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A toy made for children by Tiger Electronics that is shaped like a little creature. It is lovable and interacts with you!
It depends on the problem.
No!!! They are fun silly toys. "My dad says they are aliens but they are your friend don't waste your money and throw them away but one furby of mine broke and I'm afraid it is evil. But I had a dream that there was a tornado and I took my furby in the closet and its eyes turned red. I threw it out....
You press them against each other, belly to belly. Then when they blink then start talking, they're talking to each other.
Yes, you can, just get a pen, turn Furby upside down and push the reset button with it.
well Furby might be sick because it needs fed, so try feeding it. If that doesn't work, change the batteries, if that doesn't work, then I don't know what else it could be.
In and around military bases, worldwide (primarily Far East)... Lives in N/E corner of California. (He worked for me at WTI in '82-'83 and programmed QBert, Popeye2600) . Dave grew up in Roseville , Michigan. Served in the Navy as anInflight Tech on P3 Orion aircraft.. If anyone knows how to...
yes, you can teach Furby to talk. Make sure you say the word repeatedly for a few minutes each day so it will remember the word. (remember, furby must be turned on.)
Yes, all Furbys can talk.
I,m not sure you can but try buying one on eBay
The recently reissued Furbys have been scaring some children withinappropriate talk and voice sounds. The manufacturer says thatFurbys are programmed to have "two personalities" (a "good" onewhen the child lavishes it with attention and a gruff one for whenthe child neglects it), but some parents...
Some Furby you can but some you cant.
It's really easy to get all gagas in Toontown. According to dictionary.com, gaga means crazy. Since toons by default are already crazy, toons are all gagas by the beginning. On topic: You can't get all gags. Only 6/7 gag tracks when you finish Donald's Dreamland.
Re-set is to help Furby fix himself. If Furby is jammed or something seems to be wrong and nothing else seems to fix him, then taking a small pointed object and pressing the small re-set button located on the bottom of Furby next to the battery compartment will help fix any problems he is having. Re...
push the restart button on the bottom of furby and then you turn it around.
1.8 million of these furry creatures were sold during 1998according to Wikipedia.
yank it's bateries.
What are the names? Here is the list: . Ah-May (means "pet" in Furbish) . A-Loh (means "light" in Furbish) . A-Tay (means "hungry/eat" in Furbish) . Boh-Bay (means "worried/worry" in Furbish) . Boo (means "no" in Furbish) . Dah (means "big" in Furbish) . Kah Dah (means "me big" in Furbish) ...
No, they are not demonic, but it is possible for any toy, includingFurbys, to get possessed.
They take 4 AA batteries.
It depends if its clothing or shoes.. men / women clothing USA womans size 8=====UK 10 shoes USA 8======UK 51/2
no. there is no way a furby could record a swear,change it to there voice and say it back.
No. They can't really do anything but talk and look creepy.
it does itself really if you put music by your furby it will dance and sing
name your furby because thay don't have name's
turn it on than it will aked like its old self
no they were made to look like a grimlin from the origanal movie ''grimlins''
yes you should but with a manual sometimes their a nightmare
yes. yes you can.
There are 2 sizes, one is about 6 inches by 5 inches and the otheris 9 inches by 7 inches.
To make a 2005 Furby play with you, the command you should say toit is "Do you want to play?". Before saying this, you should say"Hey Furby!"
They want to speak to an Emototronic Furby Baby.
they were made so kides will have fubn playing with them and they will have somthing to do when they are boredxxx
Your Furby will sneeze for one of 3 reasons:1. It caught a cold from another Furby; 2. It is suffering from neglect - not enough attention/food - feed it several times; 3. Batteries are getting low.
zoobles cost £5 thanks for listning and goodby .
You turn him on and say "Hey Furby!" "Tell me a joke!" or "Sing me a song!" or "Tell me a story" or "Play a game with me" (I think that's what you say anyway.) Also when you first turn him on he should tell you his name if he has not met you before. His name will most likely be something like "Koh...
try flipping the bats or replace them
well theres no on swith one you put in batteries it turns on
The Furby does not have a start button.
Dumb, like you for posting this in the Nerf section.
If you need to ask, you probably can't.
You can get gizmo furbies at Amazon, Ebay and more.
Sadly, you cannot find furbies in stores anymore, fortunatly you can buy furbies from online at places like: amazon.com or ebay.com good like finding a furby you like!
Well, if you're talking about the 2012 furbies, some of the stores discontinued them because of complaints from customers saying that one of them said a bad word when you pressed its stomach, and also they scared little kids when they turned evil (lol) so they had to return them. If you're talking...
I send present by 2 ways. 1. the thing she/he really need it now or soon. 2. the thing she/he likes and not yet have it. 3. a really cheap thing but stands your heart. the second one is likely to cost more money. And the last one costs more time. the first one is more commonly used. I...
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take 1 to all of the Batterys out it will not erase the Furbys data
A Furby (plural Furbys or Furbies ) is an electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster or owl -like creature which went through a period ofbeing a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998,with continual sales until 2000. Over 40 million Furbies were soldduring...
As low as $1.00 for the common ones, and as high as $500 for the very rare ones. These prices come from eBay US and UK.
Original Furbies do not have an On/Off switch. Emototronic Furbies have an On/Off switch on the bottom in between their feet.
well i depends on your opinion (my opinion is older ones but you dont care)
On: if sleeping,pull its tail. Off: keep it on for 1 min.
You can go to americangirl.com, amazon.com, or if you want less cute, kind of freaky looking dolls, but the same size and LESS MONEY there's our generation dolls at target or target.com
Stimulate their sensors, feed them, make them dance, play games, talk to other Furbies, and much, much more.
You will need to reset your Furby. To do so, you should get a pen or pencil and, on the bottom of the Furby, push in (holding) the 'RESET' button for 10 seconds. If this does not work, your Furby may need to be sent to the factory to be replaced as it is defective.
Are Furby's Valuable? Generally, Item's are valuable if they are collectible, old or unique. Furby's were first made in 1999. This means only the original Furby's will be worth something. If you have a furby with a box and tags, as usual, you will probably get more money.
Of course you can name it! You bought it.But still. It probaly won't recognize the name.
There are 2 sizes, one is about 6 inches by 5 inches and the other is 9 inches by 7 inches.
Furbies are not sold in-stores as a regular stock item anymore. However, your best bet is to either go to Amazon, eBay, or a Furby Adoption Website. Please check the 'Related Links' section to find these sites.
The recommended age for someone to be playing with a Furby would be7 and above.
It's easy. Just plug in your SNES controller into the Furby's mouth and punch in up up donw left right left right b a start. Then your Furby will know English completely and will do your chores for you.
A furby is not a real animal. It is a toy that is supposed to look like a "Gremlin" from the movie of the same name.
Hearing the conversation.
Yes the old furbies can learn and use words if you constantly use them, me and several others I know have had furbies that would use vulgar language.
They were very quickly flying off the shelves, and Tiger's stocks became lower and lower. Soon Furbies were not the hot toy anymore, and vanished from stores until they were released again in 2001 and again in 2005. They now cease to sell.
A furby is actually a very scary looking mechanical skeleton wrapped in an artificial skin to give it the appearance of a "cute" bird-type thing. It is marketed as a children's toy.
Depends on the kind. To turn on an Original Furby, turn him/her upside down. Remember to close the battery cover. The Emototronic Furbies have an On/Off switch at the bottom in between their feet.
Gemma is a gnome. She is very pretty and very nice and everyone loves her! :D Especially Eloise! WOOO! YEAH! Stacey says hey too, same as Chanel. We love you, Furby (L).
No! They are just playful toys for young children to enjoy.
Should be on the bottom.
Nobody knows. if you want try to guess!
oh goodness, it came out in the 1990's i believe.
It depends on the fur color and it's rarity. Some Speacial Limeted Edition Furbies have gone up to $45-$50 NFRB, but again, this depends on the rarity of the Furby.
There are several things to consider when valuing a Patti Playpal doll. Most important is...CONDITION! Are there any cracks? Loss of facial coloring? Does she have her original clothes and shoes? Do you have the box and/or hand tag? In addition, the hair color and style is also a factor. Does she...
You have to do a good bit of training and you have to be nice. Either way, you just gotta talk to them..
Go catch foxes and skin them best way and put color dye on them Then job complete good luck!
The Furby was invented by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung.
There are several websites that provide Furby instructions. One isthe Furby Wiki. Another is called Furby Manual. See Related Linksfor links to websites with Furby instructions.
It depends on how much it was. if it was 20.00 you would probably quarter that. ex: 5.00 if it was 15 probably about 3
buy a new furby you can buy the same color
Yes furbys can walk if you make it evil it might not listen sometimes.
all you do is put your finger in its mouth
I see no reason to believe that toys have souls.
I would look on eBay. I have them too and doubt that anyone even knows what they are these days or if anyone is collecting them. If they are "out" there they would be looking on eBay.
You can buy a Furby right on there official website or find a localto store. There are many to choose from. You can then play onlinegame with your Furby.
couple of ideas here, and I'm just throwing 'em out there; throw it off a clif burn it kill it feed it to hungry sharks
be nice to the furbi snugle with it give it 3 naps a day put happy music on let it dance and say sing me a song and talk to it like say ooo na boo
yes they are made for both boys and girls furby=fun!
you say furbie then he say 'doh' then you say: - Sing me a song - Lets play a game - Are you hungry - Tell me a story - Are you sleepy That all the ons i know... hope it helped! :
You should keep it in inactivity for 1 minute, they will go tosleep. If you want to wake them up, press the tounge switch, or carrythem.
Yes, actually you can. I know for certain, that if you play really loud music around a Furby or about 10 minutes or so, it will, most likely, turn into a pop-star kind of personality, or a just a bratty personality, both of which don't care for you in the least. Yeah, it's not the best. If you spin...
they are the nicest little toy ever. Though I have heard some evi stories about them. I highly doubt that they are evil. I have one and it's allways saying "I love you"
Yes. Yes it can , just pet it alot.
To put a Furby asleep you should place it in a dark place, without much sound, and do not play with it. Make sure to turn it upside down to put it to sleep.