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Pit Bulls

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The pit bull is actually not one member, but several members of the Molosser family including, the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and English Bull Terrier. They are characterized by their high activity, aggressiveness toward other animals and strong builds. Questions about pit bulls, their health, behaviors and training should be placed here.
The average male is 35-65 pounds, and the average female is 30-60  pounds. So, including both genders the average pit would be 30-65  pounds. If you multiply this by 3, three average pit bulls could  weigh between 90 and 195 pounds.
Pit Bull Bite: 235 pounds of force In comparison…German Shepherd: 238 pounds of forceRottweiler: 328 pounds of forceLion: 691 pounds of forceHyena: 1000 pounds of forceDog bite strength is proprotional to the size of the dog.There is no known proof that pit bulls can bite harder than other breeds...
    i have herd that they  mature at 2 to 3 years some at 4. They stop growing in height at 12  months I believe.     
Like other dogs they get bigger and stronger.
They aren't vampires! Its not going to go into a feeding frenzy and maul you if it tastes blood!
First of all do NOT buy a pitbull (s) from anyone or any place that has pitbulls. Just simply adopt one.I adopted mine at Abandoned Pet Rescue (No kill shelter) but you can ADOPT one anywhere, Please adopt a pitbull if you want to save a life. =)
The Endangered Species Act is "sometimes called the 'pit bull' of our environmental laws" due to the robust protections it requires for endangered and threatened species.
I have seen this done one in my life.
Tell me you state and I will let you know.
Yes They have and that is why there are strict rules concerning keeping them in many places.
A very famous dog. After a dam broke on the Tijuana River stranding several dogs and a cat on an island, Weela crossed the river to take food to them for an entire month until they could be rescued. She also led a rescue team to a bunch of stranded horses and ran back and forth barking to warn a...
I think the doberman is more protective. The pitbull is just mean and aggresive.
Farmers, depending on the bite history of your dog.
Pit Bulls lay down with their front paws facing forward and back legs stright behind them.
Assuming the snapping is a puppy-style snap and not an I-want-to-kill-you snap, you can say NO in a command tone and you can yelp when nipped. Yelping almost always causes them to ease up, they still "bite" but it is much more gentle. Puppies also bite because they are teething and their teeth hurt....
German Shepherds are not used in dog fighting because they maim other dogs due to their fighting style. They charge their opponent and go for the back of the neck and shake it to break the animals neck. If they do not make an immediate kill they release and retreat then charge again until they can...
When looking to adopt a dog, you definitely should not exclude the Pit Bull. Reputable shelters and animal rescues will not adopt out any dog that shows signs of aggression. It's always a good idea to bring your entire family to the shelter when considering adopting a dog of any breed. Talk to the...
Answer:If the Pit Bull is trying to attack you, keep running and try to get away from it.However, i heard from a dog expert that if you are being attacked by a dog you need to lie on the ground, hunched up, looking down, with your hands over your head; good luck!
You have to be clear what is the way. In the related links box below, I posted the Diane Jessup website pitbul trainig page. After looking at it, I recommend you to go through the whole website.
Pits can't really be "trained" they are used almost exclusively as catch dogs in case of hogs but pitbulls will hunt smaller animals. Pits have better olfatory than the smelling breeds and have better stanima than hunting breeds. An adult pitbull will smell and run after an animal and will hunt it...
Litters of 5 to 10 pups are normal but sometimes is more or less than that.
Diazepam is a sedative and depresses the brain. Exactly how diazepam works is uncertain but it is thought to reduce serotonin levels and reduce acetylcholine levels. Diazepam is a controlled substance Accordingly, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United...
Breeders wait until the female is part the first heat but waiting 3 years of age is recomended.
Jennifer T gives her advice1. Contact a breed club for your breed. Ask for a mentor.2. STUDY the breed standard. Learn about dog anatomy and ask your mentor toclarify anything you don't understand.3. Learn what genetic faults and diseases run in your breed and test for anythat can be tested for.4....
Pitbulls have a bad rap due to the ignorance of people. Many times,  an attack will happen "randomly" but in truth the dog must not have  been from the best of lines and/or breeders. If you are looking  into buying one, make sure you do your research on the pedigree and  search for the dogs in...
Pitbulls are extremely energetic and physical dogs. They hold an limitless supply of vigor and can play for extended hours without getting tired. You will hardly ever discover a Pitbull inactive in the shade for extended length of time, but you will frequently see one that is jumping and running...
noooo pitbulls are beatifull i have six of them and they r all awesome loving and funi guess it all depends if u think a little pomeranian its the most beatifull thing ever then yes u will think they are ugly but i think they are awesome
It took 7 different types of dog in order to make one pit bull. Nearly all of the breeds that were used to create the pit bull are unknown. Most of the breeds used are now extinct.
In a word, yes. Pit Bulls can be safe with kids. Anyone who has any legitimate knowledge of dog breeds knows that pit bulls are usually great with kids. It is just plain common sense not to leave any dog alone with small children but pit bulls are certainly not bad with children compared to most...
    == Answer ==       You may have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).
Everywhere. They American or Staffordshire Terriers - pets - dogs - that many many many people own worldwide.Pittbulls are so cool and fun because they are so playful.
They look completely different!They both are very misunderstood- thought to be dangerous, aggressive dogs, but if you've ever heard of a "mean" bulldog or pitbull, its because the owner did a bad job. There's no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. Also, there's no such thing as a "Pit Bulldog...
yes it is! for as long as you are responsible to own a pitbull and have a lot of knowledge about them.
That is a question for the place maganemet. Now, in Indiana: Clinton County IN Confirmed Restrictions on pit bullsElkhart IN Being discussed (10/09) Fowler IN Confirmed Banned PitbullsFt. Wayne IN Being Discussed 10/07 Gary IN Unconfirmed RestrictionsLake County IN Confirmed Restrictions on Pit...
It costs you the love of a beautiful pit you could get from the  animal shelter. (But otherwise, it really depends on who you're  buying them from, how much they are asking, and the quality of the  parents.) Please consider rescuing.
The pit bull is the most abused breed of dog on the planet. Mostpeople don't like them because they are considered 'dangerous'. Butit is not the dog's fault if they lash out at you; they are mostlikely like that because they were abused in some way previously.
Fighting pit bulls involves chaining young dogs with the heaviest chains possible to make them strong and ''harden'' them. Then their ears are cropped (cut off) to make them look tougher and to stop the ears from being torn off. After that, a stray dog is caught, muzzled and tied up for use as a...
Built for performance, the pit bull is a medium sized, very muscular, short coated breed. The head is bricklike, the jaws strong and wide.
It costs you the love of a beautiful pit you could get from the  animal shelter. (But otherwise, it really depends on who you're  buying them from, how much they are asking, and the quality of the  parents.) Please consider rescuing.
because pitbulls are used in dog fighting, and have shown alot of aggression from the dog fighting, they have become more aggressive toward ppl besides the ppl they were around.pitbulls have bad reps from ppl giving them a bad name by using them in dog fighting because of there ability of power, and...
If you are talking about shelters, there are many pit bull rescues throughout America that do not kill them. If you can't keep you're pit bull nut care enough to want it to find a good home, that is the best place for it. I'll be happy to answer in more details if that was not what you were asking.
It is against the law to own a Pit Bull Terrier in the UK. UK  authorities judge a dog's breed based on physical appearance, so  any dog that looks like a Pit Bull Terrier is banned.    If you own a banned dog in the UK, the police or dog wardens have  the power to remove it, even if there...
I don't believe that pit bulls are mean by nature by any means, I believe that they are what YOU make them. I have raised pit bulls for the last decade and I have never had one turn on me or my family. I have raised pits that came from really abusive homes and puppies from the swap meet. Pit bulls...
yes it is, it is a dog, but they are illegal:Oxx
No, they are really great dogs that are usually good with children,but they are very misunderstood. They were actually called 'NannyDogs' along with the Newfoundland
In a long term, it will be bad. John P. Çolby was a icon in creating this breed and he knew he had to outcroos his dogs after 30 years of breeding. He did outcross with a game dog.
The Hippo Thomas is callled Thomas because HIPPO-POT-THOMAS!
If your pitbull has a non stopin puking, you have to see your veterianian.
No, they don't. They just hold on tight.
i have one of each and as with any breed they all have things that stand out. With my two my pit is tall but stocky in the shoulders with a very square head and my staf is shorter and extremely stocky from head to toe. His head is also a little more pointed.
The term pit bull refers to certain breeds  of dog - namely, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American  Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, & any  crosses amongst the three. 
Pit Bull Bite: 235 pounds of force In comparison… German Shepherd: 238 -800 pounds of force Rottweiler: 328-350 pounds of force Lion: 691 pounds of force Hyena: 1000 pounds of force
good question. chances are you are co-dependent if that is the case  you wont be able to unless you get help for those issues through  therapy family support or self help...
usually when they are still kids and you can spank them. you give then rewards. like praise words or toy when they display good behavior. or boot camp work just as well to
Docile, nice house animals, gameness and beautifull.
yea there always nice if u take care of them well and dont beat them and stuff my pits are good dogs i have 2 and there great with my baby and my neices and i even have a jack russle and thy dont hurt her.. pitbulls are big babys
Á well raised pitbull will continue to be nice his whole life.
if pitt-bulls are raised aggressivly, that is exactly what they will be. you have to respect them and treat them nicely and they can be some of the sweetest dogs. so my answer is, it depends on you or the owner. if the owner is mean, or raises it to be a guard dog then you can expect it, but if the...
You will find that in the registration papers meaning Register of Merit. It goes for any breed.
They are really smart and easy to train. Don't let a puppy go long with a bad habit and the training will be easy. Pitbulls are very easy to train you should have a great time training
Why are you asking that. Are you in DOGFIGHTING. Well I herd that 90% of the people who get involed are SUCESFULLY arrested.
Pit Bulls can be conditioned by hand walking, running a treadmill, dragging weight, swimming, a variety of exercises. Different exercises work different muscle groups, and build different kinds of muscle. Hand-walking, jogging, running alongside a bike tend to build lean muscle. Where as hauling...
Pitbulls are very tamable dogs. The media has given them a terrible reputation for being highly aggresive dogs that are dangerous to be around. This is only because there are heartless people out there who teach these dogs to be aggresive toward other dogs so they will fight just for the owners...
The female's parts clamp down on his parts. This is exactly how canine reproduction is supposed to work. It is a much longer process than some other animals. It is not just pitbulls, by the way.
a pitbull is a species of dog because it has its own behaviour, attitude, characteristics, and looks
You can't tell how many dog fights are held on media reports. The only way to know that is pits are legal and the fights are recorded so it not possible to know that. I dont sponsor dogfighting but this question has to get answered.
They make wonderful therapy dogs. They excel in agility competitions. The come in a variety of colors At one time, some called them "nanny dogs".
good food and excersice.
That is a myth. It's true that they have strong jaws, but no dog has the ability to lock its jaw so it's impossible to get open.
According to the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS), Pit Bulls pass their test with flying colors. In fact, the Pit Bull scores a little over 85% which is better than many dog breeds that people consider to be friendly or nice.To put that score into perspective, it is better than the Beagle,...
I suppose either could kill each other, depending on the  circumstances.
They're just like any other dog. There's no age restrictions, but if it pulls a lot, you wouldn't want to be too young.
that is a very good question, and the answer would have to be...THERE ARE SOME REALLY STUPID PEOPLE OUT THERE
Razor edge started with game pitbull bloodlines. Noone knows the mix added to create them but the breeder himself.
because when two dogs meet especially pitbulls they both want to be the dominate breed so they end up fighting to see which one realy is
you are supposed to train it when you buy it or it will never learn to obey the rules.
Pit bulls are loyal, sweet hearted, very smart. They are not borned mean they are taught that cause they have a desire to please their owner. You can teach an APBT to do almost anything.
When they are 4 months old give the combination shot. Then, when they are 1 year, give them the booster shot and the rabies vaccine.
The Molosser breed played an important in the make of the pitbull terrier.
Go to the chiropractor or take calcium to prevent lock jaw.
Pitbulls as we know today come from the late 1800s.
In my very personal opinion the dog with the biggest head of them two, carries larger wider and stronger masseter muscles, which closes stronger the lower mandible. It basically comes down to head size.
Some mix has been done in recent years creating the bullies lines. I rather go with keeping the breed pure.
Genus = canis Species = C. lupus All breed have the same the genus and species no matter the breed.
like any other dog, pitbulls will get mad if something triggers them but it also has alot to fo with the way a pitbull is raised.They need lots of attention and love.also dogs can get more aggressive as they gain testosorone
Both breeds are beautiful, but they also both are aggressive and dangerous if changed late. The akita is an amazing family dog, they care for the family so much they will hurt anyone in its family's territory. On the other hand pitbulls are very misunderstood. They are thought of as the meanest dog....
Answer . Your best bet is your vet! They often have an 'in' on everything from good dog walkers; best kennels to leave your dog if you are going to be away for any length of time and also the best obedience trainers.
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters   "Pitbull" is not a breed. The breeds most commonly referred to as "Pit Bulls" are: American Pit Bull Terriers American Staffordshire Terriers Staffordshire Bull Terriers BRB with more info and links. Breed standards are as follows: ABPT: "Height and Weight ...
A pithead is a power plant that is located in coal min e itself and thus reduces operating cost as transportation cost of carrying coal to power plant is reduced.
No. Pitbulls have many good dogs with blue eyes.