charges our batteries" and another is learning, watching and seeing things. the brain also works by sending electrical impulses , for example when we see things it is because light hits our retina in the back of the eye...
  == Answer ==   Reflexsive behavior in infants is not too unlike instinct in an animal.  Reflxsive behavior could include grasping, sucking, and leg flailing (walking)  THese are the servival skills every healthy baby is born with.  Grasping, in order keep from falling,...
the medulla oblongata which is situated at the hind part of the brain controlls all the involuntary process such as heart beat,breathing etchence it is also known as the vital knot
To acquire an actual study sample, you would probably have to settle for an animal brain, and even those are restricted due to animal rights considerations. Chickens, frogs, lizards, and other simpler animals present no such restrictions, and the cost is mainly due to the chemical preservatives used...
Impulses that travel along myelinated neurons are the fastest.
.. is a very diffuse topic.
    the nervous sytem controls your body movments ans acions.   it makes you move walk talk think feel sence and interacte
  The cerebellum is involved in the coordination of voluntary motor movement, balance and equilibrium and muscle tone. It is located just above the brain stem and toward the back of the brain. It is relatively well protected from trauma compared to the frontal and temporal lobes and brain stem.
Brains are accually grey, not pink, despite what most people think
yes the vertebrates have a brain because humans are vertebrates and we have brans
the somatic nervous system is also known as the voluntary nervous systemit is a part of the peripheral nervous system
Information entering the central nervous system from the external  environment is called external stimuli. External stimuli are  factors which are detected by the body and communicated to the  central nervous system such as temperature and scents.
The brain and spinal cord are considered the Central Nervous System. All other nerves that connect to them are part of the Peripheral Nervous System.
For a real life situation, i would think telegraphs would workwell. 1. Telegraphs send and receive data over long distances, (hence thehuman body.) 2. The messages from the telegraph stations would spread to thetownspeople. My own idea, however. New version loop in an endless track...
Well, your brain is divided into 2 parts. The left side is for language and logic- such as math, reading, history, spanish, you get the point. The Right side is for creativity such as art, and music. Why it's divided into 2 parts, I am not sure. maybe so you can think about more at once because each...
Yes, it can change it in many ways. Especially things that are easily affected such as the pitch of your voice. Have you ever blown up a balloon and then squeezed the end between your thumb and first ringer with both hands and pulled tight, letting the air out slowly to hear a strange sound? Well...
While the activation aspects of PTSD (rage, anger, irritability,  somatic re-activations) have alot to do with a hyperarousal of the  sympathetic nervous system that runs through the right side of the  brain, PTSD from a brainwave side of things has more to do with  disharmony and imbalance...
On the advice of your physician.
The sense of smell is directed through the limbic system without  passing through the thalamus first.
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  i want to know about the anaesthesia? for human anaesthesia what type of anaesthetic drug will be given to human tell me? & what is the time of recovery of its original position ?
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what two critical symptoms may occur when a patients takes an  overdose of central nervous system depressants
no . the spinal cord starts in the 1st cervical vertebra . but it is stopped in the 2nd lumber vertebra . from this site many nerve fibres come out from the cord . these are known as cauda equina . the conical shaped end of the spinal cord is called CONUS MEDULARIS
the left hand side of your body
neuron = cell body + dendrites + axonsnerve = axon + schwann cells (peripheral nervous system only)equivalent term of nerve in the central nervous system is called tractsneuron is a type of cellnerve is an anatomical term
You need to get this right. This is not the place to discuss something of such great value as your eyes. A Vitamin A deficiency can cause or worsen dryness of the conjunctiva and cornea. Vitamin A deficiency can cause impaired night vision. However, to much vitamin A can be Toxic. The answer to your...
Your spinal cord doesn't have any particular 'casing', but it does run down the middle of your neck muscles and between your back muscles, then continuing through to your buttocks muscles. So generally, just a series of different muscles, but it doesn't have any constant surrounding tissue of any...
Yes, some people are born with not all of their brain, or they have it and not all of it works. People can also be injured or have a medical problem that causes their brain not to all work. But you can still function with half your brain, you may have to learn your whole life over, there are...
At the age of about 20 years, an average human female's brain weight is around 1300 grams, while a male's brain weight is around 1450 grams. This is because the "average male" is physically larger than the "average female." But there's no correlation between brain size and intelligence within...
the spinal cords role in reflexes is to help you move about when it is needed when reacting to a stimuli
a tract is a bundle or group of nerve fibers located within the brain or spinal cord
Motor neurons carry impulses away from the spinal cord and brain to effector organs. IT IS THE EFFERENT NEURONS
The spinal cord is basically the "information highway of the body", back and forth between the brain and the rest of the body. This information includes touch, temperature, pain, and signals telling muscles to move.
LMNLIt is due to lesion of lower motor neurons i.e. the spinal and cranial motor neurons that directly innervate the muscles.Usually single or individual muscle is affected.Disuse atrophy of muscles. All reflexes are absent.flaccid paralysis occurs. Babinski planter response not elicited. 2. UMNL It...
that's a funny question, but i take it as my business to answer it- you would not continue to live. the medulla oblongata of the brain controls involuntary functions of the body, like respiration and heart beat. in absence of the brain, your system would malfunction and you would die. in the...
  What is are the other major subdivisions of the brain?   What is are the other major subdivisions of the brain?
  BEFORE BIRTH, same as men.
Immediate physical symptoms are tht it may cause some stomach aches and a bit of trouble sleeping if you eat too much at dinner time. It might be hard to walk after you eat; sometimes, drinking a glass of water might help the food go down faster.   Continually overeating can lead to an increased...