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Black Eyed Peas

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The Black Eyed Peas is an American hip hop musical group that is composed of will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and Fergie.


Other than taking home several Grammy Awards over the last decade, the Black Eyed Peas have won countless American Music Awards, BET Awards, and MTV Music Video Awards.
The short answer is no. Although each of the members of Black Eyed Peas such as Fergie and will.i.am have their solo music endeavors, the group has maintained that they will remain together. Many people misunderstood the title of their highly anticipated 2009 album entitled The E.N.D. to be a...
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She loves to hang out with the rest of the black eyed peas!
Visiting her mom on daily bases!
Yes, Katy Perry makes a brief appearance in the video for I Gotta FeelingOther guest star appearances include David Guetta (co-producer of I Gotta Feeling), Kid Cudi & indie-rock band Gossip.
4 people they are...Will.i.am (William James Adams Jr.)Taboo (Jaime Luis Gomez)Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson)Apl.de.ap (Allan Pineda Lindo)
singing they sung good.I guess everyone likes them
There name is the Black Eyed Peas because they love black eyed peas(the food)no its because black eyed peas are soul food and they make thier music from the soul i dont think that they like the food
Nowhere, just plug your ears at the swearing partsit took you this long to figure that out??
Well that's you'r opinion.
they are all 34 except for Apl.De.Ap who is 35 years old.
most of them came from the US. Apl.D.Ap is half American and half Filipino while Taboo is half American and half Mexican.
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no one but fergie quit to sing pop by her self but got together again
yeah she said in an interview she did.
their albums are The E.N.D., Elephunk.
Will.i.am- tall black guyFergie- only girl in the groupTaboo- white guyApl.de.ap- short filipino guy
they use electric keyboard and played by Apl.D.Ap.
they have not yet broken up.
No. The black eyed peas cuss almost everyother word, but their music is the bomb. The earlyist I'd listen to it would be 13 becasue it's not really like mild cussing ro anything, and children could easily repeat it.
cheryl cole did and she was amazing i was there and they were amazing too xx
No.None of the Black Eyed Peas smoke anything but Fergie used to be on crystal meth.
Linkin park FTW.... They are best in the world.....
trying to find that out too, shes really gorgeous, i think ive seen her in moviess before
$90 but that was from America if i were you I would just say screw it! I mean it started sept.15th 2009 Right where I'm writing you it is sept. 26th 2010 and the E.n.d. world tour (energy never dies) end in just 2 months(9-13-10 is end of tour). Then they release there new album called the...
yes they do, some songs they have writers outside of the group but most of their songs, they are the writers.
Where Can I Find A Where Is The Love Question Mark From Black Eyed Peas T Shirt?   August 1st, 2009 by Boaz Lev The question mark symbol from the black eyed peas video for where is the love. I'd do anything for a t shirt with that symbol on, how can I get one? Where can I get one? Pleasee....
Yes, they must be friends to cooperate and create new songs.
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Yes :] They write them together on their band and their girlfriends. They are amazing! XxBeAuTyKiLlErXx
no hes not he just features with them sometimes
No, there are rumors of that but shes not. She's married to the guy who used to play Leo on All My Children. I love that show!!!!!!!! (=
actually there's no lead singer for the group but most of their songs, Will.I.Am and Fergie sing most of the lines.
  not that i know off but he probably does!
nah one is mostly blak men + 1 chick u kno 2 satisfiiii. nd de othr is a group of gay emo guys.
Yes, she is married to Josh Duhamel. They dated for 5 years; and married back in January, on the 10th of 2009.
Yes, two: Joshua (b. 1993) and Jimmy (b. 2009).
Their stage names are Fergie, will.i.am, Taboo and apl de ap.
Fergie started in 2001 but the group has been since the 90's
Well will i am and apl d had already made a CD they are best buds since like forever and fergie had already her popularity and her cds and taboo had a son at 18 and then he rlly liked music and became famous with the black eyed peas and by the way i love taboo iam Mexican to and i will be seeing you...
she was born on march 27 1975
No You Dumbasses It Is Just A Song..
Yes that's how they got started
Will.I.Am Fergie Apl.De.Ap Taboo
The Black Eyed Peas performed their The E.N.D tour in Melbourne andSydney, Australia.
her real name is Stacy Ferguson.
The Black Eyed Peas album in 2003 was Elephunk
it depends where you live. Go to blackeyedpeas.com and they have their concert schedule!
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The black eyed peas first appearance was probably in 2001.
I think its illegal to share peoples contact information online. Especially celebritys
their albums are Elephunk, Monkey Business and The E.N.D.
36 years old!
You meet the black eyed peas by going to a concert and goin backstage. Hotdogs, hotdogs. See me on face book. Love apj ( Jonas fan!!!!!!) yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
that is a Sean Kingston song and its title is Me Love.
That's a matter of opinion... but I believe that most people will choose Black Eyed Peas over Justin Bieber.
the members of the band are Will.I.Am, Apl.D.Ap, Taboo and Fergie.
some call it a trio.
Pump ItMy HumpsGone GoingBoom Boom PowI Got A FeelingOne TribeDum DiddlyLets Get It StartedHey MamaWhere Is The Love?(:
3 they are going for there 4th album sometime this summer!
William James Adams, Jr. (aka will.i.am) Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr. (aka apl.de.ap) Jaime Luis Gómez (aka Taboo) Stacy Ann Ferguson (aka Fergie)
You can find the lyrics here: http://www.metrolyrics.com/party-all-the-time-lyrics-black-eyed-peas.html
when she was in the black eyed peas only!!not now cause she has husband and one child!
williamElephunkFergieStacy Ferguson
LMFAO who suck really bad, and Ludacris. Great concert.
The Black Eyed Peas have many songs.Their most popular one is Boom Boom Pow.Other poular songs by them are Ive Gotta a Feeling,Imma Be and Meet me Halfway.