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Blue Whales

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The Blue Whale is the largest animal in the world and can weight from 100 – 160 tons. This large species of whale can be found in oceans worldwide, mainly in deep, open areas with cold waters. Hunted by whalers, the Blue Whale was once nearly driven to extinction and is still considered as endangered today. This category has questions about the Blue Whale’s appearance, diet, etc.
Sperm and bottlenose whales can stay underwater for as long as  90-120 minutes when being chased. They typically surface every  30-40 minutes on average.
They live and travel in big groups called pods.
A rostrum is a raised or elevated platform or pulpit usually for addressing an audianceAs related to biology is a beaklike process or extension of some part. For example, the great white shark, it is pointed above the nose, that is the rostrum.
They never do
The life span of a hump-back whale is actually about, 40 years.
All whales have backbones. In the related links box below, I posted some information.
The males, sure. Whales are mammals and have pretty much the same  genitalia as all other mammals.
yes the blue whale is dead because of food
5.91 double decker traditional routemaster London buses would appear to be the equivelent to a blue whale. Assuming the laden weight of a routemaster to be 23000 kilo's, and a fully grown blue whale to be 136000 kilos.    Answera blue whale is longer as three buses.
cus they want whale sushi
Not many are still around in the ocean.
well, a pack of killer whales (Orcas) will kill or hunt down a young adult or baby blue whale. Never a actual adult.
Sort of...  Krill is alive, and a kind of shrimp, but it's not really smart enough to do much else than breathe...
no it does not,it actually weighs 2.5 to 3 tonnes
Although Argentinosaurus is twice as long as the blue whale, it  only weighs half as much.     that's wrong dude, Argentinosaurus was about 30-35 m long and  weight 80-100 tonns, the blue whale is also around 30 m some have  reach more and they weigh about 170-190 tonns so Argentinosaurus...
Blue Whales can be found in almost every sea and ocean in the world. They were the most widely spread whale species until Man started hunting them down. They were once in numbers of around 200,000 or more and now there are only 20,000 or so animals left in the wild. They can be found in areas...
The Blue Whale in on the endangered list and there are approximately one to two thousand Blue Whales left. The International Whaling Commission banned Blue Whale hunting in the 1960s. Russia soon followed suit in the 1970s. However there is still illegal hunting affecting the Blue Whale population. ...
Killer whales are known to separate a calf from the pod, drown it, and eat it while it is sinking. Up to a quarter of the Blue whales identified at Baja bear scars from Orca. Oh- and humans, too.
    == krill ==  
Blue Whales are the largest known living animal species on earth. Animals that were as large as 27 meters in length (nearly 90 feet) and weighing over 170 tonnes have been recorded. Since these animals were measured and weighed after they were cut up into manageable pieces, the actual size and...
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YES.... Plankton always eat krill.... This means krill is the lowest living thing in the food chain.. peace out hustlers
All whales have a blowhole. It is how they breath. Some have one and some have two. The blue whale has two.
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blue whales are active in both day and night.
I believe their is a young Blue Whale right now that is near the coast of Santa Barbara, California
  There are an estimated 12,000 blue whales today.
On average, a baby blue whale is about 23 feet long at birth. Weighing about eight tons, it is the biggest baby in the animal kingdom.
blue whales have baleen this is a type of broom bristle fiber and it is only located on the top of its mouth this helps it swallow its favorite fish herring.
Blue Whales can be found in almost every sea and ocean in the world. They were the most widely spread whale species until Man started hunting them down. They were once in numbers of around 200,000 or more and now there are only 20,000 or so animals left in the wild. They can be found in areas that...
No, the liopleurodon are all gone now.
They don't.  Blue whales belong to the group of baleen whales - filter  feeders. They don't have the teeth to bite things apart and they  don't have the throats to swallow big thing.  But they're big and powerful animals. If a diver/swimmer would  annoy them, they could certainly grasp one and...
    There is a dead one at fishermans isle     when going around the island you can see various whale and even occasional colossal squids (full grown) swimming off in the distance but you cannot reach as the current is too strong. There supposedly are sperm whales in the depths of the...
Whales have a unique respiratory system that lets them spend long periods of time (sometimes 30 minutes or longer) underwater, without taking in any oxygen, but they don't snore.
yes. its a mammal.
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During the summer feeding season, a blue whale may devour over 10,000 pounds (4,536 kilograms) of krill a day.
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Blue whales communicate with each other by using a series if high frequency sounds that can only be herd by their species. The also use other ways to communicate by flapping their fins and tail in a certain way. The baby whales learn those things form their mothers like we learn words when we are...
The gestation period of a blue whale is approximately 10 to 12 months.
Male and Female blue whales are both very similar in color and apperance, however the average size of a male blue whale is 70-90 ft lenthwise, while on the other hand, the female blue whale has an average length of 80-100 ft.
Whale meat had been used as food by Eskimos, Native Americans, and the Japanese before European whaling started. Whale oil was once used for making candles, soap and crayons. Spermaceti (oil from Sperm whale) was used in cosmetics and skin cleansers. Blubber was boiled down into oil for lamps and...
Above their forheads. Almost on theiir backs
Most mammals that live in cold climates have thick fur to keep them warm. A whale has no fur. But it does have thick skin. This skin is lined with blubber. Blubber is a layer of fatty tissue just beneath a marine mammal's skin. The blubber of a whale is 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.1 centimeters) thick...
Hunting and pollution. They were hunted for blubber and baleen.
the height of the blow of the Blue Whale is 10-12 meters high.
its used for tools, decorations, display in museums, ect.
nothing really besides humans
sometimes it does not eat other creatures and eat some small fishes. It helps the other creature in need of help.    
The most common place to find a Blue Whale in endless ocean is in the Wendell Sea or the One in Canada There Not Often Found In Weddel Sea There Seen All Over Canada Though But The Most Likely Place Is B2 In North Canada   Actually, there is a mother and calf just swimming around in the spring...
They would not even try to attack or kill an adult one, but they  have been known to collectively attack and separate a female from  her young, and then attack, kill and eat the calf.
Balaenoptera cetacea or Balaenoptera musculus.
Blue whale. Nothing is bigger than a Blue whale it is the largest animal on the planet.The above answerer is being ignorant. Amphicoelias fragilimus potentially can have vastly more mass and legth than a blue whale.
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Like all animals, blue whales belong to the animal kingdom.
here are 5 facts about blue whales 1.The blue whale is the largest animal ever to live on earth. 2.A blue whale calf weighs a bout two tons (1,814 kilograms )at birth, and gains an extra 200 pounds (91 kilometers) each day of its first year!! 3.Blue whales are able to breath air, but they are...
Blue whales feed almost exclusively on krill, a tiny kind of shrimp. Other types of zooplankton are being eaten by blue whales as well. Sometimes they eat up to 3600 kilograms (7900 pounds) a day of krill.
The person who said "There is no blue food." was George Carlin.
The scientific name for a blue whale is Balaenoptera musculus.
If you see a "blue" whale, you would probably find that it looks closer to a dark gray or black. It's the same as saying "the deep blue sea" when one might argue that the ocean doesn't often look as simple of a color as "blue".
The Blue Whale is found in all the oceans of the world.
  It is 9 times per minute.
Yes, the Blue Whale is still around. In fact it is not in danger of extinction.
no because long ago when dinosaur's lived they were the heaviest animals ever.
The deep ocean and more...   Blue whales live in the desert. They swim in the sand and eat dirtkrill, an abundant and delicious species.
Generally they don't, because people are irrelevant little creatures. However if a they thought a much larger object like a boat was a threat to their baby whale, they might push it out of the way or slap it with their tail, and that could easily destroy a small boat and might kill people on the...
A Blue Whale can eat as many as 40 million krill in one day. there are 365 days in one year. This means a Blue Wale eats 14, 400 million krill per year.
Many things: whales, oceans, ribbon [etc].
Blue whales are carnivores (meat-eaters). They normally eat several tons of krill a day during the summer eating season. However during the rest of the year, they do not eat at all. Instead, they live off of their stored fat.
  winter, and then the mothers leave to go to warmer waters and give birth in the summer   winter, and then the mothers leave to go to warmer waters and give birth in the summer
Blue whales are the largest known animal in the world! Blue whales can growup to 100ft long but the average is about 80-90ft in estimation. And can weighup to 300,000 pounds! Hope this satisfies you!
almost microscopic they eat krill, which is a very tiny shrimp
The official guesstimate in 2002, according to the SARA registry in Canada, is that it's somewhere between 5,000 and 12,000...but even this count is highly uncertain. At the very least, numbers seem to be increasing, since killing them has been banned.
Blue whales are "gentle giants" and pose little threat to anyone. They are generally timid and any incident would be simply be due to someone getting too close and being hit by the uge bulk of the whale.The only way Blue whales can be harmful is when they have a calf just like any other mother in...
1000 kilometers a day
Yes, it has hundreds of billions of different kinds, including the same species.
Because of whaling and their numbers have gone down
blue whales have never been known to swim in groups with over 50 whales in them.